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Nicholas - Q12

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride and seed and rainbow. [00:00:06] Hello, how are you today? I'm good. That's good. What's your name? Nicholas. That's good. So we from [00:00:13] Masterton born and bred very very [00:00:18] know your life [00:00:19] yet. Yeah, we see like a hospital around here. [00:00:22] Of course here is just up the road [00:00:26] and see [00:00:29] how big is the hospital? [00:00:31] Pretty big? Yeah. For their size of region. [00:00:38] Okay, tell us a little bit about yourself. [00:00:41] Well, sporty active young fella. [00:00:45] Yeah. [00:00:47] Yes, I do a lot of hockey. And I'm very, very productive at school. And yes, I love being out in the outdoors. [00:00:59] A nice [00:01:00] do we say productive? What do you do? [00:01:05] I get on get [00:01:07] on with my work that I do still have fun. In the process. I was like, not all silent and sitting being bored. [00:01:17] So it's like so a lot of friends around in class talk yet and that's all get on with the week. [00:01:23] I was gonna say we mean productive human like a [00:01:30] jazz hands. I kind of suck it [00:01:33] productions. [00:01:35] Singing jazz, but [00:01:39] I'm not that talented. Are you sure? Very Sure. Okay. [00:01:45] Okay. So what music are you into? [00:01:49] Oh, [00:01:50] boy, it's a tough question. Um, basically anything [00:01:54] go on the right here sighs [00:01:58] anything good on the radio? What's your writing session? z them CD mold, age. Domain pop, [00:02:06] rock, pop rock? Everything RMB the charts these. [00:02:11] Okay, so what is your six? [00:02:15] My six my agenda [00:02:19] is different from six foot [00:02:21] six is what you were born as a man [00:02:24] and your gender is [00:02:25] male. What is your sexuality bisexual? What is your cultural identity my cultural identity indeed European are very strong European DC. [00:02:39] And how do you express yourself either feminine masculine or anything else? [00:02:45] I'm a very masculine guy. You don't look [00:02:52] well you wait till you see me ripping out these cats and then [00:03:03] I'd hate to if that's you showing your masculinity [00:03:08] of hate you know what you show us your feminine [00:03:12] anyway [00:03:14] moving on when did you realize that you're attracted to the same gender? [00:03:19] kind of got very curious when I was about 13 in kind of it was a very different I was traded both males and females about 1415 was it like you set in class and you realized [00:03:37] is a boy across the room [00:03:40] that we [00:03:40] must go dance around the mountains [00:03:43] now it's kind of a kind of bit of subtle subtlety to it is it didn't happen overnight as I was kind of a long time sort of thing. [00:03:54] Did he wait for denial period? [00:03:55] Yeah, for full life fish yes kind of iffy on the whole idea. [00:04:05] But you know kind of came around as differently by [00:04:10] gender Do you prefer [00:04:13] and kind of very even handed on and I don't like whatever comes along comes along [00:04:22] is not a sort of like a perfect guys for so arbitrary kills. [00:04:27] But it gets really awkward read I kind of like both a guy and a girl at the same time in either. Sometimes I'm dating guy and you know, you know, suddenly this girl comes along. It's like [00:04:41] very tough some days. [00:04:43] Yes. After like cross your legs when you're like going out. It's like oh, this too good looking people. Hello? [00:04:50] Yeah, especially when these were both like each other couples as high as it says one of those days doesn't come along very often but as it rises capital every six months or so. [00:05:07] So I [00:05:08] out. Yes, I'm basically up to everyone. Apart from my grandparents, as I in my media, family and friends all know. [00:05:19] So who did you told first? [00:05:21] I came out to my friends first and then then came out to my [00:05:29] stepfather before my mother in the my then just recently my father earlier this year [00:05:37] so what did you tell them? [00:05:41] Oh, how did you tell them? I mean, are [00:05:43] they always basically non because it's like when you're young guy very hormonal and all that and you're kind of on the computer and you forget to delete your history then they kind of find out [00:06:01] Oh dear. [00:06:05] Says I [00:06:06] thought Yeah, kind of keep denying. Like they knew so it's like wasn't it? [00:06:13] Yeah, did you ever try to blame someone else with the whole history thing? Is I did a couple times but then it's like after a lot of times [00:06:25] happening like it was it was like it's like no point hiding anymore here. It's like when you kind of go completely mind wipe about deleting the whole history is like just get it [00:06:41] is it with us seen it already? Sounds like lindo [00:06:48] doesn't [00:06:51] have that he's seen the history of like, [00:06:54] pornographic [00:06:57] either gay or straight barf. coughing, and the same little snippets was like, but we know that hits is one of those days when you kind of had those needs in the news. Like there's any, any kind of just midwifery and then you put in a rush? [00:07:17] Yeah, you just delete the whole history and everybody go [00:07:19] Why? [00:07:22] Huh? [00:07:24] coughing [00:07:26] Yeah. [00:07:27] So how about your friends? How did you come up to them? I just sit [00:07:33] by get over and basically I was kind of the catalyst for quite a few other friends to come in as by [00:07:41] so they came to you having uses the local Councillor for [00:07:44] the quick little kids not having really, I saw it as like it all my friends were basically sitting and then Mike and I were on the MySQL friends as well inside. So as I was watching, how's the weather in Norway? Everyone's pretty sweet about [00:08:06] so [00:08:07] cough good reaction. [00:08:09] Yeah, yes. It was very good reaction. Nothing change. [00:08:13] So you have a support system? [00:08:15] Yeah, I got that. [00:08:18] I got a cat have any by friends. I have [00:08:23] probably over five or so. By friends at my school, the lone [00:08:29] survivor, gay community, LGBT community and muscle [00:08:35] live isn't really a strong presence of one. That is this a little one that saw that recently? [00:08:46] on Facebook, [00:08:48] and you're manning the forces. Yeah, it's been that was kind of, but appreciate it. [00:08:57] Like I love other people quite open to the dnn summer so questioning it, buddy. It's [00:09:04] like, shall we have a garden? [00:09:08] We should we should actually be [00:09:10] open at the end in the boundaries of who who's joining like his efforts in my city area where I was expecting accepting people that were originally from us and better living in another city for uni or something. Right. So a lot of people Christian in the name their idea. And as I say, a bit confusing for me as well. [00:09:36] Why are you going? Do you have any idea [00:09:37] how you would fix the situation? [00:09:41] Or do you want to fix the situation? Or do you think this fixed by itself? [00:09:46] Probably fixed by itself? Because it there there's a strong group of masses and people and as an aside, in these only one or two people they're just saying are what what what's the point of the screen the risk of all kind of shutting him down? [00:10:04] Yeah. [00:10:05] So you've been in relationships before right? [00:10:08] yet? Would you like to talk about the [00:10:13] gala? They were they were all right relationships. So kind of a bit down at times. And Nina go ahead environment Yeah. And how many relationships have you been in already been into gone guy relationships and quite a few heterosexual ones. [00:10:33] So with the [00:10:35] relationships with the same gender How long did those laugh [00:10:41] though it lasted about the first one about four so months and then the second one about six months or so. [00:10:52] Did you ever keep that a secret about the relationships [00:10:56] and my first one that I I did for of short period president and site after getting caught sneaking out over the over to the west coast and almost getting away with it as kind of came out and [00:11:15] obvious [00:11:15] in the in the name the kind of mess of phone bill was [00:11:19] the other one? [00:11:21] As I was a pretty strong like parents were sitting over because the guy was bit older than me. How much [00:11:31] about Nish eight years old? [00:11:36] Not too bad. I was like to metric like 15 years. Yeah, no, I'm against that or anything for the listeners. So anything that's just [00:11:44] you know, at yours is [00:11:49] a strong battle like we kind of he he he lived up in Auckland at first, but they moved down to Wellington. And we were at a point we go at four months in a bit. And the entire go and see him it first was a big strong know from the appearance as outside as a lot of team tension between me and the parents about the whole subject here. But then, after World parents became very accepting of it, you know, kind of like, [00:12:24] well, he's staying this person and we can't really hold him back for too long or he'll start being against us Gotham. Yeah, yeah. [00:12:32] Yeah, I guess so a smash in that way. [00:12:34] But you but then they ended up coming thing, actually very supportive of it in because relationship did take a bit of a dive because he was very kind of controlling. [00:12:47] It was a very dominant person. [00:12:49] Yes. Like, like, what he was having me knowing he would go through my phone ending, and all this and Christian and be maybe all my friends and all that. Like, I couldn't even hang out with my best friend Lori times because he just didn't like, you know, like, he didn't even know my friend. And as I please, I was jealousy. Yeah. [00:13:19] Well, okay, let's move on. [00:13:20] How do you meet other people in the community? [00:13:24] I haven't really met anyone from like Madison personally for [00:13:29] Well, I mean, the LGBT community, [00:13:32] kind of through online sort of ways and Facebook, and other social media. And then I'm here in sometimes through other friends as well. [00:13:46] But I've met like, through made a couple and guy again by people through some of my friends and cuddle parties as well. So you know, [00:14:00] so what is your definition of virginity? [00:14:04] virginity? [00:14:08] That's kind of like I've got two definitions is by gay virginity and in my heterosexual virginity, and as I say, I have been lost by straight virgins heat. So it's like, I'm kind of only been having sexual intercourse with guys. [00:14:29] Why is that? [00:14:31] This might have have basically, I've only had girlfriends before before I was 16 in all this and then close to 16 I've been actually really with guys and I've always been really horny, say this, like when you're that one track [00:14:50] mind here. As I as I recall, there was a saying that [00:14:55] miles [00:14:56] I think about sex every 20 seconds. Unless you're a gay male, then 90 seconds. [00:15:03] Like you tried to take a slide it was Southern mix Bolivia on the beat half naked. [00:15:14] Have you experienced any abusive behavior because of your sexuality? [00:15:19] No. Only kind of like basically everyone I've learned has been very accepting of it as I [00:15:28] at first like like not even the school boys kind of even talk to me about it. [00:15:36] I think the equal about who they bully [00:15:39] Yes, I because it we're kind of a strong number, and a law school. So it's like we all band together. [00:15:46] It's quite funny when you actually say there's like, like, [00:15:49] and then the other boys like no, no, you can't do that. As I like, [00:15:54] I got kind of teased about other things rather than my sexuality. It's so kind of strange. Like you see all these people get unlike other places getting disturb Alice and in Master Master speech, Moscow was just normal. [00:16:15] Its mass and accepting about [00:16:16] LGBT people. Like, like, [00:16:20] this is no big number. There are no so it's like, but everyone I kind of spoke to is I love it all accepting [00:16:31] that white light is only I think there's only a couple that have a trouble with like family and friends, but then the rest have been plain sailing. [00:16:44] Well, thank you for the interview [00:16:46] was finished already. [00:16:50] Thank you.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.