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On This Day: 24th February

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Mon 24 Feb 2020

  • Hannah Tamaki Reportedly Set To Join Dancing With The Stars
    Links: Express

Sun 24 Feb 2019

  • 2019 Yeti Trans NZ Enduro presented by Shimano Feb 24-Mar 1
    The anticipation is building for the fifth annual Yeti Trans NZ presented by Shimano , set for February 24 – March 1...
    Links: Scoop
  • Eddie Izzard: coming out as transgender the greatest gift to myself
    Did you hear the one about the transgender stand-up comic who became an actor in Hollywood, an ultra-marathon runner and a politician?...
    Links: Stuff
  • express Talks With Wild Dogs Under My Skirt Star Petmal Lam...
    Links: Express

Sat 24 Feb 2018

  • Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris, co-authors of Promised Land, talk about the childrens fairy tale book and the upcoming Maiden Voyage
    Features: Adam Reynolds, Chaz Harris
  • Caitlin (Scouts New Zealand) - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Caitlin talks about Scouts New Zealand involvement in Out in the Park
    Features: unidentified voice
  • Charlotte Gamble-Stott (ANZ) - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Charlotte Gamble-Stott talks about the Hold Tight campaign and working at ANZ
    Features: Charlotte Gamble-Stott
  • Craig Hutson - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Craig Hutson talks about being part of the Salvation Army and also being part of the Faith Communities United in Love stall at Out in the Park
    Features: Craig Hutson
  • David Do (New Zealand Labour Party) - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    David Do talks about the New Zealand Labour Party stall at Out in the Park
    Features: David Do
  • Des Smith and John Jolliff - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Des Smith and John Jolliff talk about Out in the Park and reflect on how it all started back in 1986
    Features: Des Smith, John Jolliff
  • Fiona McGregor (Wellington City Libraries) - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Fiona McGregor talks about the Wellington City Libraries stall at Out in the Park
    Features: Fiona McGregor
  • Fiona McNamara (Sexual Abuse Prevention Network) - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Fiona McNamara talks about the Sexual Abuse Prevention Network
    Features: Fiona McNamara
  • Gertrude Agbozo (New Zealand AIDS Foundation) - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Gertrude Agbozo from the New Zealand AIDS Foundation talks about rapid HIV and Syphilis testing at Out in the Park
    Features: Gertrude Agbozo
  • Hikoi to Out in the Park (2018) (Wellington)
    Audio from the hikoi to Out in the Park. The hikoi began in Civic Square and walked around Wellingtons waterfront to Waitangi Park
    Features: Adrienne Girling, Chrissi Johnson, Drew Hadwen, Karen Harris, Kirsty Farrant, Steven Mawhinney
  • Jan Logie - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    MP Jan Logie reflects on Out in the Park and talks about some of the current LGBTI rainbow issues the government is focusing on
    Features: Jan Logie
  • Lagi Tuimavave (Wellington Community Law Centre) - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Lagi Tuimavave talks about the work of the Wellington Community Law Centre
    Features: Lagi Tuimavave
  • Lauren Wilkerson (Mercer) - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Lauren Wilkerson from Mercer New Zealand talks about financial wellness amongst rainbow LGBTI communities
    Features: Lauren Wilkerson
  • Loretta Hunt-Tevaga (NZ Police) - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Loretta Hunt-Tevaga talks about the New Zealand Police stall at Out in the Park
    Features: Loretta Hunt-Tevaga
  • Louisa Wall - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    MP Louisa Wall reflects on Out in the Park and talks about some of the current LGBTI rainbow issues the government is focusing on
    Features: Louisa Wall
  • Maddy Drew - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Maddy Drew talks about the upcoming Census, and the earlier Two Ticks campaign which attempted to jam the Census in 2011
    Features: Maddy Drew
  • Mani Bruce Mitchell (Intersex Awareness New Zealand) - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Mani Bruce Mitchell from Intersex Awareness New Zealand talks about the upcoming ILGA World conference in Wellington in 2019
    Features: Mani Bruce Mitchell
  • Max Tweedie (New Zealand AIDS Foundation) - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Max Tweedie from the New Zealand AIDS Foundation talks about the Ending HIV campaign
    Features: Max Tweedie
  • Merv Ransom - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Merv Ransom talks about Out in the Park and some of the current issues facing LGBTI rainbow communities
    Features: Merv Ransom
  • Millie (St Vincent de Paul Society Wellington) - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Millie from the St Vincent de Paul Society talks about why they are at Out in the Park and the ReSew initiative
    Features: unidentified voice
  • Out in the Park opening (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Audio from the opening of Out in the Park in Wellington (2018)
    Features: Harlie Lux, Jan Logie, Justin Lester, Kevin Haunui, Louisa Wall, Lucy Forrestal, Paul Eagle, Steven Mawhinney, Tiwhanawhana
  • Randy and Eddie (2 Gaze) - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Randy and Eddie from 2 Gaze talk about their clothing business
    Features: unidentified voice
  • Valda Edyvane (Armstrong and Arthur charitable Trust for Lesbians) - Out in the Park (2018) (Waitangi Park)
    Valda Edyvane talks about the Armstrong and Arthur Charitable Trust for Lesbians
    Features: Valda Edyvane
  • The Wellington Pride Festival Tu Whakahihi e Te Whanganui-a-Tara takes place (Wellington, New Zealand)
    The festival begins with Out in the Park and runs until 10 March.
    Links: Wellington Pride Festival,

Fri 24 Feb 2017

  • Beyoncé Joins the Fight to Protect Trans Kids
    Links: Express
  • Queer Men in Australia Share Experiences With ‘Ice’ in New Resource
    Links: Express
  • The Brits Farewell George Michael
    Links: Express
  • West of Eden Premiere
    Links: Express
  • Trump officially revokes trans bathroom guidelines
    The Trump administration has now officially revoked landmark guidelines that aim to protect trans students in schools and allow them to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity...

Wed 24 Feb 2016

  • Lesbian Power Couple Bring Europe to New Zealand
    Links: Express
  • Trudeau first Canadian PM to attend Pride
    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will soon become the first sitting leader to attend a Pride parade in the nation...

Tue 24 Feb 2015

  • Foodie Bites – Irish Elegance
    Links: Express
  • The Aroha Film Project
    Links: Express
  • Updated: Vandals Strike Again
    Links: Express
  • Topp twin victim of cruise ship bug
    The Oosterdam Entertainer Lynda Topp is amongst passengers on the all-women cruise which has disembarked at Auckland this morning who have been affected by a bug which they describe as having "'flu-like symptoms...

Mon 24 Feb 2014

  • Watch: Jason Collins makes history
    Jason Collins has made history as the first openly-gay sportsman EVER to play in any of America's four biggest sports leagues...

Fri 24 Feb 2012

  • Rosemary's Baby
    Writer Chaz Harris responds to Rosemary McLeod's 'he-she' piece in the Dominion Post...

Thu 24 Feb 2011

  • Perth bears tie the knot in NZ
    On Feb 18 2011, Brad and Rob from Perth became Civil Union Partners at a private ceremony with friends in Glen Eden, Auckland...

Wed 24 Feb 2010

  • Vampire Weekend bandmember comes out
    New York indie rockers Vampire Weekend have a gay keyboardist who hopes one of the band's tracks becomes a gay anthem...

Tue 24 Feb 2009

  • Paris to host congress against homophobia
    A world congress against homophobia will be held in Paris this May, reports UK Gay News...

Sun 24 Feb 2008

  • Women to be honoured at Hamilton gay bar
    Veronica Mills became Wellington's Miss Fag-Hag 2008 in January, then Miss Sophie took away a similar honour in Christchurch last weekend - and now it's Hamilton's Shine nightclub's turn to crown the Waikato's best straight female friend to gay guys...

Sat 24 Feb 2007

  • USA: Majority in favour of gay President
    An opinion poll in the United States has found that 55% of Americans would vote for a gay person running for President...

Thu 24 Feb 2005

  • Sex change impossible, say lobbyists
    10:30AM: MP Georgina Beyer has rejected suggestions from a religious right think-tank that her Gender Identity Bill is a legal fiction, and that it is not possible to change one's sex...

Tue 24 Feb 2004

  • Barnett encourages support for Civil Unions Bill
    The Civil Unions Bill about to be introduced to Parliament will see gay and lesbian relationships able to be registered under the law...

Fri 24 Feb 1989

  • The Lesbian Club ends (Wellington, New Zealand)
    The Club ends for the third time.

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