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On This Day: 9th October

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Sun 9 Oct 2022

  • Iker Casillas says Twitter account was hacked when it posted that he was gay
    Football legend Iker Casillas, one of the greatest goalkeepers in the history of the sport, says his Twitter account had been hacked when it published a post announcing he was gay...
    Links: NZ Herald

Fri 9 Oct 2020

  • Graham Norton
    Graham Norton is a man who needs no introduction...
    Links: RNZ
  • Rugby: World Rugby moves to lock transgender women out of elite competitions
    World Rugby has become the first global sports federation to recommend that transgender women do not participate in the elite and international levels of the women's game...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • The Spinoff: Parenting Place charity cuts ties with counsellor over sexuality conversion therapy
    Originally published by The Spinoff David Riddell says he has been 'thrown under the bus' by the well-known parenting organisation, which listed him as an approved counsellor despite his therapeutic practice with children whom...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • World Rugby slammed for banning transgender women from playing elite women's rugby
    Rugby's governing body says transgender women can't compete at elite or international level, but it's up to national unions to make rules about the community game...
    Links: Stuff
  • Foodie Bites Auckland
    Links: Express
  • Out and About: Rainbow Auckland Mixer October 2020
    Links: Express
  • World Celebrates International Lesbian Day
    Links: Express

Wed 9 Oct 2019

  • Deadly cover-up: 4-year-old boy infected with HIV by tainted hospital blood
    A boy infected with HIV aged four due to the NHS tainted blood scandal was ostracised at school and even had a teacher refuse to teach him, his parents have said...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • The Rees Hotel: Tranquil Majesty In Our Bustling Tourist Capital
    Links: Express

Tue 9 Oct 2018

  • Indigenous, transgender candidates among Brazil surprises
    RIO DE JANEIRO — The near outright victory of far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil's presidential race shocked many observers who believed the former army captain was too fringe to attract widespread support...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Mika Claims Carmen Had All Black Lovers
    Links: Express

Mon 9 Oct 2017

  • Brian Tamaki speaking event cancelled after activists plan 'big gay party'
    Outspoken religious leader Brian Tamaki has had his Christchurch speaking event cancelled after activists were set to welcome him with a "big gay party"...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • A Rough Start for Married at First Sight’s First Same-Sex Couple
    Links: Express
  • Pope Says Accepting Trans People Will Make Straight People Intertile
    Links: Express
  • Scene: Eagle Bar
    Links: Express
  • Scene: Fab Friday at Family
    Links: Express

Fri 9 Oct 2015

  • Body Positive Chair Rejects Fresh Calls to Resign
    Links: Express
  • Our First Lady
    Links: Express
  • Author of gay teen fiction, William Taylor, dies
    An icon of New Zealand literature, William Taylor, passed away last week in Taumarunui Hospital, aged 77...
  • Christchurch car crash victims named
    Police have released the name of the Christchurch gay man who died on Wednesday night after a car being driven the wrong way up a one way street collided with the car he was in last Saturday...
  • Gay man dead, husband critical after crash
    The crash scene on Satueday night (Pic: Stuff) A gay man is dead and his husband remains in critical condition in hospital after a horror car crash in Christchurch at the weekend...
  • Heavey resigns as GM of Ak Pride Festival
    Linda Heavey has resigned from her position as General Manager of Auckland Pride Festival, only four months ahead of the 2016 event...
  • Inside Body Positive
    As tension remains high around a members' presentation of a petition of no confidence to the board of Body Positive Executive Director Mark Fisher was deputed by the organisation's chair to discuss how things are proceeding and some of the underlying issues it is facing...
  • LGBT asylum seekers in UK could be deported
    LGBT asylum seekers in the UK may face deportation if homosexuality is decriminalised in their home country...
  • Proud to Play sports event registrations open
    Registrations have opened for the inaugural Proud to Play NZ sports tournament which has stepped in to replace the collapsed effort to run the international Outgames event in Auckland...
  • Telling the tales of our first lady
    The first New Zealander to have full gender reassignment surgery and have the sex on her birth certificate changed has told her compelling life story in a book co-written by Ali Mau...

Thu 9 Oct 2014

  • A Gay Evening of Wine Tasting
    Links: Express
  • Gods and Monsters Summoned to Ponsonby Road for Auckland Pride Parade...
    Links: Express
  • Parade Director Returns with Experienced Team in Tow
    Links: Express
  • Registration Forms now online for Auckland Pride 2015
    Links: Express
  • Shout out for Pride Volunteers!
    Links: Express
  • 'Dapper' fundraiser coming to Wellington
    A “dandy time of dancing, performances and frolicking in the queerest tradition of afternoon tea dances" is coming to Wellington as a fundraiser for a trans youth group...
  • ALBA agrees to trial 'social club' model
    ALBA was formed in 2001 The Auckland Lesbian Business Association is looking to turn over a new leaf, and become more of a simplified social club...
  • Auckland Pride 2015 registrations open
    The opening of the 2014 Pride Parade Registrations are open for both Auckland Pride Festival events and the Gods and Monsters themed Auckland Pride Parade...
  • Comment: 1997 and all that
    LGBT/Tongzhi inhabitants of Hong Kong do seem to be involved in pro-democracy protests in the Chinese "Special Administrative Region"...
  • Ellen and Jane Lynch in Lady Lovers
    Check out Ellen taking on Jane Lynch in her fun new game show Lady Lovers! GayNZ...
  • MKR: 'Social media buddies' eliminated
    ‘Social media buddies’ Sam Sutherland and Dan Freeman have been eliminated from My Kitchen Rules after a kitchen nightmare...
  • Sam Smith parody: Please Go Home
    What about those moments when you actually just want someone to leave? Check out this fun parody of Sam Smith’s Stay With Me, backed by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus...
  • Timing issues to be fixed for 2015 Parade
    Richard Taki with husband Shane Returning Auckland Pride Festival Director Richard Taki says he and the Auckland Pride Festival Trust Board have listened to feedback about this year’s Parade, and promises issues with gaps between the floats will be fixed for 2015...

Wed 9 Oct 2013

  • Keith King profile (Auckland)
    Keith King talks about spirituality, discovery and ageing.
    Features: Keith King
  • A look at American Horror Story-Asylum
    Warning: contains spoilers The recent series American Horror Story-Asylum is the second season of the award-winning horror franchise, in which the central protagonist, Lana Winters, is a sixties lesbian trapped in a Catholic-run psychiatric institution...
  • Anti-gay pastor to lead Auckland conference
    Enoch Adeboye believes gay people can't have children, so humanity will end...
  • BandB refusal case headed to Supreme Court
    Peter and Hazelmary Bull are refusing to give up The long running case involving a pair of Christian B  ...
  • Get In On! makes way for Love Your Condom
    Get It On! is to be officially rebranded as LYC, or Love Your Condom...
  • Go Girls kiss was "innocuous" authority rules
    The Broadcasting Standards Authority has thrown out a complaint about an ad for Go Girls which showed two men kissing...
  • Rosie O'Donnell heading to NZ in 2014
    Rosie O'Donnell Outspoken lesbian comedian and activist Rosie O’Donnell will visit Auckland and Wellington during her Australasian stand-up tour next year...

Tue 9 Oct 2012

  • Actress Sally Field pays tribute to gay son
    Field and Greisman Oscar-winning actress Sally Field has praised her gay son Sam Greisman in accepting the Human Rights Campaign's Ally for Equality Award in Washington DC...
  • Pasifika community urged to back glbt youth
    Three prominent Pasifika people are encouraging others to support marriage equality in order to show gay, lesbian, bisexual and fa’afafine young people they are accepted by a community which loves them...
  • Pink: Your top ten
    Pink has released her sixth studio album The Truth About Love and we gave away copies to lucky readers with a poll on your favourite Pink songs, ever...
  • Same Love
    Rapper Macklemore has released a video called Same Love, which follows the life, love and struggles of a gay man...
  • St Andrews stands up to Assembly over marriage
    Rev Dr Margaret Mayman A Wellington Presbyterian church is standing firm for marriage equality, in the face of the Presbyterian General Assembly’s decision to oppose the Marriage Amendment Bill...

Sun 9 Oct 2011

  • "I am a queer avenger"
    Read three compelling speeches from members of Wellington's Queer Avengers, including two high school students, who are fighting for change in the education system...
  • Aucklanders get chance to grill candidates
    With just a month and a half until the election, the Gay Auckland Business Association is giving glbt Auckland voters the chance to grill politicians on the issues they hold dear...

Sat 9 Oct 2010

  • Editorial: Will Len Brown be good for glbt Auckland?
    Len Brown (pic: TV3) Glbt residents of the newly pumped up Auckland City will be wondering what they have in newly-elected mayor Len Brown...
  • Elections: Reaction and comment
  • GABA welcomes new Auckland Mayor Brown
  • Hope Auckland elects forward-thinking council
    12pm: John Banks or Len Brown - who will it be? As the preliminary votes from the national local body elections are about to roll in, there is hope a higher voter turnout will mean a forward-thinking and inclusive team is elected to run Auckland's mighty Super City...
  • Local body elections 101: mayoral battles
    Auckland John Banks, Len Brown, Simon Prast and Andrew Williams The major talking point of this year's elections is of course the Super City and whether the new all-in-one concept will mean a more streamlined system, or simply put too much power in too few hands...
  • Local Body Elections: GLBT candidates
    Here's a quick guide to the GLBT candidates standing for councils and local boards in the current elections...
  • Rowan retains Kapiti, Chin ousted in Dunedin
    Jenny Rowan 8...
  • Young gay board member ready for challenges
    Sam Johnson 4...

Fri 9 Oct 2009

  • Fun with Facebook
    Brit wit Stephen Fry calls it 'Sit on my Facebook', and it's home to a wide variety of time-wasters like 'Farmville' games, 'Which mass-murdering dictator are you?' quizzes, random 'this made me LOL' video clips and even 'Mystic Meg' fortune telling...
  • Jamaica: Suspect arrested over killing of NZer
    Detectives in Jamaica have found a suspect in the violent murder of New Zealand-born British consul John Terry last month...
  • Muslim soccer team refuses to play gays
    A Muslim soccer team in France has caused a furor by refusing to play against a team which includes gay players and promotes gay rights...
  • Queensland man was 'provoked' by gay pass
    A man defending himself against a murder charge in Queensland says he should be acquitted because anger resulting from childhood sexual abuse made him lash out when a disabled man made a pass at him...
  • Student mag editor slams 'phobe: "Grow some balls"
    The editor of Albany Student Association's student magazine has written a blistering open letter to an executive member of the ASA who "walked into my office and called someone a 'faggot'...
  • Topp Twins' manager for lesbian business meet
    The Auckland Lesbian Business Association (ALBA)'s special guest for its October meeting is Arani Cuthbert - the manager of the Topp Twins and the producer of the recent hit movie about them...

Thu 9 Oct 2008

  • AUS: Donor "impregnated 30 lesbians"
    "Generous" sperm donors are impregnating whole networks of lesbian couples whose children socialise together, says a reproductive technology expert in South Australia...
  • More voices needed for Wellington Helpline
    The Wellington Gay Welfare Group will run a trainee intake day for its long-running Helpline on Saturday 18 October...
  • Teasing Teddy
    Local gay moviemaker Christopher Banks has been playing with bears and teasing us with his toys...
  • The art of noise: Happy 1st birthday Sohomo!
    Sohomo styling: Less as sometimes more The Lonely Planet travel guide calls Sohomo "the scene's coolest party," and Metro magazine describes it as "Auckland's undisputed big gay night out...
  • Up-late Aussie TV viewers get Kiwifruit
    Australian viewers can currently sample a gay Kiwi export – but only if they're up after midnight...

Tue 9 Oct 2007

  • Britain to outlaw incitement of gay hatred
    The British Government today announced plans to outlaw the incitement of hatred against homosexuals...
  • Christophobia?
    Unbelievably, fundamentalists have coined a new phrase, "Christophobia," to express how they are being 'discriminated' against in western societies...
  • Hamilton: 'Shine' opening Labour Weekend
    Just over a month after Venom nightclub on central Hamilton's Victoria Street closed, the interior has been completely re-fitted and re-branded, and the doors are now set to reopen just in time for Labour Weekend...
  • India: Palace party for gay prince's birthday
    Hundreds of people from high and low social stations gathered on the grounds of the royal palace in Gujarat state to celebrate the birthday of India's openly gay prince...

Mon 9 Oct 2006

  • Drag queens join Canteen campaign
    Kiwi drag icon Miss Ribena has joined her friends on billboards, posters and TV screens throughout New Zealand, as Canteen's new Bandanna Week campaign kicks off...
  • Virgin territory
    Ten gay and lesbian New Zealanders remember the first time they 'went all the way' with a member of the same sex...

Sun 9 Oct 2005

  • Crystal is White Trash!!!
    Bring back Dynasty!!! Alexis Carrington et al would be the perfect template for a campaign against the scourge of crystal methamphetamine, aka P...
  • New HIV infection every four days
    An average of just over one new HIV infection every four days is occurring among men who have sex with men in New Zealand, based on the latest six-monthly statistics for the first half of 2005...
  • Shock announcement: A star steps down
    After gliding to victory in last year's Queen of the Whole Pacific competition in a vodka haze, Miss Russia has shocked observers by announcing she is to have no involvement in this year's bigger/brighter/better instalment, Queen of the Whole Universe...

Sat 9 Oct 2004

  • Gay-friendly mayors back in Sthld, West AKL
    Gay-friendly sitting mayors Bob Harvey of Waitakere City and Tim Shadbolt in Invercargill have been returned by huge margins...
  • Gays and friends sweep Auckland elections
    Four gay community members and lots of notably gay-friendly folk have been voted onto inner-city Auckland community boards and the Auckland City Council, representing the gayest areas in New Zealand...
  • Hubbard in, Banks out, Hay on ARC
    Gay-friendly Auckland mayoral candidate Dick Hubbard has taken out the homo-dubious encumbant John Banks in the local body elections by a margin of roughly 17,000 votes...
  • King daughter to speak at Destiny
    While one King rejected Destiny, the television church has got what it may think is the next best thing – the daughter of civil rights legend Dr Martin Luther King, the Rev Bernice King, will speak at a Destiny rally in Auckland during Labour Weekend...
  • South Auckland gay foe fails at polls
    A longtime opponent of gay rights initiatives and social change has lost his bid to represent Howick on the Manukau City Council...

Thu 9 Oct 2003

  • Television item (New Zealand)
    Qn, ref: TZP279558.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Lesbian mums before select committee
    Two lesbian mothers appeared before a parliamentary select committee in support of the Care of Children Bill yesterday, saying that it would help recognise the rights of same-sex couples helping to raise their partners' children...

Wed 9 Oct 2002

  • Jack Marshall's Time Warp
    Political columnist Doreen Agassiz-Suddens revises a few dates surrounding the late Jack Marshall, MP and PM, stemming from her listing of some of the outrageously anti-gay assertions made in the NZ parliament over the years...

Tue 9 Oct 2001

Fri 9 Oct 1992

  • The first unveiling of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt takes place (Washington D.C., United States of America)
    The quilt was unveiled in Washington D.C., USA. New Zealand is one of 20 countries invited to attend.
    Links: New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt

Wed 9 Oct 1985

  • Parliament: second reading debate - Homosexual Law Reform Bill (9 October 1985) - part 1 (Parliament buildings)
    Audio from parts of the debate during the second reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, 9 October 1985 (part 1).
    Features: Fran Wilde, Geoff Braybrooke, Margaret Shields, Robert Muldoon, Venn Young
  • Parliament: second reading debate - Homosexual Law Reform Bill (9 October 1985) - part 2 (Parliament buildings)
    Audio from parts of the debate during the second reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, 9 October 1985 (part 2).
    Features: Bruce Townshend, Doug Graham, Eddie Isbey, George Gair, Graeme Lee, Jim Anderton, Philip Woollaston, Whetu Tirikatene Sullivan
  • Television item (Wellington, New Zealand)
    Today Tonight, ref: TZP12097.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • The second reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill begins in Parliament (New Zealand)
    The second reading will take four weeks.
    Links:, LAGANZ

Sun 9 Oct 1983

  • Television: The third of three Bruce Mason plays (New Zealand)
    ref: TZD1025. Charlie Jameson, surrounded by a family who he has little in common with, faces his death.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Sun 9 Oct 1955

  • Singer Shona Laing is born (New Zealand)
    Laing first came to prominence in 1972 as a 17-year-old schoolgirl, coming runner-up in the television talent show New Faces with her song 1905. Laing's biggest hit songs included (Glad I'm) Not a Kennedy and Soviet Snow.
    Links: Wikipedia

Sat 9 Oct 1937

  • Prime Minister M.J. Savage unveils a statue dedicated to "Harry" Henry Holland (Wellington, New Zealand)
    The nude male figure in Bolton Street Cemetery has been described in a variety of ways, from representing "emancipated youth looking upwards to higher things" to "an extremely buff, naked dude gazing out over his beloved Wellington." A local rainbow walking tour in the 1990s described the work as "the most homoerotic piece of outdoor art in Wellington, and second in Aotearoa only to the Eros outside Auckland Hospital."
    Links: Bolton Street Cemetery

This list of events is generated from a number of different sources: media items on, archived pages from, our rainbow timeline and links to rainbow-related stories on other media sites. There may be some inaccuracies - please let us know if you find anything that needs changing. If you would like to see a full list of dates click here