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Radio Gala (8 July 1990)

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[00:00:00] This audio comes from the collections of the lesbian and gay archives of New Zealand. It's been lightly it has a duty copyright restrictions and unedited version is available at the archive. For more information visit it [00:00:21] Good evening and welcome to radio gala this Sunday the eighth of July 1990. My name's Neil [00:00:31] access radio [00:00:32] opened [00:00:48] tonight's program is centered on the passing of homosexual law reform bill at the time homosexuals in New Zealand filter this bill means much more than then just legalize in homosexual a hidden that all gays and lesbians and New Zealand good now live normal lives without the guilt and fear that came with the lifestyles [00:01:07] and also our usual what's on and gain is be an Auckland [00:01:11] this waking guy [00:01:12] history and will also be giving away free passes to the wayside stoner Stay tuned for details later on the program. [00:01:56] Oakland Community Church offers a ministry to the people of Alton especially those who are gay, centered at St. Matthews in the city corner Hobson and Wellesley Street. Holy Communion Sundays at 8pm Everyone is welcome [00:02:26] this small piece of writing appeared and one of New Zealand's leading magazine soon after the homosexual law reform bill was passed and we feel it's appropriate for tonight's program. As guys we have to create our own lives and selves little is given to us in the sense that hitters six was a given and prepared for life. For us there is no game plan know Susan days. For us. There is a great the disasters mean I am the hurts profound, but we gain often a compassion and individual unique and humor which is extra ordinary. Then this we have much to offer. [00:03:06] As part of the campaign in favor of the homosexual law reform bill. The familiar Ghostbusters song from the movie was rewritten and retitled bigot busters in Wellington listen closely to the words [00:06:33] afraid no big [00:06:49] Oh no, no. [00:06:56] When it come through your door [00:08:09] five or more years ago, many will remember this brief excerpt from protest marches in meetings with nostalgia [00:08:19] know is that I am a normal person that's a nice kid got six nine. And it sounds like you said what I'm talking about and Dr. Phil about is abnormal. between males. It's a it's about suddenly [00:08:34] there's a front page picture of an eight year old girl who was given a petition opposing homosexual law reform as a Wellington church and mother told the Dominion she seeding about the incident and ripped up the petition [00:08:49] the glass doors [00:08:49] open at the front of the Citadel and civil [00:08:51] army men came out one push the press photographers camera into a space while another trying to keep them out of blank [00:09:13] piddling [00:09:14] petitions a pipe but the now [00:09:18] my god will anyone besides [00:09:27] the real to [00:09:31] me money been seen [00:09:31] from persecution of [00:09:33] that right well, where's the money coming [00:09:35] from? Coming from from the petition [00:09:38] or the Salvation Army money? [00:09:43] Who's paying for the [00:09:43] petition [00:09:47] to get their money [00:09:49] we get from working [00:10:15] this meeting support homosexual Law Reform Bill [00:10:28] 159 [00:10:34] people supporting the bill supporting the bill. Okay, everybody that's supporting the bill isn't the guy. That's true. 51 parliamentarians are supporting us over the not old guy. [00:10:49] And now I'm telling the people of New Zealand that this parliament will not throw this bill out. [00:11:05] thrown up [00:11:08] a million signatures [00:11:08] on a petition that have been thrown out and it will be the full speaker this [00:11:13] evening. [00:11:16] This evening is defeated type [00:11:20] who's the [00:11:21] chief petitioner. [00:11:36] We will run [00:11:39] along the street and he said to me, we talked about New Zealand and about America. And then he said to me, [00:11:47] but I am addicted to an old man like me. [00:11:57] We should [00:11:59] listen to them. [00:12:01] Listen [00:12:11] to me. [00:12:18] Let me [00:12:25] That is what happened to me in Hawaii a few months ago. [00:12:44] Hello, [00:13:08] normal people [00:14:05] questions pouring down hold to this gap the problem or the [00:14:11] children of our society? [00:14:21] And why question, the most common sense [00:14:26] that concern as founded on irrational fear, and ignorance [00:14:33] is the organizer of the petition and has clear a site and then years a lot of time on the pro that hey does not know anything about homosexuality. [00:14:47] In fact that he had not actually heard of it until a couple of months ago. [00:14:55] That man is prepared and has to organize a nationwide campaign against the table. He knows nothing about [00:15:09] the [00:15:11] way I set up another country way. [00:15:36] Right I said your name. [00:15:40] Right. [00:15:56] Blah. [00:16:00] It's [00:16:11] not a shooting the drone [00:16:14] guys. [00:16:20] petition, petition a [00:16:23] petition [00:16:27] signatures on a piece of paper right [00:16:32] now, Jim McFly, this liberal minded man. So we thought a defender of people's rights. So we thought [00:16:41] what say trying to do does he want to prove the room as a right. One of the most important things is to be visible, to be visible as lesbians and game in. [00:16:54] Those of you who are here tonight are making a statement by [00:16:59] by coming out publicly, you have another opportunity on Friday to march and the is being gay rights March, you've got an opportunity to put your name in the newspaper and Ed is being run on Friday morning and the Dominion because the more of us who are visible, the more visibility we have. [00:17:18] The safer the stronger our community will be. [00:17:24] So [00:17:25] cannot know be visible. Tell everyone you can [00:17:29] be blatant, be as gay and as lesbian as you can. [00:17:35] All the time. [00:17:47] Right, [00:17:57] guys, [00:18:10] but things are changing. We've been protesting the events of this week. The rally on Tuesday, and our fantastic match tonight are a sign that the counter mobilization is underway by supporters of a bill way demand across Hey, wait a minute they human rights to be ourselves. The biggest have declared war. We give them notice that our counter offensive has the gun. We tell them [00:18:43] if this bill is passed in its present form [00:18:47] homosexuals from either say Welcome to New Zealand in their power users will be looked upon as the mecca for homosexuality, but suddenly what an attraction is going to be to them. Ministry of Tourism, they have to advertise you Zealand throughout the world company selling for some for some for scenery and say suddenly, [00:19:11] suddenly, [00:19:13] in the last few weeks, we've seen the staff of the second round and a particularly nasty campaign. Well, Keith high and Peter tight may not be have international standing of the orange Queen, Anita Brian's the campaign has been known as organized or vicious. And it's only a start to the campaign for a theocratic state in New Zealand, and we know that they mean it. The proposals alone to moral minority organization is no secret. And the plans to attack issues relating to abortion to women relating to stick to education and even Darwinian evolution, to name a few. Show us the sweep of their attention. Over the last few months when it comes to Christianity. I think I've actually gained that someone wants to get a lot more sympathy for the lions. [00:20:11] That's the worst thing [00:20:11] ever witness to that you might that well. I never thought I'd see this happening [00:20:18] to me. [00:20:36] And game in. It's heartening to see so many of you brave enough to throw in the closet door the match tonight. In the past, we had been easily silence and we have been made invisible. Tonight we are saying we have had enough. [00:20:51] The opponents of this bill had my dear intentions quite clear. [00:20:56] Consequently, none of us can afford not to be involved. At least on the streets that's possible to see the opposition and meet them hit on hidden away in a closet somewhere you are easy prey. Don't be fooled. A closet is not a safe place. It will not protect you in a closet, you are alone and vulnerable. So Come out, come out now and fight back. [00:21:59] Well, [00:22:45] Jesus loves you [00:22:48] join the fight against human [00:22:49] rights join the Salvation Army. [00:23:13] What do you think of the Salvation Army joining in the lunch today, [00:23:16] I think was very good at them to come to ask support at the first time they've given a public exhibition of support and especially to provide the music for us was really helpful because we often have trouble maintaining our own rhythm. [00:23:26] So I noticed the Salvation Army people who are really joining into lesbian and gay chance do you think they really support lesbian and gay rights [00:23:31] they were typing in time with our chance more than in time with the musical it's pretty amazing but from some of the conversations are going on around about between gaming and lesbians and members of the Salvation Army I wouldn't be under any illusion that most of them are still strongly oppose the lesbian and gay right? Oh, it was wonderful. It was very supportive of them to tune out about this fish thing so many I've always believed in them. I did it. We're all migrated. No, no, no, you're being naive. But I knew [00:23:53] that comes [00:23:55] through in the end. And the band good, lovely. And they've said that promised us the band's the neck Brown, two sides, but that was lovely maintained [00:24:01] in time. [00:24:36] We are [00:24:36] proud to be no Bible banger. [00:25:10] Community. [00:25:36] Thanks, [00:25:49] God. [00:26:27] During Christmas, I tried to make my own personal assessment of what we achieved during 1985. [00:26:36] public discussion of the nature of homosexuality was probably the most significant thing that happens. People were obliged to examine their own thinking on the subject. And so much open discussion has not taken place before. [00:26:51] Not American election, and the greater and anti reform petition had its day and although they're grown out of a message to decision, it showed us in that New Zealand does don't force it argue by in the face of such bigotry. I think it showed us where our Korean food [00:27:09] organizations, groups and individuals began to speak out for reform simply because of the petition at anger than [00:27:17] the group I represent tonight was formed when the Reverend Bob Wilkie and it's why so when books together with some parents of homosexuals, and by discussing with the media, [00:27:28] outlets, small stories, who were able to make people who never thought about it, realized that homosexuality is part of many families, and there's something to be accepted and understood the 1985 when you think about his head, it's lighter moments and I for 1am, still waiting for an explanation of just walk down on our own. Jones was getting it in the morning, you sit on the radio from Parliament buildings that have the bill went through the most will close the place down. Very poor to say give me Never guys in the beehive. [00:27:58] And norm said I'm not saying it thing about that. I'm just saying that we know we've done in this place. I'm telling you. [00:28:06] Like the levels have been asked to sign the petition. I was asking Queen Street and Oakland and [00:28:14] was one of the lighter moments of the campaign. Because [00:28:19] these two middle aged women were standing outside and office block on the middle of Queensland and a quarter. [00:28:25] And I knew these women with the because I've looked at a couple of times. And when I walked in, again, they stopped me and said would you like to sign a petition? And I said, Oh, what position they said against the bill. And I said [00:28:37] what Bill and I said How does he have one built was at all whatsoever about and and we went through all this? [00:28:47] And I told me what the bill was about and what will one of them didn't the other one [00:28:51] looked at me very suspiciously [00:28:55] and finally said I know who you are. [00:28:58] She was right. You Yeah. [00:29:00] Yeah. [00:29:02] Although [00:29:04] you could say it's been a gay [00:29:13] people think we 60 [00:29:17] the day [00:29:19] we waited for [00:29:21] when be illegal anymore. [00:29:26] I can't believe that. [00:29:31] Happy Birthday 360. [00:29:37] On the ninth of July. The homosexual law reform bill was passed after much debate and misleading statements. rightfully so. Here is the food reading and vote. [00:29:52] Christian is that the homosexual Oracle phone bill we now read a third time they I 49. The nose 44. This will be registered. [00:30:31] Unlock the door. [00:30:38] Morning reports the morning after the bill was passed the news was rightly dominated by the victory. [00:30:51] And the trumpets of morning report. Good morning, Jeff Robinson and Kim hill here. In the program today the controversial homosexual Law Reform Bill is passed in Parliament or two diversity support and suppose the measure [00:31:02] starting with a new Peter. Hi, good morning the controversial homosexual law reform bill was passed to its final stages in Parliament last night. The bill legalizing homosexual acts between consenting adults over 16 was passed by 49 votes to 44 and margin that much greater than many expected. The debate was better to the end, there was a stinging attacked by the phone or a MP john banks on his national party colleague George gear, who finally announced that if there could be no compromise on the age question, then he would support the bill as it stood. The bills promoter weddings and central MP friend wild was cheered and applauded by her supporters. But one of the main opponents of the bill in the goggles norm Jones says it was passed because parliament is made up mainly of loony leftists and bleeding heart liberals who don't understand what the public wants. The AIDS Foundation has praised MPs or what it calls their courage in passing the legislation. [00:31:52] It 16 months since Wellington Central and a friend wild introduce the homosexual law reform bill. And it's been a pleasure that like the debate, the original bill sent out not only to legalize sodomy, but also to remove discrimination against homosexuals. That part of the bill however, was defeated along the way and the age of consent became a central focus in recent months. As late as last night Hawke's Bay and people satin tried unsuccessfully to have to go back to committee stages. The consideration of 18 as the age of consent, opposition deputy leader George Gail it off last night it's crucial debate explaining he could not vote against the bill but had struggled to vote for it because of the age of consent being said at 16. [00:32:34] There are some aspects of extension that are appealing. But in the final analysis about from station I reason was passing the responsibility over to others. And that I'm not prepared to do so I was presented with what I feel is a difficult choice between two to propositions neither of which I like but one of which I like list from the other side will win the votes if I can vote for the [00:33:03] bill. [00:33:04] But I grant you with considerable [00:33:07] reluctance this again pro-reform decoration lead to an attack from one of his own caucus been re and hey john banks to his response to the side divisions within parliament, [00:33:16] some shallow [00:33:18] handbag [00:33:20] and weak rhetoric [00:33:24] from the main before north shore [00:33:29] and historical [00:33:31] dissertation, [00:33:34] of negligible substance [00:33:37] of negligence negligible substance. [00:33:40] The member halfway through his speech that was I had same speech until 70% of it was delivered, [00:33:52] said [00:33:54] the sponsors of this bill asking for too much. [00:34:00] asking [00:34:01] for too much. [00:34:04] He's obviously had considerable difficulty with these are unconscious, [00:34:09] the final vote was 49 and savor the bill 44 against the majority of sides. Friend while the bills promoters is getting the bill through Parliament has not won all the battles for the homosexual community. I think there has been a change of energy during the both the halen polls have shown increasing support for the bill as the [00:34:27] last year so have gone on, that there is still a proportion of New Zealanders who will vilify and hate homosexual people. And I think that as a community, that is not a healthy outlook, and we should try and educate people to respect differences, you know, [00:34:46] part of the belt fairly early on, and that was the anti discrimination part. How [00:34:50] significant was that? That was significant that apply, of course, not just to gaming, but to these been women. And I was very sad that we lost that. I suspect some people voted against it simply to provide themselves with a little bit of political insurance that they felt they could vote for part one of the bill. Let's try and be like for you personally as a month and where do you go from here? Well, it's been terrible strange telling the truth that I go now back to being the member flag central in the government and trying to put a bit more time into other issues. [00:35:23] Certainly not compensating another exercise of this nature in the near future. [00:35:27] Did you at any stage that but it was always Well, [00:35:29] no, I didn't doubt but sometimes I wonder [00:35:33] what [00:35:35] insanity head course me try to try to do it in first place of rest of it. There were times when I thought I must have been made to take it on. But I didn't doubt but I should have taken it off. [00:35:44] And while they were champagne corks popping in some quarters. Opponents of the bill were disappointed at the outcome hierarchy empty gramley. [00:35:52] I'm confirmed in my belief that in fact the people in this country will themselves ensure that this bill is finally defeated. A million people out there are going to take this issue out from now on. I don't think it matters what we do is parliament. They will seen I believe the fact that parliament has betrayed them in Parliament has done particularly bad job on a bill that should be withdrawn. Because totems sensitivity is unique implications. And I believe they will take that power back into their hands. And we'll see that in several forms maybe repeal. That will certainly be developed box. The devil [00:36:35] has only to receive the Royal Assent before becoming law [00:36:38] from Parliament for morning report cleared a law. One of the main opponents to the bill the Salvation Army had little say about last night decision in Parliament. The Salvation Army says [00:36:48] it's views are being well in the past. But suppose one major Rodney night had this prepared statement. [00:36:53] We respect the democratic system. We had two petitions were respected past of of that democratic process that parliament has acted and with the near the skinny on whatever work [00:37:07] major night says the Salvation Army may elaborate further [00:37:10] on its position if this becomes necessary. [00:37:13] But on the opposite side of the fence the AIDS Foundation has praised what it calls the courage of the politicians who voted for the bill. The foundation's always been a strong supporter of homosexual law reform and Chairman Caitlin he says they're delighted with last night's result. She says the foundation will now [00:37:28] be able to carry out far more effective AIDS prevention education programs. She says [00:37:32] fear of identification has prevented mini means taking information. [00:37:37] major projects we have is a stop a campaign with small groups of people meeting together to discuss kind of the behavior and privacy for many people the the potentially displacing or make that much more comfortable and safe coding. In some areas people have not filled even able to de de [00:38:00] de Lys they said that the Bell had failed the foundation's work would have been handed considerably. There's a penny son john from morning report, [00:38:07] and within the DNR the spokesman for the gatehouse, close the lid and good morning. Good morning. How's it feel to be legal? [00:38:14] Well, it hasn't really sunk in yet. I suppose it feels like I mortar step has been made towards more civilized sort of country, [00:38:23] looking at the margin of any fibers and the biggest struggle over the last 16 months, has New Zealand been enlightened or pledging towards an additional [00:38:31] five votes as a good margin, I was expecting one vote. Governments have room for three years on one vote, five votes as a fine margin. And there's been a movement in public opinion, from seven from 57% of the population supporting reform up to 64% of the populations of supporting reform. This debate has started to change attitudes and has started to make life better for gays not only in law, but in attitudes and attitudes is what's important. [00:39:03] But the failure of the bill supporters to compromise on the age of consent has been criticized George gas final version save it wasn't given wholeheartedly said the bill sponsors were asking for too much. Why were you prepared to lose everything for the age of 16 [00:39:16] it was important to give the message that it is okay to be gay to say that you've got to have special laws to prevent certain categories of people from being involved in homosexual relationships. People who would be allowed to be involved in heterosexual relationships will be giving a message which would destroy this the ability of young gaming to develop a positive self image. And that's a very important part of anyone who is going to play a role in society. [00:39:50] But the second part of the bill outline discrimination was defeated sometime ago. So is anything going to change. [00:39:57] Things are changing, attitudes are changing, quite clear that we have got to move to a world in which it is illegal to discriminate against gays in respect of work, jobs, housing, [00:40:11] access to goods and services because there's got to be changed. But we've making progress. [00:40:18] Okay, Emily, one of the opponents of the bill has promised that the law will be repealed the way [00:40:24] any reform like this has got to be seen as 10 years reversible, but I'm glad gramley and his friends are continuing their struggle because it's their struggle, which is educated New Zealand, which is allowed a process in which opinion is changing. And so we will come they're continuing fight [00:40:46] again, normally and another opponent The bill has said that 15 government MPs on through the article is that seats because they voted in favor of the bill. Do you think that it will become an election issue? [00:40:57] I'm sure there will be attempts to make an election issue. We welcome Thank you. [00:41:19] Lesbian and feel you're the only person with a problem and there's no one to [00:41:23] talk to. You need a friendly year. The goal is being wealthy telephone is [00:41:27] always available. Call 3033584 [00:41:32] if you're wanting social information, what's [00:41:34] on an open or where to go for a coffee and a friendly chat. The gay lesbian welfare telephone is always available call 3033584. Unable to ring and drop [00:41:45] us a line at Post Office Box [00:41:47] 313 to your plans gala [00:41:50] is serving your community. [00:42:11] ice breakers is a new group the young men under 26 we think they may be gay or bisexual. it as a group for may not have been the gay community who are questioning their sexuality. Anyone who thinks they're interested in ice breakers should foam gay line 303 358-433-3584 [00:42:30] and ask for more information on ice breaker. [00:43:01] This way [00:43:02] can guide history july july 14 [00:43:05] July the eighth journalists radio comm mentor, [00:43:10] lecture and political analyst Dorothy Thompson was born in New York and 1894 she became an overnight sensation when Hitler expelled from Germany because of the critical reports are not the same [00:43:24] pace at all Lawsky the Polish was born on this date and 1933. His greatest failure liver is is the level of polish Allen Ginsberg [00:43:32] and 1986 the homosexual law reform bill was passed by the New Zealand parliament. The Crimes Act of 1961 was the main dead so as to discriminate lies consenting sexual activity between males over the age of 16 [00:43:46] and 1987. Blue visit Louisiana becomes the first American state to require HIV antibody testing a couple thinking marriage licenses. [00:43:57] July the team French writer my Marcel price was born today in 1871. Price suffered from chronic asthma and wrote mostly at night in a cork Ward room has vast novel remembrance of things past recounts the life of his hero virtually promised himself. It has no plot in the usual scenes, but as closely wave and to give a like a symphony by the recurrence of the same characters in the same things, [00:44:26] and 1981 more than 30 guys picketed the Chamber of Commerce dinner, Hilton, San Francisco and honor of Wellington's Mr. Michael fella that was in the city to promote a sister city relationship with Wellington fellow was confronted for opposing the rise of the Wellington Miss B and C into to advertise on city council buses. [00:44:44] July the 11th porno star jack Wrangler was born today in Los Angeles and 1946 jack is every inch of star he has to survive. Yes. [00:44:58] He has survived with my fly world of poor life flex Mr. Usual race of turnovers high [00:45:04] beta Rossa also have the groundbreaking history of films view of homosexuality. The celluloid closet is 44 years old today. [00:45:14] In 1986, the Minister of Health Dr. Michael better open the first connect established by the New Zealand AIDS Foundation. The clinic was named and memory of Bruce Burnett, who was chiefly responsible for establishing the foundation and who himself die from AIDS a year earlier. [00:45:31] And 1987 Dr. Tom Wardell, the man who brought into being the Gay Games died in San Francisco aged 49 [00:45:39] July the 12th. Today in 1946, Benjamin Britain's opera the right of the Cydia had its first performance at grind born [00:45:50] July 13, and 9095 the times of Harvey Milk had its first New Zealand screening at the Civic Theatre during the annual International Film Festival. The film's covers the rise of Harvey Milk to the possession of the first guys that he supervisor and San Francisco before he ends up in mere George Moscone, were assassinated and 1978 [00:46:11] July the 14 American playwright Lawrence was born 72 years ago, after right deliberate eyes and both Gypsy and anyone can whistle. [00:46:36] Whole gay people know what it's like to belong to a minority discrimination, funny looks, even abuse. We have to be tough. And we need the support of gay friends who can understand because it's happened to them. There are people within the gay community who are not just part of the minority. They belong to a double minority. These people are not only gay, they also have a disability, and better time, this means being super tough. being disabled and a guy can mean personal hassles that only other gay people with disabilities can really understand. We need to be able to talk to people in similar circumstances, learn from each other's experiences. Gay people with disabilities need to support one another. If you're gay and have a physical disability, and would like to be part of a support network, contact bill through gay lesbian welfare 7393 to six eight, that's 393 to six eight. [00:47:43] And now for a free pass giveaway to we saw it now to qualify you'll have to tell us the name of a singer coming up in this next record. Just bring up on 3020 238-302-0238 [00:47:57] and name the singer now. This next song was brought out on a 45 on a label called resolve records and was sold in gave in use the proceeds going to support the homosexual law reform bill. Now this the name of the song is the right time by Judy Glen. [00:53:02] This week [00:53:02] what's on for gay men and lesbians. [00:53:05] Team Oakland gala weekend. The final fundraising event and Bumble yards three great party to send off the team and great style. Thursday the 19th of July. A black and white party at don't tell mom is Saturday the 21st of July is a party at staircase with the outrageous troll dolls. And on Sunday, the 22nd of July is the grand finale at Alfie's with the fabulous bloomers tickets $10 for the event or $20 for all three tickets are available from Team often members. Don't tell Mama's staircase, Alfie's, the bookshop and other gave in years, come along for a great time and celebrate with Team Auckland. [00:53:49] The Oakland zone visibility and played several movies have infested gays and lesbians they are [00:53:55] on Sunday the 15th of July at 1:30pm James Baldwin, the price of the ticket, a documentary on the life of gay offer James Baldwin. [00:54:06] On Sunday, the 22nd of July at 1:30pm common threads stories from the quilt, a documentary on the AIDS Memorial quote started in San Francisco, and on Sunday, the 22nd of July at 5:30pm and Monday the 23rd of July it to 15 PM, wild flowers, the story of a woman enter lesbian daughter, [00:54:28] Thursday the 26th of July at 5:45pm apartment zero, a thriller where the conflict centers and the attraction between two men. [00:54:37] And finally on Saturday, the 28th of July at 1pm and 6pm channels and tired and looking for Langston, two documentaries that explore black American gay culture. [00:54:48] But in the meantime go and see Lawrence of Arabia on the region and the city at 130 and 7pm every day, [00:54:56] and it's been support and social group has been reformed and to meet every time Thursday night at the Women's Center. 63 Ponsonby road, this is open to all lesbian women and starts at 7pm contact Karen care of lesbian support group p o box 3833 Oakland, [00:55:13] GLA gays and lesbians and education as a group for everyone and education from early childhood. Two to three institutions and associated fields. Contact Ellen on 609472 or write to us we would trust p o box five four to six galaxy street Auckland [00:55:33] and lesbian ball has been rescheduled for Saturday the 18th of August at the university cafeteria at the same venue. The committee extend their apologies to anyone and convenience for the misunderstanding and booking that caused the postponement of the last month for your page. The lesbian ball is now Saturday the 18th of August that would trust invite you to join and support the Oakland lesbian gay community and he'll seem to project the cost side $25 waged or $15 and waged or simply make a donation right to the issue of trust p o box five four to six wirelessly straight Oakland one that's p o box five four to six wirelessly straight Oakland one or fun 302059 Monday to Friday. That's 3020590 [00:56:22] a new lead lead for the gay man as Mr. Right? The idea of this publication is discreet aids and which to put you in contact with potential new partners and friends. It's a free to insert but costs $5 to reply. Postal addresses Mr. Ride p o box 6438 relatively street Auckland that's p o box 6430 well as the street and Auckland [00:56:48] gay space coffee evenings Applegate of all ages every Thursday at 10pm 45 [00:56:55] and take Avenue at the Oakland gay and lesbian welfare rooms on the third floor phone Gala. 333584. That's gay line 303358 for for more information. This is a venue where you can meet new friends and a comfortable atmosphere over coffee. [00:57:41] on next week's program, there will be an interview with the Metropolitan Community Church about their new hospital and also looking at issues on gay parenting. Well, let's offer the night. Good night from our non panel and Andy. And good night from Jenny. [00:58:00] Good night from Neil. [00:58:01] Good night.

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