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Bats Theatre

Bats TheatreBats Theatre has seen a variety of rainbow related productions including Confessions of a Drag Queen, Corner 4am...

Tags: 1990s, 2010s, crime, hate crime, murder, video online...

Published: January 2016

Found in: Wellington waterfront

Chicken Lil

Chicken LilChicken Lil talks about being young and gay in 2012...

Tags: coming out, creativity, dance, family, friends, homophobia...

Published: September 2012

Found in: Q12 The Tour

Thats So Gay

Thats So GayGrizz talks to the cast and crew of Thats So Gay about how the production was devised and performed

Tags: 2010s, arts, coming out, education, growing up, images online...

Published: April 2012

Found in: Arts and Media