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Jamie - Q12

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride in date and rainbow youth. [00:00:04] Hello, how are you today? [00:00:05] Hi, I'm getting key. So you're 2018 and I think I can get away with [00:00:13] Do you get away from [00:00:14] i do i get away with it? Because it's just the way I hold myself again? [00:00:19] Do you have interests or hobbies? [00:00:23] And well, I'm a black belt in karate. So I teach karate, as you all know, our, you know, I just spotlight the Most High defending myself, you know, you're sure you can probably get pissed off at a lot of people. But you know, [00:00:39] how angry I get I'm going hit somebody, you know, mean? like growing up, you know? [00:00:46] Not a very good. [00:00:48] Just we're like, I'm sorry. Like, growing up would be like, you know, dad wasn't so appreciative of what I who I am. And, you know, like, like, you know, life. You know, [00:01:02] which is kind of, you know, I think it's quite common in New Zealand culture. I think so. Yeah. So, [00:01:09] what is your original six? Man mail? And what was it? What was your gender identity now? And what is your culture identity? And what [00:01:25] was your sexuality? Okay, I'm boy and a guy. [00:01:31] Which answers my next question, [00:01:33] how do you express yourself? [00:01:35] But how do masculine feminine transvestite? It's just so [00:01:40] funny because, like, you know, I think I always liked boys, like, I've always like, kind of, like, within the line, like, kind of like, girls, but not as much as girls. Because it wasn't until I got a little bit out of that I kind of actually like, you know, it's like a mental thing. Like, you wake up in the Hi. That's just how it is, you know, and like, that's kind of what happened to me. Like, it was kind of like, I just wake up and I'm like, okay, you know, you just kind of have mental realization. yet. This is this is who I am. And this is what I'm going to be. So. Yeah, so that was pretty cool. When did you realize I think I'm like, I'm 22 now, but I think I realized, like, when I was like, 20 or something, I actually realized that well, you know, I, I'm actually, like, gay, but I didn't really think about it when I was, like, 1819. So it really felt like now that I'm more of an end out and you know, going out to clubs and stuff. And, you know, just scanning the brain and what you're into it's like, like, no big deal there. Guy. My eyes. My eyes go straight. So, you know. So yeah. [00:03:06] So when you're in high school, you didn't think about it? [00:03:09] No, I didn't really think about it is like I didn't even actually realize it then. I was just Yeah, but guys in guys and gals would be like, Oh, you're gay. You know, [00:03:23] this flamboyant? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I'm just, yeah. [00:03:27] Totally. Yeah, [00:03:34] until you get became much older and you start having the attractions. [00:03:38] And you realize what you just wake up. You just wake up one day, and you're like, [00:03:44] Oh, my God, boys. You know? [00:03:50] I could take voice. [00:03:51] Oh, I do this all the time. Hey, guys, what's up? My name is Jamie. Thank God. It's so funny. [00:04:00] He's so powerful as a gay male from [00:04:02] Yeah, totally. But like, it's so funny, cuz I'll be on my phone. Like, this Jamie. [00:04:10] May [00:04:12] be like, oh my god. So you know, it's pretty funny. [00:04:18] to some of the customers at work as well. Oh, my God. You know, like, [00:04:22] it was like, it was me. Just man, this boys. [00:04:30] completely different. A totally. Right. I mean, [00:04:33] this is like my, and then they were like, your natural voice? [00:04:38] No, no, no, that's like, it's just my name voice. crank out everyone gets cranked up every time I hear. Because they're like, Ah, that didn't even sound like you know, right. So [00:04:54] I out. Oh, totally out. [00:04:58] I don't say to me, like, a lot of my I mean, I still do wear a lot of makeup, like Iceland and scars and all that kind of stuff. And, you know. So yeah, [00:05:10] I was, yeah, I've been out like, a couple of years. And like, yeah, it's like, [00:05:16] I was like, Yeah, because I work in such I think working in such a [00:05:23] such a job, like, I have to be equipped to deal with, you know, not just kind of those the other people, but I have to be dealing with, like customers as well, like the people. So I realized that like, guy, I think the job has helped me to adapt to be like, have a more of a [00:05:45] tough exterior kind of look after myself kind of taught, you know? So yeah. [00:05:53] So I'm sorry, how's it affect your work being openly gay? I'm, [00:05:57] I just tell it how it is like, like, I'm just like, forgiving things in prayer, but I just don't really give a shit. Like a fuck what people think, you know, it's [00:06:12] funny. You're allowed to say whatever you like, I love it. You know, [00:06:18] I was I just feeling like, I just don't give a shit. You know, if you don't like it, then maybe you shouldn't work in in, you know, so I'm not going anywhere. So I think I think I am. Like, I think I've even changed some people's perspective, just by working with me. Like I remember like, a couple years ago, and even like, still today, like, some of the workers are like, Oh my god, he said gay marriage. Oh, my God. And then they'll work with me. And they'll realize that I'm not actually like, like, a bad person. You know, I'm not even enter you like how, you know, don't even find yourself to even think that I think that you're so hot that I'm gonna, you know, go there with you. So it's pretty. [00:07:05] So the customers have been all right. [00:07:09] Um, what do you do the tools at all? Yeah, all the time. I'm always up there. And I'm, yeah, [00:07:16] they don't, they don't care because we're going to be second stupid. When they see me during that kind of thing. They're like, Oh, my God, no power to him. And all that kind of stuff. You know, so? Um, yeah, because we're gonna he's just so conservative. [00:07:32] Oh, people are saying that. He's very conservative, conservative. [00:07:37] As really as I mean, you know, you know, just in terms of being like, even like being different, like people who have a lot, you know, like Buggins or something, or people who have bright colored dreadlocks or, you know, anything that's different from the normal normality of that today is just, you know, think they look at it as a it's a temporary kind of thing. You know, about like, Where's my Willington in Oakland or Panasonic, and it's quite acceptable to walk around and do that kind of thing. You know, hold hands with a guy or a girl, you know? Yeah. Yeah. So, [00:08:20] um, [00:08:22] I think all that learning is really bad. Yeah. It's, [00:08:30] I guess that must be like, 100 watts. So [00:08:35] have you been in a relationship before? [00:08:37] I have? And like, like, it's not even long, but I mean, it's like, I don't know, six, eight months. [00:08:45] Is that your relationship? Yeah. [00:08:47] But I mean, I'm thinking that just because like, I'm moving away. And like, if I hit went to Auckland and Wellington on a straightaway or a string of voice, I think, you know, so. That's why it's been pretty hard to get boyfriends in this town. And also because they have like assholes in this town. And, you know, they're not very nice. Okay. So like, I want a man it's like, really strong and tough in you know, maybe not to Yes. What's your time? Oh, I [00:09:25] can't say that. And this is [00:09:27] really good. Oh, my God. Okay. So yeah. [00:09:33] Have you had with your relationship? Yeah. Have you dated anyone else? [00:09:39] been on a date? [00:09:43] Yet, I one guy though. It's pretty. It's pretty awkward. Cuz, you know, we just don't know. Like, these are saying like, even in straight relationships. I don't know what they're doing. You know, they quite nervous. So I think it's kind of [00:09:59] going on first date or date of any kind is kind of, its universal. [00:10:08] He's like, I'm like, [00:10:14] he's like, if I would give me Donald's and he became [00:10:18] love at first sight. [00:10:21] I have compromised let's say, [00:10:25] Romeo and Juliet. [00:10:28] I'm elements D. [00:10:32] co author. [00:10:37] Um, how do you meet other people in the community? [00:10:41] Um, well, I kind of made up my mind like, [00:10:46] like cuz I cuz I know that it's walking away. And I'm not gonna be here for like, much longer. Maybe like another six to eight, man, [00:10:55] you're saving up to like [00:10:56] to get away from this. Hello, I'm saying [00:11:01] Wellington, [00:11:02] Wellington, toilet, politician repository, party. [00:11:08] projects. Service. [00:11:11] and empowerment. They have a Rainbow Room. [00:11:14] Wasn't buying buyer. I'm [00:11:17] in that context. [00:11:18] Well, it's around my room. That is for people who are gay or no queer or queer friendly to go and hang out. [00:11:27] Really? Like? Yeah, [00:11:30] well, Gala. ranneberger thing. Yeah. Game late. It was for the ramble. Your scopes, you know, for school. Queer groups. Yeah. With the gay people, queer people getting hang out, but they want in the parliament. [00:11:45] Oh my god. I think it's so great. I have no idea. Yeah. [00:11:49] I female ago, so. I still want [00:11:52] to go. I'm going I think I'm going in a couple months anyway, so. Oh, my God, he [00:11:57] like, sandwiches. [00:12:00] I mean, I think it's so great. I've never heard a rumor. Remember, I live alone in a like a parliamentarian building. [00:12:12] Um, what is your definition of dignity? [00:12:15] of virginity? Yes. I know. [00:12:18] Like this [00:12:26] up my face. I asked me that my face a lot. No, [00:12:28] no. What is your definition? So how do you define the [00:12:37] face time you do it with someone? I think the first time you do it with someone? And you have to say [00:12:47] yeah, I think it's always you can always remember I do remember yours. Yeah. [00:12:56] Remember, they face time when they lost it? virginity so [00:12:59] yeah, unless you're very drunk that night. [00:13:02] Oh. I mean, it doesn't count. Yeah. Oh, yeah. [00:13:08] Plus, if you can't remember your first time, then I usually even happened. [00:13:12] Absolutely, of course. [00:13:15] So have you experienced or gotten any abusive behavior because of your sexuality? [00:13:20] I'm sure I have. Like [00:13:26] I'm like when I was like a kid growing up and going to a mall disco. [00:13:32] Naughty, oriented school, like, um, you know, [00:13:37] it's a pretty, it's pretty, pretty horrible there. Because, you know, you've got like, all these naughty boys there and they're like, I doing and they're like, you know, you should act like that. You know? I think like, again, my job comes into play with it because I you know, deal with people like that all day. But instead of my sexuality is biggest [00:14:02] hit like they had from missing from the order. You know, like, I think a kind of [00:14:08] a fry. [00:14:09] Only not like fries. Like [00:14:14] a bunch of for and they had a bunch of fries and then one fried. [00:14:22] Um, so, yeah, but now I just I just really don't care. Because, I mean, there's this new confidence that I found now that because I'm like, I'm leaving this town to go into a bit of more accepting town, you know, but at the same time, I don't want to leave. I just want to push this in the face. You know, it's funny, like, here I am. Be like, yeah, and that shot in the face and that just, you know. So yeah, [00:14:51] it's pretty fun. [00:14:54] So thank you for the interview. [00:14:56] Oh, you're welcome.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.