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Snapshot 2000 - Mike

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in [00:00:19] can see that drink those daily stories? And [00:00:24] I asked her if even saw that big guy [00:00:29] that he has made. Yeah. So. And he said, Have you ever heard of the sexual fantasies back on? Yep. [00:00:40] And then it hurts [00:00:46] your ears Really? Yeah. And then he said, Well, to be perfectly honest with you on the side. And I was quite shocked by that because it was the last day to understand. Inside, we kept on talking and we did together. And then the next morning, I felt so bad. I thought I could be wrong, and we needed to become better and better. So I didn't talk to her for about two months after that. And I was in complete shock. And [00:01:27] I scary is great. [00:01:29] I was a Christian. A lot of my friends were they were bad, and always along with a cigarette to me. And then a former man, and we end up talking and it just ended up being a sexual favor that in one day, but one night, we got together in this category longer. Because given the friendship because of what happened. And we were just using each other for six really bad. [00:02:03] Race great. Because it was the wrong time the wrong [00:02:05] price. That is a commandment sighs you later take this, I stopped. And then I came back to my friends probably about two months after that happened in a trauma base for cancer and also scared because I didn't know anybody guy. [00:02:22] God. [00:02:24] And I told her and she said to me, [00:02:28] You will be thrown over the head Mike, I love you just the way you're gay, straight, whatever it was. So Mike, it doesn't matter what you are. And some of the show so good because I had so much to pull and coming up to the fifth person was a habit. But after that they were braised in the whole time I came out I made so many more friends. Because 30 more people saw me differently because I was more open and honest with you there that line will carry you could tell something was wrong. In a headphone problem. In fact, I had to sleep less and have never had one problem with all everything already was made with mechanics mom. She's I kinda, she's really good. She doesn't understand it completely. But she knows I mean, I can't change and [00:03:21] I will never be any other way now. [00:03:25] I think I've always had desires for guys. I mean, I've had lots of your face when I was younger, I was never any fake. It was never the right time or the right place for a relationship with a woman and even sometimes became serious with a woman always turned dead. And I keep thinking to myself No, it's just me just to be paranoid. But I had a lot of frame that guys. I mean, I made a mess of it. So it's super tight after this hit six and if I really desire for that. So before they are more we dreams were bad guys. And I felt there was just a highs. And there's this one dream that was always my dream over and over. And [00:04:13] one night [00:04:16] some guy for to talk to this rave, which I was deleted. The same thing happened to me in the bad that happened to me in my dream. And it became reality in our news that I was gay. Because my brain stopped. And I didn't feel so insecure. I felt that fan much myself. And then I was sitting in a band with this guy. I didn't know who he was. And I could say that clearly in my mind. I was it was all I could say was slow me down and I was sitting next to him is what emotions come to me and I reached over and grabbed this it was it was my dream that's all it ever was. And none of my friends were HIV sexual sexual it was always emotional and like two guys you know out each other all for Lego kisses was never ever sexually vape so guys thanks very much rain we traded smells [00:05:27] good. So the [00:05:33] winter guys appropriate code is practice which was recognized guys that are still in there. And [00:05:39] I met a couple of guys who are with [00:05:44] friends of mine introduced me to a guy like our who he left where I left my mom asked me how I met this guy and what hasn't changed is we're just trained it was loud of a majors and living his alma mater but there was never was never sexual first. And so she asked me and play words for the last band that I had not able to quantify it. And she said as a guy and [00:06:16] she asked me heart was last night [00:06:19] knew is a blessing and I was because the timing was not right. I did not feel the time is right to come out to my mom. I had to wait for the right moment and she kept pestering me and pestering me for weeks and weeks we argued over bad fight cyber sky when compared with a longer todos guy and she keeps telling me the iconic the iconic and then I thought maybe she will be okay cuz she likes my friends who she knew a guy so I thought she can accept the interconnectivity in our culture I was a [00:06:56] miss a [00:06:59] privilege, I will kind of hard I couldn't handle the strike. And things kept me safe within tool for that for my and in the sad thing is talking again and the way we are now we have been for last four or five years, we should have been living so it pays off. It does pay off in the long run. They do except to be honest with them. They will live with it. And I think the reason why she's her understanding now as because she lives I'm not going to get married and have kids and they live her life on that and a lot of people's lives wreck of a lot of people's lives. So I think she's in a way happy I know what I am that would have 3540 you know pick a hard and musty Fallon that she's remarried is awesome is the history to hate innovation This is my no problem at all. I can buy they're watching a program on TV not even get disgusted they see funds interested in [00:08:08] understand maybe [00:08:11] not because [00:08:14] the average guy purse was being feminine just to get the woman's clothing. And you know for me idol six men are doing a lot. And they are do not do any of that. So they just see me as being an interesting little guy. A guy who prefers means and I say every class he's a guy because I'm not gay orientated. The same as a normal Fisher. [00:08:40] And that's really good for me too, because I am just normal guy. [00:08:46] I cannot handle that great. [00:08:48] I don't like it. And they just made Ricky approach ankles as I just for every year. single one of those dragons. I liked watching room using a time but also gave me an opening in my stomach. My theory is UK, your man you're born man. I don't understand why a little bit guys become feminine and become like that. And what this will become shapes hates tattoos. [00:09:20] muscular I don't know why that is. [00:09:23] I just started to stand out and this [00:09:26] is nasty. The sand sickens me even though they [00:09:30] have a hit to save different views their feelings. Especially with February I am a little judgmental. tolerated because I had to tour I said, but I don't show it. I saw you guys get on with them. I still accepted them. And [00:09:47] I don't say what I feel because I don't need to [00:09:51] hide it well are covered up [00:09:54] at the local friends who I feel like I was at his head. But as I've got to know them, I've got to know them as a person, not as what I saw. So it pays to not to be judgmental. And don't let that be the guy to talk to you to very hard left arm. But tell me how to feel if you like it. It can just be as easy as I think its way to Tommy's right there just say it because that sounds good. You got to know yourself if you're gay. Bye. How to decide because everybody's different. So, media guy lifestyle is what you make it just like age, sexual life can be as happy or sad as you want it to be. Just be open, be honest, be genuine. And [00:10:55] you'll get a long way to go a long way to live a long happy life. [00:11:00] One of the hippies later life, life I am [00:11:05] a health gripe. [00:11:06] I stressed out as much as anymore and [00:11:11] my values and people adore me because I'm [00:11:17] honest. [00:11:18] I say me for me, and I'll see them for them. [00:11:22] But the answer to your entirety.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.