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Jeremy - Q12

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride and David and rainbow. [00:00:06] Hello, how [00:00:06] are you today? Good. Thank you. How are you? Fantastic. [00:00:13] Okay, Jeremy K, tell us a little bit about yourself. I'm 24 years old to join them with either which dancing singing acting all that stuff. [00:00:22] I work in Civic Theatre in Oakland. [00:00:24] Oh yeah, that's good. [00:00:26] I guess then the same part then did [00:00:29] the bookstore [00:00:31] enjoyed video games? stereotypical [00:00:35] kind of thing. [00:00:37] heavy lifting Nike. Oh, yeah. [00:00:40] Born and raised on rice then produce. [00:00:44] What's your likes and hobbies? Apart from theater and [00:00:47] video games? video games? [00:00:50] Reading hanging out with friends [00:00:52] TV set one [00:00:53] that was [00:00:55] wonderful. Yeah. [00:00:58] Boyfriend [00:01:02] so [00:01:04] what is your six [00:01:06] guy? That's your six year old [00:01:10] son Yeah, [00:01:11] and then jr Didn't she will be now Yeah, yeah. And then sexuality will be gay. That song What was your culture identity? [00:01:19] White [00:01:22] European European. [00:01:24] And what it what how do you present yourself and express yourself I should say [00:01:32] feminine masculine cam and between straight acting [00:01:38] lunch big cup [00:01:41] kind of in between la I'm not very [00:01:46] good. Yeah, [00:01:46] I'm not I'm not the most meditating guy but I'm not the flimsy kind of guy. Yeah, [00:01:51] not like the [00:01:54] high [00:02:02] Oh goodness gracious way. [00:02:03] Okay. [00:02:05] So when did you realize about through team last year? [00:02:13] Was the situation where you just notice the way across the class and you thought he was hotter or something like that? Um, [00:02:20] no, actually, I was in Wellington with my mom. And [00:02:25] I don't know why this story keeps coming from my head but yeah, walking down Wellington Street somebody must have walked past like a strip club or some of it and I'm [00:02:35] told Oh, there's a picture of the guy on the heels wasn't wearing a shirt and those from I think he got it guys coming. And that's the first clicker the moment that I had. [00:02:45] I thought was gonna be like us females strip club and you see a female and escaped you to being gay? Nah, [00:02:53] no one likes it. Nothing exciting. Tonight. No, that's quite exciting. He's not as a poster of a half naked guy. Yeah, [00:03:00] so [00:03:03] did you ever denied it? Now? Of course I didn't tell anyone but you hit a secret for a while [00:03:11] for a while but [00:03:12] I never felt like I was wrong or anything. Sorry. [00:03:16] Did you did your feelings either expand to liking actually someone like feelings and class was [00:03:27] kind of I had a bit of a hard time with it during high school. [00:03:34] There was [00:03:34] the one of those evil on your butt because I hadn't seen the run just make fun of me for it kind of thing. And sorry, you just having that jolt into every day being bullied for it. You kind of just not like anyone. And don't think about you know, in that way. But he wants to move from one school to another school. started packing more things up here. At different new environment. Yeah. Do people new clean slate kind of thing? Yeah. Yeah. [00:04:01] So um, so when did you come out? you out? Yeah, I'm out. [00:04:08] I came out when I was about 15. Yeah, [00:04:13] it was along the process of me changing schools because I meet this girl who into terrible High School. And I'm sure she convinced me to change schools go from A to B. [00:04:25] When I got to the next High School, though, I was kind of like are, you know, this is the client side was telling everyone see that you run they'll just like, Oh, yeah, we kind of really know the personnel you told us. [00:04:35] So they don't just come out and open another Sunday Really? headed again. So what was the reaction? So it was like everybody knew so then have a problem for it or something? You ever know that school likes to the head of like a week or soda? Cross button get used to it? So no problem now. Didn't even problems after that now. [00:04:55] Your parents? [00:04:59] That was good. They didn't exactly like it. But they didn't throw me at home or anything like that. So he was still talking these days. So [00:05:07] what are they? What How did they feel about it now? [00:05:12] My [00:05:12] mother is more [00:05:15] if we don't talk about doesn't exist. My father is he's generally a very quiet person that's hard to talk to anyway. [00:05:22] And being natural. Yeah. [00:05:23] So he's just he hasn't changed. Mom just doesn't talk about it you people so this this supporters is they can be [00:05:33] Have you introduce them to your partner? Yeah. Yeah. [00:05:36] That will happy and nobody that [00:05:37] like this one. I haven't liked my partners in the past. Yeah. [00:05:43] So um, have you ever attended LGBT IQ group? [00:05:49] I'm not really [00:05:55] not nothing just like a youth group or anything like that? No, no, no nightclub or anything. Have you ever been to a gay bar? [00:06:05] I had been to one of my life that This one took me to [00:06:10] do more scrutiny and everyone just kind of [00:06:13] just looked at us. I was like, all right, back against the wall slowly move out. [00:06:19] That was a mountain. [00:06:20] What was it? Like that? Yeah. [00:06:25] I'm sorry. You have a support system, didn't you? [00:06:27] I had a star support from [00:06:29] your friend. Yeah. [00:06:32] Me see the year that time most of them were guild so stereotypical kind of fake. Hey, Connor. Thanks. [00:06:37] could go shopping? And like, do this and then like [00:06:44] shopping even though I'm horrible with fish? Yeah, [00:06:48] you say yes or no, that's practically it. We say like sure. [00:06:52] That probably looks like it fits go on. [00:06:56] Well, how's it going? So, [00:07:02] what cycled you into again, I started off at St. John's, but being transferred over to Toronto. [00:07:09] So what was St John's like? [00:07:12] It was well it's [00:07:14] basically like a hard Christian school [00:07:17] so the teachers didn't like it because of the whole Christian thing in the student didn't like it's because the 15 year old boys going [00:07:25] to start strong girls Yeah, kind of [00:07:28] voice that don't sound like her. [00:07:36] I [00:07:42] know those are three [00:07:55] Oh, anyway, we have was so it's quite clear to me your animal right here right now. So have you been in other relationships before? [00:08:06] I've had a couple past relationships you [00:08:08] have a [00:08:09] few more nightstands he said my fishing [00:08:11] fish it how many [00:08:16] Oh honestly I've lost count [00:08:20] how many relationships have you been [00:08:23] serious ones I'll probably say about three including this one [00:08:27] claim this one could you give a good example of the other [00:08:34] one was horrible [00:08:39] happened [00:08:40] he's the stereotypical manipulator try to stop me from seeing my friends almost saved me from seeing my parents won't hang with me all day every day that kind of fun right practically wanted to own you morally sia [00:08:54] and I was an answer then do because also hospital the stages didn't quite realize that you know, you can actually get out of things and say no and stuff like that. Yeah. [00:09:02] How it will say hey, was [00:09:07] I think I was at that 18 and he was about 2324 so he was a little bit older than me Yeah. Yeah. [00:09:15] So [00:09:17] stop by Kenny [00:09:21] How about the other one? I'm [00:09:24] that he turned out to be one of those are I'm now straight. God has saved me. So I'm now getting engaged or girl so I was just like, okay, you can run along and do your thing has still pertaining to this track. [00:09:38] As far as we are, [00:09:40] but yeah, I haven't really seen him some [00:09:43] time outside of hospital [00:09:46] against abortion. Yeah, [00:09:47] he portion purchase and stuff like that. [00:09:49] Oh dear. [00:09:52] God is on me. I shall become a Bible measure. Yeah, [00:09:56] pretty much yeah. So how do you mean other people in the community? [00:10:03] And it's a good way as long as you keep [00:10:09] this one I kind of just stumbled upon each other really didn't wait for friends. Well through one of your friends. [00:10:14] Yes. One of my friends sorry. I prefer to meet guys through that way. For my will tobacco Yes, my internet and just stumbling across them for friends. Just for free. [00:10:24] Nice you do? [00:10:26] What telephones to use? I'm not asking for your help the company. Like how the [00:10:34] hell do you sit for people for [00:10:40] Google? [00:10:43] How to find gay people. [00:10:45] New Zealand gay guys are Hawke's Bay gay guys. And then it brings you to you know, chat rooms and stuff like that with other guys like that around you. So sign up for that. And then you know, technology start growing and you get your cell phones and androids and stuff like that. Yeah. grinder. Yeah. [00:10:59] Have this [00:11:02] as you do. So, what is your definition of virginity? [00:11:08] I'm not a virgin. No, [00:11:11] no, no, no, it's your personal definition of virginity. [00:11:15] What is your opinion of fortunately? I'm [00:11:22] try before you buy it. [00:11:25] try before you buy it. [00:11:30] Looking at it. [00:11:34] That's not really a measuring thing these days anymore. Yeah, [00:11:39] because you want to define it. [00:11:43] Okay. But generally, you know how people believe that virginity is the first time you have six. Yeah, what is your personal opinion of that? [00:11:57] Do you have a different definition to that? Or is that your? [00:12:01] Was that the same opinion? [00:12:04] For the first time you do it as opposed to there's the times you [00:12:07] know, like, it could be an emotional thing that opportunity could be more of an emotional thing could be the first time you fall in love or [00:12:16] as a [00:12:16] strange one in that case? What do you think? Um [00:12:21] Yeah, it's a stereotypical thing that you think you know the first time you're supposed to be special supposed to be perfect and stuff like that. But it's never as it's always awkward even though you don't so that's first the first time you physically do something [00:12:36] Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So um, watch Have you ever received or experienced any abuse or abusive behavior because of your six years six year ality your gender identity or your culture? [00:12:52] bullying High School, [00:12:53] mainly, but it was mainly bullion. [00:12:57] Little bit information from what he says but I'm over there. But um, yeah, bullying is the main one. Yeah. [00:13:03] What actually happened? [00:13:07] Again, just going to school and then hearing every day, if you little harm or was it mainly mainly verbal? Mainly verbal. There was a couple of punches in the stomach or things like that. But there was never any full on Gabe ation. But I think this is junior high school. Yeah, I think it's just yeah, General High School. Yeah. [00:13:24] So what's it been like for you living in Napier in 2012 being gay? [00:13:30] And it's fantastic. Yeah, [00:13:32] fantastic. Thanks. Yeah. [00:13:39] As long as you're [00:13:41] happy with it, everyone else tends to be as well. That's the way I've been living. So as we've made so far, [00:13:47] how do you think that here is like with with gay people? [00:13:55] That's not the worst place, but it could be better. [00:14:00] Not that will do it anyway. But it's just nice to have the option to spare to walk down like Marion practice and then get a hold of sinovation. Like you said, not saying it will work or anything like that, but the option would be nice. [00:14:11] Oh, yeah. Thank you for the interview. That's all right.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.