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On This Day: 3rd September

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Thu 3 Sep 2020

  • Star Trek: Discovery casts first nonbinary, transgender characters in franchise history
    The Star Trek franchise has been going nearly 60 years - and it's still making history...
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  • World Rugby's trans women ban proposal slated by academic group
    Academics' letter says there is no peer-reviewed, scientific evidence to justify a ban which would only be harmful to trans and gender-diverse people...
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  • World Rugby's trans women ban proposal slated by academic group
    Academics' letter says there is no peer-reviewed, scientific evidence to justify a ban which would only be harmful to trans and gender-diverse people...
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Tue 3 Sep 2019

  • Felix Donnelly dies: Renegade priest was also broadcaster, novelist, and Youthline founder
    "Treasured" and controversial polymath cleric Felix Donnelly challenged prevailing church views on sexuality...
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  • YouTube stars sue the platform for discrimination
    Eight gay content creators in the US are suing YouTube for what they say amounts to discrimination...
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Mon 3 Sep 2018

  • Chelsea Manning Still Visiting NZ After Australia Refuses Her Visa
    Links: Express
  • Pansexuality – Don’t Limit your Desires to Fit the Frame
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  • Speaking Up!
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Sun 3 Sep 2017

  • Bogus psychiatrist Linda Astor is wanted over the death of elderly Polish patient
    A bogus psychiatrist who released a schizophrenic patient in Wellington who later beheaded his girlfriend, is under investigation in Poland over the death of an elderly man...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Gong for inspirational 'casualty' of HIV
    She had sheets burnt after she slept in them, was told she would die, was told she would live, and was part of a historic trial against the man who gave her HIV...
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Sat 3 Sep 2016

  • GSWQT: Getting Wet at Desperados Foam Party!
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Thu 3 Sep 2015

  • Williamson apologises for offensive MC gig
    The MP who made news around the world for his speech in favour of marriage equality has apologised over an event he MC'd which included a homophobic joke...

Wed 3 Sep 2014

  • Anika Moa Sings – Gay Ski Week Queenstown
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  • Legend closes – for now!
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  • Simpson Grierson First NZ Organisation Awarded the Rainbow Tick
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  • Unmasking the Conservative Party?
    One troubling 3 News (27...

Tue 3 Sep 2013

  • Coroner H Brandt Shortland finds a teenager bullied for being "feminine", committed suicide. (New Zealand)
    Marvin Te Maunga Te Kotahitanga Peihopa died on 5 April 2009.
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  • Phillip Edwards is arrested after a child was abducted in August and later found abandoned. (Auckland, New Zealand)
    In 2003 Edwards was found guilty of the manslaughter of interior decorator David McNee.
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  • BP Wgtn Quiz Night raises $1500
    Just on $1500 has been raised to help the new Wellington office of HIV peer support and advocacy organisation Body Positive pay the bills...

Mon 3 Sep 2012

  • Review: Frank Ocean's Channel Orange
    Crooner, and lover of men and women, Frank Ocean is probably one of the most intriguing musicians we’ve come across...

Sat 3 Sep 2011

  • Scope of investigation into Mills revealed
    Glenn Mills The scope of the police investigation into Auckland train driver Glenn Mills has been revealed by the officer who led the case, who has detailed the mountain of information they had to wade through for evidence...

Fri 3 Sep 2010

  • Style heroes to compete for fashion glory
    2009 Pasifika Hero winner by Jo Odgers Style Pasifika will continue its long history of inclusiveness when the culture and fashion extravaganza returns to Vector Arena in Auckland tonight...

Thu 3 Sep 2009

  • Nikki Kaye pledges support for gay parents
    When Auckland's Central MP Nikki Kaye was asked last night if she favoured law reform which would allow same-sex couples to adopt, she replied simply: "I'm supportive - end of story...

Wed 3 Sep 2008

  • Wall's seat in Parliament looking shaky
    It's a tight call whether lesbian Labour MP Louisa Wall will return to Parliament after the general election if recent polls showing Labour getting around 37% of the vote reflect voting patterns on election night...

Mon 3 Sep 2007

  • Thank God for the Atheists?
    An atheist poster Positive atheism is primarily about removing the tyrannical effects of unquestioned religious philosophy from culture and public policy, insofar as it cultivates the oppression of vulnerable social groups...

Sun 3 Sep 2006

  • Queen of the Universe event announced
    The date for Auckland's Queen of the Whole Universe pageant has been announced, with tickets on sale from September 13...

Sat 3 Sep 2005

  • Unintelligent Designs? Creationism and Homophobia
    Creationism has resurfaced, as Focus on the Family New Zealand has mailed out 'intelligent design' material to schools...

Fri 3 Sep 2004

  • UniQ accused of strip protest activism
    UniQ Otago are horrified at false allegations that they planned to organise a strip protest outside the Destiny Church in Dunedin using student funds...

Tue 3 Sep 2002

  • New Zealand AIDS Foundation is blocked from erecting penis billboards. (New Zealand)
    The billboards were to promote National Penis Day on 5 September.
    Links: Gay NZ
  • Peter Wells: Telling Tales
    Although Peter Wells is not yet 50, his memoir tells stories of a vanishing world...

Sun 3 Sep 1995

  • Pianist Michael Houston performs a benefit concert for the New Zealand AIDS Foundation (Auckland, New Zealand)
    The performance takes place at the School of Music, University of Auckland.

Tue 3 Sep 1991

  • Television news report: condom sales are dropping (New Zealand)
    Interviewees include Margaret Durden, Margaret Sparrow, Krista Blake and Adie Davis. TV3 news, ref F105875.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Tue 3 Sep 1985

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