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Fiona McGregor (Wellington City Libraries) - Out in the Park (2018)

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in [00:00:05] I'm here today with Wellington City libraries which was part of Wellington City Council. And we're really kind of showing the talking to their community about [00:00:15] ebooks that you can download but also some of the other services that you can use for free with your library card. And I what we found in the last three years of being here at out in the pack is that a lot of people don't know that they that we have a box for download and other types of services, but particularly LGBT IQ a box as well so if somebody who spends your day putting a lot of these services together for the online community and it's actually really thrilling to come here and be able to talk to people and talk with tell them about it and person [00:00:46] and who said books or did I mean there's so many people around your [00:00:49] your stools that's right I must admit that we do have three pages of literary icons and people do really like that so that's really an age here it looks [00:00:57] like some have already kind of like I was gonna say so out but no, [00:01:00] no they have gone years the first one to go with Sappho so no more cell phones next year obviously and more Gertrude Stein. So but but ya know, we we bring along the book bike as well, which is really neat. And, and so it just gives us an opportunity to kind of share what we have with the community and and the attack patterns are really thrilling day. So yeah. [00:01:23] Take me through some of the literary [00:01:25] career icons. Yeah. Yeah, [00:01:26] we have Virginia Woolf who somebody asked me before whether she wrote thrillers and I said I'm know and so ambitious aqueous who was his special friend and James Baldwin, William Burroughs, and Patricia Highsmith, of course, and otter loj, Christopher [00:01:47] Michel Foucault, and regular forget to sign Oscar Wilde and of course, we need extra Oscar Wilde's this year, because last year, we ran out of him really fast. So and yeah, as I say, if I was well, so no, we love. We love bringing these pages here. And we've also got little rainbow ones with a library icon on them as well. So yeah. [00:02:08] Now I'm really interested in how you actually talk about relationships that happened back in history. But you don't know whether they were lesbian or gay or putting these [00:02:19] current constructs [00:02:20] on the relationships. How do you navigate that? [00:02:24] Oh, that's a good point. Actually. I guess we just do some research, make sure that there is some validation to choosing these people. Obviously, we use copyright free images as well for our pages. And yeah, we certainly don't ask anybody way. And then they generally have been. We do put them on a badge. They've been been for a number of years. Yeah. And they don't have a have a connection to the LGBT community. Yeah, but even [00:02:50] talking about somebody special friends, you know, do you use a special friend? What do you say lover? Do you say? [00:02:56] Well, that's very true. Yes. This is the first year they Hey, beta. So yeah, she's she's a more of a French person. I think. Although the the badge is really lovely. We haven't given away so many of who's so but no, I would, I would say lover, but I know that other people have a different view. Yeah. Yeah. [00:03:18] On a personal note, what is it like for you being here on out from the park or [00:03:25] I love being here at the park. I mean, this is I've been coming here for a number of years and as part of another community group as well, but I guess just being here in the community and seeing so many young people as well engaging in our community is is really fantastic. And just seeing the breadth of the community Joe is all the different flavors for what about other terms of our broader community, so and everybody it's just such a fun feeling. Yeah.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.