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[00:00:00] This program was funded by a generous grant from the gay Auckland Business Association charitable trust. For more information visit good [00:00:11] enough Africa [00:00:15] mama como me on [00:00:22] Nazi Nazi our na [00:00:29] Nakamura who may not you [00:00:34] know have [00:00:36] a fan on my [00:00:37] tequila whoa he's also someone or co Donna Julio pa Tokyo Korea Nana I found my homie Welcome to Mandy you know tweet them ally or Julio tiwhanawhana Hi there Hello Kitty Akira or pithily Hema naked school d'amato Cobra Kai lippy told on one [00:01:04] the courage to [00:01:07] carry t mo na, ma co to [00:01:10] unlock our way up to a whole day that could tie the mighty tongue [00:01:17] in the use, [00:01:19] that I have here, and [00:01:21] this is how I was born into a tribe of not Iranian doing. Not Tamara, who hapa and copy to my Walker, and the moral code on your path, and went to school and went to Colorado College and Colorado girls college, and then came to publicly Makoto, because there was no Teachers Training college or university. And I was pursuing education with childcare. [00:01:55] And later on, [00:01:58] worked in primary school, intermediate and secondary school, secondary school when my two children were born, and tyranny with this, my husband and Rob wish to Brooklyn. And I will say that I also worked with the community law service with working with the justice system, and then a worker for [00:02:29] our young people who are efforts. [00:02:32] And also, Nick, [00:02:35] Nick Brown, who was the [00:02:39] judge [00:02:40] for the Henderson court. And he asked and required that I become his court Report Writer, [00:02:47] and worked with those [00:02:49] inmates as well, by the end, the first educator within the maximum security and medium security prison, teaching modern English, and those who incarceration, but majority and specifically Molly. And then in 1989, I won the position after real education in Parliament president at the university opening University of Technology. And it was the in 1989 and 1990, with my colleague, [00:03:29] the day and [00:03:30] all the top of top, we were in a parka. We've been harassed. And literally, I the big boys club, who were both management level, and who ran the university. So there's type of grief that was going on there. And I thought, why can't we've got a partner who agreed I needed to intervene. And my intention was to shave, change your attitude towards what's happening, to not fight the fight for what you've got to do is build a persistence and be resilient. And to prove to the colleagues that are being [00:04:08] disrespectful to you, and your manner, [00:04:12] then uphold yourself and be proud of who you are. And I would act as your intubation person to intervene and to ortho. Go straight to Dr. Hinchcliffe time who was the head of the university. And because he was so Christian person who had served in the community and looked at the injustice of humanity throughout and always preached it on the news within each lecturing or deliveries. And I thought he's a good man that will be able to help us to sustain the dignity and the manner in each human person, regardless of their sexuality, or their interest for future words about that band aid, but they are intellectual people within the system of education. And that's what we lifelock the good said they have made clicking. So slowly, the changes came about. There was a 1991 massive lecture which was upon I can't work isolated in isolation, the Copa for modern mimicry to have the man very authentic Mark wikia to hit on the head. [00:05:29] If you ask me, what is the greatest gift [00:05:31] from this will I have to tell you, which was people, if people if people, it's not a person, it's people. [00:05:39] So therefore, we had to change [00:05:40] the attitude of banner, and work as a collective group to reinforce and to help people hear [00:05:51] what you have to say, [00:05:52] because we're not listening. We're just told me [00:05:56] what what kind of hardships were they encountering, [00:05:59] and they were under the Treaty of white family and they were teaching that treaty for all of the gay women had gone to classes to learn about that treaty of lifetime, because the partnership that is that they know, and author, and the crown, the crown, it's a Parker people who at the time signed the treaty. So they had learned it. And they were trying to bring back the industry, and the qualities that [00:06:35] needed to not there. [00:06:37] And it was been overridden by those people who were me and my family, who belong to the big boys club. [00:06:45] And we came in [00:06:50] and tried to change their attitude, we had to change the structure of all our footwear. And mine was yours to be taught by my nanny to, you're more powerful if your work is subpar. Not everybody has the town and make it. And we don't cross paths. But we get together and work out strategically how we're going to do it, who will do it. And when we're going to do it, and monitor it shows we have an outcome straightaway. And that was all my teachings from my name. And I implemented that same structure, because they were there things that I come with that with my knowledge base market. So I worked with Beth and then it should work. [00:07:34] So I began to see changes. So once we got the group together with a star or published with what doesn't matter what nationality or what ethnic group or culture, you belong to the main Copa head to head [00:07:52] to the table. Although [00:07:57] it doesn't matter who the person is, [00:08:00] we still come on a coat [00:08:02] of that, but atoki about poverty. [00:08:07] So we held on to them, I find [00:08:09] it really interesting, it's an interesting idea that you change your own ideas and your own mindset first, to to overcome problem that may not be yours. [00:08:21] But it's human problem much the man [00:08:24] because we are patient for much born into a family of the humankind. And we made a connection, we have a banana Tana which means we are born into the farmer and women have a relationship the cause of [00:08:40] the affair that we are human. [00:08:43] So who am I to [00:08:45] do nothing else but to be long and short. She planning for me and I learned that for my name is that make him a Hannah, aka Tikka it reheated something is encouraged. Correct. But you use your skills to collectively get together with the camaraderie to identify, not contain and Piper and all these wonderful technology things or other ways of communicating. To communicate any push into this initiative, what can you do? For a woman it's what and the inner energy of her womb, because of you appeared on this chart, you're the only one that feels the pain above push. And then they see the proxy push, you know that time. And it's a wonderful pain, but it can be overcome. And with a mile within the same sort of thing. Because we complement each other. And that's the other thing I had to change. Mouth mouse have a job to do. Women have a job to do, and complementing each other. However continent because that's why God created the mouth bush. And we need them now it's very lonely. And [00:10:08] so he created patina, [00:10:09] and within the mount system that creates light, and turn the femur in your head that [00:10:17] we're all living thing. [00:10:20] So what's the rank or [00:10:24] how does talk a top we fit into that [00:10:27] it's a turn to it because there are a farmer of the humankind, my tongue have to envision a person, it's my relationship, because we have two eyes, two ears, a body, a soul, we have all the elements never be in your head, all the things that make us tick. And it's the same [00:10:49] thing anything is different, [00:10:51] since the culture that you infiltration with an abortion as a person as a partner. So all I ask people to do is to switch they have respect the word respect. But when you respect yourself, you would like to be treated the way you want to be respected [00:11:08] by [00:11:10] simple and simple at the top with a label that show you where you fish little fish like [00:11:22] that personally. [00:11:25] I have relationship with him because first and foremost born into the human time. So I don't see any thing outside of the philosophy and the deep philosophical way the argument or traditional discrimination discrimination comes with me with [00:11:45] people who have phobia [00:11:47] Avik ideas and thoughts [00:11:48] because of the way they've been taught. I can thought unravel almost in a few moments time lunchtime, and say and while you with resident [00:11:59] and I have physically as [00:12:04] well as [00:12:05] in the world, that humans war, and it's a ribbon of hope. It's hopeful you hopeful me? Because we're him. And what does it indicate indicated the foundation with those people who contracted the HIV virus aids [00:12:28] and it's hope that they will live [00:12:31] in the earlier days [00:12:33] as early as when I finished in 1990 and 91 and onwards when I worked here and had the privilege to meet all both of our modern men our state nanny America favor the community I worked with I actually was pretty to them listen to me into their world. They had come home to die they had cancer clip because the HIV virus I be sexually involved with miles up by the land and teach me and I can have sexual mean deadhead compact complete the virus in Australia and and the other countries that have come, but mainly the ones we work with the ones for Australia, the cutter Marley knows when the body is deteriorating, and they are away from home. The culpa is to come home to the public kinda to your place we stand your face and we are to pronounce our and then you should come before you to come back and to die and be buried amongst young people that suffer so when they came back and I learned I began to learn and to learn that I need to educate myself that's what I'm about because I didn't look at what they were IPOs looked at there were times that come home and they come into my career. What can I do something about that? So what I did was actually [00:14:09] with cara cara which is a prayer [00:14:12] tempt or Deacon Marjorie because in the Maori language that I had, and then doesn't matter that they're forgotten the Bama branch like a conclusion when you call back and record in comes forward then you can guarantee [00:14:32] so once I did that and now with the families and the partners especially because the partners we are we are back couch we have a culture can you still farmer and talk to them hentai the water is clear and British and explain first how how they know how they would go until everyone's on the same Hi, Ryan Sam Walker at the same beacon same time and to me this part of the knowledge that I've been given to express to people quite clearly what you're going to do and how you're going to do it why you can't do it if the ryan Christians This is time to ask but at the same time [00:15:19] we ask everybody [00:15:22] have respect for the [00:15:23] process that we go to go for [00:15:25] and there was no no Christian no con no nothing and they accepted it because what I was trying to do is to see the wider which has been more the wider than the energy of the torch he said run the spiritual water that creates all humankind and the water that branches out as a mother loses the water and he's ready to give birth to her child the water on the stream allows him and can't come to have two white women water river meaning to water and that's a simple explanation My name is had taught me everything is so simple that other people's way of thinking and thought and complicate things and I'm not wanting to complicate no one because I palette market of and if people are not sure that then we have another guy but repetitious teaching as how I became to do [00:16:23] perform the thing that I do [00:16:25] and [00:16:29] the idea also was to ask to the people who had the time [00:16:35] we will they lock the body [00:16:39] and nine eight constraints he cannot hit committee do your farmer know that you have contracted the virus? know they say do you want them to know [00:16:53] and so that was the process to go through [00:16:56] and what is the what is the answer they had then they had to finish good with God because it's fear [00:17:03] and then managed to turn it around and say [00:17:07] that fear [00:17:09] is good to the fearful [00:17:10] he is the word Marty when you have he [00:17:15] caught feel it's just [00:17:16] to caution you as a human being to stay a little bit careful how you how you move forward and that's important Shall we have easy we have Mana Mana Sheila that we all have we're born with it and then the wiser that we have we're all born with the wider as a very important part as well. The wires will do the canes to react once the body the Tina did declare did and can't function at all then the wider rise from the gate and having a job to do and love to go to one click everybody that onto the lot more so continuously applies to the children and effect of who I know because of the time that they've gone through. And I'd say look you're planting your mind it big time and every human being is created by the mind. So you have to teach your mind how much pain Do you want to take? If you have pain you will get pain if you say you want to die You will die then your body will deteriorate and all your organs in your body or stop functioning Is that what you want? [00:18:39] Oh hell no that [00:18:42] ship out man or blemish in [00:18:48] your bank? will certainly there are many words that are not my denomination there are their only adjective to describe a situation [00:19:04] and then [00:19:06] and then when the time come. And then also you have to plan your tongue of how fun and let's get together and support you and [00:19:14] say okay, working that [00:19:17] What do you want? JOHN had to hit him he can have one for music. And he doesn't care what sort of music you have. Is your Tommy What's your favorite? Well I think you think about it and you come up with some ideas and I believe this show next week to it to the short time you get to table pie and Lodi and that situation to lead to the images you see but to me it's not the mind to feed your mind and your intellectual knowledge wonderful God given because he gave it to us last click Publish creation. Why didn't he give us to vote he can trust cookie I'm going to be creating humans like his own Emmett Till we can have a thought so we can then begin to plan we can begin to do things with a head choice of course you made the choice to go where you are where you are now as you can get out of it because you have the mind and I'm grateful to my manager she told me without my disability example I was born a heart patient and [00:20:32] then when our stressful [00:20:36] then she just come down the street to me and teach me how to use my mind take your mind to size image one [00:20:46] page believe one of the it was on top of [00:20:51] an audition for slip and cry there and then [00:20:54] I could go right through the images to the bone so my whole system and try to take myself to our Creator that's my opening who had the virus go hope people need them now let's create that please have a wonderful time with it go away [00:21:21] Could you tell me about in karate [00:21:25] and in kind [00:21:29] of Napoli background and each mother's up to the [00:21:38] Cal Poly [00:21:42] he came to Auckland after attending college to kind as a primary school teacher and when he came at the time the content and coverage used to be in the North Shore north shore [00:22:02] and he lit my sister [00:22:04] Catherine Hall TV and they're trying to give up and then at the same time trending towards the second [00:22:13] year they had to post the [00:22:17] last show campus down and send over students to the Auckland cages trend caution [00:22:26] and who worked with bad sister because [00:22:32] she was teaching at several schools and they miss up to be through again at the [00:22:38] tiger intermediate which is in MongoDB [00:22:42] and the cameras student teacher on the hook chip cookie was he and that became very good friends and they should come to my husband and I and my two children have been kicking around and they used to come and the Christmas needed help the school teacher had a car she pulled me along and that's how he pushed me [00:23:12] and we found out that his Papa Papa [00:23:16] Papa Papa is my children. [00:23:19] Mark listen we are from South Oklahoma. That's correct. And in father is from there as well. So we will set up a connection and because he's opening my three children [00:23:36] which each other [00:23:39] as an uncle and my daughter and my son missy. So that bit started after many years of teaching and the shot that he wanted to look for a feel for vocation and his portion the advertisement for I [00:24:08] married kinda who work [00:24:10] within the median age foundation. And at this time he applied for this job and the course I've been applied to help him and him and my sister then he challenged me exactly why and of course I my job was to just have to go and support him like fish application going through and talking a little bit about what your job description and being the first came Mohammadi to represent travel with Tommy and the whole decision at that time the main objective of the position wash to help monitor top UK people in the Mirage So the whole idea said they will not be focused held on the Mirage throughout the march So [00:25:14] was this the first time leave this job it is time to do you know what year that was [00:25:22] in 91 [00:25:24] at the same time I was at the track 80 and 91 was the year that he applied for the petition and he won and I went to support him and he [00:25:36] interviewed with Warren [00:25:41] Warren tonight and few who who was his [00:25:47] mission is foundation [00:25:49] Orlando [00:25:53] and then I went along once he got session and I also went along to support from with the initiation and the try new that he withdrew the power to show portion my feeling was I'm to know what position tell and what help I could go and anyhow that's just flew out to support a lunch make a commitment and so we have our orientation and that was powerful and in a way speaking I think [00:26:32] the first reaction was [00:26:35] one culture shock for the organization especially those people on the panel and training as well and can do more warm because more importantly he had put up a position with Harvard and one from [00:26:55] when you say culture shock Can you give some examples of what's [00:26:58] new culture shock was quiet I specific one because butchered on your organization him run just with a core middle class Parker people and when I need you know, because I've done a whole lot of work with cultural issues around and I was quite clear that our core to show who needs to [00:27:35] know [00:27:38] turn around have to have the ownership and running things our way. And although we have patents and it hadn't been done before with age span by any other organization as well that is culture shock I talk about that everybody having the mindset to really think quite clear what specific thing should look cuz I had no marketing to the theater. So, thanks to Warren he saw the vision he put it out there and became very much a part of [00:28:22] supporting [00:28:24] him and the work that Marcia hidden and there is a sort of things also now in Iraq and [00:28:37] and then with the input from [00:28:40] from myself and other because I relied on my own resources community and because I have a good knowledge of his channel to failure fear of intimacy mcara which is not typical or rk and had worked on a white paper [00:29:01] wish to Auckland and corner Waikiki [00:29:04] and new Mirage [00:29:06] because my [00:29:08] background in working [00:29:12] as an educator in secondary school and green bar high school, I will wish to very much involved with your community so so we've put forward you know, a few things that could happen and like I say [00:29:33] what will work [00:29:34] What didn't which had to be work because you need time and timing three is not a not finished you just know the chemistry and getting what your strategic plan would be out there then can have the cause of the newness of the profession and given that [00:29:59] at the top of it tiny one [00:30:03] and it's I am unique community that a lot of things had to be created through and quietly work yet and that's where he chose to work with a decision to flourish and then do a lot of cold with a lot of Christian asking and same time I could find that all the questions that the community to asking and turn the mag site for you and most of the phobic ideas that humans hair times that which speed over the cliff Bible message you don't know knowledge in your heart and that was cool with working out of heaven now canoes to the top of top returning [00:30:57] issue would open [00:31:00] here in Auckland and let the came out soon for all of us to lose touch with Tommy and decay under the cope up at the top and how Papa Papa please we'll have relationship and economic power to each other hand there's nothing else I didn't even think about their diverse, diverse unique because if you go back to that time [00:31:36] important thing hits our head so [00:31:42] that's how [00:31:44] and it was good been allowed the people within the organization was born they know who their main became to say. And a lot of the things that sort of fell into place and so we were able to work together not against each other but still giving him space to say this is key Japan in particular is the correct way of behaving in a given situation then the opposite that was taken which is incorrect. And using those things that I've learned from and any they were very basic and I thought that was a safe way to go rather than going to college confrontation or to have debate Why am why notion work for our families began to grow and he was able then to contact all the tough tough with tan and his main class which now once upon a foolish panel those people who feel petition they're saying now you're going to be there around to the end leader and we get the more of course last the final document of violence you tell one person next minute he just grabbed Tyson everybody she started coming to the festival for the first time they had some space of their own that we could all get together under one Coca Cola and that own Martinez and overexpression how we should behave and at that time most of the boys and in the bulk of K road and all over the city just tell one person in next man Come on and I have a [00:33:57] piece of questions from nature [00:34:00] bust your ass overnight flash and what have you got to keep five ships with me [00:34:06] and so they provided walk [00:34:11] on condoms and and to be excited so my job was to tag leaders within different individual groups of target profit and have a meeting within push and say the main purpose here is that you've all heard about the virus and you all know certain banner that have come back with it or have coffee and nothing to be ashamed of your character is educate people to use a condom and to beside and close it in an educator watch which started off and hello room up and poetry way they used to meet or the trench kingdom with time and clothes for them to to come in and we open and ask the elves because most of them do the work. And next changing the chain guy can win all the national news work and who's to pick up all the Polish we had night transport and he just had such a [00:35:33] heart and because he was [00:35:39] in the class of the pole because his mother and his two sisters twins they are top top [00:35:49] and then being the [00:35:52] 10th at 10 Memphis and attending last fish path [00:35:58] and then [00:36:00] he's not supported or changed. And yeah, and that's in [00:36:07] in your educational work with the AIDS Foundation. What What was the hardest part for you? [00:36:19] Well for me especially [00:36:22] I've been taught that I've got the skills that taught me to do some research well you do it well and we can look back we look forward and nothing's been a challenging thing for me. It's just that [00:36:41] I feel very passionate about [00:36:44] others who are less fortunate than him and it takes a map out like a difference and then there should be Michael it doesn't matter who would have quit please come on. And the club board I've always been for the underdog and fortunate for any champion [00:37:08] without the rich poor [00:37:13] what comes through a lot to me is that there's a huge level of respect and love and sharing [00:37:24] one day to the our philosophies behind the other [00:37:31] and have you teach with it? [00:37:36] Or is it given if you are quite clear that what it is you can monitor the data and not I said it's correct that nobody can push through and and and and say I can't do that until you can't Whatever the cause I even turn those negative thoughts and ideas into the positive because I always had the mind [00:38:03] please focus and they know not [00:38:06] do so I had to make a difference and teacher and I do believe in preaching as opposed to the picture that was my role that Millennium and well and have this advantage advantage to sponsor now I'm not because I'm not what I'm doing is correct and if it's not correct I then got to research and find out the people and what is the mind What does your for what is your plan what's going on condition to [00:38:45] learn to learn to then make [00:38:48] everything different to that person who for some unknown reason may have some undercurrent or underpinning point of view then I thank them Irish Irish get your thoughts tonight is the coach God gave us the input and approach to thinking about here's what I can offer [00:39:14] then I pose what [00:39:17] the problem solving for me to try to mission the lesson have an open mind and the loving and English faithful but I want the same what [00:39:35] I command and demand from [00:39:37] the court on marriage career as an attorney [00:39:41] Why shouldn't it's time [00:39:44] to end you and for their you can do old coconut fun for me to show action the actions of of how you will solve the problem oh how you proceed to the action that you want. And I was live to have an assessment perfect and the outcome and time is of the issue I work with time to be a good time and to be honest respectful of others and you know and those protocols that come with me having to cut through the show before we talk about your health and your kind of clear to pay that way and to ask the Supreme Being forgiveness in a energy that shows we can accomplish whatever it is that the gotta hit the bar to get sanction after and to acknowledge the performance the things or people statement I acknowledged and to me that's the respect that because I've prepped and an hour soon we're gonna have a Tokyo and all that lovely Have a good one for Coca Cola Kim spoken to a higher being and concentrating on the issues that we have in front of [00:41:15] us It doesn't matter [00:41:19] you can learn how to do one however small it is like to drink alcohol he he could do it just push it faster. So that and then was teaching or tend to why after because it was kind of clear how that new wife [00:41:41] and that's the same from [00:41:44] which that you want to choose him and teach him my editor said yeah, but inclusive rather than and if you make people safe article cultural sites good [00:41:58] in respectful of the [00:42:01] and to put that nice GLG health needs to be humble. And there are certain times when we're having a discussion that I can actually begin to talk about things in a puff to make it to [00:42:22] push me [00:42:23] over your time with the foundation Have you noticed the difference in Tucker top we and how they relate to the AIDS Foundation and how they relate to themselves [00:42:36] if I have [00:42:38] it's changed at the beginning they didn't know about the hedge foundation because the emotional lining and all they knew is that they would come up with classified as just being a human person that had made a choice to be unique Kristen former and however they behave within that uniqueness what's up Ryan? [00:43:03] And I acknowledged [00:43:06] and as seen the change come drastic change come about with the respect because before the park with time they are quiet [00:43:20] not wishes. They tell us [00:43:24] great color in a beehive because they only know how to show bye bye bye mouthing off and putting physical thing in and yeah, and did you get the opposite Who are those people who pay the tomorrow kind of quite subdued and there [00:43:47] is a tinge of softness [00:43:51] and I watch I've watched development our core optional actually change humans develop and they are get up acknowledge that they require second progress forward and [00:44:06] that's how [00:44:09] so yeah, I've watched development and I've watched 16 year old bandage come into this organization and or an abortion and now 10 years and now usually Jordan Harris a drunkard he was well Baidu and Hannah nice into a sweet 16 and give associate yeah and watch can develop over the over the years [00:44:48] and say to him [00:44:51] you need to think about where you go in there this is organization and if you have data type for you and I'd like you to I'm Kim bit shy so we'll have with practical soon we do I'll do a lot of playback and I do a lot more than just acting out and role situation play roles and things until very good plot and they're quite head but it's repetition while occasion and until they feel quarter [00:45:27] to make the fantastic [00:45:31] so who wounded there and after boot assistant to 10 acute care and then it was time to move on but I courage Jordan can ever dream your dream. Set your goals and then discover sincerity. You're [00:45:58] hungry. [00:46:01] So Herky jerky went down to papa. And then Jordan took over net position vision now. And it's the closure of his gentleness. He's good Maxim good leader. [00:46:18] He doesn't need to do [00:46:21] what you need to have to go and porn on you know how to do that. And you know how to upscale yourself with children to relax your profession and everything. Yeah, and now he's at that top level position tokenization. And here's a good manager. A good move as a leader who's quite clear my mind there's chicken for my hand, he's still come and use it. I'm just a backup and it will always be a hard task. Hon. And it will be unlike Welcome to bed for entrepreneurship the answers you have a mind that you need to quite clearly make sure that it's gonna work and the whole live show [00:47:22] totally fine life [00:47:25] is as hell never taught you. [00:47:29] You learn by asking questions you learn by making mistakes [00:47:36] and you can let go [00:47:38] My name is Academy [00:47:41] she she used to fight [00:47:43] MMA to La La ish time. [00:47:45] The time will come when you all know and I used it with every person that I health build on bovine [00:48:00] that doesn't solve the problems or does it make them [00:48:03] alert [00:48:04] to use the mind to think [00:48:07] and that's a strategy are [00:48:10] smarter come with your car and he said [00:48:13] too impatient as why [00:48:15] and when is the war coming? [00:48:20] While we come in you know the you stop asking questions. [00:48:25] But that must be quite tricky though. Because I mean, in this day and age where everything is so fast to actually say just wait it will come that that must [00:48:37] knew what she means to me when I was a teenager patient and ask him a little good old children with that. But why mommy Why? And [00:48:55] the whole philosophy behind [00:48:56] it is that as young as you really not really to be told the answers until you actually did the mind and and do the action yourself. So began in that time. That's what I want your bag, I'll do it myself. I be the recipient of the cliff while I try the other ones wrong. [00:49:27] But I think that's the philosophy [00:49:33] taught so many people that same thing. And they held on to Ben and Tracy and try to look at the actions that they both given courage meant to other [00:49:48] again, thankful and tough [00:49:58] what's your role with the foundation now [00:50:00] the role for foundation cannot win this Rachel Bradshaw manager was the director and called the boys had worked with her and when I refer to the boys is Jordan they've got sessions of responsibility now that they've taken over [00:50:25] had been created because [00:50:30] Rachel had a terrific vision and she had quite specific ideas a partnership between two people and she gave that space and time for us [00:50:50] and we're grateful to her [00:50:53] throughout the whole organization economic economically show that materia and Russia and all the older that had gone through the dark ages that they were the first to go through and all not just the mind will pack as well and then they will have to fight for their survival with the place and command he just been over cut that mother tank in strife and yet when it come to the call this another generation because then things began to change for the better part Hi, I actually think you out and both him and Palin for doing what they had now the young ones don't have to go through that. Why because the whole world now around the acceptance of the uniqueness of each individual and connect fish [00:52:08] quite clearly how they feel about themselves. [00:52:13] And so your role now at the Gates Foundation waters there Yes. [00:52:18] That that develop that develop with Rachel and upon [00:52:23] and I've had to take [00:52:26] the old and the young and modern especially to say no more now cuz I didn't make it with him when the head positions and trust for more efficient and richer the monetary had been involved right from the very beginning. And it's a cry hadn't been heard, but then they still carried on the club scene. They were recipients of that photo on Monday [00:53:01] developer [00:53:04] change had to come [00:53:06] change come about [00:53:10] that with most model now. [00:53:26] We are now responsible for then the top of the mountain [00:53:32] and what does that [00:53:35] mean that organization, land foundation could provide a top level Komatsu clear and Komatsu clear within the role here in the areas in can and archaea, Roma is to acknowledge Tanaka monotony of each other area. [00:54:01] I'm happy [00:54:05] to come back [00:54:08] and acknowledge that they are monitoring. So, that have happened, and it's been an exciting time for for monitor. And with that the tea cup, I'm still had to go to bed. But when I was asked, it was the boys, they chose me. [00:54:32] It was being a bath since we were 16. [00:54:36] Which like, come on. [00:54:42] Of course. [00:54:46] Here [00:54:48] I have a passion for people. [00:54:52] And of course, [00:54:55] and [00:54:58] either the my Komatsu here is taco, Daphne, and she will, what are you asking me for? That's it, oh, man, good man is for me to tell you cuz you're tired. [00:55:16] You're doing the work while you go. [00:55:22] And I could set the protocols well. [00:55:27] Okay, so I've chosen to do that session. And at the time, my boys Keith was asked to, because we celebrated last year, 2010 25 years of the organization, and they had plenty of celebrations. And so the whole lot of things that needed to know can and he wrote the organization and discovered document of all things that have happened. And the modern input as well. So, he was also asked to write how to behave in a poor family procedures and things. So he called me up and him and taught me to hop off to [00:56:23] put that on paper, [00:56:26] okay, by the [00:56:30] literature thing, [00:56:34] and began to put it into real action. [00:56:37] Because this has been going on for a long time. [00:56:42] When I say real action, we are now to acknowledge financially, to the to the work that is required, when, when Mitch and RGA, the kitten dead for come to clear, no matter what organization [00:57:01] and being at that level as well. [00:57:06] This is the this is it. [00:57:09] It's not negotiable. And for this reason, and here are the wife, Roundup, now we can be ahead of it. And everybody was on Fiverr. So much so that everybody wants to practice [00:57:28] upscaling themselves, because [00:57:32] they can pop type no matter who [00:57:36] we are the member who has been welcomed or has been fellow HTC acknowledgement in respect of the human person who, [00:57:51] interestingly, and you're saying about the 25th celebrations? Do you? Did you think back in 1990, when you started doing this kind of work, that you would be doing similar stuff Twinkies in 20 years time? Yeah. [00:58:09] That's, that's one of the things my name [00:58:13] at the end, I could commit to any will do in the community. And that's what we'll cover in my commitment to the veteran community. Or, we said to teach our second, no one's indispensable, he used to say, you can die tomorrow somebody will try to teach others that that's what I've taught the two top talent as the age group in our teaching so young, [00:58:52] how [00:58:54] come they teach and you pass the knowledge on [00:58:57] knowledge is not present mantra [00:59:03] given unconditionally? [00:59:09] Well, Andy, Why thank you so much for taking the time and being so generous with your time and memories of philosophy of a while, I really appreciate it. So thank you. [00:59:21] Thank you go. [00:59:24] Before we finish, I want to [00:59:26] thank you. And then the organization and especially the funding has component hit will have a GABA functions, the celebration that this year. And with that needs to be to be told the city version needs to be needs to be used on modern technology, because that's part of the storage of the HTC and come forward to now and to the century could be as a learning process for all Kim to take a challenge for one way or another. [01:00:11] And yeah. [01:00:16] Well, and there's people who were very generous to choose them to Moscow. Okay, so with that other slide to finish with a kind of key and good thing. It will not too much later than we tend to be here to calculate him or Canada [01:00:37] within a quarter Virgil is [01:00:42] now Copa [01:00:45] to [01:00:46] arrive Korea October. Men are [01:00:52] men upon us. [01:00:57] monarchy, [01:01:00] cup of [01:01:01] coffee Lima [01:01:05] Nora [01:01:08] Comeau [01:01:10] cold papaya chicken [01:01:14] and clear clover and Mater go ahead to talk cultural couture [01:01:20] when my when my my my homeroom [01:01:27] teacher or a kappa [01:01:31] kappa kappa kappa [01:01:34] como Tina? Tina honey. [01:01:39] Ty key. Thank you very much. [01:01:45] This program was funded by a generous grant from the gay Oakland Business Association charitable trust. For more information, visit id

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