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A Rainbow in the Village (2021)

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[00:00:02] How you going to break? So here we are Piko curriki 2021. Labour weekend. [00:00:22] Yeah, labour weekend. Yeah, here we are in the village at the rainbow in the village. That's been What's it been beat? Yes, it's [00:00:32] been but not broken. So we've scaled it right down. Yeah, we're not saying that it's been cancelled because that just sounds like defeatist, but we've just changed it. [00:00:42] So how have you changed it? [00:00:44] So rather than having large events where we gather, we are doing what we're calling. We're calling it a beautification project throughout the village. So we've invited all the village people and by cackalacky to decorate their houses, sheds, dogs, pets, people, anything, just to show some rainbow pride. And yeah, so we're just waiting for people to sort of come on board. We've noticed that Finns have put up a whole lot of stuff outside and inside as well, they specially bought some little mints, you know, after dinner mints, that from the rainbow brand. So even they're all individually wrapped with a little picture of a rainbow. So they've gone all out. It's just it's so heartwarming. [00:01:30] And it's like, I mean, beautification is we've got to the fifth of November, to, to enter in these prizes. And it's just like just sewing that sleeve into people's minds that you can still celebrate pride without having everything happening. There's a different world now and even you know, it'll be our fifth anniversary next year and it's like okay, we're gonna have to probably rethink what we do and how we do it. It's a changing shifting platform, isn't it so but we've where I know we went to the rainbow gala or plants are they only had their plants or this year at the school. And that was kind of cool, because it's first time we've been able to go [00:02:13] off and we're kind of having our own little mini parade. [00:02:18] We might just because we haven't ever walked the actual pride route. So we might just go and walk through [00:02:24] this for us now so [00:02:26] we can do 100 so we just need to we just need our 96 more people and we're still legal. Yeah, so I don't know. It's a crazy world, isn't it? But you know, it's kind of nice thing like the bowler the flags gone up. The flags are about we put the bunting up in our flags at this week. And it's just like, yeah, it probably doesn't go away. [00:02:47] It looks amazing. And so you're referring to the bowling Club, which has got the progressive pride flag? Yeah, [00:02:52] yeah, yeah, yep, yep. And enfance they've got the progressive as well. And as you come into the village you'll see the progressive flag and the Tino rangatiratanga flag we have those two flying together Yeah, so yeah, we're really wrapped we're wrapped [00:03:08] in we are actually by the very famous world crossing we cross is the world's shortest Pride Parade. Is it official or is it being informed [00:03:19] not give it to us so we've we call it the unofficial and you know there's not much difference between the word on and official as the so we go with it to [00:03:29] fear there's never been a claim for it and I think they don't measure or there's some weird weird thing of the criteria they don't actually measure things like that. So we've claimed it and no one's competed to that so we're we're stuck and my dad did think [00:03:43] Antartica we're gonna claim it when they had the pride visible down there but they haven't emailed us so yeah, so you know it's still the cut the ribbon and cross it and someone has done some started to do some choking Yeah, so we'll see over the weekend whether that gets you know folden [00:03:58] I was gonna say because in 2019 when we were here I can't believe it's been three years but as you were saying that the council didn't particularly appreciate the rainbow crossing [00:04:09] they appreciate it's it's a legal thing that the council can't back anything that's on a crossing because of safety. So you know, and it was done it was done a little bit more what would be the word I was done with paint temporary paint that year and so the council he had to come in and actually remove it. So yeah, so [00:04:37] we but when you say temporary it kind of lasted quite a few months. [00:04:41] Yeah. I don't know where they got the temporary paint from but it was quite, it was quite permanent temporary. So So the thing is, I've just dropped my mask and the thing is that we these were the great we've become pride pi kakariki pride Incorporated. We've got ourselves all official, we've got a great committee, we're meeting valla working on our succession plan that in five years time, you know, it's passed on to others. And we're working on with the council, we've got some great people on the committee this year that have got some really good links and to how to do straight out, legally. So this is what we're aiming for with the, with the sowing the seed for the beautification project this year is for the 50 anniversary that we actually somehow have this beautification, street art that's going to be part of the village and will be known as a village with this big rainbow in the village or whatever. So that's that's our goal for for the fifth anniversary. And we've got some great people on the committee that are right behind it. So yeah, so there you go. It's a [00:05:46] goal. Yeah. We've also got an event coming up in November. So queer friendly vaccination event, we're trying to as with the marketing department at the moment, but we think in thinking prep for pride, fair jape, I don't know, but I stole it from Melbourne, but and Parker colicky pops every year, make rainbow pops, and then it takes them an age to make them. So they've made 160 this year, which we need to offload. And the local DHB has offered to buy half of them for the JB event. So we're, you know, again, the marketing departments deciding on whether it's, you know, procure pop for pride or something like that, we'll work on that. [00:06:38] And the idea is we we got, we got a project. Well, Val, Val got an email, we got an email from the DHB. And they're acknowledging that it's really tough for trans people, and just takes people gay rainbow community to go into these environments, and get the vaccination where they'll be, you know, it's at all what's going that's the debate that's going through a select committee at the moment is and you turn up and you get dead named, and all this sort of stuff is going on. So the DHB has got this wonderful person. And then I always say the marshal that's come on board, and is basically spearheading, that we rep, rep safety and love around these people and bring them into environments that they feel safe. So we were approached to try and have a vaccination this afternoon, and the whole but we decided that we need to be able to reach out more and to the company coast. And to be able to bring these people into the in with transport and everything and get the publicity behind the event. So we're looking at Sunday, the 21st of November from 12 to four. There's a safe environment here at the hall, wherever a lot of rainbow farno. Find out here to end cards and trades but we can pick people up. And so that's the main idea that we're running with now. So yeah, it's amazing what what gets thrown at you with COVID. But you can always bounce back up and come up with something. Oh, so we've got Yeah, we're gonna, we're gonna vaccinate at some Peters. [00:08:11] It's not just safe, but it will be fun as well. So we're gonna have you know, we'll have bunting out, we'll make it look like it's an event. But we'll do it very safely with masks. Um, yeah, you know, good, good people from our communities that are that are, you know, friendly and inclusive and all of this stuff so that people feel safer, because they have to wait for 15 minutes. So there's nothing worse than having to wait for 15 minutes if you're not feeling safe. So we're gonna make sure that we rip, you know, some good safety stuff around them. And we're looking forward to it. Yeah, it's kind of like COVID you have not got us. We're gonna make a party out of this. Yeah, [00:08:46] we'll get we'll get the projector and the sound system running and play either pride movie or some gorgeous gay 80s you know, quain music videos or something? And yeah, that's our plan. So yeah. [00:08:59] So how is COVID-19 impacting bicocca? Ricky, do you think? [00:09:04] Well, we're a little bubble away we have we're a safe little bubble. And I'm just gonna touch some words down here that as far as we know, it's not in the village, but it isn't between them. So it's getting closer, it's the tires, it just feels like the tide is coming. So you know, we have to just get sensible really and do what we can to keep ourselves and each other safe. So for me, that's about getting vaccinated. It's just that's [00:09:29] a no brainer and and you know, there are 10% of the community that are still wavering, not sure and there's some that will never get vaccinated. But I think the more that we embrace this, and keep each other safe, and then we can do something like a vaccination at St. Peter's Hall and show you know that it's okay and people can come in if they're not sure and ask questions. You know, at the moment, it's a medical type situations. Last week was the big Vax campaign ran the guy So you know it does come down to as all just jumping on board and keeping everyone safe so you know we've got a diverse community in Pikeville Kentucky [00:10:09] it's an amazing community like in the first lockdown last year you know was so incredibly supportive and you know we just we really look after each other I was really struck by what a community that you know that we have this year it feels a bit different because there was a bit of division around vaxxers and anti vaxxers but that's the world we're in at the moment so we just got to sort of live with it and just try our best to keep our own bubbles as safe as possible and you know, still be kind and support each other Yeah, [00:10:42] yeah, it's it's tough a lot of fear out there. I mean, it's like I said about it's like a tsunami coming and there's people that are unvaccinated that are just standing on the beach looking at it and going on fine I've taken my vitamins and these other ones are gone now we know what's coming was centred around the world and we need to get need to do something about it. And the reason behind this bride per festival guy was like if we're if we're not in level one, we're not we're not doing it and it was like the last thing we wanted was Ashley Bloomfield at the one o'clock saying and the pi kakariki brand cluster does sound cool good well not quite good good not good promo they say all news is good news. But yeah, so that was one of the reasons I mean, you know, we're gonna we're gonna adapt day Yeah, so [00:11:30] So what is it like trying to organise in this kind of environment where you just don't know if things are gonna happen or not? I mean, it must be Well, I mean, so much energy soul destroying but also some really positive things come out of it as well yeah. We've got an amazing committee [00:11:45] like like Pat said, You know what, this new pride Inc committee this year so we've got people from We're so lucky we've got a person from ky so we've got a real connection and to the young people and Capri and inside out. So campus, big shout out to you. And other people that are, you know, taking on roles of, you know, school and liaison and things like that. So we, we decided we'd plan it as if it was going to go ahead until we heard that it wasn't. So we've sort of gone along, you know, enthusiastically and then we've said, okay, safety is okay, so that's how we've had to adapt. And also [00:12:25] and also we've got a template that we know where this is our fourth year so we know we know how to do it. And I was I suppose I was the one on the committee going, it's not going to happen and it's quite hard to read yourself up that I think that's half the problem with all events and that and organisers around New Zealand as you said, the end you know, well, we have to be at this stage, we got to be in level one and you just look at it and go, not gonna happen. So we did pull back I mean, we did there wasn't a you know, there was all things organised. But But at the end of the day, it was what will this is the date we'll decide on we actually went a week earlier and said, No, we're not doing it. And, you know, and I think the year Gosh, we've been in this since March 2020. So we're sort of getting our head around that now aren't we until we get the vaccination certificate, the red light traffic system up and running, which I think sounds a great idea until we get next year will be slightly different but there's this last six months has really thrown everyone I just feel for artists, you know, the creative some slick of the mayor of Queenstown getting, you know going how bad it is open up the bubble when when all this with Australia, I think we get a feel for all those creatives out the music industry, theatre, you know, film everything that double that are that are just really struggling on this, you know, [00:13:47] it's so interesting to see how festivals are going to be in the future you know, like when it's coming up and I think that having a vaccination policy that you have to be vaccinated that's probably the reality is that we're going into a coming up for festival so [00:14:03] that's, that's all part of just I've just seen stuff coming out from them, you know, and so it's just it's just honestly think flexible now, and this isn't going away. So just just a managing to be creative with how you do things for us. We just got our two dues on our T shirts and having a little mini pride here with Gareth so you know, that's how it rocks. [00:14:24] Did you think it will or how do you think it will impact on on future pride events here do you think? [00:14:30] Um, we'll come down if we do the dance, it will come down to being vaccinated. You just can't afford to have people coming in there 70% chance of actually picking it up and having this virus I mean, the other thing is that those that are vaccinated can carry the vaccination without even knowing it. So the last thing I want to do is know you're doing the virus Yeah, yeah. Sorry, carry the virus. So I last thing I want to do is know that I've given it to someone that's not vaccinated. So It's a bit harder we wrap things up and keep them safe you know we could have done 100 people down the parade idea but not worth it this year you know and some people are still trying to push up with events you know but I just think we just this is a really important time and New Zealand for the next two months you know get up to that 90% so we just got to step back and you know do things slightly different [00:15:23] yeah to be sensible guys now all this needs [00:15:27] to happen is it in history? [00:15:30] I've got to say I've just found the last year and a bit just like really surreal I just I still can't believe we're in the middle of a global pandemic [00:15:37] yeah it's weird isn't it and especially especially living in a small bubble like this you know I was I work from home and I'm This is my bubble when I hit to go into town the other day and I felt like I've been raised by wolves because it's been so long since I've been around people and buisiness and it's like this is our world now you know we've just got to stick to our safe bubbles and make sure that we keep each other safe [00:15:59] yeah and New Zealand honestly as as groundbreaking worldleading in its approach that it shut down so quick. You know, I hate to think of where to head over other parties and pair because these guys the courage to do what they did last March has given us this this I mean, the economy's been been bubbling away unemployment. It's not dropped. But but it has been that's not the right word, but also the false sense of security as the rest of the world we know what's happening. And we've partied away and we've done all us but now it's got real and you know, it's coming the virus and we'll deal with it as good as new zealand can with the right party in charge. I'm personally thank you know, and they're not going to do they're not going to do crazy stuff. So we've tried to open up with Ozzy you know, now we need to be safe when we do stuff so party political party, political ballplayers been a crazy year, we've got stuff going through select committee that I think it's as big as what, well, homosexual reform it. So it's Look, look what's going through now and how it's actually divided our community. This is a small percent that are actually trying to rip our community about, you know, so it's been an interesting year. And I said to Val, just Sunday, we need to actually the way you get through this, because we're all carrying anxiety. Yeah, even if we don't know it, and I said, you just got to actually have it. You bubble, however, who you want to bring it to it, but good people, good energy, because I've always it's, it's you know, we've followed the select committee, some other anidb. And I just had to turn it off. I just couldn't, I just couldn't turn on for the good ones. But [00:17:37] it's really interesting, because I mean, at the moment, there are two select committees, there's the conversion practices, slip committee, and in the booth, stiffs marriages, relationships, Bill. [00:17:47] Yeah. Yeah. Val submitted the other day, [00:17:50] an oral submission for conversion practices. Yeah. And, you know, it's just a lot of people talking about other people what they think they should be doing. And that's, that's not cool. That's Yeah. Anyway, so I was glad to be a voice from the community, talking about the echoes really, of of homosexual law reform. And so you know, so many similarities of of the fears of what would happen if we were of gay and lesbian people given rights for God's sake, you know, none of us come to pass. And it's this exactly the same with our trans and non binary in taca Tapui communities. It's just human rights, you know, yeah, [00:18:31] yeah. And there's been these bog template, you know, submissions go and then, you know, you say, is, what is 100,000 submissions, and these, you know, 90,000 are against it. And it's just like, your 90,000 are the same template, you know, so and they don't read them like that, they'll read that as one, you know, that the law will pass the rainbow will come up, and the world will carry on. And, you know, and it's interesting, we're part of history, it's nice to be on the right side of history once again. So, yeah, I think has been quite good on my Springbok on the right side on the right sort of approaches. So yeah, you know, it will happen, and we'll carry on, and there will be another part of our community rainbow community that has rights, human rights, simple as that human rights. [00:19:24] I think one of the different things about the current bills that are going through all the response to them, has been the quite Vout big divisions in the rainbow community in terms of some people for some people against it. Do you have any thoughts on it? [00:19:41] Do you want to go first? Oh, God, [00:19:42] how long have you got? I mean, I think people are scared of change, right? And we're in we are in a time of social change. We are evolving right at this moment, and it's scary, but it's also really exciting. And I think Some people hold on to old traditional ways of being and are scared to let that go because they fear their own irrelevance, maybe that's all I can put it down to. So, you know, I don't know, be visible but be visible in a really positive way, you know, uplift people go with the flow. Yeah, that's that's how I that's how I'm saying it. Yeah, [00:20:25] I'll just be blunt. These are small group presented in our rainbow community that are transphobic that are scared, these beautiful wave numbers tsunami of youth coming through, they're questioning the binary of our world. And, and the tend to be the older more and more conservative, the far right, has got behind this whole fear campaign, that that fluidity will somehow affect their rights. That's, that's how I see it. And it's actually not that big, it's well funded. It's loud, it's local, but it's not actually that big. So, you know, I, I, my heart goes out to the MPs that ahead, having to sit there, I've heard it's going to go to Christmas, you know, and have these submissions, because it's just hideous some of the stuff that's being said, and whips as you say, as we've heard at all before, but it was against us. Yeah. And now it's against Trump transplant. Oh, so you know, and it's just part of change, change, change takes a lot of energy. And there's always people that are resistant, that the good, you know, if it's the good, if it's the good side of history, it happens. And it'll happen. So I'm looking forward to being in Parliament when both balls pass. Yeah. [00:21:53] I think that tsunami was really evident in July where we were outside the microphone listening to 1000s of people supporting trans rights. What was your feeling on that? [00:22:06] I loved it. I mean, I did some videoing. I haven't ever posted it up but I edited it and put it together but I went upstairs to the room where they were they were actually debating the rights of of what were they debating? I don't think it was quite bizarre and I've never seen such a bunch of miserable people sorry but you know, there might have been 4050 people in the room and it was just I just felt for these people that are just not that ignorant ignorant and fear mongering and you know anyone that's on now I can't say that Yeah, anyway it was and then we had this you look down I was waving to you from upstairs and the fellas into and you know she used and it was like look at them Look at the beautiful use look at everyone supporting us we got caught a few names and Miss didn't ya? That was a bit of said that if you're an older lesbian, you're considered to be a to two and [00:23:02] yeah, so we fit the profile which is really sad, but we don't agree with the politics so [00:23:08] yeah, the changing the profile of any lesbian that's got grey to grey here. There's a Yeah, we love our trans [00:23:15] t shirt that says dikes for trans rights now so with that just [00:23:20] on one year side by you, you know as unstoppable way as it's like, it's like trying to stop the dam as it's coming. You can't stop It's beautiful. I love it. I love it. I love our youth, [00:23:32] I think for me is that there's a lot of some of the older lesbians who are quite masculine presenting and some of these laws will actually protect them from being misgendered in public places. And it's you know, it's like it's actually uplifting everybody it's not Yeah, anyway, I find that quite quite ironic. [00:23:54] But that's also a really good point in terms of people thinking that you may be too and just that whole kind of very quick to cancel people just on appearance. And I think that I mean it seems to have developed over the last five or so years yes [00:24:09] yeah, there's a real I don't know it's we've we need to step up as the older generation and actually say where we stand on our own and actually try and talk to our peers as well. I mean, there are some people who are lost you know, it's my call rabbit holes. You know, some people go down too far that there's no way going back, but we're possible I will have the conversations and I will say where I stand and yeah, that hopefully influenced others and my age group and older. [00:24:38] Yeah, so yeah, Simon's conversations and it's with kindness to these I mean, there's quite a lot of antagonism and the far right his captured his captured that that conversation of Have you I've done a little bit of googling, googling myself. And yeah, you see, and it's driven where it's come from you Okay you know I saw this wave buddy across UK Europe and it's coming up to us and it's like actually guys if you guys are hooked up with the timer or I can't do this you know but if you're hooked up in these sort of voices just stand back and seeing where you stand with so that fear [00:25:19] and I also wonder if a lot of it's been driven by you know that social media that immediacy that you can connect with people around the world with some of your points [00:25:29] but also people say things and on social media that they would never say to somebody face you know so as of yet it's such a yucky platform I can it can you know, it can be a really positive one but quite often it can be really awful on these kind of situations. I [00:25:46] yeah, Facebook's not monitored I said as it's not world has changed with old Mark What's his name? And yeah, I think we all need to and then it's really hard we we promote our all our leads on Facebook so I think we we have to look at different platforms that we're using to promote stuff because we can all be going to this this platform to find out what's going on when they're not actually they're not blocking they're not censoring that just this is other crazy world going on that they just taking the money. So I think we have to seriously look at our social media and you know, I'd hate to see 20 years time and we're still Facebooking and I think it's going to rip the world apart I think it is especially with a pandemic coming Well, the Epidemics here but we've seen it with our own community so yeah, here's to not Facebook is to just start ringing Gareth and saying hey, the practice was old fashioned [00:26:50] Well one of the things that I have appreciated about Facebook recently is that all the select committees have been live streamed on Facebook, what has it been like because everything has been doing everything has been done virtually at the moment What is it like submitting to a select committee via like zoom or something like that [00:27:08] kind of weird because he's sitting in your own little you know, in our office with a dog on the floor, you know, fighting and sitting there looking but when I'm doing this very grown up kind of submission, and anyone and you see yourself like like in a meeting you don't see yourself and so virtually you're always looking at yourself as kind of weird, but also if somebody just walked in that see me sitting there talking to a screen and that's very, you know, earnest way and it's just as quite a weird surreal kind of thing. It doesn't feel like you're talking to real human beings but you know, in some ways it was not probably as nerve wracking as is doing it live because you're in a more comfortable setting and you know, [00:27:56] the best ones one was a guy that that an anti anti conversion therapy that couldn't get his camera to go the other way. So he they let him go away and translate the technical problem he came back he still couldn't so his whole submission for five minutes was as adores speaking and the second one was the academics got on the two fair academics about five of them and they said they were going to do a base, Photoshop PowerPoint and they press the button to start the PowerPoint and it was like the matrix started and it just went Infinity Infinity Infinity Infinity and then they said we need technical help and I thought well you're not at Victoria now you can't ask the technician come and help you with your projector. So then they said well pair to sign off so those sign they did sign off but they didn't sign off and then they open the next they open the next screen and they had to going at once and we had the most amazing amazing squill feedback that made my day there was a [00:29:00] there was a guy there was like an older guy you know as soon as it came on it was like oh, he's gonna be one of those who's you know, we should be allowed to tell our children what they you know anyway, something was weird was happening with a sound and he sounded like a chipmunk. So it's just and I could see the faces of the you know, the politicians that are on the select committee just trying so hard not to laugh. How they do it, like the poker faces are just like on point on DNA to learn that skill. [00:29:29] Yeah, I wonder if that had 100 I don't know how many would they've all be doing that if it was actually going to Parliament to sum up? I don't know maybe it's made it easier for people to get online and, and, you know, do these crazy matrix things. But it was I did make my day that London [00:29:46] is a long haul for the politicians. I hadn't been I hadn't realised how much but they had to sit through for both select committees. [00:29:56] Yeah, and it started with a group of them. I think we had about five or something to give an hour. I've realised I need to break into entertain so you've got a B and C now you know we're to Simon bridges eats all the way through. Have you noticed that? Yeah, he's just eating peanuts I think I don't know what's going on but it was a very good vote on that. Anyway you can't work at a political leanings Kenya Gareth. But you know it's I just I just got to be it's gonna happen yeah. And and there are some good points being raised of what we know maybe we could tweak it here maybe we could tweak it there use religions need to be of Salvation Army you have, what a moment what a moment and there's submission, you know, after all these years and they are supporting the banning of conversion therapy, Fiona McKinsey's, who is submission for St. Andrews just I was in tears after there's been some amazing submissions on the banning the condition therapy so you know, it is a really it is a moment in history for our community isn't really as [00:31:05] another moment in the history coming up next year is the 50th anniversary of mini gay liberation groups starting in New Zealand so it's amazing 50 years Can you can you remember your first encounters with the the gay liberation or with gay rights? [00:31:27] Crikey. I was probably because I came out around the time of the homosexual law reform. So it was it was a really active time. And, you know, the, the, what was it the Newtown gay and lesbian fear. So that was kind of all around that time. So it was very positive and galvanised and we were all together on this cause. And it's it's kind of sad to see how that's changed for the cause for our trans and non binary tech attack boy communities now. You know, there's nothing galvanising us that's actually pulling us apart. But yeah, it was a it was a really incredible time. Yeah. [00:32:05] Yeah, I, I ran away overseas with my new girlfriend that I that I hit on from the soccer team. And I was overseas for about three years, I came back and 89 and was quietly taken up to malegra. And my world was like, Oh my god, there's more of us. And very strong Mount amalga has, you know, been mean the essence to you. I don't know it's been there forever. This is Palmerston North to north and there was some great woman the Iona become as one with great politics. So that was sort of how I was immersed into the world. But I remember the first night going, going up to malegra, me and my girlfriend and taken the FBI, the the goalie from the soccer team, and we were all in the closet. We were not we would not come out because we we knew if we came out and the football team, I've been bounced in North wood wasn't worth it to do that. So you know, times have changed. Do they started a winter's football team everyone was out, you know, they're even within 510 years at all change. So [00:33:14] it's, [00:33:15] it's there's always some some spear hitting isn't the those ones. It's be heed the the campaigns are out there protesting and doing all the good work. So yeah, I think, you know, I've got a group of people that I adore, that have shown me the way of putting on a tutu and running on choke on things and doing all that sort of stuff and ginning up the protest. [00:33:41] So 50 years from now, so we're talking in 2072. What would you, what would you want? How would you see the rainbow communities? [00:33:51] Okay, so I had this moment. We while ago, I probably even told you this might have just been last year, some kids were scootering past our house. And one of them yelled out to the other one. I don't know what the name was, hey, do you know what and the future people will have to come out? It's straight. And I thought, yeah, that's the future. You know, there is no like, it doesn't matter how you identify what matters is that you identify yourself. Yeah, I [00:34:23] would like to see a world that's non binary that pink isn't used on every female product that they're advertising isn't the sole focus of what people should look like. I'd like to see I do hope that we live in a world that is just accepting of a diversity and difference and that goes down to everything. We can't even get colour sorted. I always say to Val, this isn't kindergarten stage. You know, we can't even get the basics sorted. So I would love to see in that in that time, that Gosh, I'd love to time travel and see what it's like. I hope, I hope, I hope that we learn from from this pandemic, and we learn from climate change, and we learn that the only way that you can get get, Oh, you got to care for the planet and you got to care for people. Full stop, really, and the dogs and the animals and the cakes and the hamsters, but you know, [00:35:21] and there's no and heteronormativity and sis normativity are things that were a thing of the past. Yeah. [00:35:29] So I just like to do two things before we wrap up. One is can you can you tell me that the quote that you mentioned in your press release? Could you just tell me that because it's great. [00:35:38] So as you know, quick icon Dolly Parton. I'm gonna do it in her voice as best as I can. She says, if he wants to have a rainbow, you got to put up with some rain. And it's true, isn't it? rain and sun tonight Rain Rain on [00:35:53] the parade. And we're still out there that's you know, so Yep. Yep. [00:35:57] I know I look like here and everything but you know. [00:36:00] Absolutely. The last thing Do you mind if we walk cross the rainbow crossing and actually have a pride parade just the forums, [00:36:08] and chocolate on the way I'm gonna put the brolley up just in case it rains. You take a dog, and this is a [00:36:19] I think we actually we've just seen some other people over the road who might might be coming into the Pride Parade as well. And we can actually just see how long the Pride Parade actually is. Yeah. Hello. Hello, could we just we're just about to do an unofficial unofficial shortest Pride Parade. Would you like to join us? We weren't sure if it was cancelled [00:36:44] okay Jonah us Jenna. We're doing an unofficial it's the deputy near Alright, here we go. We're crossing. Wow. Whose timing this Yeah, there we go. Look, it still works. It still works and you're gonna be tuned into into big rainbows. Yes, I can see it's all happened. Look, we're all going to get it Watch out. This being tuned we're just Garrison's reviewing this about just the cancellations this year and how it's affected affected us but we're you know, onward and upward and yeah, yeah, it's [00:37:29] certainly a tough time for anybody doing events at the moment and lots of events have had to be postponed cancelled. But roll on summer before are all vaccinated we can start enjoying events again outdoors. That'll be great. [00:37:44] code so that was it. The world's shortest unofficial official Pride Parade. Yeah, yeah.

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