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Laurel Hubbard press conference [AI Text]

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Yeah, it's quite a bit different to, uh, um, the weight lifting terms in which athletes like myself spend most of our lives. So I think I'll just, uh, yeah, just soak it all in and try to remember as much of moments like this as I can because, uh, um, really, that's what the Olympics is all about, isn't it? It's a series of quite extraordinary moments. And, um, although I haven't really achieved the results that, um, I and others had hoped for, um, I'll [00:00:30] be able to leave with a pocket full of memories and perhaps remember some of those extraordinary moments and, uh um, yeah, I think that will be as rewarding as any Olympic medal could be. And, uh, as Diana mentioned, it might be a good idea just to talk generally. And, uh, one of the things I'd really like to do is just address the question of what went wrong. And I really want to say I don't know. Um, the campaign the lead up was absolutely [00:01:00] perfect. I had incredible support in the back room from my coach and warm up crew. The training, the preparation, the taper, the facilities here, everything was just on point and perfect. And so, uh, really, I suppose then it just, you know, comes down to the fickle nature of sport. You put yourself out there, you test yourself and and you find out one way or the other because, uh, as all weightlifters know, it's, uh it's all very well being strong in your own time. But, uh, when you're on that Olympic [00:01:30] platform and you've got one minute to do your thing, um, that's, uh it's that's really a taste like no other. But, um, please don't to make it sound like, um no. Sorry, I. I hope it really doesn't sound like, um, you know, I, um uh I'm I'm too shattered because stepping on that Olympic platform really is It's indescribable. Um, it's it's energising, um, and and [00:02:00] in a way, which I just didn't expect. You know, um, I just felt so just connected with that moment, and and I think again, this is one of those moments that, uh, I'll be able to take away with me and and and really, I think treasure. And, um, uh I know that, uh, I've already thanked all of the people involved, but um, it be is repeating. Um, weight [00:02:30] lifting is not an individual sport. In fact, I think none of what we consider individual sports here at the Olympics are individual sports. There's a a team of people that stretches back all the way from our first beginnings in any sport to our final end points. And I don't just mean coaches and support staff, but it's everyone you know, the people that offer you a kind word at a point when things aren't going so well, the people that offer you support and encouragement, [00:03:00] they're all part of that team. And I just like to say, if, uh if people are watching this from home, thank you all for being part of my Olympic team. I am so grateful. You have no idea. Thank you. I'm not going to pretend that this is the easiest point in my sporting career. Um, but it is what it is, you know, the You put yourself out there and you take what comes and [00:03:30] I think it's I'm I'm so grateful that the conversation about mental health is being had because I think it's so easy for for people to, I suppose, forget that athletes are human, that we have all of the, you know, we suffer from the the pressure, the expectation, Uh, and we feel the disappointment when things don't go according to plan. And, [00:04:00] uh, I hope that conversation continues because, uh, it's an important one to have. The thing that's always, um, I suppose motivated me is is the sport itself. Uh, I have found tremendous amounts of joy in weight lifting. Um, I found joy in the training. I found joy and just being with like-minded people. And that's really what's propelled me. Because Olympic Games is as [00:04:30] fabulous as they are are the end point. They are. They aren't the everyday reality of, you know, training, preparing and putting yourself through the grind. And I suppose the motivation I have comes from, you know, finding reward in that in the training, in the in the daily life of being an athlete and and really, I suppose you know, that's what that's what brought me this far. That's what's propelled me. And, um, [00:05:00] while there's obviously some pressure, um, in these circumstances, um, that's just that's never been part of the equation for me. I've just been motivated by the bar and just yeah, doing what I do. One of the great things about weight lifting is that, um it's a sport that's founded in routine. We perform the same movements thousands [00:05:30] upon thousands of times in training, and when you step on the platform, you sort of take confidence. And I suppose, some degree of comfort from knowing that you've been there before. And while the Olympic stage is, uh, it's obviously different in some ways from other competitions terms of atmosphere and and and excitement. Uh, there's enough there that's similar that you can draw upon it. And, uh, as I stood there on the platform, I knew exactly what I had to do. And, uh um, [00:06:00] sadly, it didn't quite go to plan. Uh, really. I haven't come here to change the world. I've I've come here because sport is part of me, and it's it's really part of what I want to do. And everything else is peripheral to that. Um, I've only ever wanted to be treated in the way that other athletes are treated. Um, I haven't [00:06:30] set out to look for special accommodation, special treatment or or or um, anything else really? Um And so while I'm aware that someone has to be the first, um, uh, that's not, uh, been what's propelled me to come here and compete. I don't really want to give advice, because it's [00:07:00] everyone's situation is so different and so complicated and and really, it's a conversation. It's It's a decision that has to be made individually with regard to individual circumstance. Um, so all I can say is that, um uh, rather than advice, I can give encouragement that there are pathways out there and that if people are motivated, um, they can pursue them and they can, [00:07:30] I think, um, compete, Uh, just as any other athlete does. And, um, if that's the one good thing that comes out of this, then, um, yeah, I'd be happy with that. I think that there is a conversation to be had. I mean, I'm grateful that the IOC. Has opened the door. I'm sure that the current rules and regulations will not be the final endpoint. [00:08:00] Um, as it is, I think the IOC. Has tried to put in place regulations that apply to all sports. And, uh, I suspect that over time there will be more refinement discussion, and those rules will change. Um, I don't know what the future will look like for, um, sort of rules participation. It's certainly not my area of expertise. [00:08:30] Um, I'm really just grateful that, um, the IOC. Was able to take a leadership position on this issue and give me the opportunity to compete. I've tried really hard not to tell people what to think. Um, because, uh, really II I trust people to, you know, consider the issue and form their own opinions. Um, the one thing I I would say, though, is that, um, some people, I think take [00:09:00] emotion as the starting point for how they feel about the situation. And I think that no amount of facts will probably change the opinions of people that start from their feelings and and and base their opinions upon what they feel. Uh, and so to those people, I say, just open your minds, open your hearts, and consider that, uh, you know, um, [00:09:30] that, um perhaps there are a broader perspective that, uh, that that is out there. I. I think that all weightlifters have a shared sort of, um, what's the word that, uh, a sense of camaraderie and belonging because we all know how much work is required to qualify and prepare for events like this. And as such, um, [00:10:00] I think there's a shared understanding and and that was really evident last night. Of course, people aren't outwardly expressive because it is game day, and, you know, you need to focus on the task at hand. But, um, I think, um, II I certainly didn't feel like there was any unkindness or unpleasantness in the room. And, uh, I I'm grateful for I suppose that, uh um for for [00:10:30] For for for that experience, all sport has rules, and I haven't seen the video video footage. But I have faith that the referees that looked at that lift were following the rules as they're written, and their interpretation is correct. And while it's true there are challenge cards and weightlifting that can be played, you know, I think that my team made absolutely the right decision. Um, strategically, snatch [00:11:00] has always been my stronger of the two lifts. And so it was probably better to keep that challenge card for which there is only one, for the clean and jerk and So I have, uh, every faith and confidence that my coach has made the right decision. Uh, when I was asked, like last night, I, uh uh I think I told someone that I'm looking forward to my career as a pub quiz question or a trivial pursuit card. Um, and that might sound slightly facetious, but there is a kernel of [00:11:30] truth in that, um, I've never been involved in sport because I'm interested in publicity or profile. Uh, and so, uh, if it means that I now begin to descend into graceful obscurity then, um, I'm OK with that. If there's one thing I hope I can give to them, it's encouragement not just for sports, but for all spheres of life. I think the world is changing, and there are opportunities for people to be out in the world [00:12:00] and and do things just as any other person would do. And so if there's one thing I'd like to pass on, it's this, um, Life is difficult. There are disappointments. I know. I certainly have some today, as so do we all. But, uh, if you just keep pressing on, it does get better.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It may contain errors or omissions, so always listen back to the original media to confirm content.

AI Text:September 2023