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'Love in Action' Vs. 'Homosexual Hate'

Mon 22 Oct 2007 In: Comment View at Wayback

The "you can stop being gay" exgay movements from Exodus New Zealand -in cessation through "lack of support" - were inexorably bound to be unsuccessful. This was the 32-week Living Waters course aimed to convict people of "sexual sin", while converting them into a heterosexual lifestyle. I know people who have undertaken such training... My twin sister only lasted three weeks, before being evicted from her house by one of the Living Water leaders (whom she was staying with), for having her partner in her room, and this of course is 'LOVE IN ACTION'. The coordinator of Living Waters Pentecostal Church in Palmerston North, stated to my sister (upon her picking up her 'long-awaited' course refund - last week) that this course would cease to run in 2008. With much amity, my sister left the church, but many months I've spent helping her through this indoctrination experience, where they inculcate that same-sex attraction corollaries with 'demon' possession... mmm, hardly so! 18th October 2007's episode of 20/20 reported on 'LOVE IN ACTION', which focuses on Conversion Theory in helping gays manage same-sex attraction. However, they stated that such theory is strongly rejected by health association as harmful behaviour. It's witlessness to NOT acknowledge that "people are born gay", or indoctrinate someone with (as put by Craig Young) "HEAVENLY DECEPTION". On a different note - we see the likes of Richard Lewis contending again towards a political party for 'family values'. Great, I admire people who have a vision they are passionate about. Give it a go, and run with it if it reaps positive results. But, I wonder how often in political agendas, do we give attention to a bi-cultural society? You see, I have what I consider a small vision. Not impossible, and not far-flung. I want to see gay and lesbian people having equality in society. I want to see vast 'pride marches' and visibility of diversity. I think that the so-called commitment to 'family values' is the fact that conventional marriage as indissoluble has declined (statistics of divorce rate and protection orders through Court is of concern), we can't conclude that our traditional Christian view of marriage has not descended from its colonial roots... society must accept diversity. In opposing diversity, although the exgay movement has died down...thankfully! The major evangelical movement has arisen. In a gathering in Toulouse, the Vancouver-based World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) - which represents some 420 million believers in 128 countries - announced it would sign up to the project. The aim of this movement, has arisen in the church - as a need for a code of conduct, in winning converts...I definitely would have to agree with a need, for raising the 'standard of conduct'. I'm hoping that as a result of such a proposal being put forward by (WCC) World Council of Churches, that their CODE OF CONDUCT may include a reduction of 'HOMOSEXUAL HATE'. But by my personal encounters of disparagement, this would be dubiously long-awaited. So I won't hold my breath. Cherie Crawford - 22nd October 2007    

Credit: Cherie Crawford

First published: Monday, 22nd October 2007 - 10:50pm

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