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Robert Collins [AI Text]

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Have you come for both the sports and the conference? Um, mainly for the conference. So that medal there is no, that's just for show. And so we've had the best part of. We're nearly at the end of the first day. What have you made of it? Um, it's What I've enjoyed is the variety of speakers, and I'm able to switch from one stream to the other. So it's given me the flexibility [00:00:30] to to get a a great overview, and it was wonderful to get the speakers this morning. I'm very interested in the, um, some of the Pacific Islands because my partner's from Samoa, So it's giving me a whole new outlook as well. And being kid, he closer to him as well, because we can share things in common now. That is difficult, isn't it? It's very. It's very easy to stick in the West, isn't it, so to speak, the Northern Hemisphere and the West? Um, it's [00:01:00] a slow business, learning more. When we discovered that one of the we mentioned one of the themes was strength in diversity, I've always been brought up that unity is diverse. Unity is strength, but I can see now that there is probably greater strength in the diversity because you get a wider range of views. You're not just stuck to a narrow vision. Yes. So some specific examples of the diversity you've learned about Well, certainly [00:01:30] the intersex and the transgender communities not had a great deal to deal with those before. Um, and some of the Samoan girls they interesting to talk to. So again, that has helped me to strengthen my ties at home as well. With my partner. Um, have you been to any of the legal sections? No. I'm going to one now, which, which is on the, um, sort of the the wrapping up. I've I've studied [00:02:00] the yo principles before, so I left that aside, Um, but I'm going to I'm going to the next one now, which will at least talk about future actions and so on. Yes, that's the future actions. It's something that the conference organisers were keen to promote something for future years. And of course, next week's, um decision as well, which is going forward, is another one I'm interested in, too, in which I can report back into Brisbane when I get home as Well, I'm involved with, [00:02:30] um with a gay friendly church as well. And also a counselling service in Brisbane. So it'll be able I'll be able to transmit meet a lot of the information, uh, through my dealings there as well is, is Brisbane society inclusive? Is it very white? Um well, it's quite a large indigenous community with the Aboriginals more so. I lived in Melbourne before, and that was all white. Whereas Brisbane has got, um [00:03:00] well, in in, as I see it, in particularly where I live in the in the valley. Um, it's quite a big indigenous community, and sometimes they're a little bit. There needs to be greater education and awareness. Um, they're very welfare oriented and so on. So they need to which I found here. The here are wonderful. They're far more approachable. Um, they feel trust more trusted with them as well, because they seem to be more loving, caring. It's [00:03:30] interesting and personally what you got to take away with you? Is it the stuff around your Parliament? Certainly. Yes. And some of the information on the law reform that I'd like to take that with me. Um, I'll be interested to hear what, what in some of the Pacific islands, how how they've approached it as well, because particularly in the colonial areas, I know certainly in in parts of Asia the the the the British colonies there. So India and those parts there, they're still unfortunately living under colonial [00:04:00] laws. They haven't sort of brought up to the British standard now, which is into a different area of law reform. When you hear of killings and that sort of thing, it really makes your blood boil to think that's happening. Still, I got the sense from this afternoon session that the Brits, perhaps on their own, managed to export a lot of the criminal codes that what it is and the that's right, they're still relying on Queen Victoria laws. They haven't. Whereas Britons have come up to the 21st century in their law reform. But the colonial [00:04:30] countries still have to do that.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It may contain errors or omissions, so always listen back to the original media to confirm content.

AI Text:September 2023