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On This Day: 18th August

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Tue 18 Aug 2020

  • Disney confirms first openly bisexual lead character
    Luz Noceda in The Owl House is Disney’s first openly LGBTQ lead character...
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  • Disney will have its first openly bisexual lead character in The Owl House
    Luz’s attraction to recurring female character has been explored in the two most recent episodes, while her attraction to males was shown earlier...
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  • End of the Shanghai Rainbow – Chinese Pressure Forces Pride Shut...
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  • Out on the Shelves Celebrates Rainbow Stories for the Third Year...
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  • Three Ellen Producers Sacked Over Toxic Workplace Accusations
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Sun 18 Aug 2019

  • Dr Lauren Rosewarne - Sex and Sexuality In Modern Screen Remakes
    Dr Lauren Rosewarne from the University of Melbourne has written a new book, Sex and Sexuality In Modern Screen Remakes which raises questions about how women are seen on screen now...
    Links: RNZ
  • HIV Positive Parents Being Separated From Children Under Trump Administration’s Refugee...
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  • Transgender Bathroom Rights Victory In United States
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Sat 18 Aug 2018

  • Drew Hadwen (Wellington)
    Drew Hadwen talks about the development of the Devotion dance parties/festivals, and the Beacons of Hope services in Wellington in the 1990s
    Features: Drew Hadwen
  • Trans Student Excluded From Event And Told She’s “Not A Female”...
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Fri 18 Aug 2017

  • Dr David Lim is sentenced to five years in prison for indecently assaulting five male patients (New Zealand)
    Dr Lim was sentenced in the Napier District Court
  • Police say Pastor Logan Robertson committed no criminal offence with his hate speech (Auckland, New Zealand)
    In a sermon on 23 July, Robertson from the WestCity Bible Baptist Church in Avondale said "I'm not against [homosexuals] getting married as long as a bullet goes through their head the moment they kiss...that's what should happen". Police issued a statement to Newshub stating "no criminal offence has been committed".
    Links: Newshub
  • The National Day of Silence is held (New Zealand)
    The National Day of Silence is a day of action in which students across the country vow to take a form of silence to call attention to the silencing effect of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying, name-calling and harassment in schools.
    Links: Day of Silence
  • Government committee: let people choose gender
    A transgender boy is among those celebrating a win for people whose gender does not align with the sex they were assigned at birth...
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  • Hamilton Councillor Uses Homophobic Slurs in Meeting
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  • Police Investigate Homophobic Assault of Teenagers
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Thu 18 Aug 2016

  • Auckland Transgender Ball Postponed
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  • Filipino President’s Homophobic Remark to US Ambassador
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  • Indian Film Maker Calls for Collaboration with Canada to End Discrimination
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  • OUTLine Reaches Out For Community Feedback with Survey and Workshop
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  • UN’s Egyptian Envoy Boycotts Mandate to Monitor Anti-Gay Violence
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  • The Māori, Indigenous and South Pacific HIV and AIDS Foundation
    The Māori, Indigenous poverty, housing, addictions, incarceration and access to health services with out stigma and discrimination - mentioned in the UNGASS HLM Political Declaration as an issue for Indigenous Peoples - places Whānau living with and affected by HIV as a very vulnerable community...

Tue 18 Aug 2015

  • Tony Abbott’s Lesbian Sister Speaks Out on Marriage Equality
    Links: Express
  • Singer abused at NZ vs Aus basketball game
    A gay Australian opera singer has sparked a rainbow tie campaign after a crowd member shouted he was a “faggot” for wearing one, after he sang the national anthems at the New Zealand vs Australia basketball game over the weekend...

Mon 18 Aug 2014

  • Jacinda Ardern Answers our Questions
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  • Meet our GLBT parliamentary candidates: Kelly Ellis.
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  • Portia Wows Wife Ellen For Their 6th Wedding Anniversary
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  • Star Aussie couple to get married in NZ
    Aussie showbiz couple Tim Campbell and Anthony Callea are to marry in New Zealand...

Sun 18 Aug 2013

  • World-wide interest in NZ same-sex marriage
    World-wide interest in the availability of same-sex marriage, which becomes legal in New Zealand tomorrow, is growing with applications being downloaded from a number of overseas countries, particularly Australia...

Sat 18 Aug 2012

  • Russia: Pussy Riot members jailed for two years
    Three members of punk band Pussy Riot have been jailed for two years prison in Russia for on hooliganism charges and, among other things, peddling “homosexual propaganda”...

Thu 18 Aug 2011

  • Levine slams Idol for 'masking' gayness
    Adam Levine A spat has broken out between Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and an American Idol Producers over whether contestants are told to mask their sexuality...

Wed 18 Aug 2010

  • Mexico adds adoption rights for gay couples
    Human Rights Watch says a landmark ruling by Mexico's Supreme Court recognising the right of same-sex couples to adopt children in Mexico City upholds the core principle of equality for LGBT people in all aspects of their lives...

Tue 18 Aug 2009

  • The first reading of the Crimes (Provocation Repeal) Amendment Bill takes place in Parliament (New Zealand)
    Links: Parliament
  • Obituary: David Milne, aka, Dorabella
    OBITUARY: David Milne, (Dorabella) 1955 - 2009 David Milne David Milne, aka Dorabella, a long-term supporter, employee and friend of the New Zealand AIDS Foundation passed away from pneumonia in Brisbane last Thursday 13 August 2009...

Mon 18 Aug 2008

  • Kitty Glitter and fresh snow for Gay Ski Week
    The international guest DJs are confirmed, and fresh snow has been dumped on Queenstown – with much more expected in coming days – so it's all looking good for Gay Ski Week 2008, says organiser Mike Sanford...

Sat 18 Aug 2007

  • Uganda rejects gay equality call
    Uganda will not give equal rights to gays and lesbians nor has it plans to legalise homosexuality, Ethics Minister James Nsaba Buturo has said...

Fri 18 Aug 2006

  • Rainbow Youth concert
    The ‘We Are Family' Rainbow Youth concert was “well supported” by gay and straight performers, and attracted MPs from both sides of the political divide, say organisers...

Thu 18 Aug 2005

  • Making the pitch: Candidates take the podium in Wellington
    The following addresses were made by a variety of political candidates on behalf of their parties at the recent GAP organised election forum...

Wed 18 Aug 2004

  • Second group joins anti-Destiny protest
    A second group has joined the Rally for Human Rights in standing up to Brian Tamaki's Enough is Enough hate march to Parliament on 23 August...

Mon 18 Aug 2003

  • McNee murder accused had been on parole
    It has been revealed that the man accused of murdering David McNee was freed from prison less than a month before the killing, having served only half of a two-year prison sentence for an unknown crime...

Sun 18 Aug 2002

  • A man is arrested in connection with the killing of John Rogers. (Tauranga, New Zealand)
    Rogers was found near a public domain toilet block in central Tauranga.
    Links: Gay NZ
  • Tauranga murder suspect charged
    A 34 year old Auckland man has been arrested in connection with the stabbing murder of a Tauranga gay man...

Sun 18 Aug 1991

  • A television debate is broadcast on whether there should be ordained homosexual ministers in the Christian Church (New Zealand)
    The debate was broadcast on TV1.

Sat 18 Aug 1990

  • A lesbian ball is held (Auckland, New Zealand)

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