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Wellington Outgames: Sports Guide (Part 1)

Wed 2 Mar 2011 In: Events View at NDHA

If you've decided not to compete in the Wellington Outgames, that's still no reason to stay at home. Most of the sports events are free for spectators, the rest are cheap as chips. Head along with your flag of choice and support the competitors. There are 17 sports on offer, from the more traditional swimming and running, to viewer faves diving and dancesport. From badminton to lawn bowls, here's our first edition of two guides to the sports at the 2nd AsiaPacific Outgames, which start on March 12 in Wellington.       Badminton For dummies: Badminton is a racquet sport where competitors score by striking a feathered projectile called a shuttlecock over the net so it lands in the opponent's half of the court. It requires fitness, stamina, agility, strength, speed and precision! The best thing about badminton: One word - shuttlecock You may not know: The NZ men's badminton team is affectionately known as the "Black Cocks" Venue info: Badminton Hall Wellington is located in Hataitai, 30 minutes walk or a 15 minutes bus ride from the central city. Spectators: welcome   Bridge For dummies: Some regard it as the greatest card game of them all and Bridge is intimidating for those of use whose skills don't stretch beyond snap, last card and a penchant for throwing games of strip poker. And be warned - Bridge players are a serious, competitive bunch. The competition is fierce and riveting. The best thing about bridge: the honorary PhD in mathematics you get when you finally understand the rules. You may not know: Bridge and chess are the only "mind sports" recognised by the IOC. Venue info: The Kairangi Bridge Club is located in Miramar, home of Peter Jackson's studios and the Weta Workshop. Spectators: Welcome.         Dancesport For dummies: Have you seen Dancing With The Stars? That's a start for understanding dancesport, which is basically competitive dancing in three styles: Ballroom, Latin and New Vogue, which encompass everything from the Quickstep to the Rumba to the Tracie Leigh. The best thing about dancesport: Recently engaged roving TVNZ weather reporter Tamati Coffey will be the compere. You may not know: During the Depression, dance marathons were popular as a means to forget about daily troubles and to compete for cash prizes. Venue info: Wellington Town Hall Spectators: Welcome from 4.30pm competition day, entry is $15.      Diving For dummies: An absolute glamour sport, diving is enthralling to watch and at only $2 entry it's a complete bargain. There are categories for both competitive and non-competitive novice divers at the Outgames, where they will be jumping from both springboards and platforms. The best thing about diving: The Speedos. You should know: One of the world's leading divers is the openly gay Aussie Matthew Mitcham. Venue info: Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre, Kilbirnie, 10-15 minutes by car and 30-40 minutes by bus from central city. Spectators: $2 entry fee. Hockey For dummies: The aim of the game is to score, an area where many gay competitors have natural ability. Basically you want to use your stick and teammates to get the ball into the circle by the goal and whack it in. Hockey is a physical sport and there are few players who don't have lasting memories of being smacked in the face with a ball. Mouth guards are a must. The best thing about hockey: The sweet sound of the ball hitting wood when you score. That wasn't meant to sound dirty. Oops. You may not know: Controlled dribbling is highly encouraged! Venue info: National Hockey Stadium, Mt Albert Park, Newtown. Off-street car parking or a 10-15 minute bus ride from town. Spectators: Welcome Football For dummies: Anyone who doesn't watch 'the beautiful game' obviously does not realise how beautiful the world's players are. Cristiano Ronaldo anyone?! Football is a game which evokes massive amounts of passion across the globe and there is bound to be plenty of passion on the football fields at the Wellington Outgames where seven a side teams will battle for glory. Ole! The best thing about football: the passion. You may not know: Venue info: Te Whaea Park, Hutchison Rd, Newtown, just a five minute drive from the city. Spectators: Welcome   Golf For dummies: Get the ball into the 18 holes in fewer strokes than your opponents and you win. Simple as! It's really when you start talking about the different clubs that should be used for each shot that golf gets a bit more technical. But that's what caddies are for right? The best thing about golf: The smashing outfits ... oh and the vocab – shouting "fore" before an almighty swing is great fun. You may not know: In some rural NZ areas sheep are used to keep the greens in order. (They are rarely ever hit by golf balls, but it is known to happen) Venue info: Mirimar Golf Club, which has buses to the airport and plenty of parking. Spectators: Welcome      Lawn Bowls For dummies: It's a sport adored by the Commonwealth where competitors roll large balls and which they try to get as close as possible to a small white ball known as the jack. If you need more info check out the Aussie movie Crackerjack! The best thing about lawn bowls: The resurgence in its popularity, especially amongst younger generations. It's such a fun, social sport and the beers are always cheap as chips in the clubhouse. You may not know (and wish you had known): If your friend's nana asks you if you want to go 'for a roll up' she is inviting you for a game of bowls, not asking if you'd like to go smoke something with her. Venue info: Park Bowling Club in Kilbirnie is next door to the swimming venue and just a 15 minute bus ride from the city. Spectators: Welcome We will have the remaining eight sports: Mountainbiking, running, squash, swimming, ten pin bowling, tennis, triathlon and volleyball in our next guide!   You can find more information on the Outgames sports and a full timetable here Jacqui Stanford - 2nd March 2011    

Credit: Jacqui Stanford

First published: Wednesday, 2nd March 2011 - 4:40pm

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