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Peter Sagar [AI Text]

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Peter, would you say who you are? Yes, I'm the president of Glier Asia Pacific, which is which is the Asia Pacific network of sport, culture and human rights organisations. So we oversee the selections of host cities and and stand for having events like the Asia Pacific Out games where we have sport, culture and human rights all coming together. That was the three pillars. That's right. They're the three components, three pillars of an Out games. [00:00:30] And I think it's great where we can have a focus on human rights. Whilst people are also playing sport and celebrating culture, it's about reflecting. You know us as human beings, our mind, our body and our spirit and advocating, celebrating and creating change. Yes, what happens on the sports field is also something that can happen in human rights. I suppose as well. I think it's, you know, it's interesting seeing, like on a sports field. There's that you know, that equal, [00:01:00] equal treatment that, um, that fair play, Um and we should be able to take that into the, you know, the human rights environment, where gay and lesbian people, um, are treated fairly, are treated equally and have um, the dignity to live, live, live their life, fully active. Participation? Yeah, that that that's interesting. How you you You're a visitor to Wellington. Is this the first time you've come? [00:01:30] Uh, no. I've been to Wellington a couple of times, uh, as part of our, um, you know, as part of working with Wellington 2011 in the preparation for the games. So it's abs absolutely fantastic seeing seeing what was an idea in people's mind and seeing it come to fruition. Uh, so that's just it's just awesome. But I think one of the for me an interesting thing for our region is how do we take what happened at the Human Rights conference at the first Asia Pacific Out Games that were held [00:02:00] in Melbourne in 2008? How do we take what happened in Melbourne? What's happening in Wellington and keep that alive measure or look at the progress and so we can take that forward into the third Asia Pacific Out games, whoever wherever that may be. Um, I think that that's an important challenge for us to keep that human rights debate live, uh, for us all to engage in it and and look at the progress. Yeah, yeah, that's [00:02:30] And how, in the meantime, do you think you might do that? I think there's an opportunity for human rights individuals and organisations, uh, being part of the glia Pacific Network, being part of our conversation and working with people to to post things on the a P website or point people to get that information. So we look forward to people sticking up their hands saying Yes II, I [00:03:00] I'm happy to help out. I'm happy to contribute to glia a P being part of that that network, that sharing of information How long is it to the next Asia Pacific? Out At the moment, we're we're interested in cities and communities saying we would like to hold it. We're looking at holding it in 2014. So the idea that every three years we would have an Asia Pacific Out games or some forums for us to get together forums? That idea. Yeah. I mean, [00:03:30] I think if there are parts of our community that say, Let's get together more frequently on on a particular topic, say on human rights, then you know we'd like to be part of that that conversation. So if that means we should have an annual Asia Pacific human rights conference, then we can do that. But as part of an Asia Pacific outcomes, we see that being every 3 to 4 years.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It may contain errors or omissions, so always listen back to the original media to confirm content.

AI Text:September 2023