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Gay BC (28 June 1986)

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[00:00:00] This audio comes from the collections of the lesbian and gay archives of New Zealand. It's been lightly it has a duty copyright restrictions and unedited version is available at the archive. For more information visit it [00:00:20] Hi, welcome [00:00:21] to gay morning New Zealand facilitate the 28th of June 1986. Today is Stonewall day and commemoration of the Stonewall riots in New York on the 20th of June 1969. That was the start of gay liberation. And it was also the day Judy Garland was very good piece of useless information there. Today is also the birthday of American football, a Dave copay, a professional athlete who came out in 1975 and caused quite a stir. Well let's my 30 seconds up. I'll be back in a moment with ABC News. [00:00:59] What's [00:00:59] up nice, you are within [00:01:06] 30 seconds. [00:01:09] tell you everything else do [00:01:15] you wanna [00:01:19] go? [00:01:25] You're listening to gay morning New Zealand it's 25 minutes to 12 and that's time for gay abc news. A group of nine parents and teachers at Hastings Rudolf Steiner school or arranging and AIDS and promotion meeting for the schools committee. But Hastings scholars still considering whether to enroll child with AIDS even grab past. Meanwhile, the Little Rock Arkansas USA Maggie knocks a Health Service Specialist with the American Red Cross told a parent teacher's conference this week that the chances of aid spreading among children in the classroom are about the same as being hit by lightning on a sunny day. Rob like a spokesperson. Unfortunately, the campaign for homosexual equality said on Tuesday that the age of consent for analytical should not be raised 18 years and the homosexual law reform bill. He said that the bill is likely to be recommended for consideration and the committee stages and which case build Sutton's amendment of 18 years but Angel and the course and 16 years but about homosexual activity will probably be adopted. Rod Blake said the campaign for homosexual equality and tally rejects the proposal and calls on MPs to throw out the recommended emotion and to vote for an age of consent of 16. The debate on the bill will continue on Wednesday night. Don't miss it. That's only your lives that debating. Meanwhile, Law Reform opponent Graham Lee has had to backtrack on statements he made recently. Last month Graham Lee issued a statement which contained photocopied pages from the New Zealand section of the Spartacus international gay guide. However, he was accused of infringing copyright and on Wednesday revisited all the journalists to which the statement had been given to try to get the offending pages back. Spartacus international gay God gives details of bars clubs goes and other places where guys meet a new zealand I wonder if that mentions Parliament gray and blue belt the international directory showed that homosexuality was highly organized and only increase Nice try grand but it is true. A recent survey by the coalition of concerned citizens of West Auckland bigots has found that most people who signed last year's anti gay petition would do so again. I also found that the attitude electric that 240 people were dissatisfied with the MP Dr. Michael Bassett voting for the homosexual law reform bill. The Coalition's press release just today did not state which Salvation Army sort of all the survey was done outside. New Zealand's lesbian gay population has risen by 13,210. According to figures released this week by the government statistician. The recent census showed that the homosexual increase occurred mostly in the North Island, New Zealand's Lesbians and Gays now number approximately 330,784 Wellington's lesbian and gay population has increased by 1.4% to approximately 32,700 it These figures are of course based on the assumption that nine out of 10 people are through no fault of their own, neither lesbian or gay. The Vice Chancellor Vika University said yesterday that the university or not discriminate against homosexuals amongst Apple students. The University Council recently expanded its policy of seeking to be an equal opportunity employer. applicants for jobs will be told that Lancaster University does not discriminate on grounds of sexual orientation religion six or race. New Zealand's first aid outpatient clinic will be named after Bruce Burnett, founder and until his death last year coordinator of the aid support network or doing a clinic at Oakland hospital will be officially opened on the 11th of July by Minister of Health Michel Basquiat. Meanwhile, the Wellington hospital board and the AIDS Foundation have still not settled on the differences over what form and AIDS clinic for Wellington should take. The proposed aids clinic has not been discussed in public public board meetings for more than six weeks. Wellington board medical superintendent and chief Brian cockles see the full separate aids clinic is not warranted. The position of counselor for the clinic is to be re advertised despite consideration of for applicants earlier this month. Scientists earlier this week ended a three day International AIDS Conference in Paris on a note of optimism about prospects for fighting the killer disease. United States aid specialist Robert gallows did that by next year, scientists should have a full understanding of the AIDS virus and be ready to develop practical ways of arresting the disease. Earlier in the conference. Scientists from San Francisco, Seattle and Strasbourg, France reported successful experiments of genetically engineered products that prevented aids and the test tube conference chairperson Professor john Claude Gluckman said that all researchers agreed that genetic engineering techniques would eventually lead to a vaccine, over 2500 scientists from all over the world and attended the conference in Paris held under the auspices of the World Health Organization. alarming trend reported the conference was the boom of AIDS virus transmission among drug users sharing infected needles. For each health official john Baptist Bruni's said three out of four intravenous drug users and Emily, what carriers of the AIDS virus that figure and Spain was one out of every two. He said the rampant spread of the AIDS virus among needle drug addicts is one of the main events of 1986 studies. Studies presented during the conference suggested the rapid speed of AIDS in Africa, maybe due to the almost totally heterosexual transmission of the disease there. One study showed that more than 60% of prostitutes in Nairobi were carriers of the AIDS virus. The World Health Organization says 6% of the total population of Africa has been infected by the AIDS virus. And on a lighter note, a spokesperson for an open university Christian group, Peter Stone said yesterday that the decision to allow private cubicles with beards to be set up in the Oakland University Student Union would result in orgies on campus, is it it's just totally a moral, the sort of sick thing that brings us country down. President of the Student Association grand Watson said students started nine to one in favor of dividing part of the Student Association building into private cubicles with fields for individual capitals of groups to use for whatever purpose a desire University Registrar Warrick Nicole will be looking into the matter sounds like fun. Let's go abc news. It's a cold, wintry day and Wellington so let's stay wrapped up in our cubicles with Tom Robinson. [00:07:30] But out in the cold with Tom Robinson from the North by Northwest LP, and that's dedicated to all those parliamentarians who want to leave us out in the cold. You're listening to gay morning New Zealand and Stonewall day 1986. Let's cross now live to Sydney for Australian guy radio news. [00:07:46] Hi, this is Philip and john but the Australian guy radio information new service, bringing you news items card from grins weekly bulletins broadcast during racing weeks in Australia. [00:07:59] Due to the past assignment of the final rating of the homosexual law reform bill in New Zealand, Sydney gay people stage to demonstration on May 23. In support of guys across the Tasman, outside the New Zealand tourists Bureau. Guy activists in New Zealand fear that by postponing the third and final reading, a number of parliamentarians might cave in on the question of age of consent equality with heterosexuals. It is expected that some members of the New Zealand parliament will attempt to raise the consent age to 19 during the crucial second reading amendments to increase the age of 16 were defeated. Traditionally, the final reading of the bill is merely a formality, but a postponed reading Hector beside allows the tractors of a build concentrate on further unsettling the waivers amongst the parliamentarians. The [00:08:52] Sydney demonstration arranged by Kiwi connection and the guy solidarity group. I'm encouraging us cylinders in Australia to write to their wiring parliamentarians and urge them to stick to their original decision to support an age of consent of 16. [00:09:10] Wearing a 10 gallon Stetson and VIP dark path is Sydney's guy, gospel or Richards entertained at a fundraiser suffer on Saturday night my 23 for victimized lesbian teacher, Allison Phone Guy are all rounded off his pungent send up of right wing Christian fundamentalism with a series of his own hop gospel songs. Sydney's the borders of the campaign to reinstate Allison phone had gathered to show their solidarity with them while she was on a brief visit to Sydney for free speech seminar at Macquarie University. [00:09:45] Allison Thorne has been neither charged know found guilty of any crime. Yet in November 1983, the director general of education in Victoria transferred her from classroom teaching at Glen Roy technical school in Melbourne, to our regional office job. All she did was what any individual in Australia is supposed to have the right to do. She signed a press release expressing a political opinion. The press release was issued by the gay legal rights coalition protesting against charges of conspiracy to correct public morals light against members of the pedophile support group. The court found that there was no case to answer and dismiss the police charges against the arrested members of the discussion group. But the media hounded phone for her free speech defense of the group and the education department followed the media's lead phone has taken her case to the Equal Opportunity board in Melbourne. She said she won't forget our origins on her and her Sydney supporters as they joined him with rhythmic hand clapping as he saying, Give me that Allison phone religion Give me that socialist feminist religion. It's good enough for me. [00:11:00] Melbourne St Kilda festival has been proposed for an annual gay Mardi Gras. Adam car vice president of the Victorian ice Council has confirmed that discussions have already been held between the AC and the Victorian tourists commission. Car said it was inappropriate to talk about the details until the idea had been discussed with security council. The traders association of some killer and other gay organizations. California doubt that quite clearly he did not think it should be called a Mardi Gras because he said the guy Mardi Gras is a uniquely Sydney event. doesn't kill the festival like Sydney is gay Mardi Gras is held each February they will Whitaker of the Sydney gay Mardi Gras committee said that his committee supported the proposal provided the Melbourne event complimented the Sydney one. He added that he thought it would be great if every capital city could have won [00:11:54] the opening of the 1986 Sydney Film Festival on Friday night June six was undoubtedly a night to remember outside the State Theater, the Sisters of perpetual indulgence and some of their supporters diverged account a demonstration to that of the Roman Catholics, the Lebanese, Maronites and the Protestant evangelicals. Over 500 Christian traditionalist carrying lighted candles would demonstrating against the screening over yeah look, the gods film, Hail Mary at the festival. The guy mile numb satirize the Christian protesters by chanting the Queen of Heaven don't pump gas and distributed leaflets on film censorship. [00:12:39] The sisters accused the multinational companies of instigating the film. The leaflet also demanded that full control over censorship what should be vested in sister married third secret of Fatima so he could throw large video part is the sisters considered this demand reasonable because they had no interest whatsoever in public morals. One of the supportive friends of the gay male nuns was veteran guy rights campaigner john Fox or he carried a double sided placard on high which he 12 at intervals. On one side it said no and Clancy Don't tell me what films IC and on the reverse resist clerical ism and ugly situation developed when Christians began hurling their candles at the sisters once is to sit on the forum and with blood beginning to trickle down his face. The others decided it was time to leave. as friends shielded them, the sisters shed their habits and melted out of the increasingly violent environment. [00:13:39] And that's this edition of the Overseas Service of grins. The Australian guy radio information News Service. Cheers. [00:13:47] Well, that was Philip and john coming to you live from Sydney with the Australian guy radio information new service. They'll be back in a month's time game on in New Zealand. It's nine minutes to 12 we're going to track now relevant to today's Stonewall day 1986 from the Broadway musical Academy of bowl and signed by the whole Broadway cast which includes gene Barry and George when [00:14:23] great stuff that's we are what we are from the cars your phone. Good morning New Zealand It's time for what's on and gay Wellington. The big event this weekend just has to be the gay and lesbian disco cabaret at the electric ballroom opposite McDonald's and Victoria straight tonight from 10pm is stunning lighting, live entertainment, great food and good music. It's not to be missed. The cabaret last weekend was particularly enjoyable. That's the electric ballrooms disco cabaret, the Lesbians and Gays tonight at 10pm and the next lesbian and gay dance university will be on Saturday, the fifth of July that's next weekend starting at 9:30pm as usual, and the student union that Saturday the 30th of July for the next lesbian and gay dance University. There's a gay and lesbian Film Festival starting in Wellington and a fortnight's time. It's currently disguised as a 15th Wellington Film Festival. But don't let that fool you. The Gay films include My Beautiful Laundrette a comedy about a couple of may lovers who go into the laundromat business. I've seen it it's great. There's before Stonewall a recollection of what it was like to be gay before 1969 and don't forget today is Stonewall day. This at heart so lesbian film described as a wonderful female adventure that's had excellent reviews. evening dress of French film starring Jared the puddle as a burglar and live with a married man and many other films. What the gay themed Don't miss the 15th annual gay and lesbian Wellington Film Festival at the embassy theater. You can look at the region's us regional theater, and they got brochures around town. There's still a couple of other films with lesbian or gay themes around town at the moment there's Color Purple at the region listed the better. There's kiss of the spider woman at the Paramount go and see William Hurt pretty to be a gay man so much for stereotypes. The next pink triangle magazine is due out next weekend to look out for us and listen out for details on it. on next week's game BC. There'll be a lesbians and gays and education conference in Wellington from Friday the 22nd of August to Sunday the 24th of August. If you'd like further details right two lesbians and gays and education post office but three to six four and Wellington that's Post Office Box three to six for in Wellington. The Gay Task Force meets on Wednesday nights at 6pm at the Dorian club rooms all lesbians and gaming a welcome buying the lambda center 720116 for details. The campaign Bahamas sexual equality meets on Monday nights at 6pm and the lesbian and gay rights resource into the MPs meet Parliament this Wednesday night at 7:30pm to discuss our fate. So a few support an age of consent of 34 go along and cheer them on. And if the age of consent doesn't turn out to be 16 there'll be a meeting afterwards of all those lesbians and gays. You'll be voting labor again at some of the findings box outside the Courtney place post office. And finally the Wellington guys switchboard is open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from seven to 10pm bones seven to 8609. That's what's on on gay Wellington and then scabies see for Stonewall day, the 28th of June 1986. So it's goodbye from Peter and Andy. Have a great day day will go out with a new york city Gay Men's chorus

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.