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On This Day: 8th March

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Fri 8 Mar 2019

  • Wellington Pride Festival takes place (Wellington, New Zealand)
    The festival runs from the 8 March - 24 March. To date, it is the largest Pride festival the city has seen with 128 events.
    Links:, Wellington Pride Festival
  • National Council of Women 'explicitly including transgender women'
    The president of the National Council of Women says all genders need to be included in conversations about equality...
    Links: Stuff
  • Transgender athletes and cricket
    Sports commentator Brendan Telfer looks at the issues transgender athletes are facing...
    Links: RNZ
  • A Champion for Change: Brie Larson Talks Girl-Power and Her Historic...
    Links: Express
  • Georgina Beyer: “Tell Me to Shut Up and Go Away and...
    Links: Express
  • Geovana Peres Discusses Gender Pay Disparity Ahead of WBO World Title...
    Links: Express

Thu 8 Mar 2018

  • Kiribati reports highest number of HIV cases in study
    Kiribati has the highest number of people reported to be living with HIV out of seven Pacific nations in a new study...
    Links: RNZ
  • Reimagining sexuality and relationships education
    What more can sexuality and relationships education become in an era of consumption and digital technologies? ...
    Links: Scoop
  • 2018 Gay Games in Paris A Celebration of Diversity
    Links: Express

Wed 8 Mar 2017

  • Georgina’s Miraculous Second Chance at Life
    Links: Express
  • Three full-time staff equivalents cut at NZAF
    The equivalent of three full-time jobs have disappeared at the NZ AIDS Foundation as it restructures itself to operate within what is effectively a shrinking level of government-provided public health funding...

Tue 8 Mar 2016

  • Gay Adoption Rights: Ruling Overturned by US Supreme Court in LGBT...
    Links: Express
  • Universal Lady Crush Ladyhawke Releases New Record
    Links: Express
  • Wellington Pride to Honour Georgina Beyer in “Georgie Girl” Screening
    Links: Express
  • Weather postpones Pride Picnic at Parliament
    Bad weather has forced the postponement of today's Pride Picnic at Parliament, an event aimed at celebrating the introduction of the Homosexual Law reform Bill to Parliament on this day in 1985...

Sun 8 Mar 2015

  • Rangimoana Taylor profile (Wellington)
    Rangimoana Taylor talks about growing up, biculturalism, activism and storytelling.
    Features: Rangimoana Taylor
  • Sara - Butch on Butch (Wellington)
    Sara talks about politics, activism and newly completed research looking at heterosexism in tertiary student accommodation.
    Features: Sara Fraser
  • Mardi Gras Parade 2015
    Links: Express
  • Pyrrhic Victory?
    Across the Tasman, several weeks ago, the governing federal Liberal Party caucus voted to retain Tony Abbott after a secret ballot...

Sat 8 Mar 2014

  • Steve McVey profile (Wellington)
    Steve McVey talks about his photography and latest project Lost.
    Features: Steve McVey
  • Ralph and Rob's wedding
    One of the most moving submissions on the marriage equality bill has come full circle in a beautiful Christchurch garden wedding...

Fri 8 Mar 2013

  • Former Labour MP Geoff Braybrooke dies (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
    Braybrooke had campaigned tirelessly against homosexual law reform in the mid-1980s.
  • Queer Avengers to protest Sydney police actions
    The Queer Avengers will hold a protest at the Australian Embassy in Wellington tonight in solidarity with action in Sydney over allegations of police brutality at Mardi Gras...

Thu 8 Mar 2012

  • Obama's transgender nanny living in fear
    Turdi holds a photo of himself as Evie with a friend in earlier days US President Barak Obama's childhood nanny, who was born male and dressed as a man by day but assumed her female persona by night, has reverted to being a full-time male and is living in fear in Indonesia...

Tue 8 Mar 2011

  • TV network apology after "disgusting" comment
    A major Australian television network has issued a semi-apology after one of its news anchors described Mardi Gras as "disgusting...

Mon 8 Mar 2010

  • What's our community coming to?
    Below, Dot's bar owner Peter Taylor delivers a scathing yet optimistic 'State of the Union' address as New Zealand's LGBT citizens begin a decade of uncertainty...

Sat 8 Mar 2008

  • Inside the new Burnett Centre
    Wayne Otter shows us around his new HQ There had been heated debate over what was going to happen to the New Zealand AIDS Foundation's HIV support and testing headquarters in Auckland, so it was wonderful to see the relieved look on Burnett Centre manager Wayne Otter's face when we met him in College Hill last week, and heard good news...

Thu 8 Mar 2007

  • UK:
    John Inman, star of TV sitcom Are You Being Served?, has died in a west London hospital following a long illness...

Wed 8 Mar 2006

  • Destiny's hidden gay warriors
    Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki may very well think there are no gay Maori among his franchised congregations, but that would be far from accurate, says AIDS Foundation chair Hoani Jeremy Lambert...

Mon 8 Mar 2004

  • Petfood sponsor for Fair dog show
    A major pet food distributor has come forward with sponsorship for the doggy events at this weekend's Wellington Gay and Lesbian Fair...

Sat 8 Mar 2003

  • Television feature: Pansy screens on TV One (New Zealand)
    Author Peter Wells looks at his life "through pansy-tinted glasses". Motivated by the anniversary of his brother's death in 1989, the film charts Wells' path to becoming a pioneering gay filmmaker and writer. Ref F52190.
    Links: NZ On Screen, Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, MF Films
  • Hero Festival was a success, says Trust
    The creditor-haunted Hero Charitable Trust is hailing Auckland's just-finished Hero Festival 2003 as an unqualified success, with financial figures due out within the next fortnight...

Sat 8 Mar 1997

  • The Devotion dance party is held at Wellington Town Hall and Civic Square (Wellington, New Zealand)
  • The Devotion parade is held through the inner city on Devotion day (Wellington, New Zealand)
    The parade started at 12:30pm at Chaffers Park. It then moved around into Courtenay Place, through the centre of town, ending at Civic Square. A group of fundamentalist Christians protested along the parade route.
    Links: National Library

Tue 8 Mar 1988

  • Television news report: a new book says AIDS can be passed on by kissing or sitting on toilet seats (New Zealand)
    Includes an interview with the co-author Dr Robert Kolodny. The book Crisis: Heterosexual Behavior in the Age of AIDS asserts that "the AIDS virus is now running rampant in the heterosexual community." The authors claim that under some circumstances, the virus can be spread by kissing, using toilet seats or eating in a restaurant. Eyewitness news ,ref F90811.
    Links: Washington Post, Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Fri 8 Mar 1985

  • Parliament: introduction of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (8 March 1985) (Parliament buildings)
    Audio from the introduction and first reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill in Parliament, 8 March 1985.
    Features: Allan Wallbank, Eddie Isbey, Fran Wilde, Geoff Braybrooke, Gerald Wall, Graeme Lee, Helen Clark, Jim McLay, Merv Wellington, Neil Morrison, Norman Jones, Paul East, Richard Northey, Trevor de Cleene, Venn Young, Winston Peters
  • Labour MP Fran Wilde introduces the Homosexual Law Reform Bill in Parliament (New Zealand)
    The Bill passes its first reading 51 to 24 votes.
    Links:, Wikipedia, LAGANZ
  • Television news report: Homosexual Law Reform opponents fail to prevent its referral to a Parliamentary select committee (New Zealand)
    ref: TZP17247.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Television news report: Parliament agrees to consider homosexual law reform (New Zealand)
    Eyewitness news, ref F61914.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland

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