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Lauren - Q12

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride in z and rainbow youth. [00:00:04] Hello, how are you today? [00:00:06] I'm good. That's good. Who are you? [00:00:09] I'm Lauren. Hi, Lauren. How are you today? Good. [00:00:14] I'm writing my badge. [00:00:16] I can tell ya. Can you [00:00:17] tell us a little bit about yourself? [00:00:19] I'm like cool. [00:00:22] Anything. your time to shine? [00:00:26] Got your personality? [00:00:29] Pretty [00:00:31] much sit at home on the internet. Yeah, [00:00:33] play Polo. [00:00:36] Polo can no problem [00:00:39] and sing and sing. [00:00:41] piano. [00:00:43] Drums not that talented. No. [00:00:48] Not that many not. So you like music? Yeah. [00:00:53] Pretty much anything. [00:00:54] Anything? Anything and everything? [00:00:56] Pretty much. Yeah. Well, don't you like them? [00:01:00] Justin Bieber. [00:01:02] Yes. Going back to the kid pop. [00:01:05] The Candy poppers. The that wasn't a bit [00:01:10] of wonder why. Yeah. [00:01:13] So we're here last week for Qa? Yes. Yeah. How did you like that? [00:01:20] was good. You learned a lot of things. Yeah. [00:01:23] I understand [00:01:25] a lot more things. [00:01:26] Yep. I got [00:01:28] crash yarn group. I've been trying to trying to [00:01:32] get power the rainbow power kind of thing. Yeah. [00:01:37] Anyway. So what is your sex? [00:01:41] I don't have one. You [00:01:46] go on. [00:01:48] I suppose my sake says female. [00:01:52] Why did you say you don't [00:01:54] have one? Because I don't identify with a chin. [00:02:00] That was gonna be my next question. [00:02:03] Ah, well, I'm the head of it. Yeah, [00:02:06] but your sex is female. But your gender identity is neutral. [00:02:12] Yes. Or do you? Do you have a name for agent? [00:02:16] Agent ID? Yes. [00:02:18] or gender? lis so [00:02:21] the exchange [00:02:22] Yeah, yeah. [00:02:24] So washes your sexuality then. [00:02:28] A pen romantic a sexual [00:02:30] pain will [00:02:32] be complicated. [00:02:35] It's not often that we get so [00:02:36] I get to interview someone that's likes. [00:02:41] That [00:02:41] likes everyone and no one wants [00:02:44] quite like [00:02:46] that. That has the alternative sexuality. That's not scalars being Obi or [00:02:53] like I've only had [00:02:54] I've already interviewed one day me sexual [00:02:57] got super excited over. [00:03:00] Not entirely sure what that [00:03:02] means sexual is when [00:03:06] your car like you. It's kind of like you're either bought a pen. [00:03:14] Pen romantic or gay, romantic or lesbian, romantic. But she won't have sex with someone until you've made a actual proper emotional connection. And it's kind of like a barrier car thing. And when you cross that barrier, then you might actually decide to go to the next level with them. However, we that's a it's a big thick barrier and might not actually happened unless you've gotten married or you just feel emotionally ready for it. [00:03:42] I can't tell them. [00:03:44] No, no. The people [00:03:46] on the other end is listening to this cannot tell. Yeah, that's what the music was. Yeah, [00:03:54] you could tell I would get [00:03:55] excited. Yeah, I don't think it's common. [00:04:01] commonly heard about now it's not commonly [00:04:05] known people might even not know what it is. Yeah, [00:04:07] it's good for me to explain it [00:04:10] would be [00:04:11] so when did you realize that you were a [00:04:17] few months ago. I think before that I was identifying is gay. [00:04:25] Can you tell us what happened [00:04:27] that gave you the crack of realizing [00:04:30] a lot of thinking [00:04:32] like oh, [00:04:38] I'm not really sure just a lot of thing when you read for us. I'm [00:04:46] pretty much shut [00:04:46] myself in my room and didn't talk to anyone. I thought [00:04:50] what am i coughing? Pretty much. You had a perfect [00:04:57] possibly [00:04:58] eventually in a perfect [00:05:01] Yeah, a really long drawn out one. Yeah. [00:05:04] You're trying to find yourself in a way. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. [00:05:08] How about when you realize that your pen [00:05:13] romantic um [00:05:17] maybe the son of the [00:05:19] salvia maybe. [00:05:21] Maybe earlier. [00:05:24] I'm [00:05:26] a lot more [00:05:31] like [00:05:37] trying to remember [00:05:40] my memories, not the best [00:05:46] relationship at the time. [00:05:49] If a [00:05:49] guy or girl [00:05:51] go, leave it [00:05:54] was quite a while. [00:05:56] And [00:06:01] so it's just like thinking about who I was attracted to and which wife [00:06:07] but just parenting different. [00:06:12] was the first time when did you realize that you're attracted to the same gender? role? same gender. [00:06:22] That was [00:06:25] the few years ago? Like nearly two years ago. [00:06:31] Dean our dear Mabel, I haven't. [00:06:34] I'm a lot more thinking [00:06:38] extra that much. But I had a friend whose by still have a friend whose wife still a second friend. Probably what? Yeah, [00:06:48] quite a few now. And [00:06:53] you're I don't know. And I was thinking, and then. Yeah, I just came to you. [00:06:58] came to you in the dream, I think it did. [00:07:03] Earlier, [00:07:05] along with my iPod. And yeah, [00:07:07] I should pick that up. Yeah, [00:07:09] so [00:07:11] I came to you. And [00:07:13] I actually seriously came to you in the dream. [00:07:15] I fell asleep. And then I woke up. And just like, oh, [00:07:21] six? Like, [00:07:24] that just seems to happen. [00:07:26] Seems so normal. [00:07:28] Did you even went for a denial period? [00:07:31] I'm not sure. [00:07:33] sort of [00:07:34] go through one and then come out and then go through again. Like [00:07:39] looping cycle. Yeah, [00:07:42] same thing. [00:07:43] Yes. It's like a golf at computers complex. Yeah. Like, [00:07:47] I am not. I am. I [00:07:50] was kind of like a big [00:07:52] argument against yourself. Yeah. Kind of, [00:07:55] sort of, like, Am I Or am I wrong? Yeah. [00:08:02] I in the college. [00:08:05] Kind of [00:08:07] currently see me. [00:08:10] Kind of a year out to [00:08:13] a few friends and my mom. [00:08:16] So when you spoke, we told your mom Well, what helps you do it? [00:08:23] was we were watching breakfast. [00:08:29] She was watching breakfast and I was sitting there looking at it and thinking [00:08:35] yeah, I think the weather was on. I [00:08:40] think it was somebody else. Someone else and Tommy. Sam does the with a to my [00:08:47] breakfast is on TV one, right? [00:08:50] Yes. Someone she was watching some breakfast show with the with a man or something. And it was somewhere in the South Island. So don't interesting. We're not doing the theater anytime soon [00:09:02] as a cinema, and [00:09:07] I told her what she didn't hear me. [00:09:09] And she [00:09:10] was like, What? If you even know it's talking to it? [00:09:14] Then [00:09:16] I gotta change. Somehow don't quote me the hell. This was about two weeks ago. Just [00:09:22] probably what I remember. And then [00:09:27] told her [00:09:29] and what was her reaction? [00:09:31] She told me that because I have all the female parts I if we're a female, and I'm too immature to know my sexuality. [00:09:45] What do you say to that? [00:09:48] I don't think I said anything. And then left the house. [00:09:50] Yes. got off. [00:09:52] For much. She got up and got in the shower. nice finish going right to do and Lyft. [00:09:58] And actually, that go back [00:10:01] for [00:10:03] 14 year olds? Yeah, [00:10:05] 14 year olds. [00:10:08] was any [00:10:09] other [00:10:10] conversation about Metropolis? No. [00:10:14] I'm not bringing up. [00:10:16] How about your friends? [00:10:20] Sort of? [00:10:24] Like [00:10:27] some of them. [00:10:30] Don't even know how old I know. I know. I told some of them. I remember who I've told. Some of them knows. I'm like, I was [00:10:37] more like a [00:10:38] fan. Oh, they know they are well. Yeah. [00:10:42] So with the friends that do [00:10:45] know, do they support them? Yeah, yeah. [00:10:48] So you do have saw your friends have become like your support system? No. [00:10:54] Kind of? Yeah. How about [00:10:55] closet space? If they support did you have to? [00:11:03] Yes. [00:11:06] But [00:11:10] I think I'm only out [00:11:15] to a [00:11:15] few of them. [00:11:18] The others still think I'm gay? and female. [00:11:24] So not entirely? Sure. Yeah, yeah. [00:11:28] Right. I'm sorry. You. How many relationships have you been on? [00:11:34] Um, [00:11:37] I chatted the other day. I forgotten. [00:11:39] I'm [00:11:44] gonna forget one. But [00:11:47] estimate. [00:11:53] Six, I think [00:11:55] what were they like? Who were them? [00:11:57] Why not? You don't need this? [00:12:00] People people. Yeah. [00:12:02] Humans with a females males or [00:12:04] females for [00:12:06] males? Or females? Again? [00:12:10] all males to females? [00:12:12] What were they like? [00:12:16] Some short. [00:12:19] One was really long. And couple we're in the middle. [00:12:28] Yep, one of them was like a few years ago. And I remember one of them quite well, because it was [00:12:37] ended in July. [00:12:44] So um, how do you make other people and the LGBT community? [00:12:50] Mostly here? Huh? I know some from [00:12:56] stole [00:12:58] Facebook, through Facebook. [00:13:03] Few from online forums. [00:13:08] And that's probably about it. [00:13:11] So what is your definition of virginity? [00:13:16] I don't really know. [00:13:20] Do you [00:13:20] think it's just a physical thing or a sexual thing? Or could it be an emotional thing as well? [00:13:28] I think they could be like, [00:13:33] both. [00:13:35] But you're not entirely sure. Yeah. [00:13:39] Not one of the things I've thought about hidden lemony. Yes, yes. Yeah. Lots and lots of thinking, but not usually that [00:13:49] it's not [00:13:50] really something that doesn't cross my mind very often. It's not [00:13:53] important to you. Not really. [00:13:57] Not really not. [00:14:00] Have you ever received any abuse or abusive behavior because of your sexuality or gender identity? I'm not because of my gender identity, because nobody really knows about it. Except for nice. You consider what my mom's it is abuse, but not really. [00:14:19] I think that's more like she doesn't understand. [00:14:22] Probably. [00:14:24] Um, [00:14:26] but they can also be cross with ignorance as well. Above. Yeah, [00:14:31] I don't know. Your mother. Sorry. [00:14:32] comment on that. Yeah, [00:14:35] depending on the person [00:14:38] out too many people as a sexual leader, but [00:14:46] I'm not sure. [00:14:47] Not sure. How about [00:14:48] Has anybody ever. [00:14:51] Family like screamed out to you? Oh, there's been no sort of dying die true. package. [00:15:00] Think so. [00:15:01] But you don't [00:15:02] know this person. I can't. [00:15:06] Oh, I know some of my friends have as a joke, but [00:15:10] that's different. [00:15:12] Well, thank you for the interview. [00:15:13] You're welcome.

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