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Pride Stage 2019

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in [00:00:05] I'm Roxy kovas. I'm co chair of at Wellington Incorporated, we run Wellington pride festival to faculty to faculty. We are Tara and today we are at Ava Viva on dexon strange for our pride to point are [00:00:19] Can you describe what pride two point O is? [00:00:22] pride your point? [00:00:24] It was it was born off the back of the horrific events of the 15th of March. Our original out in the pot project was slated for the 16th of March but obviously due to many, many factors grief, just the inappropriateness or the perceived and appropriateness of holding a celebration on a day with a nation is in mourning and also public safety. We had to make the very difficult call to postpone the event. And we've been through a couple of different iterations trying to work on with the Cuba demonstrate festival which has also been moved indoors due to public safety. So here we are at a beta of the Wellington pride stage doing our little Angeles prize. And [00:01:05] what's gonna happen today. [00:01:07] So today we've got just a selection of performers that would have been at the original out in the park day. And we've got taiko drums, which is that mess of noise right there. We've also got drag, we've got poetry, live music, there's a little bit of something for everyone. How hard [00:01:24] was it to organize today because we're only a couple of weeks out from from those minutes. [00:01:29] It was a lot of sleepless nights. Very difficult, especially because with the current climate the way it is, and large scale public festivals. nobody really knew what was going on. This is a first for everyone, and we're all sort of struggling through it together. But we all we all managed to make it work and I'm happy that cupido managed to poke through and make it work as well with a few slight adjustments. So it's been a time [00:01:57] What are you looking forward to the most this afternoon [00:02:00] I'm just looking forward to having our community get together and celebrate. And it's, it's so hard for us to especially the volunteers on the committee that have put over a year's worth of blood, sweat and tears into this and all of the sponsors and the community at large that has put so much into this festival and the out in the park fair. And then for us to not be able to present it the way that we wanted. It's I'm just really looking forward to coming together with our community and celebrating and the small way that we can. [00:02:29] So Drew, the last time we spoke was at the launch of Wellington pride. And that was a couple of weeks ago and between Vienna now there has been some huge, huge events. Can you tell me what's happened? [00:02:43] So I think Yeah, like a few weeks ago, when we were launching the pride festival, we were worried we were going to have a bit of rain that might throw things out for the party Korean out in the park. And I guess some things that happened in the following week. But none of us could have anticipated haters, you know, we had a little bit of public attack from groups in our community whose COPPA doesn't align with our inclusiveness kind of policy. They were making, you know, big bold statements about young lesbians being banned from out in the park when in fact read said, because you say hateful things about trans woman and they're not inclusive of them, then you can't have a store out in the park was quite a different thing. And they did that spin. So they we were managing that. And we were really clear that you know, out in the park, that Wellington everything we do is inclusive of all of the mini gorgeous colors that make up our extended rainbow photo. So we there was the way that there was there. And then there was just the mind blowing events that happened in Christchurch, the tragic, horrible, hateful old thing down there that just blew all of us out of the water. Irrespective of pride in the takeaway, and it really brought to the fore the the bigotry, the hate that unnecessary stuff across all Giotto towards many minority communities, including our own. So we, we had to make a really difficult decision. And we saw the police's advice because obviously Safety First we needed to put members of our own communities along with the wider Wellington's community who are coming along to celebrate pride with us ahead of everything else. So that's awesome. So so [00:04:33] the the mosque attacks happened on Friday afternoon, out on the park in the tree for Saturday. [00:04:41] Yeah, they were. We were scheduled for the very next day and our rain day was just the day after the Sunday. So we just made the decision to really clearly say that it was cancelled because the advice we were getting from the police was they had no idea what this is. Like what it was going to look like, they knew that and other places there were often copycats or just people who thought they might give it a go and express their own hate towards minority communities. And they actually, like call back, call me back a few times on that Friday night to say, they were really pleased that we decided to cancel rather than postponed at this point, because they recognized our community as you know, a minority community too. And there was some manifesto that apparently named our communities so they are um, their support was, you know, safety first and, and all of our well being a hero. Anything else really, we got a bit of pushback. There were people posting stuff on Facebook. We know that people need to express you know, their grief, or manage how they're feeling around the change in circumstances. So we just tried to let that just let let that sit there and for everyone to sudden some just comfortable it. And then other members of our communities were acknowledging that although they realized it was a real tough decision, and we're a little disappointed, they supported that decision and thanked us. So it was a nice balance and conversation. [00:06:13] So how does it work? And what what is it like having to cancel something? So kind of immediately because I imagined there was so many things kind of in train at that point in time. [00:06:25] Yeah, like many, many months of work for all of us on the committee, a lot of sleep deprivation amongst us. And a lot of people beyond us were involved, you know, don't many months of organizing for both for Friday coin and out in the park and other elements of the festival. That was really, it was pretty heartbreaking. It was. But yeah, like I said alongside that, that was, so the thing that needed to be done. And I guess then we just went into the mode as a committee of Okay, so there are many, many people going across their communities telling us they want to come together and love and pride. What can we do so we started really quickly and have conversations with the team that were organizing Cuba duper. They were super supportive, we came up with a whole lot of ideas around having a stage out and shadow part, some stores up either like on either street in the midst of the as well as the pride he coin still being a part of like within Cuba dooper. And that was all tracking along nicely then they were in a similar position to us, they got an independent risk assessment done and had to make the difficult call to move Cuba indoors. So we totally feel for them. We know what it's like to make those decisions. And we totally respect and total for what what they've done for today, and we're really grateful we can have a pride stage with some of the out in the top performers here at Eva Beaver. [00:07:54] So tell me about the event today. [00:07:56] So we're calling it the Wellington pride. Stay You know, super duper indoors and it's here at Eva Bieber, we've got nine or 10 of the original performance that was scheduled for out in the park are available today's performance, so they're going to join us free entry, obviously, like everything else is keeping up that's moved indoors. And it's just it's really nice for us as a committee, I think, to have been able to bring some small celebration of pride and to do it and love the soon after having to cancel the global events of 16 March. Yeah, gosh. Like, I guess the one thing that's really special to me and really important, I think is there are two phenomena farno going to be opening this event. So we're gonna we're going to be held in a really awesome space. And that's an integral part of the park and, and our community that's, you know, really awesome to be starting off of Today, [00:09:02] just finally, on a personal note, What effect did the messages have on you? [00:09:08] Oh, gosh, I like I've been saying to people, all the emojis really so. So brought to light that all the underlying stuff that we, as people pretend doesn't exist here and altaira. And I'm just really hoping that the conversations that people have started to have will continue to be heard, and no matter how much hate that terrorist head that and these conversations will keep going, and things will change. And we have, it's not going to be an overnight process, but we will walk that path to what people have pretended society is like here and yeah, I've very Long time has no tolerance for hate. And I hope that that becomes the new normal. [00:10:08] So I'm a 19 year old singer by setting up a hot [00:10:13] I sing my originals as well as their covers, and I'm here to perform on [00:10:16] a private stage at cubital festival today. [00:10:21] Now you were originally going to be it out in the park [00:10:25] because of the tragedy that happened on Friday down in Christchurch. [00:10:31] It wasn't a safe environment or did it fail right? emotionally and mentally to have the event carry on the weekend, the day after that kind of tragedy were to happen. So it got postponed. And this is one alternative is what's happening for us to still be able to celebrate who we are. [00:10:54] What What impact did the Christchurch Mexicans have on you? [00:11:01] I was upset with what happened down there. So I felt that our country by from that tragedy came together a lot stronger to be one community. In terms of the actual tragedy that happened, I was very upset to hear what had happened and I wanted to try to support in any which way I can I ended up writing a couple of songs out of it, and hopefully record them release sometime soon and support of the Islamic community democratic church and either in over the country [00:11:34] to be able to have that kind of released through writing music or a song must be very kind of therapeutic. Yeah. [00:11:42] Yes, it does have that effect, especially from for me personally. I can't speak for everybody but I can speak for myself when I say writing a song or writing music after a certain [00:11:56] after a certain events can relate I [00:12:01] had my keep my mind at pace. Yeah. [00:12:05] And so today what what are you performing on stage? [00:12:08] So today I'll be performing cover cover stage. As I didn't prepare myself quick enough to do an original, however, I am doing a 20 minute cover seat of some pop songs and musical theater. And a couple of ballads as well. [00:12:28] Yeah. What? What's it like performing on stage? [00:12:32] It gives me a rush. I mean, I, I used to say music was my passion and as much as music is a passion of mine performance is more my number one. My number one thing I love being on stage, it just gives me such a rush, whether it's 10 people or 100 people or 1000 people, however many people there I just, it just gives me It keeps me engaged and what I do [00:12:59] and with the myleeza I just kicked some eggs escape me so engaged and yeah. [00:13:05] In terms of musical and performance, where do you see yourself going in the next couple of years? [00:13:11] Well, after because I'm currently studying my bachelor commercial music at messy that's my final year this year. I'll be going to do my postgraduate diploma and secondary teaching so I want to teach music. However, my original dream was that I wanted to be like most of the New Zealand movie stars that we have a New Zealand now like Macy Lucas Stan Walker there just a couple of my aspirations of where I want to strive to be when it comes to releasing my own music. And and then also like to have an ambition to like take modern music and multi culture more into an international level. Taking it to a place where you know, taking Yeah, taking it to a place where you know, you've got the money string, community and parasite [00:14:06] and you've got them [00:14:10] and them feeling something from it. And I mean, that's probably my number one thing is as long as they feeling my music that that's a plus for me. That's the one [00:14:24] Stephen here which save a beaver today for the little mini pride stage that they're putting on part of superduper in there. Yeah. [00:14:32] So you you run it by what was what was the mood like on the Friday of the optimistic is? [00:14:39] It was a very strange night and we had an event called biohazard which was hyper Queen shows or hyper Queen show. So we had lots of people that came out to support this great event. We had a really great MC Judy, who we you know, was very respectful because of what happened and managed to keep the mode respectful, but still had a good Afterwards people were still apps but it was just you could just feel the somberness and sort of tension in the year. Yeah, so people are still out but it wasn't comfortable. [00:15:09] Yeah. And how the last two weeks been since we're about two weeks after the attacks now, [00:15:16] two weeks been it's been a bit of a mixed bag everyone again as a bit shaken by it, but we've also had with our conference which brought a lot of people international people to the city so they were still having a good time. Last week, we had a really busy week down at IV which was nice to see people still getting out and still live in their lives, which has been a challenge and some people haven't but you know, thankfully the Atlantean committee still carried on and they ran the Uniball which are here was a huge success. Last Saturday, they had about 150 Youth attended to pop up, which you know, still gave them the chance to have the upright event so pretty cool. And the festival itself ran for over two weeks ago. still lots of going on. We just missed out on the big the big sparkly stuff like out in the park and Yeah. [00:16:01] On a personal note, what impacted the messages in Christchurch have on you? [00:16:07] Quite a lot. I'm from Canada. I'm from living crushers for six years. So it was a real shock that that could happen to us to New Zealand. It was concerning to me, you know, running a venue where we do cater to minorities, which we are, unfortunately our target to know that if someone can do it here now that potentially others could do it in the future, so it was just really somber and really distressing, I guess Asana, you know, he spent the next day with the staff making contingency plans for eventualities, if things were to happen, then it was just a very weird day to be creating these things which we shouldn't have to do. [00:16:51] So you've actually walked up to your security and things like that. [00:16:55] We have over the last few weeks, we've already had reasonable security. We've had extra On Saturday night and the following week was out of the park after party and that we increased security. very stringent on bed chicks and then just yeah, so we'll settle down eventually but I think at the moment everyone just needs that to be able to feel safe and we always do the best we can [00:17:26] cure everybody. [00:17:29] I just want to extend [00:17:32] a welcome to your ketone at night out on this beautiful sunny day. So we're just like to like se stingier warm welcome. And as protocol dictates, just open up with a song and then [00:17:48] the day can go on. So no data, it defined I, Tina Koto, Koto, Koto, Koto [00:19:44] Hi everyone, welcome along to Eva diva and the pride festival. [00:19:51] It's great to see you all here. We've got an amazing lineup for you today. First of all, I would just like to read something out Like you our thoughts and love remain with all of our Muslim foreigner, the foreigner communities and the people of Christchurch. Thank you for your support and understanding since the cancellation of this year's pride hiko and out in the park. Today lgp TTI q plus communities, foreigner supporters and allies are invited to come together and love endon pride. So today you can enjoy some of the performances that was scheduled for out in the park. Right here. Eva Eva.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.