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Group Programme (March 2016)- Pride Audio Collective

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by Friday and killer I'm Gareth Watkins and welcome along to the private audio collective at ran over five weekends and February in March. And we looked at recording interviews on location and the interesting them. So whether there were six participants, and we recorded outside and the studio and at people's homes, and then we edited the material at weddings Nexus radio and Ghazni Street. And it was an opportunity for all the participants to record and the short interviews. So you'll hear those short interviews today. But first, here are the participants. Hi, I'm Rowan. [00:00:39] I am 23 years old. I'm Korea, and I'm a huge nerd. I came along to the audio workshops because it sounded really fun. I'm a film student at the moment. And I noticed that sometimes the sound I would have in my short films was not all that it could be. So I thought this was a skill that would be really helpful for me to learn. And honestly, it's been a lot of fun. I think I might actually get more involved in podcasting and radio From now on, because it seems like such a really awesome world to be a part of. [00:01:15] Hi, I'm Jennifer. And I heard about this through Rowan. I'm 24. I am an artist and I make YouTube videos. And I thought this would be a really great skill to have. Because you know, I'm just starting out and stuff like that. So yeah, [00:01:32] Gilda, my name is Pat. The reason I wanted to come along and do this course was heavily involved with the glamour phones and has have been recording the choir and interested in actually starting to do but more around podcasts and archival history of our community. So if come along and had lots of fun enjoying the art of recording voice, [00:02:02] Georgia, I'm showing her making the most of our diversity is one of the most significant issues facing both New Zealand and the world at the moment. And we all have to play a part. When I saw these classes as a way to express our diversity and help others learn more about our diverse communities in New Zealand. I couldn't not come along. So thank you. Thank you. [00:02:24] So for the first interview we did in week one patient I went into the studio here at access radio, and pat interviewed me about a life changing event [00:02:36] was pretty out of the blue. They went away for a weekend like Queen's Birthday or something. And then came home and sat me down and we're like Guess what? It was? [00:02:46] Yeah. But it was pretty out of the blue for most parties. Except for one. My father had been thinking about this for a while and saw it was sort of sprung on the rest of us. [00:02:58] So how did it make you feel you come out of the blue light that huge life changing moment? [00:03:04] Yeah, it was really it was really difficult I wasn't really sure how to proceed because I've never really experienced something sort of that kind of altering before [00:03:15] particularly since like after they told me other things sudden change so like there was you know who's going to have the house who's going to be moving all that kind of stuff, which is a lot to take in and like about three days. Yeah, it was just started happening. [00:03:35] Yes, like when it first started. Now when I was first told when I tried to be very Okay, well I understand you know, this is you know your lives and you do what's good fear but then obviously alarm I'll be like breaking down because I had no idea what I was going to do. I had you know, I just want to study I wasn't a show of what was happening. I was looking for full time work which was not happening. It was really yeah, it's quite difficult. [00:04:00] The ongoing ramifications of thing and something like this evolved and in the family and apparent separation they were triggers that happened from it. [00:04:12] Yes Are after my mother moved out, my father and I were the only ones living in the house. And he would go away every weekend to be with his new partner. And so I'd be just be me and the cats in the house. And I started developing panic attacks because you know, this is everything suddenly changing. So yeah, it was very difficult for a while via got some point I was having like a panic attack every night on my arm. Not a fun time. [00:04:42] And this is the first time you do that head something like a panic attack. [00:04:47] And yeah, to that extent, like I had had depression for a while. And it's like a family issue like other members of my family have had it. But this was like the worst and since this kind of thing happening and I think I really had like full blown panic attacks before which was an emptiness time. Yeah. [00:05:10] Is [00:05:10] it is this [00:05:13] affected you [00:05:16] know, as in how you see relationships ahead is sort of see [00:05:22] it's continuing on in your in your life? It's obviously affected. How you? Yeah. [00:05:31] I see. [00:05:33] The more like, they are things that will evolve. [00:05:39] Quite often always one expects I am I feel like I'm maybe occasionally but more like, prints for that where I'm like, okay, things could happen, you kind of need to be a bit more like [00:05:51] a like more sort of self aware of what's occurring rather than just kind of following up sort of blindly along. [00:05:58] And you parents summit at where they are now. [00:06:03] It's all [00:06:04] sort of the Yeah. All right, like that are still in contact because they have two daughters together. So obviously, they tried very hard to make sure things are as amicable as possible because the got your grandson and things like that, like it is you've got to try and keep the sort of things as legal as possible. Not to try this, you know, it's working for the most part. [00:06:30] So what what advice other than we've got communication is one of your huge as far as learning things from this, but what what is there any other things that you that you would say to people? Because it's, I mean, [00:06:49] many, many people have been through the situation of parents breaking up. [00:06:53] Yeah, so sort of thing, maybe just remember that [00:07:00] kind of their shit, like, [00:07:02] like they are, [00:07:04] they're dealing with stuff and like, it is really bad for you. But there's those are probably still really bad for them as well. Like they are dealing with stuff, you're dealing with stuff. You just got to try and like, remember that everyone has got like stuff happening? And you gotta try and be as respectful of each other's sort of crap that's going on as well. Yeah. Yeah. It's, it's something that [00:07:29] some, some people would would quit question whether they will split up because these children involved or they hang in there. And these, you know, it's a very difficult relationship that the kids are involved in. Yeah. So having having Spain and that situation, have you got any thoughts on that? [00:07:51] Um, [00:07:53] I think honestly, like, if you're only staying together for the kids, the kids will probably know, you're not going to be happy. And it's going to turn the environment salad anyway, sir. If you can make things as amicable as possible for everyone, then that's really going to be more beneficial than just kind of like pulling your socks off and just sort of All right, come on then. kind of thing. [00:08:17] Communication you [00:08:18] use your words [00:08:21] about being happy. [00:08:22] Yeah. [00:08:25] So that was in week one with Jennifer and I was sort of thrown in the deep end and, and the studio and us to do an interview, not not prepared. So it was interesting, how the questions and answered [00:08:37] for followed in the interview the next. The next one was where I went to a as a motel room. It sounds dodgy, and interviewed one of my best friends, Iona, again, about a life changing moment. [00:08:55] Again, to tell you, [00:08:57] when I discovered that, it was not possible for me to become a horse. [00:09:03] I don't know people laugh about this. People quite close to me have laughed at me quite painful au pair this that actually, this was a true thing. I really thought that I could go up to the horse in people always ask little children, what do you want to be when you grow up? And I used to always say the host. And I didn't notice people laughing at me, but maybe they were but I thought I could be who was? [00:09:32] In what age? Did you find out that you couldn't be a horse [00:09:36] I struggled to remember they really can is this back in the midst of time, but I distinctly remember the day that I discovered that, despite carrying out the pictures of the horses and the racing pages of the newspaper and storing them all away and thinking about what kind of horse I was going to look like. Somebody had mentioned to me that he wasn't possible. possibly one of my parents, I don't know but I give me the trying to get it validated with my mother that this was actually true that when could not become a horse. And she did say that it was trying to wasn't given to lying. So did I knew [00:10:13] it was doing quite devastating. So if you [00:10:15] sort of grown up all your life to cutting it purchase, and you know, clicking things. [00:10:22] Yeah, it was I was very sad about it. And I did AC despite seeking validation from another about there not being able to be your horse. I did have to ask several different people have added. Some of them are listed sympathetic, because you made me realize that he was true. He couldn't be a horse. [00:10:41] So you were settled with this whole problem. This whole emotional, suddenly, you couldn't be a horse. [00:10:50] It was just dying. And my unbridled passion for being a horse had family being curtailed. [00:10:57] The main point that I hate to stick to was it I was still alive. And I hate to find something else to be when I grow up. [00:11:04] So it's quite life changing Really? [00:11:06] Well, it was I mean, I there's all future plane for me. Being a horse. I decided to be a racehorse, even though they were quite told. And I had even fit on a racehorse, I distinctly remember this one of my very early memories of being face upon a racehorse. And thinking that it was an awfully long way off the ground, which it was. And I don't know where they may be fueled the fire, maybe want to be more of a horse and I had been previously but I definitely wanted to be a racehorse. And probably a test net, I think. [00:11:36] Course back in those days, it was only black and white photos in the paper. So who knows what color they were really? [00:11:43] And what's the main thing that you think you did some come out of this experience of realizing that [00:11:51] a horse is not for you? [00:11:53] Well, I think the underlying message really was said, contrary to what people like to say, These days, you can do anything people don't to say, Well, if you try hard enough, and if you work hard, and if you want something enough, and you follow your dream will happen. But no. I mean, they're quite young. Now look at me, and hold neg [00:12:18] don't quite know what to say after that. But that's cool. [00:12:21] I didn't know what to say. Because the court said so um, I struggled I really struggle within it took me a long time to just look at what was going to be next. And I thought maybe a parachute test. It was my next plane. And after a while I realized it involved jumping off things that were quite high happen. So that went by the wayside. And you know, it's just be floating about aimlessly, and he really just thinking, what should I do? Now, I still hadn't really decided [00:12:48] that's what they did. To me. It was a very life changing experience. If I had just been able to be a horse and just carried on with it play. Want to be not one of those people that knows what they want to do with your life. And I would have achieved it be one of those achievers? No, not a horse not a parachutist. Just nothing. Well, thank you for sharing that. The term [00:13:14] know how to put that because [00:13:16] I'm sorry to be set it down. So I'll just leave the room. Yeah. [00:13:28] Thanks for that Iona. And Pat, [00:13:30] I don't know about our listeners, but I always love the interview. I find it quite an emotional rollercoaster. This next interview is also on a life changing event. My friend My very close friend Daniella and I went to a cafe called the Wellesley club. I found it quite difficult to record there because of all of the background noises. But here it is. [00:13:54] So I'm 24 I was reading Harry Potter, like the first Harry Potter book and exactly when I was age 11. And like, Oh my god, I'm going to get a hug work letter This [00:14:04] is on. [00:14:08] What would you say is the most impactful thing about reading Harry Potter as an 11 year old aside from the disappointment when you don't get your later and how that's crippling, [00:14:18] crippling, um, I think one of the really important things was getting to identify with the character from it. Like it was one of the first books that I read that had a character who was female, and who identified with and got to do cool things and are really popular book. [00:14:39] Yeah, she was kind of one of the first female role models and I remember for my [00:14:43] year totally like, I'm sure there were others, but her mind is the one I remember right? Like, I'm [00:14:48] all about her life. So would you say you [00:14:51] make connections through Harry Potter with other people? You're right. Yeah, totally. Like, I think Harry Potter was the first time but I ever really got into fans of like a community of other nerds who were really really into this thing. Like, I'd been a fan of things before I think I was super super into Pokemon. But I don't know like it was a video game all the other people I knew her into it were boys and they just wanted to battle made the as opposed to like, the Harry Potter community where I found other queer people, other girls and just like it was a really communal community. [00:15:33] So how does Harry Potter connect to your sphere? [00:15:37] For me, Harry Potter fan fiction was probably the first time I realized the gay people existed, which is because I am I am a massive gay like I had. I remember I had a crush on like, my science teacher when I was eight years old. Yeah, she had this like long brown hair. And she was really clever. And she was really really nice. And she told me biology and I was like, My God, you are beautiful and perfect. But Chris Hello girls don't exist between other girls. So I'm just gonna be straight now. And I've continued for years. But you know, like foundation isn't perfect. Yeah, as queer representational goes like it's pretty dodgy and everything, especially in like our later years, but as far as like a burgeoning young bisexual, it was like, wait, whoa, boys are kissing boys. This is a thing that exists [00:16:27] exists. Yeah. What [00:16:27] is this? And, like, you ended up networking with other queer people, right? Like I had a bunch of friends who also thought they were heterosexual. They were also wrong. But where we be talking about like, the very very clear lines of fictional characters, and it just it opened the conversation I guess it at least started things off even an imperfect immature sort of state. Would you say that you you found people within the fictional world but also be [00:16:59] coats [00:17:00] of your shared love of the fictional world? You found people like you [00:17:03] outside of it as well? [00:17:05] Yeah, totally. The [00:17:08] it was all about connection like connection to characters was the thing that happened? You know, it could happen just by yourself. Like you have the book. This is well I am I am so combining like, it's not like there were queer characters and Harry Potter. [00:17:24] Dumbledore is it's not explored in the text guys. Like I'm sorry, JK. But that's it's not good enough. No one had any idea. It was all post the But anyway, I'm going to wrap that one. [00:17:37] Anyway, the the friends that I made sort of, from the seed of really, really really liking this book. Yep. Um, yeah. connections, clearness identity exploration. That was a good time. [00:17:50] Yeah. Yes, sir. It's festival about exploring your identity from a point of what you love and then finding out more things about yourself through the shared interests of people that you also have come to love. Yeah, totally. [00:18:10] I personally think Harry Potter is very emotional. So finding that connection. You also mentioned me to take stroll stuff. What would you say is probably I don't know what what's your the thing you enjoy most about? Harry Potter? I'm losing track as I [00:18:32] mean, outside of the text. [00:18:33] Yes. Yes. I'm, [00:18:38] I guess, [00:18:38] I suppose. At the time, the thing that I was really into was theories like trying to trying to figure out what was up with the next book, or whatever. Yeah, and the gay gay, gay fanfiction. [00:18:54] People interpreted clearness from a tech that didn't have explicit quiz. Right. And like, [00:19:01] I think it's an important thing to do. You know, it's not just what do people say about it, but it's like shoehorning gayness in or like, it's, it's just so you can usually like dudes kissing, don't [00:19:17] worry, you're just a [00:19:18] teenage girl because being a teenage girl is just [00:19:22] whatever it's about, like see yourself in the characters I guess to a greater extent like you're a person and you're trying to find clearness in the tech lead that you're partaking in. [00:19:34] Thanks for calling and Daniela, great sense of passion and community and that interview. And next interview wanted to understand the effects of being outside. So this is Beth and Barry. [00:19:46] Barry, I'm going to sit down with regards to what would be a event that was momentous in your life since you've come to Wellington [00:19:59] Well, I can to Wilmington [00:20:04] and was it that damn [00:20:09] we moved into a house and then I had a job but then things went bad and I lost my job and we moved out of the house and moved into council flats happened to be just the top of Kiva Street and Arlington Apartments [00:20:31] which was okay we're quite pleased every favor ahead [00:20:36] and with my at times when we hit it with the money would wander down to the Blue Note [00:20:45] late at night there's a bit of a [00:20:50] alternative lifestyle type of thing going down later and we will quite happy to be a night and one particular night decided to go home early and I stayed on [00:21:06] the wandered over the road which happened to be [00:21:10] the surname [00:21:13] and walked in there and simply very very posh instead of the band [00:21:23] The band and sort of greeted me with a big smile and this is interesting and then [00:21:30] the owner introduced himself [00:21:34] I introduced myself and got a drink and then it also the wind aren't familiar The next time we were in town when doing a very often same thing happened with this Dooley and I want to these name there and I hope the leader in the diamond greeted me with her bag [00:22:01] beers and the owner did the same [00:22:06] mean [00:22:09] so this is interesting I like a badly their their staff for the management recognize you and what drink so I thought this was cool [00:22:20] so I mentioned it's a bit that know when to the team there increases [00:22:26] because he said he thought it was a siloed Mexico's fair but Lisa stands for Scott emails back which is quite interesting. So the next time be able to be walking past the year [00:22:47] she saw a man and checks you know took care of all the chapters and that's one thing another usually at the jeans and then leave it with chips and everything night. [00:22:58] But this dude have any jeans on we already had was just the chips and she kept back to me and says I'm not stepping foot in that bar. But it worked out that it was a theme night they have lots of different things and 6070s and this have to be either live or night. So that was right. And my angels taking be sent to the bar and [00:23:26] it was just magic. We [00:23:30] sort of got to know each other and we're [00:23:36] on [00:23:37] becoming be the community people [00:23:42] see one thing about that it stands out for you. [00:23:47] Just the friendliness of everybody [00:23:50] in crunchy tread had gone to some gay bars before and it was always seemed sleazy. And [00:24:00] but at the battery we both know stuff the only regularly and getting know everybody. And we had school teachers. [00:24:14] Lawyers, we hit every walk of life you could think of we had people coming in from overseas who just happened to have heard about melon Scott, he's back. And it was just interesting, you know, really, really interesting. And we've made some very good friends through the bath. [00:24:34] The owners of just treat this, like a fame, right? Which has been very, very good because at times, but Ethan I caught the eye here alone and momentum. And it is nice to have a family Christmas and things that we have sort of been adopted by the banner, which is quite fun. [00:24:59] We haven't been going as much lately because I haven't been very well again. But it's just metric. [00:25:10] So even though you're not going to the bar very much Do you still feel connected to the community? [00:25:19] Well, yes. [00:25:21] I hadn't been in the for about four months, maybe longer. [00:25:28] The first week that I hadn't been I didn't go there. [00:25:33] They were text messages. Where are you were missing, which was quite strange, but I wasn't well enough to go out. But even after four months going in there that was a big who there was had slept on backs to say was nice to see you again, sort of thing. And the bad change my life was really and the fact that [00:26:03] being by and being greeted and treated like everybody else didn't matter that a positive guy isn't by gay male apps have been by mail. [00:26:18] It's not a lesbian. She's a straight female. So she was treated. Normally as anyone else would be she wasn't looked down on I wasn't looking down on the whole community has been brilliant. [00:26:34] Thanks very and before for doing that interview. And that's the final interview in the series of interviews we did for the pride audio collective workshops. And the final words go to the team who did the workshop. [00:26:49] Well, I personally learned a lot during these past weeks. stuff about what kind of equipment to use when you're recording all sorts of things about the environments you need to be in cushions around that and all different types of editing. It was really informative and super fun, as we've seen before and I just wanted to say thanks very much Gareth for providing us with this opportunity. It's been lovely. [00:27:13] Thanks Ron. It's been it's been a great opportunity and I've really enjoyed meeting Gareth and everyone else that's come along to the course I have learned lots of interesting things it's great being up here at access radio, and just enjoying the art of conversation and and recording different interesting people and different environments. So I'm looking out for random people with recording devices community because we'll be out there hunting you down.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.