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On This Day: 23rd March

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Tue 23 Mar 2021

  • Breaking: Prominent Businessman Found Guilty of ALL Indecent Assault Charges
    Links: Express
  • New Zealand International Film Festival Confirms 2021 Dates
    Links: Express

Sat 23 Mar 2019

  • 'In complete shock': Australian man contracts HIV despite taking PrEP drug
    Sydney man tested positive despite diligently using PrEP "on demand" in line with the advice of doctors...
    Links: Stuff
  • Tonight Family Bar Fundraiser for Christchurch Victims
    Links: Express

Fri 23 Mar 2018

  • Sexual harassment in the workplace needs a tick
    As momentum from the global #MeToo movement reaches New Zealand shores – signalled by recent allegations of a culture of sexual harassment in the legal sector – it may be time for this country to introduce the gender equality equivalent of the gay ...
    Links: Scoop

Thu 23 Mar 2017

  • Germany Compensates Gay Men
    Links: Express
  • Wellington Pride Throws Very First Youth Ball
    Links: Express
  • All German gay convictions may be quashed
    The German government has introduced a draft law which could see all men sentenced under historic anti-gay laws pardoned and financially compensated...

Wed 23 Mar 2016

  • God is a Maniac, and Stephen Fry Might Get an Award...
    Links: Express
  • NZ Researcher Weighs in on UK PrEP Row
    Links: Express
  • 'Glbti people must not be invisible in businesses'
    Organisations with diversity policies must specifically spell out that those policies include glbti people so that we are not rendered invisible, according to a leadership expert speaking in Auckland this morning...
  • Biggest turnout for WLG parade and Out in the Park
    The numbers are in and the Wellington Pride Parade and Out in the Park this year attracted more people than ever...
  • How to make the most of CHCH Pride
    Christchurch Pride is midway through festivities, make the most of what’s on offer in the upcoming days and take a look at the events the festival has lined up for you...
  • NHS England won't yet fund widespread PrEP access
    The NHS England has announced that it can’t yet fund widespread access to PrEP in the UK...
  • Obituary: Rob Ford: 1969-2016
    Toronto's controversial former crack-smoking, alcohol-swilling and antigay mayor, Rob Ford, has just died...
  • “We don’t know the full basis behind NHS’s decision"
    A New Zealand men’s sexual health researcher has responded to the decision made by NHS England to not yet fund PrEP in the UK and says PrEP is one of the five critical actions for reversing the HIV epidemic here...

Mon 23 Mar 2015

  • Christchurch Pride 2015
    Links: Express
  • David Pocock Calls Out Homophobic Slurs Used in Super Rugby
    Links: Express
  • Lick Auckland
    Links: Express
  • Opening Night – Ponsonby Road Lounge Bar
    Links: Express
  • Sassy Saturday – Family Bar and Club
    Links: Express
  • UKIP Leader Nigel Farage Brands GLBT Activists ‘Filth’ and ‘Scum’
    Links: Express
  • "Laughable" bid to kill gays in California
    A Californian lawyer has put forward a ballot measure called the 'Sodomite Suppression Act', in which he asks for it to be legal to execute gay men and lesbians by 'bullets to the head,' or 'any other convenient method...
  • OITNB coming to new Netflix NZ
    Orange is the New Black’s third season will be available exclusively through Netflix New Zealand when it’s released on 12 June...
  • OUSA Diversity Week Guide
    Otago University Students Association Diversity Week is an annual event aimed at raising awareness and visibility of sex, sexuality and gender diversity on campus...
  • Police probe anti-gay tweet at rugby ref
    Welsh police are investigating a homophobic tweet sent to referee Nigel Owens after a Six Nations match...

Sun 23 Mar 2014

  • Kelly Ellis gets Labour nod in Whangarei
    Kelly Ellis Lawyer and transgender rights advocate Kelly Ellis has been selected as Labour’s candidate in the Whangarei electorate...
  • More Chch parties hoped for later in year
    Joanne Neilson entertains at the Outrageous party Almost two hundred and fifty people danced and partied into last night as Christchurch Pride Week drew to a close, and the organisers may create several similar events through the coming year...
  • Review: Angels In America, Act I - Millenium Approaches
    A Silo Theatre production at Q Theatre, Auckland 22 March 2014 Holy frikken powerful play Batman! Blood, hope, angels, racial slurs, lesions, Mormons, sodomy, republicans and Rabbis – all on stage...

Sat 23 Mar 2013

  • Anti-GLBT violence a real problem, say Avengers
    Courtenay Place at night - file photo The Queer Avengers say an attack in which a gay Wellington man's cheek was broken is clearly an indication of the hatred still experienced by our communities...
  • Cameroon labelled worst for gay rights abuses
  • Canada: Commons passes trans protection bill
    File photo Canada’s House of Commons has passed a Bill criminalising discrimination against transgender people...
  • Group claims straights face discrimination
    Anti marriage equality protest - file photo The homophobic ‘Society for Promotion of Community Standards’ has written to the Attorney-General claiming the marriage equality Bill discriminates against straight married couples and those with “sincere religious beliefs”...
  • Louisa on her Bill: The facts
    Following the second reading of my Bill last Wednesday night, there has been a concentration from those opposed to my Bill to argue that it will “enable” gay adoption...
  • Louisa Wall outlines the facts once more
    Louisa Wall Louisa Wall has cleared up the latest round of truth-stretching that has been enacted in the wake of the successful second reading of her bill to give gay and trans New Zealanders full marriage rights...
  • Paediatricians: marriage equality good for kids
    File photo The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued a strong statement in favour of marriage equality and full adoption rights for all parents, regardless of sexual orientation, as the best way to guarantee benefits and security for children...
  • “Love kids for who they are” - note-writing dad
    A father whose note to his gay son touched people across the globe says it’s sad that the main reason it went viral is that such love and acceptance is all too rare...

Fri 23 Mar 2012

  • Stephen (b) - Q12 (Auckland)
  • Dutch Catholics allegedly castrated gay men in '50s
    The Dutch government is about to investigate well-substantiated claims that hundreds of young mostly gay and bi men were surgically castrated in the 1950s while in the care of the Dutch Roman Catholic Church...
  • Qantas CEO has a Kiwi partner
    Alan Joyce The chief executive of Qantas has revealed that he has a Kiwi male lover...
  • Wide-ranging Sydney trust set up in Carmen's name
    Carmen Rupe A Sydney-based trust aiming for social change and objectives possibly as wide ranging as disaster relief in the South Pacific has been set up in the name of the late Carmen Rupe...

Wed 23 Mar 2011

  • Douglas Wright (2011) (Aotearoa New Zealand)
    Douglas Wright talks to Bryan Crump about his life
    Features: Douglas Wright
  • Darren Hughes confirms police investigation
    Darren Hughes 9...
  • Labour closes ranks over MP allegations
    The Labour Party has closed ranks for crisis talks following claims a senior MP is being investigated by police over allegations involving an 18-year-old man...
  • Labour supports MP as allegations swirl
    Darren Hughes 1...
  • Mates and Lovers hits Dunedin
    Ronald T Nelson The theatre show which tells New Zealand's gay history, Mates and Lovers, has made its first foray outside the main gay centres of Auckland and Wellington, opening its Dunedin season on the Fortune Theatre Mainstage as part of Fringe Dunedin...

Tue 23 Mar 2010

  • A well hung Parliament?
    Until recently, it was conventional political wisdom that Gordon Brown's incumbent British Labour Government was suffering from terminal incumbency fatigue...
  • Artists wanted for Wellington exhibition
    Artists who draw on the experience of being a GLBT New Zealander are being sought to show their work in a Wellington exhibition...
  • Community development officer joins OUTLine
    Phone counselling service OUTLine has a new community development officer...

Mon 23 Mar 2009

  • Free undies for Sunday's Speedo entrants
    "It'll be a hot night with eye candy galore," say the organisers of this Sunday night's Speedo Party fundraiser at K' Road's Family bar...
  • HIV blow-out "no surprise" - Body Positive
    The manager of HIV+ people's support organisation Body Positive says new figures showing New Zealand's highest-ever rate of HIV infections last year are "no surprise to us...
  • Lesbian Vampire Killers "unsexy and unfunny"
    Film critics are panning new British comedy Lesbian Vampire Killers, labeling the "lads' mag" film "unsexy, unstylish and unfunny"...
  • New group for West Auckland's gay guys
    Te Atatu South resident Roger Moore says there's quite a few gay men based in West Auckland, so it's high time social events were organised in the area...
  • Wigs on the Waterfront caught on camera
    For those of you who didn't Drag yourself down to Auckland's Viaduct Harbour for Sunday's Wigs on the Waterfront, here's our video highlights...

Sun 23 Mar 2008

  • Being gay in the Former Yugoslavia
    Kosovo Albanians walk with an Albanian flag...
  • Giant red shoe stolen from Dorothy's Sister
    The big red glittering shoe on the porch roof of Ponsonby Road's campiest bar was stolen sometime on Friday night - and now a large reward has been offered for its return...
  • Nigeria: Gay leader almost died in attack
    A gay leader of the Changing Attitude Nigeria (CAN) group says he feared for his life after a mob attack outside a funeral ceremony in Port Harcourt on Thursday...

Fri 23 Mar 2007

  • Sir Elton John turns 60 this Sunday, and has taken the opportunity to speak out against the homophobia that sees men and women persecuted and attacked every day, all over the world, just because of those they love...

  • If you're a gay or lesbian New Zealander of Asian descent, a new creative writing volume would like the print your ‘coming out' story...
  • AUS: HIV infection plan
    An HIV positive Melbourne man was the victim of "malicious" gossip that he was intentionally spreading the virus, a court has been told...
  • Bid on TradeMe to meet Pet Shop Boys
    British electropop superstars the Pet Shop Boys are heading to Auckland next week for their first ever New Zealand concert at the St James Queen St on Thursday March 29, and an opportunity for two lucky fans to meet the duo is being auctioned off to the highest bidder on Trade Me...
  • ChCh: Safe sex message gets mobile
    The New Zealand AIDS Foundation's Gay Men's Health team will promote an interactive safe sex texting service for gay and bisexual men, believed to be the first of its kind in Australasia, at a special event at Christchurch's CRUZ nightclub on Saturday 7th April...

Thu 23 Mar 2006

  • Poisonous spiders at gay summer beach
    The discovery of a population of poisonous spiders at a Northland beach seems unlikely to deter gay holiday makers from spending their summer holidays there...

Wed 23 Mar 2005

  • Alleged child molester's name suppressed
    A prominent New Zealander has appeared in the Christchurch court today facing charges of alleged indecent assault of a girl...

Sat 23 Mar 2002

  • The HERO Pride March takes place (Auckland, New Zealand)
    The smaller march follows the demise of the HERO Parade in 2001.
    Links: NZ Herald,

Thu 23 Mar 2000

Tue 23 Mar 1999

Thu 23 Mar 1995

  • Writer Eric McCormick dies
    McCormick wrote biographies on Alexander Turnbull and Frances Hodgkins.
    Links: Te Ara

Wed 23 Mar 1994

Sat 23 Mar 1907

  • The NZ Truth reports that Oscar Wilde's play Salome is prohibited in New York (New York, United States of America)
    Links: Papers Past

Mon 23 Mar 1903

  • Writer Norris Frank Davey (a.k.a Frank Sargeson) is born (Hamilton, New Zealand)
    Links: Te Ara,

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