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On This Day: 4th April

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Sat 4 Apr 2020

  • Congratulations House Of Drag Season 2 Winner Spankie Jackzon
    Links: Express
  • Kiwis Surviving Self-Isolation: Joanne Neilson
    Links: Express
  • Kiwis Surviving Self-Isolation: Richard Tait
    Links: Express

Thu 4 Apr 2019

  • Georgia Andrews - Rainbow Voices of Aotearoa New Zealand (Rainbow Room, Parliament)
    Interview with Georgia Andrews, from the documentary Rainbow Voices of Aotearoa New Zealand
    Features: Georgia Andrews
  • Tim Barnett - Rainbow Voices of Aotearoa New Zealand (Rainbow Room, Parliament)
    Interview with Tim Barnett, from the documentary Rainbow Voices of Aotearoa New Zealand
    Features: Tim Barnett
  • Brunei brings in laws allowing stoning for gay sex and adultery
    New Islamic criminal laws that took effect today in Brunei that punish gay sex and adultery by stoning offenders to death have triggered an outcry from countries, rights groups and celebrities far beyond the tiny Southeast Asian nation's...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Brunei to punish gay sex with stoning to death
    Boycott as Brunei's strict new Islamic laws come into force today making gay sex and adultery offences punishable by stoning to death...
    Links: RNZ
  • Calls to ban Royal Brunei Airlines from right to land in Australia
    Gay rights group wants to stop airline from landing in Australia over new laws against homosexuality and adultery...
    Links: Stuff
  • Death by stoning for gay sex, abortion in 'barbaric' Brunei
    The organisation Human Rights Watch says the Brunei government's new penal code introduced today is barbaric, archaic and poses grave threats to basic rights, especially for the most vulnerable...
    Links: RNZ

Wed 4 Apr 2018

  • Historical homosexual sex convictions can now be wiped
    Men with historical homosexual sex convictions will soon be able to apply to have them wiped from their criminal records...
    Links: RNZ
  • Unanimous support for law change expunging historical homosexual offences
    Parliament has changed the law so New Zealand men with historical homosexual convictions can have them wiped from their criminal records...
    Links: RNZ
  • 2 x Copies of Jen Shieff’s New Work The Vanishing Act
    Links: Express
  • 2 x Copies of Peter Wells New Book Dear Oliver
    Links: Express
  • 2 x Double Tickets to The Naked Magicians
    Links: Express
  • Historical Homosexual Convictions Legislation Passes
    Links: Express
  • James and The Giant Cheek
    Links: Express
  • Melanie Payne and The New Diverse Care Group in Northland
    Links: Express
  • Presidential Election in Costa Rica Big Win for LGBT+ Rights
    Links: Express

Tue 4 Apr 2017

  • 2 Double Passes to John Butler’s ‘Handsome Devil’
    Links: Express
  • 3 Double Passes to Auckland Theatre Company’s ‘Amadeus’
    Links: Express
  • 3 Passes to the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s ‘Three By Ekman’
    Links: Express
  • The Chechnya LGBTI Crisis
    With tales about the possible arbitrary arrest and execution of LGBT Chechen citizens, it is time to background that troubled Muslim Central-Asian province of the Republic of Russia...

Mon 4 Apr 2016

  • An Adventure, With Health!
    Links: Express
  • Urzila The Unacceptable
    Links: Express
  • RY move to new premises
    RainbowYOUTH have moved into a new building, just five minutes down the road from the old K Rd drop in centre...

Sat 4 Apr 2015

  • Ann-Marie - Butch on Butch (Otaki)
    Ann-Marie talks about religion, a 19-year relationship and three commitment ceremonies.
    Features: Ann-Marie Stapp
  • Mo - Butch on Butch (Wellington)
    Mo talks about growing up in Kaitaia, being a Diversity Liaison Officer with the New Zealand Police and marching for the first time in uniform at the Auckland Pride Parade.
    Features: Moana Parsons
  • Val - Butch on Butch (Kapiti)
    Val talks about lesbian movements in the 1990s, visibility and co-founding The Drag Kings.
    Features: Val Little
  • Pride protest and learning from the past
    Time to get real about the past and move forward, many will say we are doing that already, but do we understand our history enough to do that? Today many articles are written telling us about how well the LGBT people are doing...

Fri 4 Apr 2014

  • Shaun Robinson on PrEP
    NZAF Executive Director Shaun Robinson discusses perspectives around Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and need for being realistic in its limitations...

Thu 4 Apr 2013

  • Urge owners decide it's time to sell
    Alan Granville and Paul Heard Auckland bear and leather establishment Urge is up for sale...

Wed 4 Apr 2012

  • Trust delivers funds to wide-ranging initiatives
    Gay film nights, lesbian history banners and a positive health scheme for people living with HIV are among the projects which have received funding from the Gay Auckland Business Association’s Charitable Trust...

Mon 4 Apr 2011

  • US Navy keeps openly-gay sailor
    Derek Morado The US Navy is refusing to discharge a gay sailor, who was reported to senior officials by a colleague who saw pictures of him kissing another man...

Sun 4 Apr 2010

  • An "exciting" night for massed glbt choirs
    Tonight's Out and Loud concert at the Auckland Town Hall provided a "mind blowing" experience for the singers and was well received by the 600-strong audience...

Sat 4 Apr 2009

  • Surveillance and Sexuality
    When Green Party MP Keith Locke recently protested at his continued surveillance, I was set to thinking about the roles that surveillance has played in the lives of New Zealand LGBTs...

Fri 4 Apr 2008

  • US Pres hopefuls advertise in gay papers
    US Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are still battling it out for the Democratic Party presidential nomination at debates, luncheon speeches, bowling alleys - and also in the pages of gay and lesbian newspapers...

Wed 4 Apr 2007

  • Singer Fergie
    Black Eyed Peas star Fergie has told a website she's had lesbian experiences in the past...

Tue 4 Apr 2006

  • New GG to be asked about patronage
    The NZ AIDS Foundation says the tradition of Governor-Generals being Foundation patrons is not an automatic appointment, and it will approach incoming Governor-General Anand Satyanand about becoming its patron at the appropriate time...

Sun 4 Apr 2004

  • Topp Twins honoured
    Jools and Lynda Topp, better known as the Topp Twins, were yesterday made members of the New Zealand Order of Merit by the Governor General, Dame Silvia Cartwright...

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