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On This Day: 26th May

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Tue 26 May 2020

  • Pixar’s first gay male lead character is 'Out' on Disney+
    Young gay man, Greg, not out to his parents, is moving in with his boyfriend, Manuel...
    Links: Stuff
  • LGBT+ Charities Warn Of Unfolding Humanitarian Crisis In Commonwealth Countries Due...
    Links: Express
  • Revealed – When Family Bar Will Reopen
    Links: Express
  • Transgender Man Makes History In Vietnam After Giving Birth to a...
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Sun 26 May 2019

  • India’s First Openly Lesbian Athlete Now Facing Rejection From Her Family
    Links: Express
  • Tunisia Under Fire for Continued Homophobic and Transphobic Abuse
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Sat 26 May 2018

  • Art, Craft and the AIDS Crisis - a panel discussion (The Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt)
    Audio from the panel discussion Art, Craft and the AIDS Crisis held at the Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt on 26 May 2018
    Features: Ann Packer, David Do, Julia Craig, Kevin Jensen, Richard Benge, Simon Gennard
  • Spectrum website (1996) (The Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt)
    Kevin Jensen talks about creating one of the earliest rainbow websites originating from New Zealand
    Features: Kevin Jensen
  • Lord Fusitu'a - On the 'Leitis in Waiting' of Tonga
    The plight of Tonga's LGBT community is under the spotlight with the released of a new documentary Leitis in Waiting...
    Links: RNZ

Fri 26 May 2017

  • Bold Theatre And Fresh Dance Hits Wellington
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  • Farewell and unfinished business
    With just days to go until GayNZ...

Thu 26 May 2016

  • Generous Auckland Marae Seek Donations to Help the Homeless
    Links: Express
  • House of Parliament to Fly Rainbow Flag for London Pride
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  • Tranzaction dedicated to Chch community
    New transgender organisation, Tranzaction has had its first meeting and has expressed interest in supporting and advocating for the trans community in Christchurch...

Tue 26 May 2015

  • Tim - Beyond Rainbows (Wellington)
    Tim talks about the experience of being in prison and then life after release.
    Features: unidentified voice
  • Vatican Daily Newspaper: Irish Vote on Same Sex Marriage “A Defeat”
    Links: Express
  • Review: Chekhov Gone Wilde
    Chekhov Gone Wilde Produced by Jacqui Whall for Theatrewhack Conceived and directed by Patrick Graham Costumes by Jacqui Whall Dramaturg Boni Te Rongopai Tukiwaho Staged in the Tiny Theatre at Garnet Station From Wednesday 20 May, 2015 to Saturday 30 May, 2015 at 8...

Mon 26 May 2014

  • FOODIE BITES: Market Stall of the Month
    Links: Express
  • Sophie’s Choice
    Links: Express
  • The Pop Bangers That Imploded: VANILLA (UK)
    Links: Express
  • Quickfire QandA: The Drag Kings
    The Drag Kings are back! The Drag Kings are back! We can’t think of anything better to get you through the start of the week than some wise (read ridiculous) words from this troupe, who are bringing RES-Erection to the stage at Fringe Bar on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday...

Sun 26 May 2013

  • Geno Sisneros
    Geno Sisneros talks about the journey to becoming ordained as a priest in the Anglican Church, and taking a case against the Bishop of Auckland to the Human Rights Review Tribunal.
    Features: Geno Sisneros
  • Tony Simpson: on stepping down
    After "the best part of a decade" on the Rainbow Wellington Board, mostly as chair, Tony Simpson has stepped down...

Sat 26 May 2012

  • WTF creators blown away by response
    Sam Shore and Green MP Jan Logie at the WTF launch One of the creators of the Rainbow Youth and OUTLine WTF campaign Sam Shore is blown away by the tens of thousands of hits the first video has received, and says while there have been critics, the positive feedback has been far more overwhelming...

Thu 26 May 2011

  • Trans widow to lose husband's death benefits
    Thomas and Nikki Araguz A lawyer says a Texas judge plans to annul the marriage of a transgender widow, preventing her from getting the death benefits of her firefighter husband who died last year battling a blaze...

Wed 26 May 2010

  • Kira profile (Auckland)
    Kira talks about transitioning from male to female at seventeen
    Features: unidentified voice
  • Priscilla Penniket profile (Auckland)
    Priscilla Penniket talks about working for Rainbow Youth to do homophobia education in schools
    Features: Priscilla Penniket
  • Long Yang Club finds its Master Chef
    The judges and winners After a tough grilling by a team of judges, a Thai dish has won a 'Master Chef' style competition run by the Long Yang Club in Auckland...

Tue 26 May 2009

  • TV talent judge sorry for 'anti-gay' remark
    A British TV talent show judge has apologised for remarks considered homophobic by LGBT media watchdogs the Gay   ...

Mon 26 May 2008

  • Russia okays gay blood donations
    Russia's Ministry of Health and Social Development has repealed its blanket ban on blood donations by homosexual people...

Sat 26 May 2007

  • UK
    A female councillor who was born a man has been sworn in as the UK's first transgender mayor...

Fri 26 May 2006

  • Sturm sentenced to 9 years at retrial
    Gay Auckland restaurateur, Philip Sturm has been sentenced to nine years in prison, after being retried for stupefying and sexually violating young men...

Thu 26 May 2005

  • Bukak Api
    Review: BUKAK API Dir: Osman Ali, Malaysia, 2000, Beta SP, 80mins A hard, depressing, unflinching look at the lives of Kuala Lumpur's sex worker community – particularly transsexuals – Bukak Api is a film likely to make you very, very mad...

Wed 26 May 2004

  • Public meetings on gay parenting
    The Law Commission is holding a series of public meetings in June for gays and lesbians to discuss legal issues arising from surrogate parenthood and sperm donation, and wishes to hear from gay parents who have conceived in this manner...

Mon 26 May 1997

  • Bryan James Gardner is sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering David Shore in November 1996 (Christchurch, New Zealand)
    Gardner tried unsuccessfully to use the homosexual panic defence.
    Links: Sensible Sentencing Trust

Fri 26 May 1995

  • Poor Superman by Brad Fraser opens at Circa Theatre (Wellington, New Zealand)
    Links: National Library

Mon 26 May 1986

  • International AIDS Candlelight Memorials are held (New Zealand)
    Links: Bay Area Reporter

Sun 26 May 1985

  • The media reports claims that Gay visibility week has resulted in harassment (New Zealand)

Sat 26 May 1917

  • Dr Hjelmar von Dannevill is imprisoned on Matiu Somes Island (Wellington region, New Zealand)
    Links: Papers Past, The Spin Off

Sun 26 May 1895

  • Oscar Wilde is convicted of gross indecency and sentenced to two years hard labour (London, United Kingdom)
    Links: Papers Past, Wikipedia

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