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Ed Jenner - Older Gay Men

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in [00:00:05] I was the big six five this year so I just started getting the picture. Right. When did you When did you grow up? I grew up the biggest talent North Canton, England and graves in but I was actually born and brought up in the next like a suburb called note flight and flakes a subsidiary of the Thames, a small river off of the Thames. You talk to me about nothing? [00:00:37] Oh, yes, I'm a great Nizza. [00:00:41] I've got two older sisters, a mom, they all used to knit. And so I think not my brother learn to knit but I just just something that I learned to do. Hello, hello, within [00:00:55] property, probably a teenager, probably. I'd be a bit younger. I'm not sure [00:01:00] you currently have sold with hustlers from other guys. [00:01:03] Well, no, cuz I only listed at home and latterly I've knitted. [00:01:10] On fairies and stuff like that just to fill in the time. Right? [00:01:15] Were you aware that you were gay from an early age? [00:01:18] Well, I don't know whether I knew I was gay. And I don't know. I never ever thought I was different. [00:01:25] Mom and Dad totally accepted to I was I mean, there was never any talk about it. [00:01:33] But I always say to people I was I was gay when I came out the world. So. [00:01:38] Okay, did you have any problems? When when you're in England, so [00:01:44] I mean, everyone sort of says, [00:01:47] you know, you must have had problems and bullying and all this. But I think because I was happy with who I was. [00:01:56] One just learns to I mean, I went to a really rough all my old boys school. And I just learned to become like the mall, running errands for the gang leaders. You just learn to look after yourself. So I never had any problems. [00:02:16] Just notice. What word would you or did you use to describe the gay self when you were younger? [00:02:23] I don't think I did. I was just me. [00:02:25] The word camp used to be in my youth. Anyway, the word camp was a was a useful word. [00:02:33] I think people might have used it about me, but I never used it about myself. So what [00:02:38] do you call yourself these days? [00:02:44] Do you normally think of yourself? [00:02:48] When I talked to people and and that in you know, because nowadays I just talked to anyone about it. iOS siloed pasta. [00:02:54] Okay. [00:02:57] Some gaming and have much to do with it. Woman you are doing exceptional in that. I think? [00:03:03] Well, [00:03:05] if I hadn't read? [00:03:06] Yeah, I think most of most of my closest friends are women. Yeah. [00:03:12] Not the amine amazingly, not that I've ever had sex with a woman. So. Okay. [00:03:18] How long since you've been in a stable relationship? [00:03:24] God, I can't think that far back. What do you mean by stable more than a day? [00:03:31] I went, I went to probably the last long term. I went over to Australia to remit here in in New Zealand in 91. I think it was. So 9192. So whatever that is 20 years ago. [00:03:50] Well, the I do are now would you like to be in the personal relationship? No. [00:03:56] You have any regrets about the gala? [00:03:59] No, no, not to. [00:04:01] Unusual man. [00:04:04] Can you consider yourself [00:04:06] I just I, I'm I'm just me. And that's how I was. I mean, whether I this guy or whether I had ingrown toenails? I mean, it's just me. [00:04:17] Do you consider yourself retired now? [00:04:23] Well, I haven't I was in I was a computer programmer, from the 60s. And I mean, late 60s. And I finally got out of out of that career just was just start to match from I just didn't want to do it. When I was 51. So I actually haven't worked in my career since I was 51. [00:04:46] Or you were involved with who in my house? I think working with AIDS, AIDS victims, yeah. Older people, younger people also, [00:04:56] it was all sorts, by sexes, both men and and also children. [00:05:04] So yeah, it was cross cross cross board, [00:05:07] educate yourself, saying, [00:05:12] well, it was only two days a week. And I was I say, I was fortunate my, when I was 18, I met a lovely man who was like my mentor, and we were in a quotes relationship for about five years. But he was 19 years older than me. And he was like my mentor. And when I said I wanted to travel is the preferred source, you know, I love to travel and blah, blah, blah. And, and of course, we kept in touch with one another. And unfortunately, in 8788, he was diagnosed with HIV. And I went back to England from here, he was given three days to live. And I flew back from here to look after him, got him out of hospital, and he lived for another eight weeks. And I just think I was just so fortunate to be with him [00:06:12] for that time, and that, [00:06:16] that just that just helped me to work. I couldn't buy a house. But you know, everyone says, oh, it must become easier, but it doesn't. Because it's a life. [00:06:27] something I'd be happy about doing? Well, I just think I'm for you. You just unfortunate in helping them on that journey. Because the totally reliant on you. And I think it must be like, you know, the closest because I've never had children. So I wouldn't know. But I think it's the closest to like being a parent. Because that person, that child or that person that's dying is dependent on you. And you just, you know, just have to do it. Or [00:06:58] did you look out to a lot of people who are do look after individuals. So know. [00:07:06] There was one caregiver on a day. So there was a nurse and a caregiver plus the management staff and a cook. And so you just had to do all the job. So depended who was there. [00:07:21] So you just had, you know, took them fabric and appointments helped him washing and all this stuff. [00:07:28] Was it the house or places like that I still don't [00:07:32] know. Because of the modern drags. And people are living a lot better lives and and can sustain themselves in a community and go back to work. And home Bay house I left. I was only there for two years. I left in 2003. And I think it closed because of lack of clients in about 2000 or four [00:07:57] months, couldn't hear [00:07:59] voice and of course, [00:08:02] of course, hospices and stuff, but then accepting HIV people because prior to that they they didn't take them in you know, so [00:08:14] I had to keep put these days. [00:08:16] Well, just before you came today, I did my hours walk around with Stephen. I came home, I help an elderly lady at the moment who's at nine at the end of the month, and I do a little jobs for her. So I came home from her and put on my walking dinner and I do an hour's walk from here. Right round with tape and that cultural [00:08:39] cultural currents great. And, and I'm also a swimmer, I am I've actually represented New Zealand as a swimmer in Gay Games several times, I think. [00:08:51] Yes, [00:08:52] yeah. Amsterdam, Sydney, and cologne. [00:08:58] And the last day we had the Asia Pacific out gains in Wellington and cyber stand there with Queen of the whole universe and also swim came home with three gold medals. [00:09:11] So I should be having a ceremony tonight with [00:09:15] Valerie Adam [00:09:16] sugar a crush. [00:09:20] Is your home mortgage free? Yes. Mortgage free. [00:09:29] I [00:09:29] had that I bought the house and 83 and I was mortgage 396. [00:09:36] So do right what support you what support you're going to need as you get older. [00:09:42] Well, as I say, I haven't worked in my career since I was 51. So one learns to [00:09:50] lift one's needs and means and so now that I'm getting the super government super, and it's the icing on the cake. So [00:10:02] I can't believe every fortnight this money goes into my account. [00:10:08] The only family in New Zealand. I've got a brother. [00:10:10] He he married a New Zealand with a ready made family she had three children. So I've got two nieces and nephew. But the nephew now lives in Norway. He traveled and met a Norwegian and so he's there with four children. So I've got two nieces here. And I've just spent two weeks with one of the nieces in Rarotonga. [00:10:35] She's over there working. [00:10:37] Okay. So what does the future hold for you? as you as you [00:10:45] a high just live every day. I just I mean, I didn't have a bucket list. And and I still do things like [00:10:55] two three years ago, and I was standing cranes talents, of course, I had to do a bungee so [00:11:03] I'm that sort of person. It's the now you do it now. [00:11:07] Okay, miss? [00:11:09] Amanda will? Yes. [00:11:12] I watertight will. In that. [00:11:16] two tires, I think it can be checked. I've checked with a friend as a family lawyer. [00:11:25] And because I'm not married, or whatever, he said, My siblings, you know, can't have any say on my world. So I mean, one of my siblings is in, in the world, but the other side, so. [00:11:40] So there's not going to be any problem with the world wars. But I'll be dead, so I won't care. [00:11:48] I know you're probably age gracefully. But how do you actually see yourself in 15 or 20 years time? [00:11:55] Well, 20 years time I probably be dead because I I tell everybody I I'm dying on my 84th birthday. [00:12:03] I before I've worked with enough elderly people that [00:12:09] I see them go downhill after about 84. So I probably still be alive. But this is what I'm telling you. Because I was born on April Fool's Day, on night, fourth Thursday, they're all going to be around the beard and I'm going to go and they're always dead he's dead and I'm not gonna sit up this April 4 and then go [00:12:35] How do you want [00:12:37] to be remembered? [00:12:40] powerful when you popped up from his deathbed and died again? [00:12:45] Well, I I'm night My full name is Edward Jenner. And in history it would Jenner actually discovered smallpox vaccine. And so I tell everybody that I've done it in another life, so don't ever Alright. [00:13:02] So back remember, make some my smallpox back. So [00:13:06] what advice would you offer today to any young [00:13:09] gay men? [00:13:11] particularly those who are having problems? [00:13:14] Well, I think you've got to, you've got to be happy with who you are. And, and live it to your own. You know your own truth. It doesn't matter that somebody else does x y, Zed, you, you've got to find what's your truth, and you've got to try and at the same time, not cause ripples you know? You can have a wonderful wonderful life and you but you and I mean, I'm out there. I mean, I wear color. I mean, I mean most people would know that I'm gay and over the top and I've been like that all my life and [00:13:52] I'd say touch wood but I mean, I've never had any any problems of you know bullying or fighting or [00:14:03] But no, Be true to yourself and be happy.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.