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Chris Gendall

Chris GendallChris Gendall talks about life as a composer and also pays tribute to Jack Body...

Tags: 2010s, aggression, closeted, community, composition, gay...

Published: June 2016

Found in: Arts and Media

Roy Ayling and Norman Gibson

Roy Ayling and Norman GibsonMiriam Saphira talks about her father Norman and his relationship with Roy. The two men met as soldiers during WW1 and formed a very close bond - was it homosexual, homosocial or something else?

Tags: 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, homosexual, lesbian...

Published: February 2016

Found in: People

The Opera House

The Opera HouseAlley - Jack Body's opera about Rewi Alley premiered at the Opera House in 1998. The theatre has...

Tags: 1990s, arts, drag, gay, makeup, video online...

Published: January 2016

Found in: Wellington waterfront