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Seamas Gormley - Queen of the Whole Universe

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[00:00:00] This podcast is funded through a generous grant from the gate Auckland Business Association charitable trust, and brought to you by the queen of the whole universe Charitable Trust and pride in [00:00:12] I'm Seamus karma here. And I've been involved in two, Queen of the whole universe. So the first one 2010, November 2010. And then again, in Wellington March last year, [00:00:26] I fought quite an arm to the queen of ownership by accident, [00:00:31] a friend was doing and he got an email us to do this thing. And I went, Oh, that looks interesting. Maybe I'll just go along Help Help over that stage, preferably, and went to the first meeting. And before I realized I was actually involved, never tell me to choose which country he was doing. So shortly after that, I became Miss South Africa. [00:00:54] For Miss South Africa, I'm a dad. And I've actually decided to take part again this year. It's for that the final show, so I'm looking forward to it now. [00:01:04] Going into the show was absolutely exciting, terrifying, lots of different emotions running through my head. But mainly, it was just different to pick a reasons. Nothing if you want to build up a new fans and all the rest and Associates and also have a bit of fun. And just do something I said, I'd say the square and achieve that. And Afrikaans had a wonderful time. Initially, at the start, had no idea what to expect, it was all very, okay, what's happening now. And as as time passed, I started getting weaker, more fit for that little thing. And I realized that people other people, even though they had done a number of occasions were not as foreign as I were, you know, not any different from me, they were so nervous to and excited for what they were doing. But it was a really wonderful experience. [00:01:57] And I would never, not done at night, clouded to again, that's the way I want to participate in the final show. So can do little better, like the first show, looking back on it, and I had a snow that I could have done a better, you know, [00:02:12] the inexperienced show, but um, I gave it a good effort and had a really wonderful time [00:02:16] for the queen of the whole universe. Have you done any kind of performance? [00:02:22] No, I did a school play back in my teenage years, which wasn't a very big success. That was it. So I had no really experienced that performing. And it was just terrifying, you know, and, uh, but I really, and the part of the show, I really enjoyed this episode, this was really supportive. And they said, Oh, you'll be fine. What's it all starts on? The music starts? She'll be it'll go really well, like so. Like, you know, I was pretty impressed. I just I just impressed myself. I was quite surprised. Yeah, he did, you know, [00:02:55] but I just couldn't help evolve this episode, all the support of the people on the show, you know, they were really wonderful. initially had my dogs, you know, speak to Jonathan. And I said, I don't want to lose people, and you treat people when I first started. So I said, No, we want you going into their rehearsals and get into the rehearsals proper, you'll get to know them. And because you're so interacting and doing all the practice for the dancers, it'll be easy, and it'll be good. And I did you know, I was really, really surprised Initially, I thought I found them. I've Minnesota impression was that they were all very cliquey. And all these people knew each other from previous years. I [00:03:33] don't know anybody, you know, so, but takes a little time to get to know them. And, and, again, a lot a lot of skills. And I've met heaps and heaps of people, some I'll be friends forever, you know, this really? And that's really, what really surprised me, it was a whole life an enhanced experience, you know, I must say, you know, so, yeah, brilliant. [00:03:57] So in the first time that you were involved in with many new people in that year, [00:04:02] I think there was two or three, like, you know, and that helped, that wasn't the only new person, there was a few new people. And again, they were on the same path as me like, so it's good to have that acknowledgement that there are people there who were new to the show as well. And they had their own reasons for joining the show and taking part. But yeah, it was a really good experience, you know, so had [00:04:27] you done drag before? [00:04:29] No, no, I'm not a very pretty well, I must say, but no, but it wasn't too, to dress up for performant was just to be part of a big show. And I had a good reputation, I had been on the Gold Coast for eight or nine years, like so at a build up a good reputation, a lot of people out there knew about it. [00:04:52] And to be a part of that system, and thing, it wasn't dressing and dressing diner, it was more of being a part of a big show. And, you know, oh, I did that, you know, be part of that wasn't No, no idea of dressing up and drag or whatever. I was quite, I don't know how it was going to look at. But I remember one time on just before the one of the shows, I was passing somewhere in the courtyard at the back of the show. And I said you should us. And how did it take after I got all my omega and all the other stuff on? You? You know, so yeah, total transformation, you know, if my mother could see me, sort of thing, you know, but I think it's important to give it a give it a go and just give yourself that conference. And that was really thing I learned from it. You know, and, and most people have made us have done something that totally hadn't done before. And yeah, yeah, it's always good to go beyond those boundaries, you know, so, [00:05:49] can you take you through that process of having never done Drake before? You know, in terms of like, how does one start? Initially, because [00:06:00] was one of the few people who hadn't done it before. Even like, one of the nights Kevin and Josh took us out to another evening and actually practiced walking like a woman that was, that seems really weird, like, you know, what, you know, they do work differently and was actually decisively actually practice going right, in a circle or whatever, just practicing walking like a woman just different with different stacks, what is the difference? They set the feet down differently than us guys. So even the simple little things that you had to adjust to how you walked and how you actually getting yourself in high heels? was another experience altogether, too. So? Yeah, I've never done that before together. Like, I think I might have dressed up when I was a kid or so on or, you know, as you do a long time ago, but nothing that I do, like, so yeah, that wasn't an experience. Because Initially, the [00:06:58] PErforM, you know, we were practicing the dance isn't the whole, like, you know, and we're all ordinary clothes and trainers and all the rest and shoes and, and then a gradually, you know, when you get the state to actually party come with shoes, shoes on us about and practice the routines. Oh, my God, like, you know, they weren't really shows [00:07:17] that most people erratic principles that have done them quite easily as if I've been doing it for ages. So, okay, no, no, I shouldn't add [00:07:28] new to that sort of thing better. Did you have any kind of like drag mother or somebody that was helping you to kind of take you down the path of actually a transformation going from yourself to a persona? [00:07:41] I'm not a such like, I think it was just a gradual thing. And I think this be whenever we're in drag, if it's just a gradual process, I don't think they're actually settle. And they'll do this and do it this way. I think just walking was the main thing. And once I mastered that, it wasn't too bad. You know? No, I don't think there was I don't think it was as such, you know, certainly did, but I think I just learning all the dance routines and hedonism address, you know, and it was okay, and the whole environment there. But once she got, move that to the actual fear, like, so big, you know, [00:08:20] it's just, it's just that step further up, but it was some, it's scary, but it's exciting. And the same time thing. We're here, and it's as a garden near the time, you get more excited about it. Cool. it's finally happening, you know, and I'm just, you just got carried away in the buzz of all our people as well, they were going to like so. So leaders, there was he had those little nerves to the back, you know, but at the same time, he had, hey, this is gonna be good. This is really enjoyable. So, um, yeah, I really enjoyed it. And and I did part to that too, as well. Again, rather than just do a part of the show, I wanted to be really large with something, enter the show, and, you know, keep Bessemer you know, I said were like, and, [00:09:06] and I just loved all the people on the show, I think, I think the one thing that I really enjoyed was just, just before you're about to go on stage, or besides either the bag, good luck and well done, and you'll be fine. And it was just that sort of rural one part of a huge team, rather than just individuals that was like, just, we're all doing it together and walk and have a good time and give them good people a good show like so that was a really good thing to you as well. Yeah. [00:09:32] Can you take me through step by step, but kind of formation of your country persona? [00:09:38] Yeah, well, initially, I say, I think the hardest part was actually the Choose which country today. And I think I have to get this out to the island. And I think somebody was already doing out. And then the only other one I wanted to do was France, because French, and somebody was in France. And oh, my God and my friends. One of my friends was South Africa. ServiceNow wanted to the set that we initially checked, what countries are available in order to South Africa's sell to South Africa based on Saturday. Okay, why not? [00:10:12] Initially, the main main dress that we were on at the start of the show, that was the color red have been chosen. So that was purple this year. This year, it's gonna be gold or whatever. So once the and you could really dress choose a dress any know that things had to be stirred up the state or something. So he walked easier. But when you actually got to the show, and all the different varieties of dresses, you know, you've got a color, but you know, everyone had their own idea of [00:10:42] how did you choose your dress, [00:10:44] um, initially, I got Well, I got the material, I got a lovely material, shiny material. [00:10:51] And once I got the material, I went to my designer, well actually had problems because I had two people actually, how does that go to doing the dress helped me do the dress. So I was my girl. [00:11:04] So once I got this order, he was a friend of a friend she saw and she didn't think she had the really ideal high would look on me. So she had a really good idea and quite a good dress. [00:11:17] Having never been an address before. Did you have any idea about how to describe what you're looking forward to a designer? [00:11:25] Um, [00:11:28] well, I had an initial idea, like, you know, length, what it looked like. And I think she had a lot of suggestions to have a little sort of globe sort of type things. And I sort of went with it. That's good idea. And, and not that it was being easily LED. But this her ideas were quite, I think she was had a lot of experience MAC addresses for guys as well. So I think she had a lot of ideas. And I said, I went along with a lot of her ideas. And yeah, that's good. And, you know, within reason, the song said, music look, okay. [00:12:02] So that was the dress and then natural, [00:12:05] natural concrete and the head gear, we had a lot of problems with the headgear, that's probably something I would probably do better the next time [00:12:13] because it was quite a lot of people hadn't really a lot of good ideas for [00:12:18] their head gear 10 again, what country they're chosen to expand that's pretty easy, or China or whatever. [00:12:25] And had a few ideas with South Africa smaller, traditional and spears and sort of South African flag. And they had recently had the the Soccer World Cup and Africa to Sally Field, soccer balls as well, like, so I'm just going with it a bit of modified Nia then but yeah. [00:12:45] TP sorta Safari type, design, whatever. And look, okay, you know, [00:12:51] what was it like? Having those kind of discussions about kind of fabrics and designs, if you've never done this before actually going into a shop, I'm saying, I want this kind of thing, or? [00:13:03] Yeah, it was the moment because actually, [00:13:08] I don't know if you obviously don't know. [00:13:11] I used to, was married at one stage, and I've got a 12 year old daughter. So she was actually with me, one of us actually bought the shiny material publishing, and the Mars medicine, put in a song, I've never done that sort of thing. And they were all quite excited, you must bring for the rest of it again. That's not how you get on. So they were really, really excited me doing this. And I don't know if they were aware of what the show was or what audience of cater for but at this level quite excited. You know, [00:13:43] by maturity, make a dress, you know, but um, yeah, Sam, there was a lot of things I hadn't done before even bank shoot, I hate shoes and a shopping. That was experienced to you know, okay, one other thing. But um, you know, you learn to overcome those obstacles, and get onto the show. And this. Yeah, this is all life skills. Like, what didn't all those things that hadn't done before? Hey, [00:14:08] with this specific shops that a lot of people from California first went to, so that people the shop assistants already knew what was Yeah, [00:14:18] that was on the shop, I want to think it's called Barney's. And there was specially if they hadn't done that before, like you recommend of having gone here. Like, not just for the people who love Jonathan or Rebecca, certain shots, but even people in the show itself, oh, go here. I got them here. You know, try here. Like, you know, I think just and that's as you got to know, the people the show, they were full of ideas themselves, like so um, but the people do get the shoes off. They had been to the show, and they were used to people coming on every year to do the show. And they're aware of the show, and I think actually part of the show themselves, like so. They were very supportive, like, and it's good to have a lot of people out there supporting the show and where the show was what it involves to be part of that as well. So yeah, that's, that's [00:15:04] encouraging. What about your daughter? how did how did she react? [00:15:11] Well, she still get to know it a second, simply says, she's learning. But she's got a very special dad, and he does things [00:15:23] like that. But um, I think she's, she would accomplish or only my friend couldn't come to the show. So. And it would be nice if she comes to the show in July. [00:15:34] I think I think it's important to be open. I've always been open limit order and whatever I do choose to do enough to do. I'm pretty this May, you know, and yeah, she really had a good time and peaceful photographs of me. And she saw me on TV because the film part of [00:15:53] the rehearsals, whatever pops up, sorry. [00:15:57] And she said, Oh, Dad, I saw your TV. I'm standing. I was reading the Word, sort of this sort of permanent formation. Of course, I'm right of the flood. So she's Oh, and everything dancing with high heels and socks. And those combination, not very fashionable. But uh, yeah, she she had a good laugh at the TV last night. We recorded it. Okay. So yes, I'm, I'm a TV star now, you know, notoriety. But, [00:16:26] yeah, it must be quite good. Fun going shopping with it. [00:16:29] Yeah, she's, yeah, thanks. She's getting to see ya. Sometime different than, well, I don't regard myself as different regardless of an individual. You know, it's like, I know, that's what I like, what people just yeah, just like, everybody's, everybody's different. [00:16:47] And it's one thing I learned from the show another, so too. And I believe my sort of philosophy in life is to allow other people to accept who you are your individuality. But at the same time, learn to you I accept them as well. They're different. We're all different. And I don't like that word differences. We're all individual. I think it's just like the individual. And that's, that's my philosophy in life as it is, you know, this. Nobody's different in this except people for who they are. So [00:17:17] have you ever been in an environment of a large group of gay, queer people before? No. [00:17:27] And it's probably still there initially. But [00:17:31] I didn't really look at it in that sense of this is a gay environment show or its majority people were gay, lesbian, whatever. I didn't mean I just looked at them as picking on us. It sounds really naive or whatever. There's people like, on there's people in the show, and [00:17:50] some people look at another resume and are straight or whatever, there is, friends that became friends. And that's, you know, [00:17:57] I've decided no, straight again, it's all just people, like, you know, I see them as people I don't, I don't see people as and being on the gay environment or the straight environment, or I think we're all part of the bigger picture. Like I don't see myself being in front. But as such, like even though [00:18:19] I'm just an individual on my gayness is only a part of a certain aspect of my character. Like, I have lots of horror qualities like, you know, that. Okay, this is just part of it, you know, and that's just part of my makeup or character like, and that's part of what makes me me, you know? Yeah. So, [00:18:38] what was it like, the first time you were transformed into a diva? How did you feel? Um, [00:18:50] sadly, I don't know. [00:18:54] Yeah, I think I did initially. [00:18:58] Do that transform itself gradually at home, you know, show on because I got the shoes and the dress and all the rest. Okay. And I think I showed my neighbor and shoe Oh, my God. You know, so I did initially before, not yourself on general public. That Yeah, but I think it's good. It's good to see yourself in a different way or? Yeah, really good experience. [00:19:26] I don't know some people that even recognize, but I think after the show, when we had done the show in Auckland, we were able to come out after orchestra After After Show entertainment and sky, you still know, like, a long time ago. [00:19:42] You had no idea who it was like it is? Remember me? You know. [00:19:49] I was like that was the transformation. You know? If you didn't know me, you want to know those? And then afterwards that came out with messages on an archive? Our co host? No, it's totally. Yeah, it's good to see that people's reaction. Oh, really? You know, it's, um, yeah, I think it's good to [00:20:10] do something different. shows up in a different light, just just get out of your comfort zone, like, you know, so I think, yeah, I think it worked. [00:20:19] Do you think that your personality changes as you transformed to this? [00:20:24] Um, I don't? I don't? I don't know. That's a difficult question. [00:20:31] to a point, but, um, I think we can all change your personality, we can change a personality, depending on Makarova people around, you know, we may act differently works, and we do a night out in the toilet, and Friday night or whatever, will act differently with a family. You know, I think as we all act differently, you know, we all have different personas. [00:20:54] Depending on the environment, we're operating in, like, you know, so whether that guy failure change, I'm probably did change a little bit. Not too much. Like, I still think I had my own personality. You know, I think metal pressure has to come through obviously, you look, you look slightly different, like, obviously, but um, yeah, I think I'm still showed me as a person. And that's what it's important, you know. [00:21:21] So flash me forward to, we've done the rehearsals, we're just about or we're just moving into the theater here. What does that like? Have you ever been in a theater backstage before? [00:21:33] Not not as, as being on a show like I've been in a theater when the same thing in a big theater? That that's a whole different step? Because it gets once he gets serious like you? Oh, my God, this is it. You move away from that comfort of rehearsing in the hall every week or whatever. And and sometimes they're saying that final week before the show that's right. [00:22:00] On the Mondrian it's like, all week, like, that's a whole new step, you know? And it's quite [00:22:09] scary. But yes, it sort of brings home it's always coming. It's the shows about the, not a few days of the week and will will be on will be live. Yeah, it's, it's quite exciting. It's a whole new step. But um, yeah, just just, again, just learning to be backstage and seeing how that the rehearsals, transport themselves to a huge auditorium. And, yeah, good experience, like, you know, and just yeah, it's just a lot bigger, and you don't realize how big a thing is, Oh, my God, that's so big. [00:22:43] Oh, my God, you know, but um, yeah, I think, again, it's just experience after [00:22:51] you just learn new things and keep learning. And that's what the day I stop learning, you know, it's time because I want to learn new things. And so, yeah, I think that's the basic give anybody new people are mandating that. Yeah, I really encourage any new people to do it. Because I can do you know, I would be offering new people [00:23:13] taking part and building up that new [00:23:17] building confidence, like, Well, you know, and delete the format, and getting people to enjoy what you what, what show you farming, you know, so [00:23:26] must be such an interesting experience in the rehearsal, where you're performing to a wall, and then suddenly, you're on the stage performing to 1500 seats. Yeah. First time being on stage would be [00:23:39] Yeah, yeah. [00:23:43] Yeah, and I think it is you do once the music starts you do sort of, because you have done really work really hard at the rehearsal zone, and I have to really put my hand up for that ability. He did the, the court choreography [00:24:00] actually did a really good job. Like we were a lot of us were just novices and [00:24:05] Noah idiot dancing at all, like so she really put us through our paces, like and I was worked really well there and and [00:24:15] we just knew exactly where to go and what to do and all the rest. But as you say, once that music you don't realize, I think it's just once that music starts. And definitely music, you just, you just get on with it. Like you notice. And I know you're aware, the audience that it's we you're forming, you're enjoying the show, you're just getting into the show, and we forget to work. Think about this to see. And sometimes it's like see your faces like [00:24:45] no idea who they are. But I think it's just you just really get into the show. And yeah, just just occurred your way like really am. And just having a fun with your fellow [00:24:56] performers. Yeah, I think it's just enjoy. I'd like you know, and that's what Johnson Johnson thought was impressed on us. Just enjoy yourself, you know, just, you know, we need to be in all the rest of us enjoy yourself. And that takes over and you don't even remember where to go and where to stand and other ass but yes, I really be the spark of each other and the show like and that's, that's how you really get to enjoy. Like, you know, yeah, just make the most of it, you know? Yeah. [00:25:26] So throughout the whole experience of Queen of the whole universe, what has been the most memorable part for you? [00:25:34] I'm just the table this. I'm a people personal on a lot of people. A lot of talking. [00:25:44] But I think it's mainly just the people that I got to know on the show, like, you know, and I've talked a lot of happy, happy memories away and a little bit certain amount of those people will do the show again, but it's just the camaraderie behind the show when the season those Don't, don't remember why we're free to relax, you know, just just drop the run up, but still part of the one family and, and that's what I liked about it, just the whole [00:26:12] behind stage and just being part of one team. And that's the excitement and lots of different lovely, people love to see lots of personalities there like that. Yeah, we all [00:26:24] move forward for the one focus, you know, and yeah, it worked really well. And I'm looking forward to doing it again. [00:26:32] Coming up as the last year of the whole universe, what do you think about the, [00:26:37] um, [00:26:39] I don't know if I could say I'm sad or whatever, but it says, I think some things do. Take the natural force and I think you can offer [00:26:49] play a certain [00:26:52] role or Sure, whatever. Thanks. Thanks, dude. Need to come down natural and and, and I've just been lucky enough to be part of the second last show and the last show. Yeah, I think you can carry things on too long. You know, and it's probably was at least a good decision to say okay, this will be our last show look. So yeah, I've just been glad I've been glad to be a part of it. Do you think you will continue on with kind of theatrical Audrey performances? Uh, I don't know. I don't know the answer to that question. Maybe, maybe not. It depends. A things something comes up that entices me too. But I'm not averse to say about the last time I'll be in stage. I've really enjoyed it and I've got a lot out of it not I think I've developed my character and [00:27:45] a lot of in that short period of time so yet I can can really do it with we can see

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