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Ken Moala

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[00:00:00] This recording was made at the second Asia Pacific out games human rights conference held in Wellington, New Zealand in March 2011. [00:00:08] My name is Kim Allah. I'm originally from Samoa. And my background to do with gay and lesbian, an transgender activism is that I am a co founder of the Pacific sexual diversity network, which started in 2007. And some are, and that reaches out to the countries that and Pacific promoting [00:00:41] and have sex with men transgender, [00:00:45] and issues relating to [00:00:48] communities, the different communities, Pacific. [00:00:54] Now, the reason why I'm here is actually are now residing Gulf Coast and Australia. I decided to come over and assist being a volunteer, but also to attend some of the sessions conference, which I had to do interest. What I hadn't, actually my impressions of the conference itself, quite varied. I think this is this is actually a stark moment on the fact that it's been able to bring Asia Pacific regions together on a more intimate basis. Before we return conferences in Australasia and and further feeling in Asia, and the Pacific representatives was very few and far between because of the fact of the geographical implications. For now, some of the patients are just too far too expensive to get to. The conference has been how, and I applaud the conference for the initiative taken to identify funding to bring over participants from the Pacific, because that has been one of the overwhelming challenges [00:02:21] for travel and accommodation. [00:02:24] But more on on issues to do with human rights, it is really good to to share various achievements and challenges on certain issues such as human rights throughout the region. Now, it has been really inspiring to listen to two keynote speakers. And I compliment the organizers on on on identifying excellent speakers from various and very bad pounds, and who have expertise and on the issues that they spoke about. [00:03:07] So I really commend [00:03:10] the conference organizers on that account. But we need to have similar recommendations I have in mind is these are just suggestions. You can do what you want with them. But I do believe, as was brought up by one of the keynote speakers this morning that it needs to be equal representation throughout the region, Asia from Pacific Rim Australasia to ensure that there was a balanced perspective from the different regions in order to ensure that the the issues pertaining to those areas are well addressed and aired in this open forum. I have another recommendations, which I feel is very important. They should be a continuation of the sooner lights conference. I don't know what the future they are games. They're looking for the next toes country, and also possibly to move further afield and amalgamating out games for the Gay Games which which I played 2018, this is a curse. But I'd like to suggest that there is a continuance of the human rights conference, irrespective of the outcomes. Mechanism because we don't know exactly what the future is possible. They can be maybe by annually maybe every two years that we host conference, but it's important that the Asia Pacific region are constantly updated. I'm Watkins been done with human rights in respective countries. So that's, that's one of my recommendations regarding the conference. There there, there are also other issues, it's good to come and get together and, and and talk and discuss these issues. But advocacy, but more action done, you know, this conference ends up to be like a talk fest. And we need to address certain issues, such as persecution of the authorities, certain countries of the region, we need to be more proactive and ensuring that there there is continuing activism of human rights throughout the region, and then needs to be a database, also for a network to be set up. So we can actually, if we're not meeting at conferences, we can be constant dialogue THROUGH THROUGH [00:06:14] THROUGH online [00:06:18] and other means of communication. But I think that maybe we need to share for now not seeing each other with two years or so. But constantly emailing information throughout and have the database that we can actually share our thoughts on the issue. It was [00:06:36] an interesting discussion this morning. I don't know whether you were there. I was there Pacific people saying, well, a speaker saying that there are half a dozen words at least or names at least, that people have for a range of approaches to sexuality, gender, spirituality, right position in society. [00:07:01] Can I ask how how you identify yourself? [00:07:05] It depends what context you're referred to. [00:07:10] myself as, as, as a siloed male man, [00:07:16] I consider myself very much a [00:07:22] fashion, that word is in campuses. [00:07:29] To me, campuses, a lot of other dress opposite. [00:07:34] And like one speaker said before, I mean, either look good and drag, but I do embrace the whole concept of realizing that and and some more and other Polynesian countries, this is very much a cultural and a spiritual entity. [00:07:53] So and that and that [00:07:57] stance, I think we need to respect [00:08:02] exactly what I feel is very, very dear to my heart. [00:08:09] So yes, that's that's how I would look at it in that respect. Yes, that's [00:08:15] it. That's an important [00:08:18] statement. [00:08:21] It's a title from prominence. Yes. Because of this morning. [00:08:25] Yes, Corporation of the last couple of days, yes. But identifies who we need to define ourselves. In light of the world we live in. And especially with the gay world, I know, there's a lot of definitions and a lot of groupings within with on the Monday group, but I think each grouping deserves their own place in the sun their own. And we need to respect that. Like I was at a session with the intersex. [00:08:59] Personally, I am I've not had an experience or that but just [00:09:05] attending that actually made me more aware of the situation. So we need to understand that sometimes, we play play inside our game, but we're not the different divisions that mean transcendence. And that itself is quite complex. So [00:09:26] this conference has brought people here. Yes. Do you think people believe what they read? Or do they need people to tell them straight to their face? [00:09:40] Definitely, definitely will proud of who we are. We're proud to be gay, we're proud to be lesbian. We need to actually circus with pride, and all our unknown our definitions, and I think it's important to to ensure that we already come under the one umbrella. Swan speaker said the under the rainbow, we need to feel that we do belong in that sense, and this world is diverse, and colorful. And so we need to cooperate this and and ensure that everybody is treated equally. So yes, yes. I feel this is very important. [00:10:23] Great. Are you going to take any one thing away with you personally? Or in terms of your volunteer involved? [00:10:32] Sorry? Yes, yes, I I thought it was great to be a volunteer. Sometimes, as a delegate, you only see certain things. But I've seen a lot of things like I was at the football, soccer tournament. And it was good to see the different countries, the spirit of competitors, and Jose but overriding all that it was a camaraderie and coming together the difference areas but wasn't about winning, everybody's a winner. It was just coming together and being whole spirit of unity that I sensed and sort of failed. And voluntary. I think everybody should do that. It's not, you're actually giving back to your community. I will affect the organizers for accepting me because I don't I don't live in mind. And but I just felt that I was richly blessed by speak part of, of the power out games, and especially the conference centers, it's been a real joy, that there's the [00:11:43] three pillars that talked about, I can't actually remember all of them. But this the human rights. Yes, there's the sort of the recreational sporting, yes. They do seem to share those two. Yes. If you could be take some time together. And yeah, [00:12:03] well, I like feels like it's a bit Well, this this to me what I have experienced as being the the the recreation with the sports, there's been a social aspect. And then was, was the conference has been the knowledge that's been shared. But there's also is one thing I really liked it besides the Nets be the spiritual, you know, we can look after the physical, mental, and we need to look off to the soul and I think this is this is time, we need to have activities surrounding you know, the whole emphasis on I know we talked about in some aspects of the the conference about they also need to be activities. [00:12:55] That that really looks into [00:12:59] and this is why I'm really interested in on a personal levels such as well being, knowing your karma, yoga, ensuring that that your whole attitude is right so you can actually share this. And so these are one of my recommendations is two games. The same show that we cover all aspects of our being not just the social the recreation and the your your head knowledge but also [00:13:32] a spiritual side of it.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.