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On This Day: 1st June

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Mon 1 Jun 2020

  • Georgina Beyer becomes a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM) (New Zealand)
    Beyer was awarded the honour for "services to LGBTIQA+ Rights"
    Links:, Honours list

Sat 1 Jun 2019

  • Destiny Church leader Bishop Brian Tamaki apologies to the rainbow community (Auckland region, New Zealand)
    The apology happens during the Love is Greater Than Hate event at Destiny's Stand! Conference. Media report Bishop Tamaki as saying "It has never been my intent to cause hurt or harm." Referring to the Enough is Enough march in 2004, Tamaki said that if he had another chance "we'd do some things differently."
    Links: Stuff
  • Destiny Church's Brian Tamaki apologises to gay community
    Destiny Church founder reaches somewhere over the rainbow to say sorry for homophobic comments...
    Links: Stuff
  • Elton John slams Russian censorship of Rocketman sex scenes
    Elton John and filmmakers hit back after Russian distributor deletes gay sex and drug scenes from the film...
    Links: Stuff
  • Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte says he 'cured' himself of being gay
    Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has claimed he was once gay but "cured" himself of homosexuality...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Brian Tamaki to Gay Community: “I’m Sorry”
    Links: Express
  • Out and About @ Grease Monkey Garage’s Opening Night
    Links: Express
  • Out and About: Staircase Grand Opening Night
    Links: Express
  • Queen’s Birthday @ Family Bar and Club
    Links: Express

Fri 1 Jun 2018

  • US Bachelorette contestant apologises for 'liking' controversial opinions
    A US reality show contestant has been forced to apologise after appearing to approve of social media posts mocking everyone from liberal women to trans people and students from a high school where a recent shooting spree took place...
    Links: Stuff
  • Advice for The Hopeless Romantics
    Links: Express
  • Ask Agony Uncle Eli
    Links: Express
  • Having a Positive Impact
    Links: Express
  • Having the Chat: Comedian Chris Parker
    Links: Express
  • He’s So Wavey
    Links: Express

Thu 1 Jun 2017

  • Gender To No Longer Dictate School Uniforms
    Links: Express
  • Keep Your Sex Drive at Full Throttle
    Links: Express
  • Life Experiences Come Alive
    Links: Express
  • The Slut Door
    Links: Express

Wed 1 Jun 2016

  • HLR30 Aroha Nui
    A short video highlighting some of the people and celebrations during homosexual law reform in Aotearoa New Zealand (1985-1986)
  • Opera in Concert: Verdi’s Otello Brought to Life
    Links: Express
  • Review: SHAM at Basement Theatre
    Links: Express
  • World Press Photo Exhibition
    Although they hadn't planned it, Emily and Kate got pregnant within weeks of each other through artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization, respectively...

Mon 1 Jun 2015

  • “The Moment is Here” Australian Labor Leader Introduces Marriage Equality Bill
    Links: Express
  • Mozambique Legalises Homosexuality
    Links: Express
  • Russian Police Shut Down “Unsanctioned” Gay Rights Rally in Moscow
    Links: Express
  • Watch: Bill Shorten Introduces Marriage Equality Bill to Australian Parliament
    Links: Express
  • Watch: Shorten introduces Aus marriage bill
    Australia's opposition leader Bill Shorten has introduced Labor’s Marriage Equality Bill in the nation's Parliament, stating: "On marriage equality, for too long, we in this Parliament have been following, not leading...

Sun 1 Jun 2014

  • Camp Cabaret Takes Over Town Hall
    Links: Express
  • Meet Your Community: GALS Marketing Manager Eddie Lamb
    Links: Express
  • Vietnam's marriage equality bill falls short
    Vietnam: Vietnam’s draft amendment to the Marriage and Family Law while propagating marriage equality has failed to protect the rights of gay and bisexual men and women, says the country’s premiere civil society research institute...

Sat 1 Jun 2013

  • Session 1 - C.L.I.T Fest Wellington 2013
    Audio from the session: Indigenous feminisms and social movements. Part of C.L.I.T Fest Wellington 2013.
    Features: Marama Davidson, Shasha Ali
  • Session 2 - C.L.I.T Fest Wellington 2013
    Audio from the session: Sex work. Part of C.L.I.T Fest Wellington 2013.
    Features: Catherine Healy, Chanel Hati, Kate Scarlet
  • Session 3 - C.L.I.T Fest Wellington 2013
    Audio from the session: Takataapui, Pasifika ways and beyond queer theory. Part of C.L.I.T Fest Wellington 2013.
    Features: Kim Mcbreen, Maihi Makiha
  • Welcome - C.L.I.T Fest Wellington 2013
    Audio from the welcome to the C.L.I.T. Fest Wellington 2013.
  • Switch Bar's Drag Race won by birthday girl
    Ivy Leeague Ivy Leeague has taken out the first of the long weekend's pageants, winning Switch Bar's Drag Race...

Fri 1 Jun 2012

  • Wall unveils "discrimination ending" marriage Bill
    The head of Labour's Rainbow Caucus Louisa Wall has released a new Member's Bill "to end discrimination in the Marriage Act 1955 so that same-sex couples have the same rights as other New Zealanders to formalise their relationship"...

Wed 1 Jun 2011

  • Samesame's Ski Camp

Tue 1 Jun 2010

  • Michael Bancroft - NZ AIDS Memorial Quilt (Auckland)
    Michael Bancroft, the current guardian of the NZ AIDS Memorial Quilt, talks about the history of the quilt in New Zealand.
    Features: Michael Bancroft
  • Video of panels from the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt (Auckland)
  • WotW Awards finalists revealed
    Buckwheat and Karma Chaos lead the nominations The battle of the divas is heating up, with the finalists announced for Sunday's WotW (Wigs on the Waterfront) Awards in Auckland...

Mon 1 Jun 2009

  • Wilde's love letters to Bosie going online
    Love letters written by Oscar Wilde to the young Lord Alfred Douglas, aka 'Bosie' and other male lovers are to be made public for the first time...

Sun 1 Jun 2008

  • Lesbians told: "Stop kissing or leave"
    Sirbrina Guerrero says she was approached at a baseball game and told to stop kissing her girlfriend after a woman complained to staff at Seattle's Safeco Field that they were "groping and making out...

Fri 1 Jun 2007

  • USA: New Hampshire OK's Civil Unions
    New Hampshire Governor John Lynch signed legislation yesterday establishing civil unions for same-sex couples...

Thu 1 Jun 2006

  • Searching for sponsorship, aiming for gold
    One of New Zealand's hottest contenders for a medal at this year's Out Games in Montreal will compete in the visually spectacular and highly attended diving competition...

Wed 1 Jun 2005

  • You I Love
    Dirs: Olga Stolpovskaya   ...

Tue 1 Jun 2004

  • Yossi and Jagger and Two Cars, One Night
    YOSSI   ...

Sun 1 Jun 2003

  • Spirits Of Perversion?
    Following the announcement of New Zealand's third fundamentalist Christian political party, researcher Craig Young shines a little light on the people and organisations behind the movement...

Sat 1 Jun 1985

  • AIDS activist and educator Bruce Burnett dies (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Links: PrideNZ, LAGANZ

Fri 1 Jun 1984

  • The AIDS Support Network is established (New Zealand)
    The Network has branches throughout the country, including Auckland. The Wellington branch is established by Bruce Burnett, Phil Parkinson, Bill Logan and possibly others.
    Links:, LAGANZ

Sun 1 Jun 1975

  • Television news report: backgrounder before interview with MP Gerard Wall (New Zealand)
    Seven Days, ref: TZP2235.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Thu 1 Jun 1944

  • NZ Truth reports on New Plymouth Prison (New Plymouth, New Zealand)
    Since 1917 the prison has housed sexual perverts, including homosexualists. The article notes "It should be borne in mind that the majority of homosexuals are men of intelligence, who have a thorough appreciation of the nature and the wrongness of their act and are consequently culpable at law."
    Links: NZ Truth

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