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Philip Patston

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[00:00:00] This recording was made up a second, the Asia Pacific Outgames human rights conference, held in Wellington, New Zealand in March 2011. [00:00:09] So I'm pit soon and I work, the more social change, creative change. And my attention has been be tied to panel discussions, one on the space between the disability and trends. And the other looking issues around this little theme into health and the queer for want the data to come into what was [00:00:53] some of the issues that were raised in those presentations? [00:00:57] I know I did. [00:01:01] Probably in the trend, and Disability Forum, the issue of pathology ization and musical ization was was quite paramount. And how do we learn from each at the about how to move? What is often seen as a medical issue, you know, or quality into [00:01:31] the total quantity? And [00:01:35] how do you challenge [00:01:40] the norm of [00:01:41] society in a way that is constructive? And and make policy? And how do we as a community, change our giving badges to each other, to motivate in the community, I think in the disability and mental [00:02:13] health, [00:02:15] sketch, [00:02:18] thing, burn the big things was, I guess, we talked a lot about how disability and mental health shows the importance of relationship and the conversation that we need to be continually helping about how we connect with each other in different ways, and how do we, you know, not only [00:02:59] talk that the right [00:03:02] people to make sure that we're upholding the right of our own employees, food samples, so you know, people talked about being right base, who knows age, and we're, something happened, and, and I need to end it thing guys page. Because, oh, my God, we don't know what today is so good. Is there a problem and try and get rid of that? [00:03:38] You made a very interesting points in your first session about how, within the space of five minutes, you can be enabled or disabled, depending on the environment that you're in. [00:03:49] Yeah, I mean, I think the whole of society, it's not just about this community, we have to remember that, you know, we will bond and, and life events. And, and it's just come in. And so I guess a lot of my work at the moment and and sort of conversation I've been bringing at the company is how do we sit with the fact that we we are all part of the it's not a group of vulnerable people that we have to look at it before the out is not born pOH human beings upon and, and when we, when we deny upon the third phase, we get into disconnection. And so in order for us to be more connected, we need to feel come to go with that vulnerability. And you know, people talking in this space, are talking about understanding the beauty of Congo phone bill t know what, what what makes a bond woman has beautiful, and, and so when we can say that we can be in Connect as beautiful people to make things move, then, before people can meet thing. [00:05:35] How do you take those ideas and take them outside of the conference and then put them into action? [00:05:43] No, De Gareth. I mean, [00:05:47] I think I think one of my leaning last few years ago that we we often focus on Edit, no time in this area, the tool bag, you know, we forget the tree bright, then suddenly, magically change and the reading I've been doing around social change. And an influence, as told [00:06:22] is that we actually need to [00:06:25] find out what the behaviors that could change. Because, you know, you can have the best editors in the world, and not doing anything. And, and nothing will change because we we live in a material world where action is really [00:06:48] important. I mean, you know, [00:06:52] thinking about what you do is really important as well. [00:06:57] But the demons [00:06:58] keep pulling through and and working out what are the behaviors that that didn't make a difference? So I think beyond the company, one thing that I think is a vital pay, yeah. And I'm committed to following up on is happening making a face in the community, for people that want to have a difficult X ray, comfort come the stage, and no, because we want to have conclusive outcome. But just because it could keep talking and get into places where we go known. And disagree and agree to disagree and feel vulnerable. And, and, and, and, and I'm come to board time. But also experience the magic of being in the play. Because we're, you know, we can go on like, I've never thought that way about something. Let's go away and try and do it [00:08:32] this way instead of [00:08:35] it we can do last 18 [00:08:37] years. And wondering why it didn't work. [00:08:41] Has anything challenged you at this conference? [00:08:47] Me, I'm getting into [00:08:49] the, the island. The with the disability panel was quite I run the problem, right, it makes it boo [00:09:04] thing You and I, I'm [00:09:09] into the owners, I hadn't been here. So turn drones think about what, look, what what can we do last night was there I went to a woman in a friend of mine was in Spain and said, Come along, we'll get you and be cold. And [00:09:33] my my boyfriend. [00:09:36] And we would just tell we could come in. And we could reply to them said, Well, how do you know when transitioning I had you know, we're not used to be women. And so we had a bit of a discussion about you know, if that was the case, how would it be [00:10:03] feel fine, who would really [00:10:05] believe and suffer that. And I think the challenging thing is, is [00:10:12] again, that that [00:10:15] we, I deeply respect the, the need for some moments hit the space where somebody who lives in an unsafe element of the day is not [00:10:34] gonna turn up. [00:10:36] And, and, and burn a beer and, and so I deeply we speak and it felt really say to not be able to go in and [00:10:52] and hang out with with my thing [00:10:55] to learn guys my pain to live pains. And so [00:11:01] so these are this time that I'm come to both lines of transitioning, you know, I mean, it's nice to meet for big things that wasn't the right thing where the conference ahead paint on them that the focus of pens kindred and and that seems to be you know, really refreshing, refreshing, Lewis, new energy and community. Um, but but also with the whole community is transitioning into a new understanding of of Kingdom and the role kingdom is it the role Kingdom unity so, so, so there was counting and and what was nice was that we stayed which faith side and a group of hearing and kind of spring g academia [00:12:22] and you know myself [00:12:25] have been unique function [00:12:26] formed a group, [00:12:30] you know, would felt like [00:12:32] the fringe of the fringe. And it was when they paid for it. So, so we could go to stop talking, we died with the discussion and headed for a beer [00:12:58] What do you think you will take out of this conference, [00:13:02] I feel a sense of, of change of growing up, maybe of, of maturation of the community, we're per head. In the past, we've been a bit looking a mainstream society, to give us a right to exit to allow us to marry to employ, you know, a bit of [00:13:43] a pest [00:13:45] perhaps victim, like, [00:13:49] you know, space. And, [00:13:53] and the [00:13:54] size of that is, is you know, while we wait today, you had done by we have lots of parties and, and quite some cards, and some Bible child for me, I think [00:14:17] I've noticed as a nice [00:14:20] about the community for a long time. And [00:14:24] I think maybe now that [00:14:28] we have all those things [00:14:32] in more more quantity, and quality is not perfect biome in [00:14:41] the night view that speakers take [00:14:46] a balance of positivity and negativity, we, we can't have one without the other. So maybe I take wave from the company is, is a slightly more [00:15:01] inward [00:15:02] focus of, of Here we are, we were actually very key down a lot of work on the world side. And maybe now we need to do some work on our community, internally and maybe some different way, which is far more playful and explore tree and, and finding new with new ways to be with the and, and playing with skin and line with you know, fluidity and, and not having to be one thing more the other anymore. Because, you know, because we we have to, you know, have them numbers, we know that now we can begin to evolve and develop as out into a new TV in a deeper, this actually [00:16:18] skipping ahead 30 years, if somebody was listening to this 30 years from now, what would you like to say to them? [00:16:26] I hope you're listening to this going, what the glide what three doors out? I remember a time when, you know they were they were like a covenant with teen nieces, you know, GL bt t IQ You know? And, and, and maybe you're thinking [00:16:56] it's great. The [00:17:00] we, we don't need label as hell anymore because we we recognize each other with without the labels and and maybe we we you know quite okay about being unique in some situations. And, you know, the the metric of debt [00:17:31] and being [00:17:32] done by common and our students and other income kids, you know, because because life is you know, life is made to co and not all the same time and so, so maybe [00:17:51] that's [00:17:52] what your note thing is that live because it's this strange paradox which does need to be live

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.