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Logan - Q12

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride in date and rainbow youth. [00:00:04] Hello, how are you today? Good. That's good. What's your name? Logan. Okay, Logan, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Um, [00:00:14] I work full time. I'm 22. And I live with one of my best friends. [00:00:22] And [00:00:25] a volunteer for the gay bar. [00:00:27] Oh, you volunteer for the gay bar. Yes. This this gay brother right now. [00:00:31] Yes. I look in the sky. Looks like something that you'd say pre law form. [00:00:40] Is it dark and out of the way, but it kind of has today? Yeah, [00:00:45] it's very [00:00:45] underground. It's above ground. It's two stories. [00:00:53] Well, yeah, but it has to be it needs to kind of stay out of the way for it to be and remain the safe and more powerful private place. Yeah. [00:01:02] So what is your likes and hobbies? [00:01:06] hobbies? I like to dance I like to dress up and currently have set up a swing and my Gareth two dots around and a swing. Yep. The swing made out of sheets tied to a horizontal pillar. [00:01:27] You just have to sit to kind of realize it. And just hang with it friends. road trips on Monday and shit. Really? Yeah. Sometimes. [00:01:37] Yes. So what is your original sex? mail? What is your gender identity? Male? What is your sexuality? [00:01:51] guy but potentially biocurious for the right person. [00:01:58] Did you into the curious I [00:02:00] last week? Yeah. [00:02:04] Um, what is your culture identity? [00:02:11] What? What? Yeah, [00:02:14] Australia, New Zealand. [00:02:17] And how do you express yourself? masculine, feminine tomboy dyke? Well, it's wonderful. Female, [00:02:24] twin. [00:02:26] It depends who I'm around, because different people bring out different parts of May. [00:02:33] But for the majority, it's quite can't. I can Yeah. So um, [00:02:39] when did you realize that you're a guy? [00:02:42] I started [00:02:44] questioning about the chain, the domain [00:02:48] that you had, like the light bulb moment, and you're like, I'm attracted to that boy, you know, to me. [00:02:57] No more from [00:03:00] looking at porn at 13 years of age and discovering that I was looking at the men a lot more than I was looking at the women. [00:03:06] Did you went through a period where you think it was bisexual? [00:03:10] Mm hmm. I went two years as political questioning and I didn't tell anyone. And I came out as bisexual. 15. And then I just said I was gay at 17. Because that's more for how camp I am. It was more believable. It was just easier. Mainly, yeah. [00:03:32] So did you wait for a denial period? [00:03:35] I think that would have been the first two years. Yeah. [00:03:38] And then you kept it secret? A little bit? Yeah. Yeah. So I fully out. Yes. Yeah. [00:03:47] So everybody, yes. What was it like coming out of the closet? Um, [00:03:53] well, it was kind of just like, I told a few people. And then from there kind of got past two more people. And then it just got to the stage where just lost track of her news. Just fucking [00:04:05] Facebook. Yeah. [00:04:07] This was long before Facebook. [00:04:11] Mice below my [00:04:13] would have been before my space. I think masters was before paper. But I'm just kind of like a Yeah, just [00:04:21] admit it to anyone. It's not my fault. Not my problem. Everybody said no. Yeah, [00:04:26] your response is not my fault. [00:04:28] It was the first person you told [00:04:31] my [00:04:31] best friend at the time. Tessa, [00:04:34] what's your reaction? I know. [00:04:38] And that was pretty much direction from everyone else. How about your parents? I was kicked out for a while. [00:04:47] You're kicked out? Yeah, sorry. I moved in with my friend for a couple of weeks. And then there were a series of meetings with me. My mom and counselors ended up going back harm eventually. [00:05:03] So mostly above argument before, [00:05:06] he's [00:05:08] what sort of things we said. [00:05:13] This was a while ago, but [00:05:17] she just [00:05:17] yeah, it's just disgusting. And apparently quite shocking to her. But she's she would have known for a lot longer. because ever since I was like seven, she would ask me and sit down and be like, Are you gay? Because if you are, I just need to know. And I just had no idea what that meant. So I just said, No, I don't. Yeah, [00:05:39] so after that, after that, what happened? [00:05:45] Say I moved out for about and then came back in for bed. And it was just quiet. [00:05:53] on edge. [00:05:55] Shut a bit of a drinking problem so and others, I was getting more and more confident in who I was and deciding what I wanted and what I didn't want to try more outrageous clothing and things. And her nickname for me was transgender face. Oh, which sticks with me till now. [00:06:19] And now I am a drag queen and she buys me false eyelashes and heavily shows my pictures old friends. [00:06:29] So now look different now. [00:06:30] Yes, completely different. [00:06:34] She's [00:06:36] kind of garden out of that. And she's just kind of realized it's like, well, this is still my son. I love him anyway. And it's kind of like the best of both worlds having a son and a daughter. [00:06:49] As you do. So when did that moment happened when she did the whole [00:06:57] realizing that he stole my son? [00:07:01] Well, I wouldn't always she should, it should always near obviously. But it was just kind of hard as like how [00:07:10] it because [00:07:11] you have to understand from the parents point of view, like it's quite tough for them as as almost as tough for the child who's questioning and coming out and going through the bullying, that now the parent is going to also suffer the bullying and also has to kind of mourn for their son and because that's not who they're going to be who they imagined and that they're not going to get the grandchildren as I had planned and it's not. It's a completely new life planned out for the sun. And they have to realize everyone and I kind of understand what they're going to have to deal with as well. And it's just wouldn't be nice for anyone. But she started to actually get like to a moment friend, then anything else when I was about [00:08:08] 1718 and then it didn't actually fully work out until I was about 1920 [00:08:19] Did you [00:08:19] have a moment where you didn't forgive her for the things that she did? [00:08:28] I've had a fear. [00:08:31] But then [00:08:33] mine and my mom's last story goes way before my own sexuality story. So I [00:08:44] was away already a lot of things on here that I can't I can't say that you will the bad person when she's had the hard time as well like, [00:08:58] like a two way street. Yeah. [00:09:01] Like she may have been very rude and hurtful and things and may have led me to do things that I shouldn't have. But [00:09:11] her response is not my fault. And [00:09:16] she's fully entitled to that. [00:09:20] So you have a support system. [00:09:24] Don't you have a huge support system? [00:09:27] You have your no fan club? [00:09:30] Another critical [00:09:34] groupie. Yeah, [00:09:35] I don't actually see them all that often. So I think it might be a little bit misleading because they just get really excited when they do see me. [00:09:44] Take it you talk about my babies. [00:09:47] Everybody's your babies [00:09:50] are finally got four babies. [00:09:54] What was the question? You have a [00:09:56] support system, this support system? [00:10:00] Everyone needs a support system. And it's [00:10:04] not really a question [00:10:09] either. Yes, I do. Yeah. So your direct way? [00:10:12] Yes. What's your name? la la. La. I like that. [00:10:16] There's actually originality to that because most of the drag queens are quite have like us sexual innuendo nudge? Yeah, kind of like a need a good one or clever media. Well, nothing good a [00:10:35] testicle. [00:10:37] And he resolved and you get the whole roll of lights. La la la by that's good. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. [00:10:46] So with the Marsha divine and Ruby, [00:10:49] some very Charles. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, [00:10:51] you're just filling it up. Yeah. [00:10:57] So have you been in relationships before? Not many, not many, man. How many have you been out? [00:11:07] For [00:11:10] can you tell us about some? Um [00:11:16] Well, I think the way to sum up all of them is that [00:11:21] I was never really happy with any of them. Because I was never fully happy with myself because nothing to do with sexuality. It's just that I'm still young. And I still have to figure out what I want for me to find [00:11:37] you ready for [00:11:39] Yeah, sorry. I yeah. Single happy [00:11:45] what's your last relationship? When yeah [00:11:51] it's a fully fledged one I have no idea. I don't really care how long [00:11:55] did the relationships last? [00:11:59] Not very long my longest was like two months and it was just kind of like I just [00:12:05] your breath clean [00:12:09] it's just not really something that's ever kind of fall into my lap and I've never really [00:12:18] beat myself up [00:12:21] whatever what specific and upon upon the stuff anyway [00:12:25] I forgot myself I caught anything from there is a damn good [00:12:30] so [00:12:35] how do you make people in the community [00:12:39] you just [00:12:41] to just find people you just know people who know people and meet other people such as me knowing Daniel in the closet space operations that I would come across to [00:12:56] same thing I'll [00:12:58] go to another friends house and this is my guy friend blah blah blah and I'm like whoa, store [00:13:08] you just there is it a spot generally [00:13:12] just you just just turn up as turn up? So yeah, [00:13:17] we look Dr. Patty, you are really look for other people that has come to you [00:13:23] know, it's just like I've got plenty of good people around me as it as an I don't really need to actively hunt for more when it's kind of hard enough to spend my time with the people that have already got so I don't really care if I do find people that I may have got great first impressions [00:13:46] then chances are probably find another way to catch up with them. [00:13:52] You're a busy boy. Yeah. So do you do anything else apart from being volunteering at the bar drag queen? [00:14:02] Mo you like working full time I've finished studying [00:14:08] was that? [00:14:09] I've studied shifting, performing arts and horsepower [00:14:14] that's a that's a good mix Performing Arts. Yeah, [00:14:18] well, I [00:14:21] had to do hospital because every actor max lattice and then it was just kind of like I gotta do the shifting calls just so I can feed myself. Yeah, [00:14:28] it's like I can home but you need to age [00:14:33] Yeah, Yeah, [00:14:34] I did. I meant to live today. [00:14:37] Eight I wanted to know how to cook. Yeah. [00:14:39] And in [00:14:40] other things like how to record straight shows. So did he like musicals at the abbey and things? [00:14:51] Take that ballet has got some friends that do that. So that's another way to socialize and stretch [00:14:58] your ankles. Yeah, [00:15:06] just things turn up. You do [00:15:10] that? Yeah. What is your definition of virginity your opinion [00:15:18] today like [00:15:23] your personal opinion [00:15:25] opinion and away it's like no right or wrong answer is what she's that covered? [00:15:32] Well are [00:15:35] a while ago you spend this like huge idea of virginity is like Well, you've got your boy virginity and you got you could go virginity. [00:15:43] Element boy, virginity is you got to because you can f6 two ways. [00:15:49] So I can either be them or I could just I've never considered like oral sex or mutual masturbation anything to lose the virginity. And that would have to be full vaginal intercourse to take you vape lights. [00:16:08] Have you ever received any abuse or abusive behavior because of your sexuality or gender identity? [00:16:15] planning? [00:16:18] Lot? Yes. [00:16:22] I could. [00:16:24] Name example. [00:16:28] Okay, I'll take a couple of weeks back, I was at home. [00:16:34] I was in my carriage. Just listening to music and writing a book on my laptop. And some people came outside the garage and tried getting in. And our men real quiet. They left and they came back with more and banging on the sides. And then you that two gay people lived in the house. But they didn't know who we were. They just knew what we were and they thought was disgusting. And they wanted and while I was in there. So that was my latest one. That was [00:17:03] just stupid people. [00:17:06] That's really [00:17:11] well thank you for the interview. [00:17:12] Thank you.

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