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Chicken Lil - Q12

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride in z and rainbow youth. [00:00:06] Hello, how are you today? I'm I'm dandy. [00:00:13] Yes, I saw what you did there. [00:00:14] So who are you? I am. Chicken will. [00:00:18] And you also number 40. Yeah, yeah. [00:00:21] Number 40 interview? [00:00:25] I think [00:00:28] so. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Okay. I like to dance. [00:00:34] Yes. [00:00:36] Jonas now [00:00:36] and and a couple of weeks and we'll just think the knees don't school the dance devil Wellington association with terrific [00:00:45] stuff. [00:00:48] Other than that, you're better than my [00:00:52] fabulous. Yeah. [00:00:53] Fabulous. I PC families. And I was like, No, I only have one. But you know how it Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah, I've got lots of family suffering families. [00:01:05] Many families and many, many [00:01:09] likes and hobbies. [00:01:11] I like I like boys. My hobbies, boys? Yeah. But you know, [00:01:18] um, I like so that anything creative like painting drawing? I'm sure that both of those but I like them. And there is this other stuff. [00:01:29] Dancing acting stage where? anything really just being social. I like I tend to suffer. Yeah, you might put Say something. Hello? [00:01:37] Hell yeah. I haven't even drink it. [00:01:46] Yet, but [00:01:47] other than that, anything really? As long as it's not too crazy. Not too crazy. Yeah, well, I say that. But the Whoo. Yeah. Yeah, [00:02:00] well, funny story. This is actually a pop down shirt. And I was like, you know, just carefully like moving around, as you know, and they started coming up because it's actually really tight. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, [00:02:11] true story. [00:02:15] What is your six? [00:02:18] I'm not a male. Male. [00:02:22] And you know what I mean by gender. I [00:02:26] know that six year old. [00:02:30] Male. [00:02:30] Yes, yes. Okay. [00:02:34] Okay, yeah. Yes, [00:02:35] Ma'am, [00:02:35] ma'am. Yeah. [00:02:39] Oh, How'd you know? Yeah, [00:02:43] I'm reading your mind right now. I have to say it out loud. So the microphone Can you hear [00:02:50] me? Yeah, yeah. [00:02:54] So they can't see it. [00:02:57] But anyway, yeah, [00:02:59] man, was I all those mind fucking is fucking with my mind. [00:03:04] That is the general idea of mine. [00:03:07] Yes, I keep kicking everybody. Sorry. It's very [00:03:12] been around town. [00:03:15] What is your culture identity? [00:03:18] What could you identify where you can use [00:03:20] the wonder? [00:03:25] How do you express yourself and I Mr. Damon cam Twinkie? [00:03:33] I don't know. I'm just so like, he's not in. I'm just like, not I mean, I guess you'd have to ask other people but I don't know. [00:03:43] I've got people here. [00:03:47] campaign. Not all the time. But [00:03:51] I disagree. I will say you RT and drummers who appear outdoor [00:03:58] theater theater. Yeah, [00:04:01] okay. Yeah, yeah. Shakespeare. I love Shakespeare. Romeo not to be this is not the question since we're in the middle of it as you know. [00:04:12] When did you realize that you were attracted to ball? Yo, cigar? I know. [00:04:18] That's a very vague answer. But it wasn't really sort of a turning [00:04:22] point. Like [00:04:27] it wasn't really like a certain point I was just selected. And I realized, hey, yeah [00:04:41] look up companies have known [00:04:46] awesome. [00:04:48] winded actually, really? [00:04:52] I don't think till [00:04:56] yet, nine. [00:05:00] Four years ago, four years ago [00:05:03] when I was [00:05:06] actually getting into the home things. [00:05:15] But it was sort of like a [00:05:17] Hey, wait. I know what the SEC. Yeah. Yeah. [00:05:22] Boy, yeah. [00:05:22] Oh, yeah. Well, I just say fuck before so. Yeah. Is something from the left side? [00:05:36] No, no, no. [00:05:41] have already done that. [00:05:44] So [00:05:48] no, actually, [00:05:51] I think that I don't know. Like a lot of people who have like sort of like gone through like this period with that. Maybe not, but I've never [00:05:58] actually saw that. Rich that point. I was, like, [00:06:07] five of us. A couple more. [00:06:11] For four of us to read his power right over there. [00:06:19] really wasn't a point where I was just like, [00:06:21] Hey, you [00:06:22] know what? I don't know. [00:06:25] So you even went for a period Waseda? [00:06:28] I'm actually by [00:06:30] trying to deny it in a way but you're not at the same time as like you except that you like boys but you're saying that you like girl so something [00:06:39] D was those obviously times when all thought you know, I don't want to be but [00:06:46] I always [00:06:47] knew that. I was not would be so there was never I mean, course there was ups and downs but I know [00:06:54] you accepted. Yeah, [00:06:56] I'm going fed. Yeah, look at me. Yeah. [00:07:02] Yo, my his Kasha that's why. [00:07:07] That's the [00:07:09] reason they had a hiccup those chips are. [00:07:13] Oh, I know. [00:07:15] It's tragic. Tragic. Tragic. life changing. Yeah, [00:07:18] pretty much. [00:07:23] When did you come out of the closet? [00:07:27] I'm [00:07:30] like, how about but [00:07:33] you know, I just tell you it wasn't very good for you know, just all these lines and shut talking trays and Jesus. Yeah, I was like, [00:07:45] What are you doing with your horns and your law? [00:07:52] Like kinky? [00:07:55] No, I'm [00:07:58] not. I'm not. I'll be on. [00:08:01] Anyway. [00:08:04] Estimating [00:08:07] three years ago, [00:08:10] four years ago, four years ago. Yeah. Yeah, [00:08:13] that was pretty. Oh, [00:08:16] yes. Thank you. [00:08:20] Sweet. As you said. [00:08:24] It was the first person you told [00:08:29] I honestly don't remember. [00:08:33] I don't think it was like a soda. I think [00:08:40] he's screaming out. Yeah, it wasn't really like a [00:08:45] sit down with someone saying [00:08:48] confidential. Mom, I'm gay. [00:08:54] It wasn't my mom. Your friends? Yeah. Shelley I'm getting [00:09:01] I don't know if you know someone that's named Kelly. And [00:09:02] I do a story about Sally. Go ahead. She's so cute. [00:09:07] She came over late. [00:09:10] She was from Germany. And she came over. And she was like, really blonde, which is really pretty. Yeah. That's cute. [00:09:17] So now I like the name show it [00:09:19] even though it reminds you of shells. [00:09:24] show he's he's like a boss. Or she is a boss. Like a boss. [00:09:29] Like a boss. But she is. [00:09:33] So you can't have a support system. People [00:09:35] supported you and your sexuality. Yep. [00:09:38] Um, well, for the first while there was like, you know, the [00:09:41] obvious. [00:09:43] down like Sean. Yeah. Yeah, but it's like, I know, [00:09:50] by that point, I was accepted up myself. So it's like, yeah, it's like, congratulations. You know, everyone else knows. What do you turn pro? Yeah. So like a [00:10:04] get you thought something but others. I mean, they don't know. [00:10:10] What. [00:10:12] Small town so everyone knows. So that everyone so? Yeah, [00:10:18] it's no, it's no big news anymore. Like every step you take physical sort of trial. [00:10:25] If we move you back. [00:10:32] It's like, someone. I don't [00:10:33] know. I'm glad you stopped me though. Because I can move. [00:10:39] This is not karaoke. Anyway. So [00:10:43] um, so you've been in a few relationships? Yeah. [00:10:48] Let's smile. That cheeky smile. Oh, dear. Yeah. [00:10:54] Would you like to tell us about some how many relationships? [00:11:00] To me? [00:11:05] I've had a few long ones. I guess a [00:11:08] few things. A few. Yeah, [00:11:10] it's the first couple show the discovery. So who am I? What do I like and then it's a lot. [00:11:17] Now you found just yet so like now I won't know what I want to know. I know what I like [00:11:26] to pick up the heels. Yeah. [00:11:28] Next down the yellow brick road. [00:11:30] Snap. Snap, snap. [00:11:32] Snap. Yeah. [00:11:45] How do you reach people and the LGBT community? And the was LGBT iQ? look a bit [00:11:56] gay bi transgender. intersects with [00:12:02] Ah, [00:12:06] I think she wants to speak for the sun. No, no, you [00:12:11] all is this really cool support group? And probably. Yeah, it's [00:12:18] a little plug for Pisces really go and if you're around to totally check it out. It's a great support. So the thing? Yeah. [00:12:31] And [00:12:33] don't shake your hand. [00:12:45] Anyway. So I went to that a couple of times. And that's really cool. And I met a couple of people. [00:12:52] I mean, you know, that was awesome. I mean, from the I got work on Wednesday nights. Sorry, gonna go anymore. But I still so that keeps [00:13:06] in touch with the people and the people that you know, new people and then [00:13:11] people people. Yeah, [00:13:12] if you know, if you're falling to get out there and do stuff, then there's always people may. Just who you know. Yeah. [00:13:23] Hi, I'm a barista. I'm doing my best to training at the moment. First one. Yeah, [00:13:28] fun times. But I'm making me coffee, Joe. I'm totally like judging this coffee. [00:13:36] judging you. But the company begins the bench. [00:13:43] They pretty good. Not as good. As I said, not as good as me. [00:13:55] Is your definition of virginity. [00:13:57] virginity. [00:14:02] Every single [00:14:04] year, I listened to [00:14:08] the limited. [00:14:10] All three of these people have [00:14:19] really thought about that. [00:14:25] Peanut, peanut, peanut trick Top Country. [00:14:32] People yet penetrative sex is [00:14:38] for all selected situations that have really come that like, yeah, this [00:14:45] case is not a contract. But it's very nice. Going for the conference there. [00:14:51] Have you experience or received any abuse or visa behavior because of your sex or gender identity or your sexuality? Yeah. [00:15:03] expand on that. No, no, no, [00:15:08] no, not really much to expand on it. So like, everyone sort of gets the same sort of stuff. That's why I select having select the gay people so that they, they know what you're going through. [00:15:23] Anything else? Yeah. Yeah, it's more. I mean, it does vary from person to person, but [00:15:31] and I mean, I'm, I'm not the kind of person so like, dwell on the bad and oh, what was me this happened to [00:15:37] be three years ago. But it's like, Okay, cool. So that's what I think this is what I think. [00:15:47] doesn't affect me. Yeah. Just select. At the end of the day, you're the only person who you have to impress sir. [00:15:55] That's because [00:15:56] the cheer is just the arms and the legs next to the cheer and [00:16:02] Hi. [00:16:06] Thank you for the interview. No problem. Thanks for coming down. [00:16:10] Get a copy.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.