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Max Tweedie (New Zealand AIDS Foundation) - Out in the Park (2018) [AI Text]

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So we're, um, out in the park and the beautiful Waitangi Park on a gorgeous Wellington day. And I'm here with our New Zealand AIDS Foundation staff at our ending HIV tent. Um, we're kind of here for a couple of reasons. So the first reason is to talk to people about prep, which is the new HIV prevention tool that's been funded by pharmac, uh, from March 1st, and also to, uh, kind of still push, uh, condoms and have a really fun space that our community can come hang out and talk about ways that they can stay safe. So is this. The first year prep [00:00:30] has been available in New Zealand. Uh, so prep has been available in New Zealand, Um, previously. But it's kind of been there's been a few hoops to jump through. It's been has to import it from overseas. Only a few doctors have known about it. Um, so now PHARMAC has kind of said that they'll fund the drug. It's gonna be $5 for a three month supply. Um, and basically, it means that you can just go to your doctor, um, like, usual and basically get and get a prescription for prep. Not all doctors are yet to kind of know about it and understand it and be really competent with prescribing it. So, um, if you if it's something [00:01:00] that people are interested in, there's a list of prep prescribing doctors on our website that people can get to and make sure they're going to the right place. So is this the the message from the AIDS Foundation? Now it's both prep and condom use. Yeah, definitely. Um, yeah, there's kind of there's now kind of three key ways to say safe. The first is, um, and condoms, which has kind of been our message for a while. Our second is prep because it's proven to, um, protect people from IV. But also for the third kind of way is for people living with HIV, um, and are on sustained treatment. [00:01:30] Often they have, um, what's called an undetectable viral load. And that means that if they're having unprotected sex, they are still unable to pass HIV on. So that's the third way, um, that people can protect themselves from IV, and we're going to be talking a little bit about that kind of in the coming in the coming year, which is exciting. So how are the community responding now to, um, the AIDS Foundation's messaging? Yeah, it's been quite interesting because quite previously, the New Zealand AIDS Foundation. Our message has been condoms, condoms, condoms, condoms. And now, for us to have kind of 22 [00:02:00] really new brand new ways of of protecting people from HIV. Um, it's super exciting to be able to share those messages in the community. And I think the community, they're pretty excited, too, because, uh, you know not, you know, condoms are for everyone. Not everyone enjoys using condoms. Um, so it's great that there are other ways to kind of prevent HIV, and it's really great that we're able to talk about those and engage with the community, and it seems pretty receptive. Um, there's obviously we've still got a lot of questions and stuff as people have got concerns. But it's been really great being able to engage with people and have really cool conversations [00:02:30] and and hopefully to help achieve us in our, you know, in HIV by 2025. And so you say concerns. What are what are the biggest concerns people have? I think people, um, and people that have been in the community for a long time that have, you know, been around since the eighties and stuff. Um, you know, they they're almost afraid of of drifting from the condom message. Um, obviously, if you're on prep or, um or, um, an undetectable viral load is the way that you stay safe. Obviously, there are still risks of contracting other STIs. So I guess there are concerns around that, [00:03:00] but, um, but, you know, they're being managed. And obviously there's also concerns about, um, you know, people saying they're on prep and maybe not being on prep. But it's really because fast the message is now you have to take, you know, you have to take control of your own of your own sexual health, and it's in your hands. And I think prep is great because it empowers people to do that. Um, so, yeah, we've had a couple of concerns, but it's been nothing major at all. Um, and had some really good responses from the general messaging. So, on a personal note, uh, what's it like for you being here today? [00:03:30] Oh, it's fantastic. Um, I've just I'm mainly I'm Auckland based at the moment. Um, so we just come back off off Auckland Pride. Um, and now, being out in the park, seeing our amazing community come out and it's beautiful had the beautiful of the youth coming in. And then, obviously, it's just amazing to see our community come together, um, so beautifully and so beautifully diverse, Um, as well. So it means a lot for me to be here to be proud. Um, and to see such a beautiful, accepted community and being [00:04:00] welcomed by the mayor, it's just it's really fantastic for us to be here and be a part of it If somebody wasn't able to be here today for whatever reason, what would you like to what kind of message would you give to them? Uh, if you're not able to be here for whatever reason, I think, um, what I really like, you know, is there a There's a massive community here. It's a community full of, um A. And it's a community full of, um, acceptance and love. Um, so if you can't be here because if you're not, you can't really? You don't feel like you can show yourself here yet. Then there's a whole community out here waiting for you. Um, that our community supports [00:04:30] you and loves you. Um, and, uh, kind of up and down the country, no matter where you are, uh, you are loved, and we can't wait to see you in the space when you when you finally kind of, uh, come out and get to be with us.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It may contain errors or omissions, so always listen back to the original media to confirm content.

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