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Quotes of 2014: powerful, straight-up and hilarious

Tue 30 Dec 2014 In: Features

There have been some incredible moments in 2014, and here we celebrate some of the most powerful, funny and plain honest quotes which grabbed our attention this year. THE POWERFUL - Olympic rower Robbie Manson comes out publicly. - Dame Sian Elias, Supreme Court Justice, at the swearing-in of New Zealand’s first openly-gay High Court judge Matthew Muir. Full quote: "Those of us who have lived through momentous social change sometimes forget how recent it all was. And how bad things were. "There has been a revolution in our lifetimes in the position of those who are different because of gender, or race, or sexual orientation. I do not suggest that all the barriers are down. But we have come a long way." We also loved: “It has validated my entire life” – refugee Abraham Naim on winning the Miss Capital Drag pageant. “My mum has no longer been erased!” – Rowen Sullivan, on getting both her mums’ names on her birth certificate. THE STRAIGHT UP - Trans modelling hopeful Amy Brosnahan, to other contestants in the bikini section, who told her “respect, respect, you’re very feminine” and “you’re just like a normal girl" “So what” – Michael Barnett of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, on Grant Robertson being gay. - Alexia Garbutt, whose partner Marcia “Meat Train” Taylor was allegedly left out of the national side because she has hearing loss “Is there something wrong with lesbians?” Lorde just doesn’t get an Aussie radio host’s Ellen jokes. – Louisa Wall, a year on from her marriage equality law passing. THE HILARIOUS: – Centurian manager Gabriel Clifton on the woman who threw paint in the venue’s doorway. “He does have a rather epic beard. But I doubt it’s Leviticus length” – Michael Atkins on social media, about ‘pastor’ Logan Robertson, on Facebook. “YUCK” – Greg Burrow, also about Robertson. “I’ve got buckets of rocks here ready for readers of Leviticus to come over and give me a good old stoning,” – Labour candidate Kelly Ellis, on people who may have issues with her being transgender. – Tess Tickle was not happy with Facebook’s ‘use your real name or make a fan page’ policy. “A man wakes up after several decades, unable to understand the world around him, disturbed at women who leave the house and big silver birds that fly overhead with strange trails after them. But at least he still has Elvis,” – MP Grant Robertson, describing what a synopsis of a film about Colin Craig might be like. “I’ve been gagged. Now I just need to be whipped” – Georgina Beyer, after she got in trouble from Mana for criticising Kim Dotcom. – Urzila Carlson, when Maurice Williamson and Ricardo Simich had a fake make out session at the Auckland Pride Debate. “A pelvic thrust once a day is good for your hips and will really drive you insane - but don’t take advice - that’s my number one piece of advice” - Jay from The Drag Kings is asked to share a piece of advice. staff - 30th December 2014

Credit: staff

First published: Tuesday, 30th December 2014 - 9:42am

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