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Bhakti Shah

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[00:00:00] This recording was made at the second the Asia Pacific out games human rights conference held in Wellington, New Zealand in March 2011. [00:00:09] I am both Tisha [00:00:12] from Nepal and New [00:00:19] Canaan Kadena [00:00:23] opportunity came [00:00:30] from Nepal I [00:00:32] came to this conference to learn new things and make new friends and then get the knowledge back to country. [00:00:42] More blue diamonds [00:00:45] I belong to Blue Diamond society which is a gay rights organization in the [00:00:52] blue diamond society. [00:00:55] Marco as an apartment unit colonial center [00:01:00] lowness of Blue Diamond society sir education Sally judicial stand over the LA County LGBT I have no identity crew clear of anybody needs to go into that as a blue diamond since it started in black. LGBT is happening identity rap Nautica inordinate so much [00:01:26] Laura [00:01:28] Linney Blue Diamond just a search it back or positive in it by LGBT I know Erica was a [00:01:36] blue diamond society was founded in 2001. Blue Diamond society has been supporting gays lesbians, bisexual transgender people from across the country. This is the only organization have effectively empowered the gays lesbians, bisexual trans and intersex people. Now under the umbrella Blue Diamond society there are more than 350,000 LGBT across Nepal who are in a position to stand for their rights and fight in justices. [00:02:17] How are LGBT I people treated in Nepal [00:02:30] Matthew Toma like [00:02:40] sad sad, Supreme Court decision paucity [00:02:46] before 2001 before the blue diamond society LGBT a faced a lot of discrimination even they were called names walking in the streets. But after the this situation has improved, particularly after 2007 when Supreme Court decided in favor of LGBT F and above the situation has improved for better [00:03:12] what happened in 2007 [00:03:13] there was a sudden give out here was to name a article. [00:03:20] Yeah, you need to do this [00:03:26] because the bossa nova aka shrimps. You see my marriage [00:03:33] hunger renewed. [00:03:38] In a red petition filed by Blue Diamond society the court order the government to recognize the judges as the equal citizens of Nepal. The court also ordered two former seven members committee to draft the same sex marriage bill which is ongoing now the quarters or is the government to scrap or amend all the discrimination laws in against LGBT eyes? [00:04:04] How did the rest of the population respond to those changes? [00:04:08] You're quite a bit and lay back some actually goes to the difficulty Erica to [00:04:15] reduce TJ [00:04:18] them domestic [00:04:22] Ganga negative 30 girl Erica to Roma Bahn Kathmandu area of negative negative because the answer of the Toronto Blue Diamond society [00:04:39] counseling loving [00:04:43] gave back the [00:04:46] positivity [00:04:48] of the first reaction from the people was oh this decision will will influence more more perversion, but after the Nina follow up counseling from Blue Diamond society people are taking it to positively [00:05:10] Buddha interest at my alma [00:05:15] mater No No. Go No no. [00:05:19] There are more than 350,000 who have gone in contact to Blue Diamond society across Nepal. There are many more who are closeted and then it's still yet to reach [00:05:31] since 2007 Have you seen a change in people's attitudes towards lesbian and gay transgender six people [00:05:40] at the moment by the report written by la casa de Paula biotrauma in the 70s era de la severely cooler and identity more disruptor anyone regarding we're at night and declare an institution [00:06:00] big changes before people used to call name even walking in the streets now it's much less and we ourselves also very proud of who we are and then like I'm I can live and then get around saying I'm person of that gender [00:06:20] this ruling you and equal job bling bling [00:06:25] bling see [00:06:27] more the Justice killings alpha male female to male disability men Bala Bala Mala Mala in Gaza, the male to female [00:06:52] for example, born female birth grew as men or born male grew as a woman [00:07:02] are called a third tennis [00:07:06] add some ambition, some asthma history you just [00:07:16] have to disagree up no [00:07:22] longer just be [00:07:25] linear to [00:07:32] losing shuffle, keep [00:07:36] rocking and rolling should [00:07:40] like men and women live in society we also want to live and then that's what our struggle is about. And then we have made some achievements but we have long way to go. [00:07:54] Rosie go partners partner center legally promotional pony. [00:08:02] Bieber, Justin Moya, Bruce Lee be [00:08:06] early Manny De De De De La Raza really respect Kairos rock music [00:08:15] it's the right to live with our partner of choice like the sexual couples and enjoying. So it's the recognition of relationship as a marriage and then have the full recognition of family that we we form. [00:08:40] Coming to this conference, what would you like to take away from from this experience during [00:08:52] that period money in banking later on McKee Nichelle Nichols, Rama Mala Mala Nila ondemand Muslim and obviously Nina Malaysia Miro more God paga Karma Yoga longer ago and easy to Houma key and I know you got a new motto [00:09:20] there are a lot of new things have been learning meeting new people I haven't decided what exactly I will take home back which I will do end up tomorrow because we still want and a half day more to go I'm just excited to be here [00:09:37] in 30 years time when somebody hears this recording or they hear 30 years from now what would you like to say to them [00:09:45] of this possibility originally recorded as soon as it have a key message to this person [00:09:56] this was at the shower you know Molly you they will introduce a novella you give value they know that this was a party Molly just been a part of any entity she was of course even wish my wish segment dangerous to ninja one it just was a pile of any nipple, nipple but it's really nice. New Zealand is very cold countries. My backlog is very [00:10:35] individualist two and a half Yeah. [00:10:41] I don't think people would care much after 30 years about our struggle today because even in countries like Nepal, the rights will be insured for everyone including their genders. But if the recording in a website and somebody Listen, probably they would think oh, you know, even people like that ginger from Nepal came to New Zealand attended this conference and they did hardest struggle for the for the equality in the fin for environment we have today. [00:11:14] Thank you

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.