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Kathy Baldock

Kathy BaldockKathy Baldock, a straight Evangelical Christian LGBTI ally, talks about the current marriage equality debate in Australia, the...

Tags: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, gay, lesbian, straight...

Published: September 2016

Found in: Religion and Spirituality

Pacific Health and Spirituality

Pacific Health and SpiritualityAudio from the workshop: Pacific Health and Spirituality. The workshop covered sexuality, spirituality and access to health services...

Tags: fa'afafine, fakaleiti, hijra, queer, trans, transgender...

Published: March 2016

Found in: Proud 2016

Rev. Clay Nelson

Rev. Clay NelsonRev. Clay Nelson talks about his work with St Matthew-in-the-City; particularly organising the church billboards that have gained international attention

Tags: 2010s, billboards, celebrant, church, images online, transgender...

Published: January 2013

Found in: Religion and Spirituality