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On This Day: 10th April

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Fri 10 Apr 2020

  • Kiwis In Self-Isolation: Melanie Payne
    Links: Express
  • Kiwis Surviving Self-Isolation: Mr Bear NZ Corie Boley
    Links: Express

Wed 10 Apr 2019

  • Transgender prisoner launches hunger strike over spat with Corrections
    A transgender inmate, who is also a child sex offender, is refusing food, water and medication after a transfer delay...
    Links: Stuff
  • Transgender prisoner on hunger strike in prison
    A convicted child sex offender and transgender prisoner has launched a hunger, thirst and medication strike after she wasn't transfered from Auckland Prison to a prison in Wellington...
    Links: RNZ
  • Opinion – Racism and White Queer Spaces
    Links: Express
  • Win Tickets to Jake Howie’s LET THEM EAT JAKE!
    Links: Express

Tue 10 Apr 2018

  • Rugby Australia chief executive Raelene Castle says Israel Folau should have "put a positive spin on that same message" (Australia)
    Folua had earlier stated that homosexuals would go to "HELL" unless they "repent their sins".
    Links: ABC
  • The Criminal Records (Expungement of Convictions for Historical Homosexual Offences) Act 2018 is enacted (New Zealand)
    Links:, Ministry of Justice
  • Folau's "gays in hell" comment backlash
    Rugby Australia is in a quandary about what to do about Warratah's player Israel Folau after expressing his Christian-based view that gay people go to hell...
    Links: RNZ
  • Gay men can now apply to have historic convictions wiped
    Gay men can now apply to have historic convictions wiped In an important moment for New Zealand’s gay community men can now apply to have historical homosexual convictions wiped says Justice Minister Andrew Little...
    Links: Scoop
  • The Panel with Michele A'Court and Peter Fa'afiu (Part 2)
    Unprecedented access to electronic devices and the internet has left Gen Z bored with the whole on-line thing...
    Links: RNZ
  • Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard Injured at Commonwealth Games
    Links: Express

Mon 10 Apr 2017

  • Editorial: to 'retire' May 31st.
    Times change...

Fri 10 Apr 2015

  • A Creative Dream
    Links: Express
  • Catholic Priest Fired For Hosting Gay Sex Orgies
    Links: Express
  • Viral subway post: (read to the end!)
    Brazilian man Nelson Felippe’s Facebook post featuring this picture has been shared widely...

Thu 10 Apr 2014

  • Watch: Lena Dunham's pride in her sister
    "I have always felt a strong and emotional connection to members of the LGBTQ community," Girls creator Lena Dunham has said in an acceptance speech for a pro-equality Point Horizon Award...

Wed 10 Apr 2013

  • Singapore: judge upholds gay sex ban
    File photo Singapore’s High Court has dismissed a case by a gay couple who attempted to have the law which bans gay sex thrown out...

Tue 10 Apr 2012

  • Gay drama and emotion from Emmerdale episodes
    Aaron (left) gets romantic My mate told me to check out a gay story line of a daytime tv soap...

Sun 10 Apr 2011

  • Volunteers muck in at Mangawhai Heads
    A crew of volunteers has chipped in and spent a day helping get the property of an arson-hit lesbian couple back in order...

Sat 10 Apr 2010

  • Students hound gay professor to his death
    A gay professor of modern languages at an Indian university has been found dead after being exposed by students who broke in to his home and filmed him with his partner...

Fri 10 Apr 2009

  • Rainbow Youth wants your stories
    Rainbow Youth want your stories of growing up LGBT in New Zealand, for a new anti-bullying campaign...

Thu 10 Apr 2008

  • Sydney: Gay judge "will face wrath of God"
    A Senior minister of a Sydney Anglican parish has made an extraordinary attack on the High Court judge Michael Kirby, warning he would face the wrath of God if he remained unrepentant as a gay man...

Tue 10 Apr 2007

  • UK: "Discrimination must end" - Archbishop
    Church discrimination against women and gay people must end, the Archbishop of Wales has said in his Easter message...

Sun 10 Apr 2005

  • Lobby groups demand release of Fiji men
    There are calls across Australia and New Zealand for pressure to be put on the Fijiian government to release two men, one of whom was an Australian tourist, who received two-year prison sentences this week for having consensual gay sex...

Sat 10 Apr 2004

  • Where is New Zealand GandL social history?
    In 2003, Annemarie Jagose and Peter Wells wrote excellent "other Victorian" gay historical novels...

Wed 10 Apr 2002

  • ACC Saga continues - Get your votes in
    Aucklanders should closely observe their conservative-dominated council and bear Banks and Co...

Tue 10 Apr 1984

  • Customs officials raid Gay's the Word bookstore (London, United Kingdom)
    The raid was named Operation Tiger and the bookstore was subsequently charged with conspiring to import indecent literature.

Mon 10 Apr 1978

  • Television news report: author Shere Hite visits New Zealand to promote her book The Hite Report (New Zealand)
    Ref TZP27385.
    Links: TVNZ

Thu 10 Apr 1890

  • Maata Mahupuku is born (New Zealand)
    Mahupuku was later a lover of Katherine Mansfield.
    Links: Te Ara

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