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On This Day: 10th March

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Tue 10 Mar 2020

  • Pixar's 'Onward' banned by Middle East countries for referencing same-sex couple
    Four Middle East countries have banned the flick for referencing lesbian parents...
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  • Victim of Attack Following Wellington Pride Satisfied with Police Response –...
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Sun 10 Mar 2019

  • Launch of the Wellington Pride Festival 2019 (Thistle Hall, Wellington)
    Audio from the launch of Wellington Pride Festival 2019
    Features: Bella Simpson, Des Smith, Drew Hadwen, Greig Wilson, Jesse Porter, John Jolliff, Justin Lester, Kevin Haunui, Steven Sue, Tiwhanawhana
  • Marvel: 'the world is ready' for a gay superhero
    A Marvel Studios executive has said she believes the time is right for a queer superheroandnbsp;in the Marvel Cinematic Universe...
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Sat 10 Mar 2018

  • Opening of Wellington International Pride Parade (2018) (Tennyson Street, Wellington)
    Audio from the opening of the Wellington International Pride Parade (2018)
    Features: Gareth Farr, Georgina Beyer, Grant Robertson, Jan Logie, Jaye Glam Morgan, Justin Lester, Lady Tranise Bonet, Louisa Wall, Spanky Jackson, Tee Wineera
  • Wellington International Pride Parade 2018 (Wellington)
    Audio from the Wellington International Pride Parade 2018
    Features: Adeline S. Greig, Ahi Wi-Hongi, Ariana Tikao, Caleb Gordon, Chelsea O'Reilly, Chris Bensemann, Christian Jones, Gareth Farr, Garth Bloomfield, Grant Robertson, Jan Logie, Jim Waters, Joe Kearns, Justin Lester, Maggie Shippam, Nicola Willis, Pamela Hancock, Paul Eagle, Roger Swanson, Spanky Jackson, Tania Beckett, Taupuruariki Brightwell, Tracey Thompson, Valerie Love
  • The Wellington International Pride Parade takes place (Wellington, New Zealand)
    The parade begins at 7pm in Tennyson Street, moves into Cambridge Terrace, then through Courtenay Place until turning at Taranaki Street towards the waterfront.
  • 'I am profoundly unsettled': inside the hidden world of gay conversion therapy
    It's been 25 years since I realised I was gay, and for the first time in as long as I can remember, I'm questioning why...
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  • No more secrets: Peter Wells opens up about his sexuality and his uncertain future
    When the good-looking doctor poked his head into a room on the sixth floor of Auckland Hospital, I stood up to leave...
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Fri 10 Mar 2017

  • NZAF: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
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  • Registrations have opened for InsideOUT’s annual Shifthui.
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  • The Church and LGBTI mental health
    A London based research organisation has made a link between Christian churches and the reduction of mental health and quality of life for people of diverse sexualities, stating “beyond reasonable doubt, that it is the Church and local churches who are fuelling” the negativity within society at the detriment to those of minority sexualities...

Thu 10 Mar 2016

  • From Bisexual to Skoliosexual - Proud 2016 (University of Otago Wellington School of Medicine)
    Audio from the workshop: From Bisexual to Skoliosexual
    Features: Bella Simpson, Melissa Gibson
  • LGBTI* health plenary - Proud 2016 (University of Otago Wellington School of Medicine)
    Audio from the LGBTI* health plenary - Proud 2016.
    Features: Elizabeth Kerekere, Jack Trolove, Mani Bruce Mitchell
  • Love Life Fono 6 - Proud 2016 (University of Otago Wellington School of Medicine)
    Audio from the workshop reporting on Love Life Fono 6.
    Features: Tanu Gago, Tim Baice
  • Pacific Health and Spirituality - Proud 2016 (University of Otago Wellington School of Medicine)
    Audio from the workshop: Pacific Health and Spirituality.
    Features: Elizabeth Taylor, Gigi Baxter, Isikeli Vulavou, Joey Siosaia Joleen Mataele, Ken Moala, Sulique Waqa
  • Speaking Out Proud - Proud 2016 (University of Otago Wellington School of Medicine)
    Audio from the plenary session: Speaking Out Proud
    Features: Bella Simpson, David Seymour, Denis O'Rourke, Eliana Rubashkyn, Elizabeth Kerekere, Jack Byrne, Jackie Blue, Joey Macdonald, Kevin Hague, Louisa Wall, Sally Dellow, Sandra Dickson
  • Surviving and Thriving as an Activist - Proud 2016 (University of Otago Wellington School of Medicine)
    Audio from the workshop: Surviving and Thriving as an Activist.
    Features: Mani Bruce Mitchell, Tommy Hamilton
  • Youth and Womens hui report backs - Proud 2016 (University of Otago Wellington School of Medicine)
    Report backs from the youth pre-conference hui and the womens pre-conference hui, followed by Ros Noonan.
    Features: Alex Ker, Bella Simpson, Mani Bruce Mitchell, Rawa Karetai, Rosslyn Noonan, Sara Fraser
  • Review: The Offensive Nipple Show at the Basement Theatre
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  • Trans prisoner allegedly raped by staff
    A transgender woman has allegedly been raped by two Corrections Officers at Whanganui Men’s Prison...

Tue 10 Mar 2015

  • Anti Marriage Equality Advert Aired During Mardi Gras Condemned
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  • Comedy Festival Profile: Chris Parker!
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  • Mardi Gras Parade 2015
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  • Meet LYC’s New Digital Social Marketing Co Ordinator
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  • UK Report: 1 in 5 Gay Teens Subject to Discrimination From...
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  • Youth delegate to attend NY conference
    In the wake of the NXT 15 youth conference held during the Auckland Pride Festival a delegate to the conference is to be chosen to attend a youth conference in New York...

Mon 10 Mar 2014

  • Tony Milne selected as Labour candidate
    Tony Milne Gay man and community advocate Tony Milne has been selected as Labour’s candidate for Christchurch Central...

Sun 10 Mar 2013

  • Solicitor-General asked to order Hughes inquest
    Corporal Douglas "Dougie" Hughes The mother of Corporal Douglas Hughes has written to the Solicitor-General formally requesting an inquest into his death...

Sat 10 Mar 2012

  • Robinson funeral will be held Tuesday morning
    Harold Robinson The funeral of colourful gay Auckland personality Harold Robinson has been confirmed for this Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock...

Thu 10 Mar 2011

  • The HIV surge: Why is it happening?
    Figures released last week indicate a continuing surge in HIV infections and diagnoses amoingst gay and bi men in 2010...

Wed 10 Mar 2010

  • Will s gay
    The actor who played one of TV's gayest characters has finally come out publically, telling US gay magazine The Advocate "I was never in...

Tue 10 Mar 2009

  • Rare NZ Blue Ducks in UK are gay
    A UK-based breeding programme for the rare New Zealand Blue Duck has gone wrong – two of the three ducks living in West Sussex are male, and have coupled up...

Mon 10 Mar 2008

  • WGN: Imerst re-opening delayed until spring
    The new lease-holder of Wellington's only gay nightclub insists the venue will reopen with a new look and new energy - but unfortunately there's still some months to wait...

Sat 10 Mar 2007

  • The 22nd Gay and Lesbian Fair takes place at Newtown School (Wellington, New Zealand)
    This year the fair was organised by Rainbow Wellington - formerly the Gay Association of Professionals (GAP).

Fri 10 Mar 2006

  • Wellington's "Fair For A Fair Law" turns 21
    Wellington's Gay and Lesbian Fair started as an awareness-raising exercise during homosexual law reform in 1986, and has grown into a well-attended and permanent fixture on the city's calendar...

Thu 10 Mar 2005

Mon 10 Mar 2003

  • Queer Nation's Kelly Rice
    Kelly Rice Kelly Rice is one of the new presenters of TV2's gay lifestyle programme Queer Nation, but she's been a fixture of the Auckland GLBT scene for some time...

Fri 10 Mar 1995

  • Christina Sunley - AIDS Memorial Quilt Conference (1995) (San Francisco)
    Christina Sunley from the NAMES Project in San Francisco gives a keynote presentation
    Features: Christina Sunley
  • HIV prevention and youth - AIDS Memorial Quilt Conference (1995) (San Francisco)
    A keynote presentation on HIV prevention and youth
  • International Quilt projects - AIDS Memorial Quilt Conference (1995) (San Francisco)
    Representatives from Canada, Zambia, and Japan make presentations to the conference
  • Model school display programmes - AIDS Memorial Quilt Conference (1995) (San Francisco)
    A presentation on school display programmes in Australia, Thailand and the United Kingdom
  • National High School Quilt programme - AIDS Memorial Quilt Conference (1995) (San Francisco)
    The national High School Quilt programme co-ordinator from the NAMES Project in San Francisco gives a presentation, along with a group of San Jose high school students
  • New Zealand presentation - AIDS Memorial Quilt Conference (1995) (San Francisco)
    New Zealands representative from the AIDS Memorial Quilt makes a presentation to the conference
    Features: Warren Butler
  • Phil Siegel - AIDS Memorial Quilt Conference (1995) (San Francisco)
    Phil Siegel from Media Works in San Francisco gives a keynote presentation on working with the media
    Features: Phil Siegel

Tue 10 Mar 1987

  • Television news report: media coverage of AIDS in the United Kingdom (New Zealand)
    A news report that examines over 20-hours of coverage on AIDS last week in the United Kingdom. Eyewitness news, ref F92368.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Tue 10 Mar 1953

  • Activist Mani Bruce Mitchell is born (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Mani is recognised as the first out intersex person in New Zealand.
    Links: ITANZ (pdf), Wikipedia,

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