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On This Day: 15th January

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Wed 15 Jan 2020

  • After protesting drag queen library event Gay conservative dies, suspected suicide
    Wilson Gavin stood at the front of the crowd, leading a chant "Drag queens are not for kids...
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  • Grindr shares location, sexual orientation data, study shows
    A consumer group says the gay, bi and trans dating app is sharing information with thousands of advertising partners...
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  • Poet Oscar Upperton to release debut book
    Poet Oscar Upperton has published work for The Spinoff, Metro and Best New Zealand Poems - and now he is about to release his debut book New Transgender Blockbusters, which is being published by Victoria University Press...
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Tue 15 Jan 2019

  • 2 x Tickets to ATC’s The Daylight Atheist and Joan
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  • 2 x tickets to Auckland Arts Festival’s Blanc de Blanc
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  • 2 x VIP Tickets to RuPaul’s Drag Race Werq the World...
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Mon 15 Jan 2018

  • Chelsea Manning posts campaign video for US Senate run
    Chelsea Manning confirmed via Twitter that she is a candidate for US Senate returning the transgender former soldier to the spotlight after her conviction for leaking classified documents and her early release from military prison...
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  • Criticism of Margaret Court is muted at Australian Open
    MELBOURNE, Australia — Marriage equality proponents draped themselves in rainbow flags at Margaret Court Arena on the first day of the Australian Open to protest tennis great Margaret Court's controversial views on gay marriage...
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  • Chelsea Manning is running for the US Senate
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  • Review: The Wound
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  • Sam Smith is returning to New Zealand
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Sun 15 Jan 2017

  • Late Autumn, Zimbabwe
    Is long-term Zimbabwean tyrant and toxic homophobe Robert Mugabe, 92, about to die? If so, what happens to the country that he has misgoverned for the last thirty years? By all accounts, we may shortly encounter the apotheosis of one of the longest lived homophobes on the African continent...

Fri 15 Jan 2016

  • Falcons call for new coach
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  • Mormon leader says new policy revelation from god
    The Mormon Church’s new anti-gay policy was a revelation from god according to a high-ranking Mormon leader...

Thu 15 Jan 2015

  • Body Positive Receives Funding Increase
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  • Ground Breaking Gay TV
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  • Twitter Suspends Westboro Baptist Church’s Account
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  • US: Outrage as church halts funeral
    Family of a Colorado woman are furious after a church cancelled her funeral service 15 minutes before it was to start, because the church wouldn't show a tribute video where she was seen proposing to and kissing her wife...

Wed 15 Jan 2014

  • Richard and Shane's wedding
    Pride Parade director Richard Taki has nicked some time from his busy schedule and married the love of his life Shane Scally...

Tue 15 Jan 2013

  • Young gay man injured in another K Rd attack
    Karangahape Road Another unprovoked attack in Auckland's Karangahape Road area has seen a young gay man hospitalised after being knocked to the ground and kicked in the head by two assailants...

Sat 15 Jan 2011

  • Top cop fired after Palm Springs entrapment
    Palm Springs, California Palm Springs police chief has been kicked out of the job after organising repeated entrapment operations against gay men in what is often termed the USA's gayest city...

Fri 15 Jan 2010

  • Wellington's lesbian library opens in new home
    The capital's long-running library resource for lesbians will open in a new location this weekend...

Thu 15 Jan 2009

  • True to life Transamerica?
    TranSister Radio's Joanne Clark Transamerica plays on TV2 this Monday, but is it an accurate depiction of a trans journey? Chch transgender broadcaster Joanne Clarke takes a look...

Tue 15 Jan 2008

  • US study: Gay relationships are healthier
    A series of research studies by a San Francisco-based LGBT institute has revealed that those in same-sex relationships have an increased likelihood of better family and marital relations then those in a heterosexual relationship...

Mon 15 Jan 2007

  • Vinegar Hill gathering the biggest ever
    This year's Vinegar Hill LGBT campsite was easily the busiest ever, says a regular attendee...

Sat 15 Jan 2005

  • Tamaki honours gay-loving civil rights hero
    Anti-gay rights pastor Brian Tamaki has been invited to take part in an American fundie Christian broadcast to commemorate civil rights legend Dr Martin Luther King...

Sat 15 Jan 2000

  • Snapshot 2000 - Jonathan (London)
    Jonathan talks about coming out and first sexual experience.

Wed 15 Jan 1997

Tue 15 Jan 1952

  • Maata Mahupuku dies (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
    Mahupuku is buried in the private burial ground of the Mahupuku family at Kehemane beyond Martinborough.
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Mon 15 Jan 1945

  • Poet Ursula Bethell dies (Christchurch, New Zealand)
    Bethell dies in Christchurch and is buried in the Rangiora cemetery.
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