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On This Day: 25th March

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Wed 25 Mar 2020

  • Covid 19 coronavirus: Romeos and Juliets urged to stay home and avoid casual sex
    Kiwis are being warned against sneaking out during the lockdown for casual sex or a lovers' tryst and were urged to spice up their love lives with webcams and sexy phone calls instead...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Georgina Beyer on Carmen Rupe: 'We had to live in this twilight'
    "From the good and the great to the lowest of the low, she bridged a gap," says Georgina Beyer of transgender trailblazer, Carmen Rupe...
    Links: RNZ
  • Ask Agony Uncle Eli
    Links: Express
    Links: Express
  • Eurovision Cancelled as Coronavirus Sweeps Europe
    Links: Express

Mon 25 Mar 2019

  • How useful is sex education in schools?
    A new survey by Family Planning has found young people feel they aren't being taught enough about sex and sexuality in the classroom, and top up their learning on-line ...
    Links: RNZ
  • LGBTI organisations call for decriminalization of sex work
    During the final day of the ILGA World Conference, held in Aotearoa New Zealand, LGBTI activists worldwide resolved to address the stigmatisation of sex workers, including in the LGBTI movement...
    Links: Scoop
  • Transgender rights debate: Separating the facts from the fiction
    No, small children aren't given harmful hormones...
    Links: Stuff
  • Attempts to Fight Trump’s Transgender Military Purge Put Forward
    Links: Express
  • Wellington International Pride Parade Rescheduled for Saturday 11 May
    Links: Express

Sun 25 Mar 2018

  • AP Explains: Trump's policy on transgender troops
    PALM BEACH, Fla...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Trump moves to limit transgender individuals from military service
    President Donald Trump signed a memorandum on Friday that bans some transgender individuals from serving in the U...
    Links: RNZ

Sat 25 Mar 2017

  • Review: Natalia Osipova and Guests
    Links: Express
  • Gay man guilty of infecting partner with HIV
    Mikio Filitonga An Auckland man has been found guilty of infecting his then-partner with HIV...

Fri 25 Mar 2016

  • Christchurch Pride: Easter Agender ‘T’ Party
    Links: Express
  • Mr Gay Wellington Postponed
    Links: Express
  • National Hui to Address HIV Stigma and Discrimination in Te Ao...
    Links: Express
  • Pride Down South
    Jill Stevens has been involved with Christchurch Pride Festival for the past five years and says every year she sees it getting bigger and bigger, but what exactly is it about Christchurch Pride that makes it the highlight of the year for the Southern city’s LGBTI community?   “Hands down the people!” says Jill “every year we watch new friendships being formed, new contacts being made...

Wed 25 Mar 2015

  • Emma - Beyond Rainbows (Wellington)
    Emma talks about representation and the relationship between queerness and mental health.
    Features: unidentified voice
  • Expedia’s New Ad Featuring Gay Couple Met With Homophobic Abuse
    Links: Express
  • New Wellington Exhibition Traces Gay Lives Since Law Reform
    Links: Express
  • Russia Fails To Stop UN Extending Couples Benefits to Gay Staff
    Links: Express
  • Sentencing over Ivy Bar assault imminent
    Mawhinney took this picture after the assault A man who assaulted Ivy Bar manager Steven Mawhinney is due to be sentenced at Wellington District Court today...

Tue 25 Mar 2014

  • Rainbow Wellington: Chair's Report
    Rainbow Wellington Rainbow Wellington has just has its AGM...

Mon 25 Mar 2013

  • Watch: 12-year-old’s testimony for marriage equality
    A 12-year-old with two mums and two dads has testified at a marriage equality hearing in Rhode Island, telling the panel: "If there's one thing you don't mess with in life, it's love...

Fri 25 Mar 2011

  • Not necessarily the end for Hughes - Goff
    6PM: Labour Leader Phil Goff says his decision to accept Darren Hughes' resignation should not be seen as any indication he believes the MP has done wrong...

Thu 25 Mar 2010

  • Pink Shirt Day will be back this April
    Pink Shirt Day will return next month, to take a vibrant stand against bullying...

Wed 25 Mar 2009

  • Let's talk about Hero
    Auckland had a vibrant LGBT Festival this year - but only just...

Tue 25 Mar 2008

  • Takataapui TV to return - without presenters
    A sixth series of the award-winning Maori Television LGBT programme Takataapui will screen next month - at an earlier timeslot and without on-screen presenters...

Sun 25 Mar 2007

  • Ian Thorpe:
    In a new interview, the notoriously private Australian swimming icon Ian Thorpe opened up about his personal life and the constant speculation over his sexuality...

Sat 25 Mar 2006

  • Tragic Tracts
    If you were unlucky enough to spend sproghood behind enemy lines as I was, you may have encountered little cartoon tracts entitled Chick Publications...

Fri 25 Mar 2005

  • HIV positive people now in flu priority list
    The Ministry of Health has now confirmed that HIV positive people will be amongst those given priority access to a full strength three-virus influenza vaccine...

Thu 25 Mar 2004

  • Georgina Beyer: Leaving the goldfish bowl
    Georgina Beyer MPs on both sides of the House have acknowledged that Georgina Beyer is a very, very good MP - they point to her effectiveness in parliamentary select committees where the real work is done...

Sat 25 Mar 1995

  • Writer Eric McCormick dies
    McCormick wrote biographies on Alexander Turnbull and Frances Hodgkins.
    Links: Te Ara

Tue 25 Mar 1986

  • Parliament: Committee of the Whole House - Homosexual Law Reform Bill (25 March 1986) (Parliament buildings, Wellington)
    Audio from parts of the Committee of the Whole House during the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, 25 March 1986.
    Features: Bill Sutton, Fran Wilde, Geoff Braybrooke, Graeme Lee, Ian McLean, Jim Anderton, John Banks, Maurice McTigue, Michael Cullen, Roger McClay, Russell Marshall, Trevor Young, Venn Young, Whetu Tirikatene Sullivan
  • The Committee of the Whole House (Parliament) continues to consider the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (New Zealand)

Sat 25 Mar 1978

  • The National Coalition for Gay Rights conference is held at Victoria University over the Easter weekend (Wellington, New Zealand)
    Workshops include gay welfare, coming out, older gays, gays outside the main centres, politics of being gay, gays and other minorities, sexism and sex stereotyping. The conference ended on Easter Sunday with a spontaneous march on Parliament. A marcher was quoted in Saliant magazine as saying "if you are discriminated against, you can't ever take a holiday from that discrimination."
    Links: Salient (1), Salient (2), TVNZ

Wed 25 Mar 1942

  • Writer and actor Richard O'Brien is born (Gloucestershire, United Kingdom)
    Links: Wikipedia

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