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"Don't vote for me for mayor" - Jevan Goulter

Fri 17 Sep 2010 In: New Zealand Daily News View at Wayback View at NDHA

Jevan Goulter Wanganui mayoral aspirant Jevan Goulter has taken the incredibly unusual campaign step of asking people not to vote for him - for mayor that is. After a colourful campaign involving drag, crowns and radio altercations, the 21-year-old gay man is now asking Wanganui voters to ignore his name on the ballot papers when it comes to the mayoral race, but instead vote for him as a council candidate. He is running for both mayor and council. Here is this afternoon's full statement from Jevan Goulter: When I arrived in Wanganui, I came with the ambition and motivation to lead the city, to change the city and to shape the city into what I wanted to be a progressive, open minded, accepting and safe community. I wanted to provide opportunity, activity and leadership to the residents of Wanganui. As I begun to meet people and the community I realised how downtrodden many people had been by the Laws leadership. I realised how many people really were and are under represented and intimated by their civic leader. I knew straight away that this is not a way to lead your city. I set out on a path with hope and a message "Vote Leaders and not Puppets" and I feel I have got that message across to a lot of people. When seeing how much influence Michael Laws has has over present leaders and hopeful candidates in these elections, I realise how important it is to vote for change. The idea of a Michael Laws puppet being elected for another term scares me and upsets me to the point of sickness. I am a very confident and capable person, smart, strategic and am very proud of what I have achieved in the race so far, I also have a lot of integrity and pride, which is why I have thought very hard in the short amount of time that I have had, about this next decision. With the latest poll how it is, things look like it could head back into a Laws administration, which is one thing I definitely do not want and definitely do not wish upon Wanganui. Today ballot papers have started going out, so it is important that I leave this announcement no later than now. I do not want to be the reason why a fresh Mayor is not elected to lead Wanganui. I have realised that the person who will be elected is not going to be myself. I must thank all the support and all the people however that have helped me and guided me through these times. So with that, I would now ask the residents of Wanganui who are supporting me to continue in doing so by ticking my name for council. Remember you have 12 votes and you do not need to use them all. Only vote for who you would like to see elected. For those kind enough to give me their mayoral vote as well, I would ask that you refrain from doing so and utilize that important vote on another candidate that has the ability to win who will represent you well. Seeing now that I will not be voting for myself, I would like to let my supporters know that I will be giving my mayoral vote to Annette Main and I believe that the "Main for Mayor" campaign is an honest one and if successful Wanganui will have a leadership style capable of heading this City into the future. I now relish the opportunity to serve on council and use my skills, qualities, attributes and experience to work with Annette Main as our City civic leader. Annette is an accepting person and very diverse with the capability to act and represent Wanganui. This City will be in safe hands if she is elected and I have the confidence that she can lead. I will still be advocating and pushing for the original things that I have wanted to see happen. Ice Skating Rink, Curb Side Recycling, Free Parking for Senior Citizens and Affordable and Sustainable Rates. I also will continue on to ask, no, beg, other Mayoral Candidates, Ray Stevens, Phillipa Baker-Hogan and Jango to accept defeat now and not continue on what may be an egotistical journey. The vote splitting is not healthy and I do not believe it will see a good result. I have accepted that this race is between Annette Main and Dot Mckinnon and I hope that the other mayoral candidates can realise this as well and pull out. This is what I believe needs to happen to ensure full change and a fair chance at a fresh leadership style. So please, Ray, Phillipa and Jango, do not be blind, realise that we can not win this race and make a smart, sensible and intelligent decision and encourage your votes towards the other two candidates. By staying in this race you are not doing what is right, which is representing the residents and Wanganui community. People need to realise that a vote for Dot is the same as a vote for Michael. With that I thank you for reading and continue to ask for you support and vote for council so that I can make my contribution to Wanganui and have the chance to be part of a fresh, honest and accountable leadership style. I never set out to represent the gay community as I have always said however I feel regardless of saying that, my actions have done so, and I have done a pretty good job in Wanganui.    

Credit: GayNZ,com Daily News staff

First published: Friday, 17th September 2010 - 3:38pm

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