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Dylan - Q12

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride and David and rainbow. [00:00:05] So can you tell us a little bit about yourself? [00:00:07] I'm here to [00:00:10] maintain data. [00:00:14] Do you like music? What type of music? [00:00:17] Lady Gaga, Nicki? Little Wayne. [00:00:23] And movie? tape. [00:00:29] Yeah. [00:00:31] So how's your social life? It's [00:00:33] pretty well. [00:00:36] You got when you can [00:00:37] go out to shine. [00:00:39] Yeah. [00:00:41] Good. Was it fun? [00:00:44] You have a love of a tag along person with you? Yes. Is he sitting in the corner with you right now? [00:00:49] He's sitting in the corner. [00:00:50] Yes. He hugging himself like a little teddy bear. [00:00:53] Yes. Yes. [00:00:58] Sometimes, so. Yeah. 1999 and you're a male, [00:01:03] male. [00:01:04] Female, know? How do you express yourself? [00:01:09] express myself [00:01:11] masculine, feminine. Both masculine and feminine. [00:01:17] Okay, when you're okay. [00:01:22] When did you realize, [00:01:25] sir? Hey. So what was happening around that time when you're [00:01:30] experimenting [00:01:32] with [00:01:34] people? [00:01:36] Not mentioning names. No. cookies. Cookies, [00:01:41] donkey [00:01:42] donkey. [00:01:44] Okay, ignore the strange person thats hanging himself in the corner. [00:01:49] So you're experimenting? Did you accept your sexuality? Around that time? [00:01:55] Not that time. I [00:02:00] was a little bit older. [00:02:03] Did you think it was just a phase that you were going for? it? [00:02:07] Obviously [00:02:10] was strange face that would be [00:02:15] as he notes away. So um, so when you're going through these experiments, things or the thoughts or these feelings? Did you ever thought hey, this is new. Maybe I could keep this a secret just in case people might discriminate of some sort? Yes. [00:02:34] Until I actually came out, [00:02:35] when did you come out? [00:02:39] 60. [00:02:40] m, when did you accepted [00:02:43] them? [00:02:45] Same time as you came out. So bit of a break about three years. [00:02:51] So what was going through your head? during that three years? [00:02:57] People would accept me for who I am. [00:03:00] What was going for you? Hey, when you came out? [00:03:04] How do I tell people? [00:03:07] How. So how about your friends? How did they react? Oh my god, you're [00:03:13] like, [00:03:14] oh my god. Let's close it and all [00:03:17] put on makeup and Ouch. slap my hand against the wall. [00:03:24] How about your parents? [00:03:26] They were pretty excited [00:03:29] about the casinos hugging himself in the corner. [00:03:33] Yes. How did you feel? [00:03:35] Oh, [00:03:36] it was obvious. [00:03:41] Stephen, he was always dresses nicely. And then [00:03:49] in like, 15 or so minutes 15. And soldiers thought that he has to be gay. He's gonna be good. And then you just told me [00:04:00] you know, just came out recently. [00:04:03] Man. [00:04:07] Funny, that doesn't sound like [00:04:13] and now you're going to be the guy hugging yourself in the corner. So, [00:04:19] um, [00:04:21] no way, did you he felt that you had to keep it a secret before you came out. You [00:04:28] kind of give people like a [00:04:33] very old man. [00:04:36] Really? [00:04:38] They're really accepted. [00:04:43] So when you came out and did any other people, which he felt like they had to? Do they realize that they were coming out as well. They were like a lot of the time. [00:04:55] No, no, there was a couple that. [00:04:59] That not total life later [00:05:01] life. [00:05:03] Later on in life, I should say. Yeah. So what has changed since then? [00:05:11] What happened with myself? [00:05:18] lots of [00:05:21] friends of shamans will change more Adrienne's estate. Yeah. [00:05:28] You've noticed you've moved around a lot as well. [00:05:32] Hello. [00:05:34] There's a lot to liberation. [00:05:38] When I was [00:05:42] I was [00:05:44] would have been seven parents got a divorce went through hell. [00:05:52] Moving from Hilton temporary into Oakland and Wellington better Hamilton. Hamilton is kind of [00:06:01] a big tennis match here. One point Australia, [00:06:07] and Australia was the ex partner. [00:06:14] So you've had a lot of support from your friends. And obviously your family. So it's the cousin in the corner? [00:06:21] Yeah. [00:06:34] Cousin Leila. [00:06:39] Forever. [00:06:43] So if you're feeling a lot of relationships, yes. Would you like to elaborate? [00:07:03] I wouldn't want to [00:07:05] go through this stuff again. [00:07:06] I wouldn't, I wouldn't want to go through the stuff we've been [00:07:09] through. [00:07:13] do have a number of how many relationships you've been in. [00:07:18] Just go to the lot. [00:07:21] Do you know? [00:07:25] All right. [00:07:27] So has your life affected your relationships in any way? [00:07:33] Okay. [00:07:35] How about your sexuality with coming out being orphaned at age 16? [00:07:41] Yes, and [00:07:44] when was your first relationship? [00:07:50] around about [00:07:52] 14 my first official relationship? [00:08:00] Nah, man. [00:08:02] That was back when you're in high school. [00:08:05] Miss [00:08:07] the good old days. [00:08:09] The good old days. [00:08:11] You want to tell us about that relationship or not? [00:08:16] No, no, no. [00:08:19] No. [00:08:26] So how do you make sure that people in the community [00:08:31] go I haven't drank [00:08:34] I've also noticed that and Hilton every all the gay people go to Starbucks. Is that [00:08:41] their [00:08:43] cup of coffee? Do you [00:08:45] go there? Not on my coffee. [00:08:49] No, he doesn't like cup [00:08:51] of coffee. [00:08:52] So you guys who? Starbucks is that? Like their little unofficial youth gay group and our [00:09:01] lunch? Let's catch up. [00:09:04] for coffee. [00:09:06] Have you ever went to any of the LGBT groups or anywhere in the country? Not [00:09:11] this previous? [00:09:13] How about in the past? No. [00:09:18] Not rainbow you. wacky School's out. And Wellington? [00:09:27] No, no. [00:09:28] need to think about this. [00:09:34] I do have a lot of friends and LGBT iQ? [00:09:40] I think so. [00:09:41] What do you think? So? [00:09:45] I don't know if anyone actually goes to these kind of meetings and stuff. [00:09:49] I [00:09:49] mean, like I mean, in general do have a lot of gay friends. [00:09:53] Yes. [00:09:55] Hey, tapes. liquored the group. So you guys are shine often. [00:10:02] When I can. I mean, I can [00:10:03] read you can when I can. [00:10:08] When you can. Yes. Do you see a lot of the same faces over and over and over again? [00:10:16] As a matter of a crowd behave and you do you think about [00:10:23] sometimes depending on what it is? [00:10:28] Do people always go for the same person every time they go there or try to change your [00:10:37] know? No ice go through the same person? Yeah. [00:10:42] I'm gonna go to shine. Oh, it's all the same faces. Okay, I'll just stick with you and see [00:10:49] if it's a function people come out from the mountain. That kind of stuff. [00:10:55] We have a song someone's near. They always promised in the new fresh meat katha. Yeah. Yeah. So [00:11:02] obviously, Hamilton has a committee has a has a reputation [00:11:09] for [00:11:11] signatures? I don't know. I've heard the highest second highest either. So is that? Is that a rumor or a fact that it's the highest or second highest to me? chlamydia. And New Zealand? [00:11:28] No. [00:11:31] No. [00:11:33] I'm very safe. [00:11:35] That's a good boy. He said. Very, very [00:11:41] sorry. cycle for bus. Good. [00:11:44] He's joining us [00:11:47] in the corner, quiet in the cheap seats. [00:11:52] Fun times. Okay, so here's a really difficult question. What is your definition of the [00:12:02] Oh my god. [00:12:12] Why do you think [00:12:14] it's I think it's just you have six for the first time. [00:12:23] It's just just opportunities that How about you? [00:12:28] Do you agree or disagree? Oh, yeah. Your thoughts, your interest? [00:12:35] Your time [00:12:41] playing around? [00:12:43] Well, people think that [00:12:44] I reckon it should be something special. [00:12:47] A lot of people think that virginity is different layers of what virginity is like some people think that your first [00:12:54] time that you should have if even Lucifer together. that it should be special in the summer you care about. [00:13:05] What do you think? [00:13:06] Know? Why is it? My [00:13:11] Jolly good. [00:13:14] So have you received or experienced any abuse or abusive behavior in the past because of your sexuality or any other reason? Yes. Would you like to elaborate? [00:13:28] Are you sure [00:13:28] it positive [00:13:33] as the finger gets flipped? [00:13:36] Excuse me, I'm coffee. So [00:13:41] how? How many table Do you think there is in the gay scene and Hamilton? [00:13:47] Quite a handful. A handful. Not more than handful. [00:13:55] Your efforts [00:14:00] This is [00:14:02] plenty. This country company Hamilton. [00:14:08] So heavy on Wellington because you go to Wellington [00:14:12] often away. [00:14:16] This [00:14:18] handful. A handful of hands very, very big hand phone. [00:14:25] So al Wellington Hamilton, [00:14:29] Auckland, and we're we're about Sweden, Australia, Melbourne, Melbourne. Victoria, Melbourne. Nice thing, Melbourne, Victoria, of some sorts of across deserts of the Tasman. [00:14:43] What's your favorite [00:14:45] area or community? etc, etc, etc. favorite [00:14:49] thing about mobile? Are you favorite community? community? A community area? I didn't wanna be experiencing the games from here today. [00:15:00] I have an open What's your favorite? If you wanted to be in any of those four areas? Where would you want to be? [00:15:08] Oh, it's tricky Christian. Not to be in [00:15:13] a private jet [00:15:15] fly over each year. [00:15:25] You don't know. [00:15:27] A lot more [00:15:30] reasons. [00:15:33] More [00:15:34] about Oakland. What's your favorite part about Oakland? [00:15:40] him they would have to be [00:15:46] like [00:15:46] the life style have a house and [00:15:55] quiet here. [00:15:56] It's [00:16:02] Wellingtons. It was [00:16:09] just a pass me Marisa. [00:16:13] Well, thank you for the interview. You're welcome. Thank you. Thank you for the person that's hiding the quarterback he saw hugging himself.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.