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Georgie - Q12

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride in z and rainbow youth. [00:00:05] Hello, how are you today? I'm good. How are you? Fantastic. What's your name? Georgie. Georgie. Georgie pie? [00:00:13] Yes like 25 I was very sad when Georgie close down to have you hit that heard the new movement to get Georgie pi up and running. No I thought McDonald's bought it out [00:00:23] yeah McDonald's said for me out but there's someone going around the country like getting signatures on this just like taking time off from work just going cross singing having a petition and everything like try get like 5000 techcrunch's which is going quite well. Yeah, [00:00:37] I've always want to have those t shirts that has bring back Georgie pie on [00:00:42] good times. Good times. I remember when I was little [00:00:46] squid pies. Yeah, that's great. The better the [00:00:49] better than KFC pies. KFC has pies. [00:00:53] Bad for a little bit? I did not know that. Yeah, [00:00:56] I'm too young. [00:00:57] A taste. No, no, no, it was like, right year and or earlier this year tasted like Ted and gravy pie. [00:01:05] Sounds Yeah, it was. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? [00:01:09] I'm 21. I'm from I'm studying the pans to north and my second year [00:01:18] from the ghetto. [00:01:20] Born and raised in New Zealand. Got two older brothers [00:01:24] do pretty much basic information. Right? I have two cats. Yeah. Yeah, [00:01:31] I'm the cat lady. What's the names? Raphael and Quinn? dearly brothers? Oh, they pretty sweet. Yeah. [00:01:40] Pretty good. That's about him any other information? [00:01:44] What is your sexuality? [00:01:47] I'm gay. Okay. Yeah. [00:01:51] What do [00:01:51] you want to call it? [00:01:53] What is your sex? Female? What is your gender identity? Female? Good. You know what? They're both? [00:02:00] Some people don't? What is your culture? I didn't really? [00:02:07] I don't really. Yeah, [00:02:09] New Zealand, European, I don't really, you know, have a massive culture. Care, to be honest. I know that I've Dutch ancestry and that sort of thing. And that's cool. [00:02:20] But otherwise, you're just New Zealander? [00:02:23] And how do you express yourself? masculine and feminine or any other way? I'm [00:02:29] kind of both like, I am more of a feminine gay chick, I would think you know, but I definitely do have sort of masculine tendencies as well that I can't sort of help. It's just me, you know, sometimes I try and be more feminine, because I know that that's what most other girls want. You know, girls want to you girls usually want to really go they don't really want, you know, some big bush ducks. And I think I feel more comfortable when I feel prettier. But at the same time, I have a big conference because you know, sometimes I just like to be like, real dude ocean like workout and get like big muscles and stuff. And it's like a dude. And it's like, I that's quite me life. I was just, you know, to be. Yeah, [00:03:11] it's like walk through random doors and is change your complete personality. I'm really [00:03:15] I can Yeah, I'm really both like I wouldn't I don't know if it's necessarily a conflict. Like sometimes I just prefer to be girly. And other times I prefer to [00:03:25] just like, [00:03:26] like the angel nibble on each shoulders, be masculine, be feminine. Yeah, basically. And I've always, I've always wanted to keep my feminine side, but at the same time, like, I felt like I was flying under the radar a little bit like nobody knew I was gay, even though I was pretty much avoiding it from the rooftops because I had to actually tell people and shake them and be like, come on, otherwise, I'd never meet any other gay people. I was a feminist. [00:03:51] No, [00:03:53] no, no, no. You're, [00:03:56] you're [00:03:57] you're Yeah, [00:03:58] I me. I'm just me. I don't really, you know, I believe in equal rights for everyone. You know, I think feminism maybe is taken it a bit far. Sometimes you know that you're going a bit [00:04:08] overboard. Like expecting [00:04:11] more rights almost sometimes. I don't know. Yeah, [00:04:15] no. [00:04:18] Not a huge feminist. So [00:04:22] when did you realize [00:04:24] I actually know the exact moment it was a bit of a lightbulb moment? [00:04:28] Well, I've been lifting. And [00:04:33] actually, in retrospect, now, looking back throughout my childhood and things I can sort of see, you know, like, in hindsight you like I am, maybe there was a bit of a sign, you know, making out with you from when you were 18. But [00:04:45] at the time, you know, she just didn't add a kiss, and she just got a boyfriend. So I was just like, I'll show you how, because I've kissed before. So there you go. But yeah, no, I was, um, I had this friend. I probably shouldn't Dana. At high school, I went to a Catholic High School, all girls. And yeah, yeah. And yeah, we were like, just became best friends. And it was really, really intense. It was really rapid. And I realized that I had sort of stronger feelings for her. And we used to just be really, really cuddly. And we'd like, you know, always hug and cuddle and stuff. And then it sort of just escalated like that. I need to put the moves on or anything. I always she always instigated everything. So because I was too scared, you don't want to freak her out. And I didn't know what was going on either. And then one night, I went there, me to sleep over. And we were just hugging me. Thanks for just like, one thing that Yeah, like, miniatures on top of me, you know, it was just like, but we were just hugging. You know, it was just like anything, started getting a little heated and rah rah, rah. And then [00:05:46] after that, I was just like, oh my god, [00:05:48] you know what's happened, [00:05:48] but [00:05:50] actually, people found out about it. And it got out and she told everyone that I detect during asleep, and that I was like some crazy lesbian rapist. And that got out around the whole school. And it's almost like the thing and pretty, pretty gutted. [00:06:08] And even though she was on top of, you know, yeah, [00:06:10] she, I neither did any of it. You know, like, I let her instigate everything because I was way too scared. And because I was I was in love, like madly in love, like, teenage, like, insane. And that went on. Or she actually ended up apologizing. But then [00:06:29] I thought she apologized, should come back, but she didn't. And then you kind of spiraled into a depression for two years. And then you that's, that's my story. [00:06:39] So did you ever had like a dial period? denial period? [00:06:45] No, I don't really think so. I had the I had the lightbulb moment. I was sitting on the bus one day, this was like, probably, like a month into when we were still, you know, we've just friends still, but things were sort of getting a bit intimate. And I sort of thought boyfriends. Like, [00:07:02] obviously, don't mean to be dodgy, but assuming they Thank you. Yeah. [00:07:08] I'm so you know, into that right now. I mean, I was just like, I'm neither, you know, whenever I had my boyfriends and stuff, even when we were doing like, intimate things. I never felt this rush. You know, this amazing, like, [00:07:19] feeling. Just like, shit. I'm so gay. No, this is like, you know, wasn't really a big deal. I [00:07:30] I was I wasn't really denial. I was just more I felt like no one understood. Even my best friends. Like, I could talk to them about it. And that act. Okay. But that's only when I was acting. I think they're being real, that they were okay with it. But I would always feel like they were judging me. Even my parents like, like they expected it when I told them so. Yeah, no, duh. Yeah, so they sort of already knew. But um, no, I wouldn't call it tonight. I think I was just more I, once I realized that I just wanted to reach. I needed other people around me, who understood. But I didn't do that for two years, because I was too busy being depressed. [00:08:09] I expected a good positive reaction from people were you [00:08:14] know, no, no, I didn't. I didn't expect it. No, people will pop more positive than I did expect. And then after that two year period, when I I meet someone on some dating site, and we started dating, and I took it to the ball to the board and Hamilton, and everywhere I had the [00:08:31] drawers dropped. Yeah, [00:08:32] I actually went up to my Dean and asked her I'll say, look, I said, Okay, protect my girlfriend, and she was just like, as long as you don't make it completely obvious when you're there. And I'm like, it's not like we're going to start fucking [00:08:43] on the dance floor. Yeah, [00:08:46] but no, so yeah, I took her to the pole. So that was quite good. [00:08:49] Let's go. Yeah. So I [00:08:50] really had a closer to come out of Really? [00:08:55] Not really because it got added for me. You know, like, everyone found out [00:09:00] and then height you know, it was it was hard. It was really hard. And [00:09:04] but i i was so overwhelmed by the emotion of being madly in love that I didn't care what people were thinking about me I was all I could think about was how is going to get back it was like, it was almost an obsession and then yet spiral down. It was it was quite dead. Yes. Genetic. [00:09:23] is quite funny. Is there there is not possibly a closet for years, like a doorway to Nadia for you. Yeah. [00:09:30] I don't know. I just, yeah, I sort of just got out, you know, I it happened. And I that was the least of my worries. At the time. I wasn't worried about the fact that it was a girl. I was more just horrified by the fact that I'd lost it. So got it. Yeah, it's crazy. Yeah, [00:09:49] love sports is a big bit of a support system for your sexuality. [00:09:56] Not really at a time like this, not like it was any queer youth groups at my Catholics go, you know, like none of my friends. [00:10:02] Okay. But your parents were accepting [00:10:05] you. But I was I was skeptical of that. You know, I never felt like they could say that they were accepting and say with my friends, but I never believed them. Even now. Sometimes. I think they my parents might think it's just a phase and then I'll come out of it. But they'll, though, that realized eventually, I guess. Yeah. Yeah. So um, [00:10:25] you've had relationships before? Yeah. Yeah. Like, tell us about some. [00:10:30] I've actually skipped from relationship [00:10:32] to relationship. And you went from fling stage? i? Yeah, I just, you're right. Now I want to stay single for a very long time, because I've had my heart broken pretty [00:10:42] brutally recently. [00:10:44] And you thing, I mean, online, and we dated for six months. And then she broke up with me on New Year's, which was [00:10:53] really brutal. That's right. Yeah, [00:10:55] that's really got it. And it was really out of the blue and unexpected. But our relationship was great. I didn't really see what the problem was. But I think I see through the book because she was the first gay person to meet. So I was just like, I didn't find it that attractive, to be honest. You know, I was like, I was conquered because I wanted to experience what it was like to have a relationship with a girl. And then I came down to messy to do it. And have had a fling with an RA. [00:11:23] Yep, random flying with an IRA, which is very silly, but it was fun. And then I got into a 18 month long relationship with this good I meet someone introduced me to her. It wasn't the healthiest relationship I we had lots of good times and stuff. But she was quite flirtatious with other people. And I'm very into fidelity and monogamy and stuff. And she never really made me feel that secure. And so we broke up where she lives. She lived in seats, and she needed space. Then I realized it wasn't good for me. So I didn't want to get back into the relationship. She came back a month later was like, Okay, let's get back together. And I was like, no. So in the end, I actually ended up breaking her heart. Yeah, and then I was only single for like, two months. And then I met at a party here. And I, we clicked and it was like, to me, it felt like it still does felt like it was it like, honestly, she made me feel like it was gonna last forever. Like she moved all this stuff in pretty much and like we just, I can't even like describe the connection, really. But um, yeah. And then just out of the blue, like, on my, on my birthday on my 21st birthday. [00:12:38] She just said that. Well, actually two days before she told me she loved me. And then on that day, she was like, Look, I'm just not ready for it. I don't want to be in a relationship anymore. And she left and I haven't seen her since. And that was that. So yes, I'm a very lonely heartbroken busy at the moment. But I'm determined to stay single for a long, long time because I neither them single as an adult for longer than a month. I need to learn how to do it without feeling lonely. [00:13:05] How long ago was that relationship? like four weeks? for more than a month now? [00:13:11] Four weeks is a month, isn't it? Yeah. August August. The fifth was my birthday. So I guess it is longer. It's just over a month. Yeah. So [00:13:20] how do you meet other people in the LGBT IQ community? [00:13:25] in the day, and coming to Q coming coming, [00:13:30] more international professional [00:13:31] way of reaching people. [00:13:35] Pretty much like I got to hook up with a freaking crazy hot chick on Saturday night. I mean, I mean, the date I was just here dancing with my cousin and then she just turned up and was everyone to me, but I couldn't [00:13:46] she want to go home but I just couldn't do it. [00:13:48] I'm just not really you know, like, I thought I could be all badass and promiscuous, but that's just not me. Yeah. [00:13:55] So what is your definition of Genji? [00:13:59] The [00:14:01] so my definition virginity of six, [00:14:03] your personal fit? [00:14:05] Okay, your personal definition? [00:14:13] Like you think it is? [00:14:16] I think it's quite. It's not just a physical thing. Like, I think it is a mental thing as well. You know, like, if you're with someone, like, you know, people can say, oh, at least beings can't lose the virginity, you know, because they're not they can have, you know, penetration with a penis, like, I don't necessarily, it's even not even necessarily about penetration. There's people out there who probably can either have penetration because the, you know, [00:14:38] sexual organs aren't [00:14:40] able to do so. You know, like, there's diseases out there that you can so does that mean those people are never going to get to have six now? You know, it's if you're with someone and you mentally and physically, you know, inside feel like you're heading six in and I know as well then you are heading six? In my opinion, I think it's Yeah, it's not just dick in vagina. It's not that basic. Yeah. [00:15:07] Have you ever been [00:15:09] ever experienced abuse or piece of behaviors because of your sexuality or gender? rtmp Yes, actually, [00:15:19] I've just been discriminated against a few times. [00:15:23] Like once I was going to the movies and Wellington with my girlfriend we were holding hands and walking to the movies and this woman approached us like she was a security guard or something and she was like oh, you're not allowed in here if you're going to be making out and stuff you know and we were like oh, you know we got we've got a standard we've got standards to keep here you know you can't have you guys coming in here and making out like these other girls were the other day and I was just like I'm so angry I'd like to she woke up to every straight couple who walks up the you know and go are you guys can't make out you're like it just a really really aggravated me [00:15:53] yes [00:15:54] quite strange in and just getting a gay guys get harassed in a different way they get you know, called policies, weak and pathetic and disgusting feels we get sexually objectified. You know, I get you know, guys who were just like, yeah, you know, it's a three way you know, and just like me and my girlfriend Kirsten the cat wants and the Scott toted and we pass and it was like, like out the window to us you know was thing is making sexually suggestive? You know, it's just yeah, I think it's a different kind of abuse guys get big not we get like [00:16:26] that. Yeah. [00:16:26] objectified like it's it makes you feel like [00:16:29] kind of disgusting. No, no. Keep that [00:16:32] way. Yeah, [00:16:32] pretty much. Yeah. Well, thank you for that interview. [00:16:35] That's all right. Thank you.

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