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So much LGBT content on state telly!

Tue 13 Dec 2005 In: Television View at NDHA

Maybe the kiwi fruits presenting Kiwifruit were busy this week, but Amanda Rees interviewed someone even more industrious - Welby Ings, who has built his own, sprawling tree house, made his own medecines (from his own garden of course) and made all the props - including 80 ceramic dolls - for his own movie Boy. And still he found time to talk and talk and talk. And it was all his own talk, of course. He had a lovely memory from his school days when he realised he was 'different' - in front of his class he praised a picture of a male statue as not 'handsome' but 'beautiful'. Awww. Next up, the beautiful Kevin Alexander toyed with a salami but don't ask me why, or why they continue to include this guy ... oh, sorry, of course! He's beautiful. 'Nough said. Boring gay couple Shane and Dick were out in their garden (out in their garden - geddit?) where they decided to end a tiff when their fingers met while weeding a potted succulent. Awww. Shane's squeaky faux leather jacket completely upstaged any real dialogue and said all that was necessary as the curtain fell on their indoors, out of sight reconciliation. Squeak squeak squeak. Geddit? And finally I got to see the lesbian puppets. (Full admission - I am a puppetphile!) Well, they were okay, a bit too real really, as they interviewed straight gossip guru Bridget Saunders. Did you know her career took off after she narrowly escaped from a volcano explosion in Papua New Guinea and sold the resulting photos and story to a woman's mag back here in kiwiland? Some people might say 'Damn that careless volcano.' But, no, Bridget's nice really. She absolutely refuses, no matter how much her editor begs her, to out people or include ugly celeb photos in her sunday spreads. Awww. Now that's class. The immensely likeable Donald Holllingsworth was out on the road researching car salesyards and car salesmen. How gay friendly are they? Well, pretty gay friendly it seems (they laughed at Don's nudge-nudge jokes), even if they can't provide much of a choice for us gay boys looking to buy a set of wheels. Statistics say we are most likely to buy a Toyota Rav 4. Borrrring! The puppets then popped back for a sec and got saucy with each other by making lots of car puns. "I'll polish your rims if you can find my gas cap", that sort of thing ... no, I'm not making this up. And no sooner had they tootled off the nation's screens, than we had lesbians all over the place! Surfing from The L Word (Jennifer Beals was making a tragic 'give me another chance' speech) to TV3 I discovered a hugely entertaining Oz doco, Anna in Wonderland. This week Anna was tracking down Aussie women who were making or had made the transition from woman to man. Lexton - still in transition - was very adamant he wanted his mum to use the male pronoun when talking about him, but it was Kenny and his man breasts who stole the show. However, Anna herself ran him a close second when she dragged up as a convincing home boy dancing in a drag king's night club act at the Star pub in Melbourne. Phew! So much LGBT content on state telly. Who'd have thunk it? John Curry - 13th December 2005    

Credit: John Curry

First published: Tuesday, 13th December 2005 - 12:00pm

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