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Rainbow Pride Community Honours (2015) - Part 1

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride [00:00:05] in our in our cultural center cultural tour and from the voices of the Pacific maniacs in their Welcome to each and every one of you from the Cook Islands Khurana cultural capital tour from the rank of Polynesia, otherwise known as the rain fellow fly here to you, my loyalty to you from the kingdom of tomorrow. Nice Tokelau alohar very special we got our friend Sufi from Hawaii and finally of course nice Abu Dhabi Naka, nama stay and fine from time to time fella. He was here my Quranic and welcome everybody. Welcome to the show many famous people in the audience, Amanda, honestly, I find it's just the words get out of my head. I'm pushing, revert back to Simon For God's sake. But Welcome to this inaugural event of the rainbow pride community honors. Please take your seats, those of you this Amir's seats in the front and to grab a stall or you can lean on somebody that you don't know or somebody fabulous next to you for the night. Lean on somebody. Yeah, but you have no problem because you're gorgeous. On the tape tonight, ladies and gentlemen. I want somebody to lean on. Anyway, my name is football Caputo to implement and release my honor to be here with my fabulous co host Amanda, it is absolutely wonderful to see you again. [00:01:34] Tyler Flava to us. Good see you. And like count says, My name is Amanda. [00:01:40] week. Thanks for [00:01:41] your clan. And [00:01:50] I'm going to be reading off this little spiel. I got the spiel about two months ago, but have it just learned to read yesterday. Thanks. Tonight is being hosted by Alice in the park. It's the lead up to the fear why Jenny packed we all know about that. On the 14th of February, what is the 14th of February other than ash in the park my notes so what thank you so much husband, it's Valentine's down 14 just totally you know. We are so thrilled to have you here to help us celebrate some wonderful people and our rainbow community. But before we go any further I would like to invite Ramona China to come on open this wasn't kind of care Would that be [00:02:39] okay? [00:02:41] Danny wanna tell everyone [00:02:50] about the Nakuru with me here to call Romo. Romo the one on Mike Yamato, they get out of trouble. They're not photo photos no more than Leandra Kyoko. My name is Ronnie Mora. And I thought, maybe just for the one or two of the people who might speak Maui here, that I might explain a little bit about what the current year is about. Too many people say it's a prayer and it can be if that's what you want it to be. But it's actually about bringing people together. And so the currently I'm going to do tonight, talks about keeping healthy, keeping the body healthy, keeping the bonds, the blood, the sinews of the body healthy, and therefore holding firm to what you believe, be willing to argue with other people or argue the argument not the person. And the other thing is this, we go back to the beginning of time, if you like when Ronnie and Papa were embracing, and to show that the warmth that they gave each other and how they cherished each other, how they actually worked with each other at what they did. And last of all, we say be there be like the rock that shines like a son and give your life to others. That's a sort of an A in a nutshell. So here we go. To talk to you we do talk in a copy Nikita to talk in a typical O to talk to talk. Papa [00:04:41] Ba ba ba ba ba [00:04:48] ba ba ba ba ba ba ba toto toto [00:05:01] author co author my daughter on the [00:05:06] way over Georgia Tonto long life and health to everyone killer killer [00:05:22] as I said for ladies and gentlemen, tonight we've got some very very famous people and in the midst of you lot is of course the lovely Lisa wall the MP for a Man Ray and of course [00:05:36] so we love to cheer. [00:05:43] And of course, also politician here with the lovely Kevin hake [00:05:55] also ladies and gentlemen in the midst of course we got kings without Prince spaces without queens. But tonight for this occasion we have a real life day and a great honor to introduce day man Dr. Margaret [00:06:11] spurn [00:06:14] closer works if [00:06:17] you just can't see for the [00:06:23] wonderful to see you. [00:06:26] Tonight, [00:06:27] is in with divided into three sections. There will be a couple of short breaks when you can ask that handsome person next to you to go and get you a drink. Or you can get him or her a drink. We have some yummy, neighborly things coming out in the break. So look out for those. And if you get more packaged, and you can order something from the bar, there's a program available. So you can see the order of the ceremony. And can I also say there is a membership but for tonight for sale at the door for $10. And don't miss out on that because there's only 80 copies available. [00:07:08] Manda thank you so much cow. The people [00:07:13] being honored tonight have been named by various groups and networks. And in response to an invitation recognized by people who have made significant contributions to the rainbow communities. We have 40 recipients. That is right, ladies and gentlemen, we have 40 recipients being recognized tonight. They but we will be moving through this order, like a well lubricated [00:07:47] machine. [00:07:50] Thanks, Amanda. Look, I know that a lot of people say these kinds of awards aside, well, how come he or she and I didn't get one or anything else? Well, tomorrow, people get real. This is an opal ceremony event. And next year, of course, it's several, certainly to really celebrate because as we all know, it's the 30th anniversary of the homosexual Law Reform Act. So can we say to each one of you to get to the end if you mess up to make sure that the people that you would like to see giving an award gets to that next year please. So please raise the roof your applause tonight for the people we are celebrating. Our communities are patient for each and every one of them. Amanda [00:08:39] Yay, we're [00:08:43] This is our awakening into public knowledge and people that have made significant contributions to our community trial Wellington society, but for just now, I feel like my brain is a cascading over the top of the stories. [00:08:59] Sorry about that husbands. [00:09:01] But I'm going to hand this part the section of the evening over to Jax and cow in my absence and I'll see you in just a moment. Thanks. [00:09:19] Communities lost some very dear friends last year. Among the mobile polling Simmons and pet Rosa. We are privileged to have their partners Michelle GA, and Prue Harmon with us tonight as we pay tribute to those wonderful women. I invite Mary north from lilac lesbian library and founder and divine from the Armstrong and Arthur Charitable Trust for lesbians to the stage. [00:10:04] Good evening. I just like to say a few words about the the Armstrong and Arthur Charitable Trust for lesbians. This was founded in 2001 by the [00:10:15] late Bea Arthur, [00:10:17] to mark a 57 year relationship with your partner, base Armstrong. But it was also to acknowledge the support from the Wellington lesbian community and the later years. Can everybody hear me [00:10:34] the [00:10:35] author and Armstrong trust funds, lesbian community activities and projects and several areas education, health research, social development, and wide range of cultural activities. And we have two funding rounds a year. And you can read more about us on our new website at dub dub dub, dot strong dish dish Thiede. The two quite important ongoing funding activities from the trust to the Lisbon radio program and Wellington and the lion like lyst be a library of which the late Pauline Simmons was a very significant member. [00:11:38] Now, I think [00:11:42] I'd like to talk about our nomination of Pauline now [00:11:47] the community is very community focused so it's very first thing that we nominated Pauline for this award and very first thing that some to know bro community award [00:12:05] falling was a hell of a life she was I'm as an out person, she was a committed lesbian, feminist and pioneer. She put a lot of activity in and a lot of energy working tirelessly for the lesbian communities but not only for, for the gay and queer communities to now there's quite a bit of information about Pauline now on the on the web and some program tonight. But I just like to summarize some of the highlights. She was for many years an active member of she and psycho and worked on circle magazine. She was the founder of club 41, the first lesbian club in Wellington. She was a player and Administrator of the Emerson softball club. That's the best I can. [00:13:02] And [00:13:04] she founded the women's with present tense and the woman's bookshop and qubit Street. And lastly, an active member of lilac, which Mario talk about. She was an active campaigner for homosexual law reform in the mid 70s. [00:13:25] And [00:13:27] again in the mid 80s. And this time, we were more successful. And later she campaign for amendment to the human rights legislation. [00:13:45] Finally, that as an out person, polling was a very important contact person for lesbians coming out or same sex attracted women who thought they might to meet other women or lesbians, moving cities and coming to live on Wellington. And this is a say went on for years and years. It's my very great sorrow tonight to not to be able to recognize some polling, and person. I'm glad Michelle's here. And just to say Finally, polling, we're very proud of you. [00:14:39] I just like to invite Michelle to come over to stage Michelle. [00:14:45] Hi, Michelle. How are you? [00:14:49] I would like to just say a moment here just to tell you what linebackers, linebackers. Firstly, a very happy recipient of the largest the AMA trust from which we get our funding and so that we can buy books and pay our rent, because Laila is Wellington's lesbian library. And I've done a little research to show and the the only true thing I can say is that we are the only lesbian library in the southern hemisphere. There's a distinct possibility that we are the only lesbian library in the world. But you know, Ellen White, Nikki, say this. [00:15:30] So she's a stickler for truth. [00:15:36] So that's like, that's who we are. We, [00:15:43] quite frankly, we use books as an excuse. [00:15:47] The books of the year and we invite you, the lesbians, only the cute lesbians to come and borrow books and check out the books. And otherwise. [00:16:04] me go [00:16:05] be ago. But we also this is we have a place for lesbians to meet. We've been keeping this going for 20 years. That's right. So Pauline was the at the beginning of lilac, she joined Laila on the first day, lilac opened in for 20 years, it mentioned doing something for 20 years, she was a tireless worker for Laila. And so we've been keeping our doors open, generally was a huge success of my say, so myself, we we've been keeping our doors open for women to come and borrow books, but also for women to come and meet other women and to share our experiences. And just to validate our selves and have our own place in this world. Supporting was a large part of this [00:16:59] team page. And pulling. [00:17:04] Pulling was always politically active, as has been described, and where she was politically active for 40 years, as far as I know, but she was certainly continuously politically active and always had a finger on the pulse of the lesbian community. She was an original thinker and not afraid of new ideas and clearly expressed her opinions. She was a true lesbian. So we'll miss her greatly Atlantic, and we'd like to honor our Amazon, our Pauline are very, very proudly as being [00:17:43] Thank you. [00:18:00] I don't want to say too much. I just want to [00:18:06] thank you for honoring falling in this way. I'm very proud of her and everything that she's done, and I admire to his strength and her courage, and I miss it very, very much. So thank you all. [00:18:28] For tonight, [00:18:40] pet Razia was known to many of us and his sudden death was quite shocked. And I'd like to invite to Ellen fate of the lake lesbian library to speak to the denomination of pet for this particular owner to ask you. [00:18:58] Following his Southern day, in June last year, pet Rosa was celebrated across New Zealand for the significant role she played and second wave woman's movement for her activism. editorship of broadsheet and her generous involvement in the Lisbon and feminist communities. Path made a significant contribution to the Wellington lesbian community and the 15 years that she lived at pi crockery key. She was a literary voice on Wellington, lesbian radio, hosted coasters potlucks with a partner Pru Harmon at the home and pie crockery key and also potlucks for visiting lesbian authors from overseas and also contributed in a big way to Megan's. In particular, we would like to acknowledge that she was a great supporter of like, this encoded being an active coach active member for a number of years, involved in operating the library, organizing membership records all the boring stuff, and sharing the wide range of titles were considered for inclusion in the Library's collections. More recently, Pat was the name of the book club, the passion for this being literature guide at the group, and her knowledge was vast and shared freely. A successful author of numerous nonfiction books, as well as four novels that explore lesbian and family relationships, had volunteered her time and wisdom to teach creative writing. At classes Atlantic path was approachable, warm hearted, sharp thinking and supportive. She had an incredible influence on the lives of lesbian women who were inspired by her courage, generosity, and creativity. Practice Tantra among us, come under Coolio [00:21:14] to invite [00:21:28] Many thanks to the organizers of this. [00:21:33] And shalom to you all. [00:21:37] Many thanks to the organizers of this event. I think it's a wonderful thing that is being done. And tonight and in ongoing years. And good to see the march starting again. We haven't had one for years, the weekend and looking forward to being under the lesbian radio banner in lesson limit out in the in the park. [00:22:03] I'm so glad that that. [00:22:09] I'm so glad that you [00:22:12] honored both polling and Pat. [00:22:17] Just so sad to such strong lesbian feminist activists died within such a short period. Michelle and I have been trying to support each other [00:22:27] because it's been very hard for both of us. And [00:22:30] Pat's death was completely sudden we've had 17 wonderful years as partners known each other for 30 years but never lived in the same city until I ministry in Vegas or up from Christchurch. And yeah, well, masters and live in Auckland, Nelson, Christchurch. And then back at Eric, he was a hunting grounds and Nazi Nazi haunted a tour 17 years [00:23:05] as far as I know. [00:23:11] And well, Ellen summarize some of the contributions she made the feminist lesbian communities, she was in the middle of her fifth novel, when so and so started to drop dead. Having written in her blog, there is still a huge amount of her writing on the web. And you can you can find it in all sorts of places, if you google her, her blog is wonderful. And still we have the last four years or so weekly, weekly literary and, and what you've been reading and writing blog. And the very last week before she died, she wrote about the fact that her in context of some something literary but that her mother and grandmother had both dropped dead of heart attacks, and she was going to break the mold. She wrote that just one week before. Amazing. And anyway, she she was in the middle of this fifth novel, which was going to be the best. I'm happy to say that her wonderful writer, there's been writing group that one has been wasn't mentioned, which put out first group book out for lunch. And they were in the middle of producing the second book, and they're going to try and put together some of this fifth novel, she was writing it in a rather odd fashion in bits and pieces that it was going to be very interesting, futuristic first time she'd done that, but very environmental and green. And she, we both shared very strong interest in all the all the social justice issues that's been engaged, queer, generally, of course, but also sex race, plus colonialism, what we're doing to the planet and the whole works. And the prettiest thing I can do in her memory and hope we all can is to try and carry on the work of social justice on all those planes, not only for our own community, and it's wonderful to see the younger generation [00:25:11] generations now. [00:25:13] carrying it on in their own ways, and I hope that will, will continue. [00:25:20] She and I had a wonderful life together. [00:25:24] We fought mostly about commerce. [00:25:30] We had each other's work and we had disagreements there we didn't fight about very much. [00:25:37] If you've got hold of the booklet that got the picture of her launching her last book at LA Lakers, and there's a picture of her on there, I've got here third, her third novel it's the one which I've got most copies Lyft Take it easy which is fantastic. The first person who rushes me first interval will get it from nothing. [00:26:01] Thank you all again. I miss her every day. [00:26:17] If anyone wants to catch up on more tribute to pattern and Pauline there are links to both of their funerals on the lot from the website lot of this being said and they were amazing amazing tributes. [00:26:40] Thank you. Once again Michelle. And I want to thank you for joining us tonight. And it's goes without saying that we will continue to honor those who have passed at these events in the future. So now let's move on to celebrating those people who are making a difference in our communities. So tap with alpha female is being by queer intersect jack will call people to the stage they will speak briefly about the group then talk to the contribution of the people they have named for the corner. JACK Hello jack MC The thing [00:27:16] I know I've been so quiet [00:27:18] Can I just ask you people to check all this in together? And you know she can follow me and my jackets we all know is one of those kind of people you don't say no to and she will forever change she she caught me right with no plan and so let's give her a big [00:27:42] I'm pretty things like giving up the certificate movie. [00:27:47] What I'm doing is going to call up the speakers from the groups and then they will speak briefly about the group and then we'll move into honoring the people that they'd like to name today. Can I just say You look [00:28:00] beautiful [00:28:04] thanks to [00:28:09] Tom Oppo from box events. [00:28:15] So maybe come out and get you [00:28:27] I prepared something because I knew that if I got something in my eye, I wouldn't be able to finish what I wanted to say. [00:28:35] I am humbled to be here among you all in particular we mono Coppola to Andaman whose work and style. I've always had my My name is fixable. I wanna say we let some of pale and tonight I'm speaking on behalf of books. In 2012 books was established by a group of new friends scheming in a new town. We mostly met in the gay club, gravitating towards one another is the only Browns around some of us down and some of us out kind of at the time we felt there was no space for us in a rainbow community. They treated women's events like one of favors, and people of color light exotic flavors to be marketed, sexualized, consumed, dehumanized and discarded. We didn't really know anyone. We weren't really the cool thing kids and we had no money. But finding one another gave us the courage and love to try and make a difference. We began creating an inclusive events for different century women of color that were more clearly than straight and at the same time raise funds for nonprofit organizations in our communities. [00:29:58] We aim to provide a platform defamed people of color [00:30:03] and oceanic gender and sexualities and did not treat them as mutually exclusive identities. We were and still are dying to find our place and be represented. We were and still are working to survive in a capitalist nation of colonization. We were and still are fighting to be heard seen and believed. We are a group of women and non binary identifying peoples the same from our Modi Pacifica, Filipino barley and African roots and we are proud my fellow boxes district CM big Cindy love from Kula nation Melbourne with a now running an inclusive events focused on building queer spaces for people of color that are not censored on the club and alcohol scene. [00:30:58] I asked I asked him last night What loving pearls of wisdom they wish to share tonight [00:31:06] so it's not my fault what they said. [00:31:12] Big says get past to saw and not into our community proud and actually listen to one another Trixie head always remember we aren't stolen land and continue working to give it to the colonizer communities. Many heaven spire us and illuminate the way for Pacifica and Marie peoples in our communities. I know we were told to pick a song Select one or two but with respect to our organizers I'm going to be a little bit cheeky and make the most have been allowed to stand up here and speak. [00:31:50] We believe in we believe [00:31:56] in freedom. We believe [00:32:01] in freedom for Oceania and all [00:32:03] its peoples [00:32:07] and we'll take our sisters and brothers along with us. [00:32:14] I can surmise from this event so far that we are all family with all the love and dysfunction. And it's freaky and beautiful and fierce as some of us are We are not often will ocean of connections sucks and our successes and struggles must always be shared. So in no particular order, and this is not exhaustive. Our honorable quickfire mentions include searching Felicia Brown, XMK Wellington fantail cocoa solid bed energy jack Lynch Sean Thornton DJ Shane money great breaking hearts also known as amber pitcher Lydia deets, Nicola Lucas Hector see Sue Alicia Sue, fit pure Ben melody bout a half and Nori DJ Lani [00:33:03] matola of lung cancer. [00:33:08] Trevino and so eat the now Papa tomorrow innocent tongue in Patty solo mozzarella fest work Sonia Lewis sunny and Lee Hicklin melting pot massacre the big brick and the middle in inside out we have inches DIE. Amanda la sour base loop magenta DJ Oh my gosh. MC masala, also known as Elena Martinez cakes Bye. Mary McLeod, big picture answer. Virginia Parker pose. penny dreadfuls to party Nicki Minaj. Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott and TLC. [00:33:58] For these groups and people we thankful, thank you. Now for official nominations. [00:34:13] please come to the stage. [00:34:24] When we first got together as a group, we decided that we're only going to nominate brown people. [00:34:36] So [00:34:37] but then we thought well, we actually have a favorite palantir among us to [00:34:45] one of our favorite by leggy [00:34:48] respects respectfully, and selflessly and intelligently contributes to LGBT q i plus sign PLC activity and discussion respectfully while Polynesians men this five pack soldier has organized events such as quiz got talent, and other queer ventures who he voluntarily and then our experience has made meaningful efforts to include us. Ian Anderson makes an understated if you understand the intricacies of navigating by logging male privilege, while promoting people of color voices and our Wellington communities. For Ian Anderson. We are thankful Thank you. [00:35:45] We have the members of aka come to the stage I hope you're here. story but you need to take their for certificates but if you want to speak about the ACA who were at out in the square last year and have been rocking it in town since then, but I think you've got other words to say about them. [00:36:12] When I say to you say I've got a [00:36:16] volunteer service to help the communities by representing fields, Mouly excellence and performing as these artists have selflessly and freely share they are intelligent to us all promoting Molly and Pacifica visibility and immersive palantir space and have acted as real role models to younger Molly and Pacifica peoples in our alphabet communities. [00:36:37] ST aka [00:36:39] and solo artist they have served us by taking part in youth we and given memorable high caliber performances at various events, including out in the square. queers got talent and Mesquita Wellington portico who Dylan water Mater, Cali Philip Barbara, white, Sunny Tampa. And Maria McDonald, we're thankful that you [00:37:05] I'm just going to ask you to stay on the stage for for the next nomination. And us from schools out for Kathleen winter to come up. [00:37:18] Or cow report Greenwood. Oh, are you on your way? Oh, thank God. [00:37:31] Cure everyone. School's out as a queer support group for teens based in Wellington, in the hot Valley, offering safe, supportive, inclusive social space for young people. School's out about young people coming together, having a good time and supporting each other. It's for youth by youth. They get together once a week after school during school term for discussions, speakers, fun games, social stuff, movie days, and fun and free food. They also have holiday activities, filming evenings, games, afternoons and field trips. Originally, School's out was set up around 2000 under the Wellington gay welfare group, umbrella, and it was originally set up in Wellington. But we did expand out into cavity for a while. And now we have a really solid group in the hot Valley as well. We have a number of volunteer roles within schools out from facilitating youth groups to volunteer coordinators, educators, and training, Treasury positions all pay apart. Educators go into schools and talk to school assemblies, promoting schools out and recently we've been able to have health talks and schools as well. The organization is run mainly by volunteers. But we've been lucky to receive small amounts of funding over the years through the Wellington City Council and Wellington gay welfare group, and from wonderful members of this community who have supported and pledged money for schools out over the last few years and done great work, Jake, and particularly and doing fundraising for schools out which has helped us incredibly, it's been a real privilege for me to be supporting schools out in acting as a like a liaison between schools out in WJ. I'm presently we're importing, employing Kathleen for a few hours a week as a volunteer coordinator. And she will speak to you about our nominees for the community awards. [00:39:48] kissy Hatton door. [00:40:00] I think we can keep it up. [00:40:10] Hi, everyone. I'm okay like a well lubricated machine. I'm going to speak really quickly about Cassie. I don't want to just list all the things that she's done all the roles that she's fulfilled. But I'm going to because I think that's really important, real fast. She's done a whole lot of stuff a School's out, it's almost hard to explain [00:40:32] what she does. [00:40:34] She kind of started as a she's been a facilitator facilitating the youth groups that we run. She, what hasn't she done? [00:40:44] Nothing. [00:40:46] No, she was a volunteer coordinator. She was coordinating our training programs. She'd been on the management team. I think by default, I don't think she was ever actually asked if she wanted to be on the management team, but we just put her on it. Yeah, so she's done a lot of stuff. She does a lot of stuff. But the reason that we nominated her isn't just the quantity of her work, but the quality of a character. [00:41:17] It's a professional relationship. [00:41:21] Because, um, anyway, because Cassie was so hot, and like an intimidating way. Like, she works so hard. You feel real bad about yourself, but in like a good way, like in a good way. Um, it was like, Yeah, but the vast majority in often the entirety of the work that she does is voluntary. And I think that shows that like the reason she does it is right. Like she really cares about the community she does. She cares about young people in the community and giving them a voice. And I'm just really glad that we had the opportunity to give a recognition. I think she's someone doesn't like recognition, maybe even secretly hates it. I'm going to stop now. But thank you for giving us the opportunity to actually recognize her and thank her for what she does. [00:42:15] volunteer service to our big communities by adorning the spaces in between our ever intersecting relationships, Cassie seems to encapsulate the idea of Philippa and care naturally, she cares for the spaces in between different groups of people in our communities with love and respect. Casey is an excellent facilitator and mediator wisdom beyond her years. She has a knack for delivering a point gracefully about punching people in the face even if they need it. And we [00:42:45] are proud to say that she continues to promote positive relationships [00:42:48] between Bologna and [00:42:50] Molly and Pacifica, and everyone peoples in our community. Focus the heart and hearts and talk we are thankful. [00:43:11] I'm really, really humbled to be here like I'm just like shaking because there's so many really beautiful, amazing people when I just [00:43:19] looking around and seeing what you see is really inspiring. So as you know, I'm not used to like tearing up like this. So [00:43:26] take photos if you want, you know, [00:43:29] I don't have a 21st anymore, but you know, bring them out one day. I guess I just really want to say [00:43:36] I want to say it had a taboo tour. [00:43:41] At tour Akita he [00:43:45] he tour targeting. And [00:43:49] what Lucy is going to mean tonight for me is there. Um, I don't say any of these successes, or any of this recognition can be placed on me as an individual receiver one here is a zebra one that I've worked with her being recognized tonight, I'm going to shout out some more names. But just because I think that it's very easy for names to not get recognized. And I can easily say thank you to everyone that I know. But actually, those names are really important because history forgets about them. So I guess that I just want to say thank you to people that I've worked on such as cable cable, can you please wave out right now she's just [00:44:35] getting shit done. He does. So thank you so much. Other people like Ellen Akin, Caitlin Hannah Connor, who I've worked with as well, as well as people such as I'm Foothill who be leylandii Sandra Dixon, can you please wave as well. [00:44:55] And I just want to say that [00:44:57] it's really inspiring to work with you and I just see so many people, so many more people and hopefully I will see you tonight at some point and give you a big hug. So thank you so much to the organizers. [00:45:12] Or your mom's here. [00:45:15] Yes. [00:45:18] There she is. [00:45:28] Cassie is one of my favorite people in town. You all are. [00:45:34] But she's up there. [00:45:37] Connor, one of my other favorite people, Connor Mikkel john. [00:45:51] So Connors, pretty cool. [00:45:54] Connor has been with School's out for good three years, religious three is kinda was the first person who introduced me to scroll down. So I'm like, I'm personally very in all of his work. Yeah, I mean, again, I don't want to list the roles, but I will. Connor has been a facilitator. He's been an educator going into schools and is also coordinated our entire education program. Also dragged into the management team, also dragged in as an advisor. I just keep inviting him to meetings that he doesn't really need to go to, but he does. And he's always incredibly helpful. Like, he's just a fantastic advisory support forgive person. Um, yeah, I mean, I really, I don't repeat words like hardworking, [00:46:44] reliable, honest and brave, but they're all true. [00:46:49] No, but yeah, he's just a really come forth, I think is a great way to put it. He's consistent and fantastic. And I think he's really been kind of a backbone, and a heart just goes out is one of the reasons that it continues to do so well today. So thank you for your ongoing work. [00:47:19] Can we just give schools out another big round. [00:47:24] And it's [00:47:25] pretty [00:47:27] cool for them to come up here and enjoy the the what they've been put through up here. Because I know they're feeling shy lot really am pretty humble about the work that they're doing. And they're one of my favorite courses. I mean, you all [00:47:47] but they're up there. [00:47:49] Can I ask Joseph hip good, from inside out? To come up? Hi, Jason. Joseph to talk about inside out. But the new name for QSA network. [00:48:08] So my name is Joseph. And I'm from inside out, which is what the name that he was saying it will count it all is now using. We're a national organization that's based in Wellington. And our aim is to make schools safer for queer and trans youth. And we're one of the few queer youth groups in Wellington that have that purpose. And we often collaborate with schools out on regional projects and supporting local schools and QA groups. were founded on a pretty clear principle that safety and school should not be a radical thing. And it shouldn't be something that we're striving for in 2015. But somehow we still are. So a lot of us have the the organizing group and the founding group were from Nelson and, and our high school Neyland college, we had not a perfect system, but a decent support network for people. And we had this moment of realization that, hey, you know, our school was doing great. And then we sort of had this counter realization that this is the benchmark for what's good. Well, you know, some we have some work to do. So that's, that's the idea that we brought to the table and that's basically who we are. So I'd like to move on to my nominations. [00:49:15] Joseph, can I ask Tabby Bisley? [00:49:29] And can I ask Tanya Billingsley to come up as well? [00:49:43] Okay, so speak to Tammy first, Teddy has a driving passion for improving health and wellbeing outcomes for queer youth all over New Zealand, and helping people make positive changes in their lives and in their own communities. And this passion shines through and literally everything she does. This makes it like such a spectacularly inspirational, dedicated and effective leader. She established inside out in 2012 at the age of 19. And since then, has been personally behind every project that we've put forward. She's given countless volunteer hours to make New Zealand schools safer place to be. And this includes coordinating many queer youth OE, including the Patuakhali in July of 2013. She coordinated the National Day of Silence, which has had a lot of really positive media response. And she's facilitated countless gender and sexual diversity workshops around New Zealand. She's given intensive one on one supports to queer youth all across the country, and help them establish curious aids in their own schools where that's something that I've wanted to do. She's collaborated with schools at large on such events like out of the park and out on the square. And beyond inside out her if it's an error achievements are no less impressive. She called me annual appeal for the Wellington rape crisis, raising over $40,000 and managing and directing up to 200 plus volunteers, [00:51:10] which is a pretty epic if it really [00:51:18] has been a coordinator at the Newtown Community Center. She hopes to run Pink Shirt Day every year. And she was the CO Chairperson of legalize love, which was a group involved in the marriage equality campaign. And more recently, she's been commissioned to collect interviews by private New Zealand, for the purpose of ensuring that stories which historically haven't been told and need to be told, recorded and safeguarded for future generations to ensure that they're not lost. And in June of this year, she's going to be presented with the Queen's young leader award. [00:51:56] Now, this is quite a big deal, it goes to 60 people all around the Commonwealth, and she's the only New Zealander to receive it. So, you know, this is massive. [00:52:10] Now, as is evident, you know, just from the list of achievements, that alone actually knowing her Teddy has levels of energy and dedication that, you know, with the greatest respect and affection, frankly, terrifying. [00:52:23] I've worked with. [00:52:28] So I've worked beside her since 2009, when when her job was sort of helping breathe new life into what we called. She was breathing new life into nags, which was the I'm curious, a group and Maryland College where we were at. And since then, every single year, she's done something further to push the boundaries of possibility, and make the people around us just achieve insane feats. So thank you so much heavy, and you're amazing. [00:53:08] Thank you so much, because I cry, my head cry. [00:53:14] That's gonna come. [00:53:16] I just want to say, [00:53:17] thank you so much for this recognition. And thank you to all of the other volunteers and put inside out to Joseph to Tom was excited to hear what you got to say about her. Because she's my right hand woman. She's supported everything throughout this journey. And Maggie, one of our volunteers is out here tonight. [00:53:36] And to the others who aren't here [00:53:37] to move you here. [00:53:40] Yes, thank you so much to move. For the support. You've given us this last year as an executive advisor on our board. That's Mr. Rapson, we really said, to see you moving on, but know that your support has been really, really huge for us. And just goes out into transform until the other organizations that have so courted us and that we're working with money, and I 10s Sondra, so many of you just thank you, it really means a lot. I'm really privileged to work in this community and to get to represent us as well. Thank you. [00:54:27] So I'll speak to Tom now. Tom is a dedicated board member for inside hours, and has been throughout some of the most horrible personal circumstances. She was the victim of the Malaysian diplomat assault case that was all over the media last year. She is a staunch advocate for addressing our culture of sexual and domestic violence. And that was exemplified by the way that she dealt with that media attention. [00:55:05] She made a choice that, you know, the courage that's needed to make it I can't even fathom which was to waive her right to name submission, and instead speak out on behalf of all victims of sexual abuse, and enjoy all of the subsequent bile from online photo journalists to give the vote give a voice to the voiceless. Tom is there's no other way I can put it, Thomas, the bravest person that I know. And she's gone through more than anyone should have to. But despite all this, she's never missed a board meeting ever. And in a role of Secretary and soon to be coaching a person she's given so much to inside out to work, despite having so much else to deal with. She's volunteered on most of our projects, and so inception, and she helped out with the Wellington patchwork of EN July of 2013 help the coordinators, she helped coordinate the Day of Silence and drink 2014 and attended meetings throughout. So I'm going to be high schools as part of the outreach program that we ran last October. And in addition, as part of that project, she gave part of a professional development workshop on gender and sexual diversity for the very first time and received quite a lot of awesome feedback. She's also been key in building positive relationships with and supporting and collaborating with schools out attending regular meetings between our two groups. And even before inside out, Tom worked alongside Tabby to run QQ youth, which was a regional hub and Nelson, which supports q essays and run regional and national heavy now, I've met people who've been to been to these OE. And they call it life changing. And from these Hurry, they drag they they get the courage and strength to take that back to their own schools. And you know, start their own projects, start their own groups do their own thing and make their own schools a better place. And they say that you know that courage and strength is something that they draw straight from it. All I can say is with role models like Tom, it's not hard to see why she's amazing. Tom is an incredible volunteer and truly deserves recognition for her bravery and strength, particularly recently speaking out about rape culture at a time when her personal life was all over the media while continuing to get her time and skills to make films and New Zealand a safer place for queer and trans youth. So Tom, thank you so much. [00:57:35] Thank you everyone. Um, [00:57:37] I just want to echo what Debbie said and thanking all those people. And also just want to acknowledge everyone who's come before us and the work that everyone has done. And everyone who's not with us because like, we know that I'm without them and the work but we wouldn't be able to do any of what we're doing today. So thank you to everyone and to settle those Yeah. [00:58:09] Oh, I think I just want to help you off the stage. [00:58:13] That's okay. [00:58:17] health and safety. [00:58:29] Listen, I know those chairs are awful. So I'm gonna go for a break for five minutes, so that you can replenish your class and also the toilets are that way people for those of us who haven't been here before, so ladies and gents just to stand up for a five minute break. Fresh air, the bars open

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