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Richard Galloway - Older Gay Men

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in [00:00:05] Now, you're only 61 if you retire this week, I [00:00:12] got sick of work really? [00:00:15] Okay, you're gonna stay retired? [00:00:20] Something will turn up it usually does. I don't know what but [00:00:27] something will turn on. [00:00:28] So you actively, you know, looking forward to you know, taking taking a break. [00:00:33] Are you planning to travel? [00:00:36] Possibly I I've done a lot of travel in my life and I now find that [00:00:46] punishment really [00:00:49] puts a dreadful and I don't like being treated like a sheep aren't queuing to chicken queuing for customs, queuing for immigration, going to go through security queuing to get on the airplane. So I'm off travel. [00:01:07] You've been running your own business. [00:01:11] I've had quite a few businesses. The tire business I've had for 10 years [00:01:20] down it didn't really survive the financial crisis. So [00:01:28] viewers. [00:01:31] I was born in Newmarket, so I haven't come far. I still live in America. But I have lived overseas and Thailand for a year. And I worked in the United Arab Emirates for five years [00:01:46] between what you're doing. [00:01:48] And I was doing nothing really in Thailand. And that's doing a traffic control in the Emirates. [00:01:58] So hello, hello, the traffic control [00:02:02] about 25 years old [00:02:04] when you over the gay activities condoned in those countries. [00:02:11] No, it wasn't. [00:02:14] But there are a lot of men who have sex with men. [00:02:18] Mainly because for the locals, [00:02:22] they don't have access to woman. And for other expatriates, particularly the Indian and Pakistani, there is an unaccompanied men and their families usually back in the country they come from the give me trouble with [00:02:44] well, either here or overseas stemming from being gay. [00:02:48] Now, when I first started with this company in the Middle East, I went through Bahrain and had to overnight there and I was asked, [00:03:01] met by some of the other staff of a company and they said, Oh, you know, you've got to watch the sky. The airport, you're going to you know, he's one of those. Let's go. Let's put something in common. [00:03:18] So, that probably got the word around the company, but nothing was ever said and never any problems. [00:03:26] They married. Never. No children. [00:03:31] Christian, you have you feel that your mind stopping with you in that case? [00:03:35] Now it does for me at all. [00:03:38] No problem. Brother and sister. [00:03:41] I've got an older brother is two years older. And he's married with three children. [00:03:48] Have you had any steady relationships? [00:03:53] Yes. [00:03:56] My first relationship long time ago now for four years, and then another one after that for two years. But since then, they both went off and married woman had children got divorced. [00:04:14] But I still hear from them [00:04:18] over 30 years later. [00:04:23] So what what affected the legalization of homosexuality have on your life in 1986? [00:04:30] Not a lot. I never had great problems being gay. [00:04:38] Wasn't [00:04:40] at Oakland airport when I was working there as an air traffic controller. I in the senior air traffic control staff was a bit of a Catholic mafia. And one of them tried to bring the homosexual Law Reform petition and to have it signed and so I just picked it up and throw it on the rubbish. [00:05:03] Again, nothing was ever said [00:05:06] that you describe you get yourself [00:05:09] happy. [00:05:12] You have a particular word for yourself. [00:05:14] Now I usually go. But [00:05:19] I'm not fussy. [00:05:22] You don't mind being described as queer? [00:05:26] I don't like the word queer. Because to me, it is negative connotations from years ago. If it's mainly I think, with younger people, and if they want to use it, that's fine. But to me, it doesn't really describe myself. [00:05:46] But I don't have no objection of people call me queer. [00:05:50] What activities do you involve yourself with? [00:05:55] In the gay world, [00:05:58] I play every week in the game badminton club. On Saturday, I have a couple of hours. And [00:06:06] as you said, I've just resigned [00:06:10] retired from outline, the New Zealand, gay, lesbian, transgender telephone counseling, and community service. And I was involved with them for 10 years as a volunteer and another five, four or five years as an office administrator [00:06:32] and what majorly there, [00:06:36] I thought it was time for a change really, and been there too long. [00:06:41] Okay. You were involved in a little while and just [00:06:46] Damon's elder community Christian ear? [00:06:50] Can you tell me something about that? [00:06:53] Friend of mine, my colleague and I were discussing it once and he is at a stage in his life where he needs to look at gang and some sort of care. And so we decided with test the market so to speak. [00:07:13] There was anecdotal evidence of need. And so we just will be approved at first before we do anything else for that. And [00:07:27] it showed quite conclusively that there's a different market for a Gay Men's elder community. [00:07:36] What shapes that eventually takes [00:07:40] is opened, there are quite a few options. [00:07:44] And this is enough interest is there anyone seriously contemplating building such a [00:07:48] place or building may not be an option? [00:07:54] Whether it might be [00:07:56] taking over a wing and our existing retirement home, or one of the thoughts is to target a central apartment building and people just buy into that building [00:08:12] that would also open up the option for people to rent, which isn't available in prison retirement circumstances. [00:08:23] And then once you've got a critical mass, you can [00:08:28] each put in and [00:08:30] rent another apartment and have a carer in there and apartment buildings generally have germs and swimming pools and close to Central facilities. So say there are quite a few options [00:08:43] would that be able to women as well? [00:08:47] Well, there is the lesbian elders village trust, which is working [00:08:58] towards the same in but they focused on buying something [00:09:07] there seems to be a difference of opinion as to whether they want to be in the city or some of them want to be out in the country raising organic chickens of [00:09:18] things. [00:09:20] uni thoughts on how guy life has changed for you in your lifetime. [00:09:25] I think it's definitely [00:09:30] more accepted and people know about it now. And people are willing to talk about it. And because the majority of gay people are out families are more aware of gay, lesbian, transgender people in their own family. [00:09:54] They may have always been rumors of Uncle Joe more do whoever but you know now those people are actually generally accepted in the family and it's made people a lot more open I think [00:10:10] so What plans do you got for yourself as you get older [00:10:15] and not a lot really [00:10:20] generally move to something smaller and on one level is mobility decreases [00:10:34] but I haven't made any film plans we met will Yes, I have [00:10:42] a good one. is in watertight? [00:10:45] Is his water titers? [00:10:49] I think I can. And I've got power of attorney [00:10:56] as well. [00:10:58] I've got a close group of [00:11:01] guy friends. There's eight of us that go out for dinner once a month, last Wednesday of the month and we take turns choosing the restaurant and we've been doing this now for [00:11:17] 26 year [00:11:19] low too long gone [00:11:20] so long time so those people are [00:11:25] family to me and in fact I'm [00:11:30] the executor of [00:11:33] wills for two of them and whole power of attorney on Sunday and by service or so we have a support sort of [00:11:45] network it sounds like it all look after each other if as you get older you [00:11:52] probably [00:11:54] have a you will meet [00:11:57] was mutual friends that had been going out for dinner on a sort of regular basis and [00:12:08] one night we decided let's do this seriously and [00:12:15] form a group the group has expanded as people have had partners arrive some have had partners leave [00:12:28] his happens and but the only way you can get into the group as as a partner now [00:12:36] we've got eight and that's as many as you can cope with [00:12:41] it's a comfortable number on the table. Yes, yes [00:12:44] exactly any more than that and [00:12:48] that's my conversation difficult not that ever seems to be a problem. [00:12:53] And some of those people I only say once a month that the done a group. Others I'm in daily contact with [00:13:07] some I say every week for coffee [00:13:12] chat on the phone and gossip. [00:13:15] How many of the original group is still not [00:13:19] all Oh, Oh, this [00:13:21] is [00:13:25] so far. [00:13:28] All pretty healthy, really. [00:13:31] And most of us the youngest is 55 and the oldest is [00:13:39] coming up 70 [00:13:40] words have you stay healthy for a long time yet? Well agreed. [00:13:48] How do you want to be remembered? [00:13:51] With a smile I think with a smile. [00:13:55] Any advice for young gay gay people these days? [00:14:00] I think it's very important to accept your yourself as who you are. And and not be afraid to change or have be afraid of change [00:14:13] because we all change as time goes on and to make the most of being young

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.