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Snapshot 2000 - Ben

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in [00:00:05] I think you didn't really [00:00:08] realize that, hey, yeah, I know I am. And I'm accepting that I am, was I went through a stage of the magnet for a long time. I thought, that's just the size. I'm not really guy. [00:00:20] I suppose as you get older, you mature and you realize, and I'm, I guess it was really early age 14. [00:00:26] And I came out to them because I'm by that [00:00:28] stage, non God [00:00:31] for ages for many, many years. [00:00:33] And I just had to tell someone, so I told my best friend [00:00:36] and feels kind of like [00:00:38] shocked. She was like, Wow, she didn't know what to do. So we totally respect about that. And then two, three months later, [00:00:46] all booked up again. And I [00:00:47] was at the stage where I was headed, help someone. So one day mom was in the shower. And I wrote her a note and said, Hi, I'm gay. And I put it in a sliver. So when she does have a cell, [00:00:58] she put a show on founders night, and Raiders. And from there, you can afford him to my room and goes up with this nice. I'm like, Oh, my God. And we talked and then we cried and talks and cried and talks and 5000 hours. [00:01:11] But I thought that was a [00:01:12] really, really good move. And I'm just having someone there that knows for support was excellent. And that was my life, my original coming out process. And by that stage, and logically now and I was [00:01:27] at school, by a few months later, I had got this Red Bull sample again. And I'm everything that school was just kind of getting really, really annoying. And I just kind of like broke down in class one day. And from the event kind of asked, you know, [00:01:41] what happens? Why [00:01:42] and so I told everyone, and has kind of the worst mistake ever made. And I actually regret coming up at school. [00:01:51] Eventually the account, so tell me, I should tell that and I'm like, No, no, Mom told him behind my back one day, and stop speaking from for six months, which [00:02:00] was kind of had, I guess he just needed time to get over it. Because he's a real mad man. He was in the fifth day [00:02:07] and he left the six months, he's in a fight, he drinks beer and whatnot. [00:02:12] At school, I went to him, all [00:02:13] boys, kind of upper class, go for somebody to a class that [00:02:19] just edited with the head of the matter to write. You had to pay to play rugby. And if you went to a different and your hassles, and people I've never met before, walk up to me in a court and just say it. And I'm a goddess dangerous too much. And I had heaps of friends living going to school, me and my wife, my other friends lived to attend school to a coward, though, and that's the best move I ever made. I get very little hustle there, I find this is such a different atmosphere. It's excellent. That that you've got [00:02:48] girls there. And this is not so [00:02:50] much the male egotistical [00:02:53] thing where like you have to be something and even a success shoe for you. And it's also very much a racial scope. [00:03:00] Suppose at some other point that I mean, [00:03:02] Iran is different, and they just accepted for a while. [00:03:06] After that, I mean, the NEA introduced me to a lot of gay people, I suppose that also helps me. I had a good friend, like that was always there for me when I was coming out and offered me advice. And I always ask the Christian, [00:03:19] and I mean, that was really good. Again, having that support somebody can talk to, and they can help you through the process of coming out. I mean, I'm supposed to success of chain and then he introduces you to more people and more people. And eventually that's getting a whole lot of people in you created a whole group of friends [00:03:35] outside [00:03:36] the upside the guy in the other support, and you realize you have the only one and that you're normal. And that there's other people like to a genuine [00:03:43] like you. And it's just like, Wow, [00:03:47] so yeah. [00:03:48] But again, go I mean, coming out of school was like a thing I regret that kind of rough at night. I do Don't say I guess, towards my to estimate themselves. But I don't recommend as a mind, because goes just I'm ready for it. I mean, teachers didn't know what to do that they just ignored the harassment. [00:04:10] By just ignore the harassment, and I hadn't meetings with teachers and everything, and nothing will happen pay to try to choose not to [00:04:19] listen to that suppose and [00:04:21] that's such a hassle. And I'm still no advocate. But it's not as much. But ideally, I suppose a spirit of telling a few good friends. And that's all you need to tell. And you just leave it at that and that you've just got to support their wishes. The main thing for you [00:04:38] other than that, like this with parents, [00:04:40] you know, you to speak, you know, when the time is right, it gets to a stage where everything folds up. And you know, the time is right to tell someone and you just something, I don't know how to explain it. But I just was like, wow, I need to tell someone and I did. And I suppose that happens at different times for everyone, because a lot of my friends now some come up at 16 1718. [00:05:02] And know they came out really early. But it's just I think, [00:05:05] you know, that's [00:05:07] what has to be done. And I guess the the co founders of [00:05:09] their own pace. And I [00:05:11] guess I grew I feel like [00:05:14] when you first come out [00:05:16] as logically also very Randy, I suppose with the West putting up and you think you know everything and that you just rush into things. And I suppose that's one thing I regret for time. And I suppose I just wanted to experience this and it was nothing that's just [00:05:34] a rice kind of [00:05:36] I'm in the Curiosity is via but I do recommend writing. I've just recently broken up with a long term relationship [00:05:45] that will really have [00:05:48] I mean, my first time I guess it's just a learning experience. And you get through and like, I have known this person for a while. So it's a good thing I suppose. But I suppose this is something that always heathens and that curiosity does kick him. Anyway, Randy and horny, and the whole man psycho. The [00:06:08] thing is, I find a loss of our domain often like to go for younger people. That's one mistake I've never made, I can say. I think that's one thing. People just need to be careful, [00:06:16] careful off that people put the [00:06:19] same [00:06:20] and they do lie a lot. And especially in the clubbing, sand and all that you will get people that will make you feel wonderful, but only wants you for one thing. Again, it's just this old man looking for one thing. And there's nothing really there. I've seen that so much interest, just older men going for younger people. And I'm f5 the younger people are vulnerable because they want support and someone to hold in the ultimate neither. So they take advantage of it. So that's one thing I say to be very careful with because you can get trapped and you might not realize it but it does happen. And I'm yeah, I try to warn people all the time about that. And it's good to not just like to stand up and just realize I'm going to be careful and I'm not gonna rush into anything. So yeah. [00:07:03] You always knew that. I remember. always feel nervous whenever anything sexual happens from kissing to holding hands when I sing always [00:07:11] like you know, while we're saying as opposed to [00:07:14] some weird experience and you get used to it and becomes my flesh long as it's with someone you really like it becomes an amazing thing. So just don't rush into it would be my advice to the wife and you will find someone that you feel special about yeah

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.