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On This Day: 19th February

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Sat 19 Feb 2022

  • France's Brigitte Macron sues women who claimed she is transgender
    France's First Lady is suing two women who claimed she was transgender, sparking furious social media debate about her ahead of Emmanuel Macron's expected re-election campaign...
    Links: NZ Herald

Fri 19 Feb 2021

  • 2 x Double Passes For MISBEHAVIOUR
    Links: Express
  • Out and About: Your Proud Family!
    Links: Express

Wed 19 Feb 2020

  • Dwyane Wade 'struggled' with decision to share daughter Zaya's journey as a transgender teen
    During an interview on Good Morning America Dwyane Wade opened up about struggling to include Zaya's decision to come out as transgender in his upcoming ESPN documentary...
    Links: Stuff

Tue 19 Feb 2019

  • Trans sportswomen hit back at tennis champ
    Trans sportswomen have hit back at former tennis champion Martina Navratilova, after she said "its insane and it's cheating" for transgender women to be allowed to compete in women's sport...
    Links: RNZ
  • Aziz Al-Sa’afin Praises Police After Homophobic Attack
    Links: Express
  • Community Icon Peter Wells Dies
    Links: Express
  • English Cricket Captain Calls Out Homophobia During Match With West Indies
    Links: Express

Mon 19 Feb 2018

  • Feminists Interrupt at Auckland Pride Parade
    Feminist activists Charlie Montague and Renée Gerlich dropped a banner at the front of the Auckland Pride Parade...
    Links: Scoop
  • Auckland Pride Parade 2018
    Links: Express
  • Jacinda Ardern First Ever PM to March in Pride Parade
    Links: Express
  • Superstar Celine Dion is Heading to Auckland
    Links: Express

Sun 19 Feb 2017

  • Anika Moa and Natasha Utting married
    Lesbian singer Anika Moa has remarried in a ceremony at Bethel's Beach, Auckland in the presence of invited family and friends...

Fri 19 Feb 2016

  • 90’s Girlband Reunite in Support of the Rainbow Community
    Links: Express
  • HLR bill sponsor Fran Wilde this year’s Parade Marshal
    Links: Express
  • Aussie talent heads up Ak Pride Dance Party
    Auckland Pride Dance Party headliner DJ Adam Love Australian talent will be to the fore at tomorrow night's Auckland Pride Dance Party, the pumping event which traditionally brings the two-week long Auckland Pride Festival to a close...
  • HLR hero Fran Wilde to be Parade Grand Marshal
    Fran Wilde MP during the Homosexual Law Reform campaign Fran Wilde, the MP who fronted the bitterly-contested but ultimately successful 1985/86 Parliamentary campaign to decriminalise homosexuality will make a special appearance at tomorrow's Auckland Pride Parade as Grand Marshal...
  • New entrants and favourites ready for Ak Parade
    Several new entrants have appeared on the list of floats and entries taking part in tomorrow's Auckland Pride Parade which heads down Ponsonby Road from 6pm...

Thu 19 Feb 2015

  • Review Revue – Auckland City Library
    Links: Express
  • Drop of rain possible for Pride Parade
    You may want to grab a rainbow umbrella, just in case, for Saturday’s Auckland Pride Parade...
  • NXT15 conference underway at Unitec
    Young people from around New Zealand and the Pacific have gathered at Unitec for the NXT15 Youth Leaders Conference...
  • Review: Fine Fatale's Freak Show
    Freak Show Finale fatale dance company Mangere Arts Centre, February 19 and 20 Part of the Auckland Pride Festival 2015 What a show! Fine Fatale's Freak Show, which opened tonight at the Mangere Arts Centre is a powerhouse of emotion, humanity, religious and social politics, and Samoan tradition choreographed with verve and performed with physicality and soul...
  • Review: Night of the Queer
    Night of the Queer Auckland Pride Festival 2015 TAPAC Theatre, Feb 18, 19, 20   ...
  • Urge to have huge final Saturday
    Urge is planning one of the biggest nights in its 17 year history for its final ever Saturday of operation...
  • Worthy - Small budget, big heart
    "Faggot", "loser", "bitch", "dyke" Set in an NZ high school, three young people face daily harassment from peers for being different...

Wed 19 Feb 2014

  • Parliament: second reading of the Sullivan Birth Certificate Bill (Parliament buildings)
    Audio from the second reading of the Sullivan Birth Certificate Bill.
    Features: Carol Beaumont, Chris Auchinvole, Denis O'Rourke, Jami-Lee Ross, Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, Kevin Hague, Louisa Wall, Melissa Lee, Moana Mackey, Paul Hutchison, Poto Williams, Ruth Dyson, Scott Simpson
  • Television item (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Seven Sharp, ref: TZP442497.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • The second reading of the Sullivan Birth Certificate Bill takes place in Parliament (New Zealand)
  • "We're tolerant" Ugandan minister claims
    As Uganda is on the cusp of ratifying viciously homophobic legislation, its Minister for Ethics and Integrity has claimed the nation is tolerant of gay people as it is "not slaughtering them"...
  • Akl's Aotea Centre comes to Pride party
    Auckland’s Aotea Centre has been lined with rainbow flags to mark the Auckland Pride Festival...
  • Citizenship documentation needs fixing too
    Transgender rights advocate Allyson Hamblett is among those tirelessly fighting for gender identity to be specifically protected in human rights legislation...
  • Council committee backs glbti framework
    An Auckland Council committee has endorsed a framework designed to make life even better for glbti people, and significant strides towards greater support and representation are already being made...
  • Karangahape Rd’s future up for debate
    Auckland Council’s Waitematā Local Board is holding a meeting tonight as it seeks public input into a vision for how the city’s gayest strip could change over the next 30 years...
  • Pro-glbti framework going to Akl Council
    A framework designed to make Auckland “the most liveable city for rainbow communities” is being put to an Auckland Council committee for endorsement this morning...
  • Review: The Dallas Buyers' Club
    The Dallas Buyer's Club Starring Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto and Jennifer Garner At Academy Theatres February 18th screening, An Auckland Pride Festrial 2014 event Jared Leto as Rayon and Matthew McConaughey as Woodroof The Dallas Buyers' Club is based on a true story set in a time of impending death and daily desperation...
  • Rodriguez opens up about dating model
    Actress Michelle Rodriguez has reportedly told a UK tabloid she’s more than just friends with model Cara Delevingne...

Tue 19 Feb 2013

  • Television item (New Zealand)
    Seven Sharp, ref: TZP427350.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Television item (New Zealand)
    Seven Sharp, ref: TZP427351.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • "Powerful advocate" Chauvel will be missed
    Grant Robertson and Charles Chauvel Fellow gay MPs are paying tribute to their departing colleague Charles Chauvel as someone who has made an enormous contribution to New Zealand...
  • Bar apologetic after gay couple kicked out
    A Nelson bar manager has apologised after a bouncer turfed a gay couple out because they kissed on the dancefloor...
  • Charles Chauvel leaving Parliament for UN role
    Rainbow Labour MP Charles Chauvel is resigning from Parliament to take up a position with the United Nations in New York, advising on Parliamentary Development and Democratic Governance...
  • Debate over funding for transwoman's killer
    Joe Coleman Differences of opinion are emerging over whether the killer of a South Auckland transgender woman should have state-funded facial tattoo removal whilst still in prison, to help his hoped-for integration back into society...
  • Through pink glasses: Charles Chauvel’s time as an MP
    Charles Chauvel is leaving us for the UN – a sad loss for our communities, but a great gain for people more directly reliant on the UN! We look back on his career as an out and proud Rainbow Labour MP...

Sun 19 Feb 2012

  • No positive HIV test results from BGO stand.
    Sexual health workers have had a busy week following up on HIV and other STI tests conducted at the Big Gay Out last weekend...

Sat 19 Feb 2011

  • Christchurch cub takes out Mr Urge Bear
    Mr Urge Bear 2011 Arthur For the first time in its six year history, the Mr Urge NZ Bear title is leaving Auckland...
  • Leather shorts and singing YMCA on Queen St?!
    Chester Borrows National's MP Chester Borrows answered questions about his colleague Nikki Kaye's push for a Mardi Gras-style parade in Auckland, with the assertion gay people are "not heroes"...
  • Trans hopefuls welcome on Next Top Model
    A publicist for New Zealand's Next Top Model says transgender hopefuls are more than welcome to apply for a place on the reality series...

Fri 19 Feb 2010

  • Avenue Q, Rent and Julian Clary come to Auckland
    Central Auckland will be buzzing with a variety of gay characters in coming months, as popular puppet show Avenue Q, revolutionary rock opera Rent, and camp comedian Julian Clary all take to the stage...
  • Gay school fraudster can still teach
    A gay former primary school principal who defrauded his school is still on the teacher's register, the Waikato Times reveals...
  • Uganda: Anti-gay pastor shows gay porn in church
    A Ugandan pastor who is in favour of strengthening the country's anti-gay laws has shown gay pornography is his church in a bid to gain support for his beliefs...
  • Wellington's 'gay-o-meter' billboard "irresponsible"
    The Advertising Standards Authority says a 'gay-o-meter' billboard seen in central Wellington is "socially irresponsible" and "offensive"...

Thu 19 Feb 2009

  • '70's popstar admits to sex with men
    The wife of the lead singer of 1970's pop sensation the Bay City Rollers has found out her husband cheated on her with numerous men, after he confessed on a reality TV show...
  • Here's the Hero Party!
    What could be the weirdest Hero Party ever is on tomorrow night - and it's best described as a one-night festival of entertainment, with a huge cast of extraordinary characters...
  • Home s first lesbian kiss!
    Schoolgirls Freya and Nicole have a pash as their shocked classmates look on, in the 21-year-old Aussie soap's first-ever lesbian storyline...
  • Stephen Fry protests NZ copyright bill
    Gay UK wit Stephen Fry has joined a protest against New Zealand's proposed new copyright laws, by 'blacking out' his Twitter...
  • USA: Gay porn murder trial begins
    Gay porn star Harlow Cuadra is beginning his trial for murder in a Pennsylvania court this week...

Tue 19 Feb 2008

  • AKL: New talent show for 'Kings
    A new event on Auckland's gay scene will be an open opportunity for both female and male performance artists throughout the city to showcase their talent on stage...
  • Beckham teammate snapped kissing a man
    A former teammate of football star David Beckham has been photographed kissing another man, exciting gossip websites and football blogs who believe he may be on his way out of the closet after splitting with his wife...
  • Review: Elephant vs Keyhole at the Great HERO Debate
    The Great Debating team At the annual Hero Debate last night it was disproved, apparently, "that love will draw an elephant through a key-hole...
  • Watching the Watchmen
    New Zealand doesn't seem to have been afflicted with the latest breed of militant fundamentalist nuisances- the Watchmen on the Walls group, from Russia with loathing...

Mon 19 Feb 2007

  • Farewell, Georgie Girl
    “I can't help but mention the number of firsts that are in this Parliament...
  • Ireland: Civil Unions Bill up for debate
    The Irish Parliament will this week debate a Labour Party Private Members Bill designed to give full legal recognition to same sex unions – called the Civil Unions Bill...

Sun 19 Feb 2006

  • Claire and Carol
    Auckland couple Claire (40) and Carol (56) have been together for nearly seventeen years...

Sat 19 Feb 2005

  • Television item (Wellington, New Zealand)
    One News, ref: TZP300031.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Closetry - the Final Frontier?
    Paramount Studios recently announced that the latest version of Star Trek (Enterprise) would end soon...
  • Pastor Brian promotes himself to bishop
    New Zealand's most anti-gay religious figure has given himself a promotion – Pastor Brian Tamaki has announced his elevation to Bishop Brian...

Wed 19 Feb 2003

  • The second reading of the Prostitution Reform Bill takes place (New Zealand)
    Links: Parliament
  • Ansell BGO pulls bigger than expected crowd
    An estimated 8-10,000 people attended the weekend's Ansell Big Gay Out, according to co-organiser Jonathan Smith...
  • Super laser display for Scandal party
    This Saturday's Hero Festival 2003 Scandal party will see the first use in New Zealand of a major new laser light generator...

Thu 19 Feb 1998

Fri 19 Feb 1993

Tue 19 Feb 1985

  • Civil libertarian Walter Scott dies (New Zealand)

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